KartRider: Drift speeds to PS4 in 2022

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KartRider: Drift speeds to PS4 in 2022

A closed beta kicks off on PS4 December 8.

KartRider: Drift is coming to PlayStation 4 for the first time next year, and you will be able to sign up and participate in the upcoming closed beta! KartRider: Drift is the latest generation in the KartRider franchise, which inherits the original Crazyracing KartRider’s fun and kart-racing mechanisms.

While keeping nostalgia alive, this new title introduces next-generation graphics using Unreal Engine 4 alongside improved gameplay systems and full cross-play and cross-progression support. In this upcoming Closed Beta, you will be able to play online on PlayStation 4 to compete with Racers worldwide in real-time.

KartRider: Drift speeds to PS4 in 2022

Arcade Thrills and Fast Fun

In the closed beta, two game modes will be available to choose from: Item Mode and Speed Mode.

In Item Mode, you can collect items while racing around the track and use these items to your benefit. Each player can hold up to two items at a time and each can be used to attack, defend, or support your allies in team-based races. There are over 15 items in the game so far, each offering a variety of tactics and non-stop action. Never lose focus until the moment you cross the finish line in Item Mode, because anyone can turn the tide of a race with a single move to take the win for themselves.

Alternatively, Speed Mode is for players that enjoy fast-paced, competitive racing. In Speed Mode, you will need to have finesse in drifting and using boosts. Your boost gauge charges up when successfully performing drifts, and when the gauge is fully charged you will get a boost item. Activate this boost to blast off ahead of other karts. But be careful! One mistake during the last few moments of a race can give away your win to someone else.

Deep Character and Kart Customization

During the closed beta, there will be a total of 7 playable characters with a variety of outfits available for each. Meet new characters like Neo, Rex, and Marid along with your favorite original KartRider characters such as Brodi and Diz. Select any character you like and personalize them with unique, character-specific outfits and emotes. You can also choose from more than 20 karts and customize them by equipping different kart body parts and effects, including front and back parts, wheels, license plates, and balloons. Create your own personalized look and win the race with style. In addition, there are plans for over 100 new karts and 150 character outfits that are waiting to be revealed in the future. 

Beautiful and Thrilling Tracks

Over 30 different tracks are waiting for you in this closed beta. You may start off in a cozy village with a massive clock tower, or traverse a mystic forest where roads are rocky and rough. You can opt to drive through a wild city where traffic might block your way, or dash bravely through a spooky graveyard where you’ll have to watch out for unexpected surprises. You can even explore further into icy glaciers, dusty deserts, or a fiery hot course where flaming lava explodes onto the track. Even more unrevealed excitement and tracks await in the future.

Create Unique Wraps and Express Yourself

The Livery system allows you to customize the color, pattern, wraps, and decals of your kart. There are a variety of decals available in the closed beta that have been designed by in-house artists. You can either select from these existing options, or you can design your own unique decals to express your authentic style.

Join the Fun

We are happy to announce that the KartRider: Drift closed beta will be available on PlayStation 4 starting on Wednesday, December 8. All new and returning Racers are welcome to join the fun. Sign up for the beta now and rev up your engines until the race begins!

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