World premiere of Uncharted movie trailer

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World premiere of Uncharted movie trailer

Coming to theaters February 18, 2022.

This is a pretty epic day for us at Naughty Dog. It’s been almost fourteen years since our team first brought you the bombastic, jaw dropping, globe-trotting adventures with Nathan Drake, Chloe Frazer, and all the lovable characters that have come to make up the franchise – Sully, Sam, Elena, Nadine and beyond!

Uncharted has had huge impact, not only on the people that created it, but to millions of worldwide fans, becoming one of PlayStation’s most enjoyed franchises – spanning four stand-alone titles as well as a spinoff starring Chloe Frazer with The Lost Legacy as well.

Today, we’re humbled and incredibly excited to show you the world premiere of the first official trailer for the much-anticipated Uncharted movie – starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas. In a collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment, PlayStation Productions, and Naughty Dog, we captured the spirit, spectacle, and heart that Uncharted is known for (some of you will recognize some of the humor, landmarks, music, and relics).

In discussions with the film’s director, Ruben Fleischer, he shared that he “made the movie for both hardcore fans of the game and those who are not yet familiar with the franchise and believe that both will be equally entertained by this incredibly fun and action-packed film.”

It’s going to be an epic, emotional ride for new and old fans as we watch Nathan Drake make his big screen debut. Sic Parvis Magna indeed!

Without any further delay, presenting the Uncharted movie trailer.

World premiere of Uncharted movie trailer

Uncharted will be available exclusively in theaters on February 18, 2022. On behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog, thank you! Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be available on PS5 and PC in early 2022.

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  • Still can’t stand Mark as Sully. Doesn’t come across as the character at all

    • Yeah my buddy and I feel same way but we like the actor enough to overlook it.. for now.

      Tangent.. this is a great example of the insignificance of race, gender and sexual orientation when it comes to people wanting fauthful representations of characters. Because of equal opportunity efforts and old world US/European fiction largely being hetero/white, a lot of the time the actors selected are meant to include minorities, or there just happens to be a great actor that isnt white that auditioned. So when people complain about characters being different, it very often just so happens to be a non-white, non-straight actor. Others who see this pattern get the wrong idea. They mean well and worry that it’s is an attack on minorities so they jump to the rescue lol, and then the person who did nothing wrong is accused of bigotry, which is of course very offensive and irritating.

      The irony is people fight over it when at the heart of everything they both just feel a person’s identity should be respected and appreciated, in some’s case even if that person is fictional.

      Anyway, if anyone reads this who has found themselves frustrated by disappointment with a minority being casted in a non-minority role, just note this incident here and factor it in to how you interpret things in the future. White straight male and white (still presumably straight) male.. and the exact same disappointment is present.

    • Will just be another one of these Hollywood franchises to make tons of money. Main thing is: well known actors and license (to get people to watch these lackluster movies), sadly the rest does not matter. * Yawn *

    • same, Sully is suppose to be an old man too. Also annoys me how little Tom Holland looks like Nathan. I get it, you won’t find an exact match but still…. at least it looks like a pretty solid movie.

    • I agree, the cast for Sully was terrible. Tom Holland as Nathan Drake isn’t the best but can kind of work. Nadine was really good cast though.

    • Ops I meant Chloe was a good cast.

  • lol wtf is this

    • I thought this was supposed to be an actual prequel within the canon. Are they retconning how Nate and Sully met in Uncharted 3? Sully even had a mustache back then. Or maybe that’s an “undercover” scene (but I doubt it).

    • Hollywood being Hollywood.

    • Yeah, missed opportunity. Could have made this canon so that anyone who played the games needs to see this to get the complete story. Now the story in the movie is subjectively irrelevant.

      I will still see the movie but my enthusiasm is lower now that I know Im not getting more of Nate’s actual story.

  • It is finally happening!

  • Why are they young? Is this a prequel?

    • Yep. It’s a origin story movie.

    • No. This is clearly a montage of set pieces from all 4 of the mainline games, with younger actors shoved in to it. It’s not a prequel, they just went with younger actors. It honestly takes a lot of the fun out of learning who these characters are.

      They should have gotten Amy Henning involved in this. What a colossal waste of time this movie is. Sad part is we’ll all go see it because it is uncharted.

    • I thought this was supposed to be an actual prequel within the canon. Are they retconning how Nate and Sully met in Uncharted 3? Sully even had a mustache back then. Or maybe that’s an “undercover” scene (but I doubt it).

  • Yoooo. Let’s Go.

  • These guys don’t look anything like Nate and Sully. You shouldn’t have made them 30 years younger. It’s not the same characters anymore. Probably going to be skipping this movie. Unfortunately the video game movie curse continues

    • They are younger because its an origin story movie.

    • They could’ve been 5 years younger in an origin story too. This just looks ridiculous

    • @stasi2007

      If this was an origin story, then they should have looked at Uncharted 3. This isn’t how Sully and Drake met. It isn’t even remotely close.

      Sad part is the writers think they are clever with that prom line. IT doesn’t feel in character in the slightest. I don’t believe these characters are Nate and Sully. Even worse I don’t believe that is Chloe. She doesn’t even hold a candle to the great Claudia Black who has had actual screen time in many great shows over the years. She’s a hard act to follow.

      Anyway this is not an Uncharted Origin story, this is an origin story for 3 characters that took the names of uncharted characters. Casting director cared nothing of preservation of characters we’ve been following for 15 years. I hate to say it, but we now know Uncharted better than Naughty Dog and the idiot that took the studio over as president.

    • @stasi2007
      “They are younger because …”

      … they studio bosses are already planning X sequels in the next coming years. $$$

    • But the guy in the Spiderman game didn’t look anything like the actor from Spiderman so they changed how he looked…

      in the game…

      So maybe…

  • Doesn’t look bad, but I won’t be seeing it until it is available digitally.

  • Nathan: oh crap!
    Me: he said it

  • Looks sweet, can’t wait!!

  • Another thread to cry in for the non stop whining people. Who gives a damn about what they look like, its an origin story. And Bond works, they dont look anything like each other. You are not going to play the games, its a movie, its something else. Hopefully it will be an entertaining action comedy

  • I for one am game. But man there is a lot going on in Early 22. Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, Uncharted Movie. I feel like I’m leaving something out but not a bad way to kick off the new year.

  • Nothing against the actors but that movie is terribly miscast

    • I would’ve taken another Uncharted game instead of this thing.

      Wonder what their goal for making this movie was.
      Name recognition? – no, doesn’t make sense.
      Money? – maybe, if it sells well – I guess.
      Influenced by the movie industry? They do need a boost, so, it could be a desperate move.
      I don’t know, man – it’s weird.

    • Lol, thats what people who know nothing said about Heath Ledger as the Joker as well

    • Maaden, I imagine they at least knew who Heath Ledger and Joker were lol. Anyone with any sense should have been skeptical. It’s like the Twilight dude playing Batman. Ledger did phenomenally but most times you get Ben Aflek as Batman lol.

  • It looks like a lot of fun. I’ll definitely go see it.

    Any chance of a God of War anime?

  • Please announce a new game Neil its been like 5 years since PSX 2016.

  • Something is missing from this…. oh right the chemistry of the existing cast from the games and the writing of Amy Henning.

  • Holy crap does this movie look terrible. Hope I’m wrong, but… yikes.

  • I am a huge fan of the games, got all trophies for the original PS3 trilogy and PS4 collection. I can honestly say the trailer looks pretty appealing to me actually, and I will definitely watch it in the movie theater with my 9 year old.
    With the release of Uncharted 4/ Lost Legacy on PC to coincide with this movie release, it looks to me like they’re soft rebooting from Uncharted 4 onward and Naughty Dog is sorta kinda distancing themselves from the first three games. In other words, anything Amy Henning had any influence on. I don’t know how I feel about that yet since Neil Druckmann is an amazing storyteller but Amy’s input in the first 3 is what made the franchise so special and made me love these characters in the first place.

    • You give Neil Druckmann too much credit. It’s more than simply Amy’s input for the first 3 games. You’re talking about the writer of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and the rest of the series. She weaves silk and intrigue like a loom.

      I have the PS3 trilogy, the PS4 collection, the ps4 titles, and golden abyss. I can honestly say this movie was a mistake. I would not be taking my kid to see this Last Jedi level of garbage.

      30 years of video games and hollywood still has no clue what the hell they are doing.

  • Exclusively on theaters? Please add VOD/VideoOnDemand options. Chances are in February we are going to be back on lockdown. Doesn’t seem like a sensible decision.

  • Tom Holland is really good for this role. Nice . I look forward to it…😍🤩❤️

  • Yeah that’s a no from me dawg. What were they thinking? Smh.

  • This doesn’t look as good as I thought it would if I’m speaking honestly. Maybe I bigged it up too much in my head…

  • I like these actors in other things, but this casting feels wrong for Uncharted. This doesn’t feel like Uncharted at all.

  • Jim Ryan said that this movie will skip theaters and release directly on Steam.

  • Wahlberg should totally have a mustache!

  • Looks an enjoyable movie but they both look too young for their characters.

  • Looks awful, like the 100% of movies based on videogames.

    • Hey now, some video game movies are so immensely terrible they’re actually enjoyable.

      This one probably isn’t though.

    • @MiseryPrincess

      ya that’s what fans of their favorite games want to see, bastardized versions of them on film turning them into the butt of a joke for someone’s amusement.

    • I don’t think any of the long, long list of terrible video game movies makes people think any less of the games. Just of the directors, writers and actors involved. Generally it’s assumed that the no one involved will have any remote clue about the source material, or think the game is rubbish because of it.

      At least with this one there wont be people butchering the characters names or the terrible and often used “it’s set in the real world and they suddenly travel the game universe” storyline (which is also randomly the plot of that upcoming Forspoken game). So that’s one thing.

  • Its alright. I’ll wait when it comes out on Netflix.

  • I can’t wait for this!!!

  • Who ever made this is a complete Rtard.

  • Can’t wait to see this!!! Been a fan since this game was first released on the PS3!!!

  • The streaming and subscription market is growing and will eat into the console market. If Sony doesnt put in the work now, they will fall behind. They are already behind XB on subscriptions, and Gamepass streaming is out to some extent already I think, with TV and stick streaming approaching. I suspect XB streaming will be superior to PS streaming as well. Soon people will be able to play all XB exclusives on release day right through their TV for the cost of $10 a month and a controller. The savings are unlike anything before even on PC, and the ease of use out-consoles consoles several times over. Many people will be drawn, especially those who need to cut down on gaming spend to save for a house, etc. Starfield drops in just over a year, with who knows what being developed by XB’s legion of new studios.

    This isnt the time for Sony to wait and see what happens. Ive been so frustrated waiting to hear how PS plan to react, and Im really hoping that Jim Ryan’s financial background led him to see where things were headed, and that he earned his new position with a calculated proposal for the future of the platform. Further PC porting is only a mildly reassuring sign.

    Obviously streaming wont instantly or completely take over, but it’s going to be a large new segment of the market. Sony will hand that market to XB if they refuse to change with the times. PS needs to be a platform you can access from your console, PC, TV and phone.

    The console isnt as important as people think and it will remain an option for those that need it or prefer it, but I promise you if want PS to be the best platform it can be, these changes need to happen. These PC ports will reach new audiences who will experience what PS can offer and will want more, and when PS Now takes off they will be keeping an eye on it, and many will sub and play from their perfectly capable PC’s.. or even from their TV’s.

    Im not saying PS will be doomed this gen if they dont adapt, but they will start to be impacted and long term, yes they will absolutely be doomed if they stick with the gaming model of the 1980’s lol.

  • China wants their wall back.

  • Nothing against Tom Holland, but this casting is a waste of a very good opportunity. It’s like the actress casted for Triss in Netflix’s The Witcher Series… absolutelly no resemblance.

  • Consoles started in the 70s.

    Streaming is unpopular. PS Now has been around for a long, long time, it’s going nowhere fast. There’s no numbers to backup those theories more than “VR is the next big thing” nonsense. VR is also going nowhere fast any more than it did in the 80s or 90s.

    A fraction of console gamers buy any subscription at all. An even tinier fraction buy PS Now. On multiple platforms console games outsell PC games, massively. The PC ports are selling at a rate of around 1/15th of the originals. The Switch is the biggest selling current gen console by a crapton. Nintendo do no streaming and barely bother with subscriptions.

    Xbone studios have no games of any value ever, unless you enjoy generic copy paste with no personality. It’s all NA studios doing what NA studios do, which is make games by numbers at minimal risk. Who cares if there’s 1 or 1001 studios, it’s all forgettable rubbish. One of the worst things Sony did during the PS4 era was copy the NA studio model of making forgettable generic games.

    Doing what everyone else is doing is the worst business idea. Doing what the constantly last place contender is doing is probably beyond foolish.

  • Probably not gonna be great, but since I love the Uncharted games, I’ll definitely watch it :)

  • I won’t waste my time or money. Nathan Fillion should be drake. And mark walberg should NOT play sully. The movie will be garbage and I hope it tanks.

    • I told my wife the same thing. When she said the Uncharted movie is coming, I asked if they got Nathan Fillion for Drake. She said nope, and I said then I’ll pass. He’s the best and only option they should have gone with. Not a short little British boy with zero resemblance to Nathan Drake. Ugh.

  • I really have no intention whatsoever of watching this, to me, it was a complete and total waste of time, effort, and building peoples hopes, and Im MOST LIKELY to encourage people NOT to watch this why? Well, if you ask Creative Director Amy Hennig or Mocap Director Gordon Hunt (R.I.P. good sir) or even the Evan Wells or Christophe Ballestra of those days, they’ll all tell you they wanted to create something new, something rather new to video games nobody else were really doing and that was, essentially, what is now Naughty Dogs trademark is cinematic story telling in a video game, an interactive experience.

    This movie feels EXTREMELY counter productive to that goal. Amy Hennig left Naughty Dog, Christophe Ballestra left as well, Bruce Straley eventually left and The Last of Us became political, thats not the 2006 Naughty Dog people really started to listen and pay attention too because they went their own way, they didnt come from the mold or break the mold, instead, they cast a totally new mold and this film, along with The Last of Us HBO series, now smashes the mold to sell out and be like everyone else. Not the Naughty Dog we really started to listen and pay attention to to watch them reshape the industry, today, we instead turn to Insomniac Games (actually starting to head down the political path as well), but moreso Sucker Punch, who would be more likely to be so political, but arent.

    Its a cash grab for Sony they really dont need other than because theyre bored, plain and simple, Naughty Dog have made them plenty of money, as is Spider-man, this movie is unnecessary because the games are the artistic vision, thats what the experience was meant to be, not live action. I will always recommend the Uncharted games, but never bother to tell others to see this movie or the HBO series for The Last of Us, plain and simple, its the exact opposite of what Naughty Dog set out to do from the beginning.

  • @KLEEBANKLIBAN subscription models it the absolute worst for gamers and the gaming legacy in general. Companies single handedly can add or remove assets from the library of games you pay for. Imagine having a library full of rare CDs, movies, bocks, pictures or whatever you love and enjoy, and someone comes whenever he/she likes and taking things out. I’m not saying it won’t be the future, i’m saying it’s a gaming dystopia. Only casuals can accept that. Core gamers will never accept that. I, as a core gamer, i will never agree and will never vote with my money this kind of situation.

  • STFU drunkman…acting as if you cared about ND games and characters lol thats laughable and so is this movie’s cast.

    • He kind of showed that by saying “spanning four stand-alone titles as well as a spinoff”.

      There’s 5 titles..

    • And I would argue they’re not exactly standalone, when the same characters carry over from most of the games, and even reference things in the past games.

  • Under this blog entry there is a question “Did you like it?” but one cannot choose “No”.

  • The movie will be just a little charted since it will be founded on the games, but neither re-telling nor advancing any canon story from game.

    I am among those that thought Nathan Fillion would have been great as Nathan Drake (both looks and personality / charisma). I also think the Mark Wahlberg casting for Victor Sullivan is weird because even young Sully (Uncharted 3) did not look or behave this differently.

    But none of that really matters as long as the pairing of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg for the non-canon / separate Uncharted story in the movie deliver quality entertainment in the treasure hunting action adventure genre with great action set pieces, decent story, and great chemistry / humor throughout.

    If I can enjoy different version of James Bond or Spider-Man or Batman, so can I enjoy different version of Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan.

    I’ll be watching this with my family in the local theater come February 18th, 2022.

  • Who exactly are these movies made for? Like… what is the target audience? People who have no idea what this IP even is? People who like Spider-man and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? I just don’t understand the “thinking” behind these things… why does this even exist?

    • People who enjoy fun movies, Indiana Jones-style ones. Probably don’t even need to have played the games to have fun with it.

  • Suppose to be a younger Nathan origin story (which we already got in part 3) but we see scenes that clearly happened to older Drake.

    • I think you’re supposed to ignore the games and turn your brain off. Stupid movie for stupid people. Made by people that never played the games. Big surprise.

  • I really hope Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Twisted Metal and the rest won’t be this uninspired… This looks like a huge missed opportunity for a beloved franchise. Casting is probably the worst part of this, but I suspect the story will be just as bad. All I see is them trying to recreate some scenes from a games. It’s bringing nothing new to the table. Shame.

  • Movie looks cool and entertaining. However! Mark Wahlberg as Sully is just so wrong! Where’s the mustache? Tom Holland might be okay as Drake. Nathon Fillion should have been cast as Drake! I loved the Uncharted short film Fillion was in with Stephen Lang! Movies based on video games are cursed. This is yet another example. I may go see it still.

  • Cant wait to see this movie…and I like Mark Wahlberg…i haven’t seen him ever play a bad role or movie…

  • lol nathan drake needs a testosterone shot

  • Loved the Franchise but do not like the casting at all. They completely missed with Drake & Sulley. Both actors are good but not a fit for this role IMO. All of us Uncharted fans wanted to see the look and feel of these characters that have been developed over years and multiple stories come to life on the big screen but first impressions fail.

  • I rather look at the fan made trailer any day lol

  • It’s bad. What next? Downey-Jr. as Kratos?

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