A closer look at Little Devil Inside’s world map

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A closer look at Little Devil Inside’s world map

Dev details on the extended gameplay seen in State of Play.

Hello everyone, we are proud to be a part of the latest State of Play and on behalf of the studio, I’d like to deliver a few dev notes to accompany our new State of Play trailer.

This is our very first reveal of the world map in Little Devil Inside, and our intention was to give you folks a look at how travel works by skipping through a typical mission in the game.

Essentially, we tried to create a dynamic, miniature-like representation of the world with tilt-shift effect.

During travel in world map travel view, you will come across and encounter various events. Some are forced but in most cases, you will have the option to engage or not.

Many are just simple interactions that can be performed while remaining in world map travel view, such as clearing up a road block or re-fuelling your vehicle at an oil station.

There are of course instances where you can zoom in further to an actual real-time gameplay level where you can perform all the real-time actions, attend to Billy’s (the protagonist) needs, and fulfill your missions.

Regardless of mission content, you are free to roam the world map.

You can travel on foot, on a horse (or a mule to be exact…), in vehicles, and of course on a train. Traveling on foot is slowest but you can go where other forms of transportation cannot take you.

Another design aspect we wished to show is the overall tone, manner, and pace of actual gameplay.

A closer look at Little Devil Inside’s world map

The game is not about leveling up the character as quickly as you can and speed running through all the content.

As such, the pace of the game is designed to try and touch the player’s emotions by giving enough time and space and allow them to “take-in” the various atmosphere. Hence, no fast travel.

One of our technical challenges is, of course, trying to make the transition between world map travel view and real-time view as smooth as possible, and we’re working hard on this.

That’s all folks. Please stay tuned for more information in the future. Stay safe everyone!

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  • It looks great but was really hoping we’d get some kind of release window for it. Is it even a 2022 title?

  • I’m much more interested in this game now!

  • Awesome showing of the game and map usage. Would have preferred is release date or window. Is this scheduled to release this year or 2022? Some kind of date would have been better.

  • Can’t wait; this game looks amazing!
    Really really wish we could have gotten a release date or at least a release window.

  • I highly doubt that 2022

  • I smiled the entire time watching this preview. This is now one of my most anticipated games. More please!

  • This game is special! Take your time and release it when you’re comfortable. It looks incredible.

  • Right now the only thing we actually need is a price and release date so we could start enjoying this wonderful game

  • >The game is not about leveling up the character as quickly as you can and speed running through all the content.
    Ok, but is there actually leveling and that stuff? A mean, is there action too or everything is more or less story and cinematic events?
    World map looks lovely tho.

  • Really looking forward to this, it looks great. I can’t wait to play the big sequels that are coming (Horizon and GoW), but this and Stray are the titles I’m feeling most excited for, because I love their look and they’re unknown quantities. 2022 is looking very good!

  • I am definitely interested in playing this game. Can’t wait for a release date.

  • Awesome!

  • Great looking game and presentation. Environments look lovely. Was worried about the survival aspects but the micro management doesn’t look too time consuming.

  • This game is the most ambitious I have seen in a long time,ma most anticipated game since its announcement on the PS5 showcase last year.For those that dunno this game has been in development since 2015,the things that the devs are trying to do are insane…there are a collection of 20 mins of gameplay from the past years that they released…this game is gonna be something else,can’t wait to play it hope they are able to deliver their vision.

    PS:No fast travel…finally devs that understand how much of a cancer fast travel has become in games.Thank you!!

    This is gonna be a game for people who actually play their games instead of rushing through them,game just got better.

  • Interested! When’s the release

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