God of War (2018) is coming to PC

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God of War (2018) is coming to PC

The Santa Monica Studio title launches on PC January 14, 2022.

We’re thrilled to announce that God of War (2018) will be coming to PC on January 14, 2022! All of us at Santa Monica Studio have been humbled by the immense amount of support and passions fans of the God of War series have shown in the latest chapter of Kratos’ story since its release. As of August 2021, 19.5MM copies for God of War on PlayStation 4 have been sold through and we can’t wait to share that experience with a whole new group of players on PC. 

God of War (2018) is coming to PC

Our primary goal when bringing God of War to PC was to highlight the exceptional content the team created and leverage the powerful hardware that the platform offers to create a uniquely breathtaking and high-performance version of the game.

You’ll be able to enjoy the full potential of our cinematic, no-cut camera as it follows Kratos and Atreus across the realms with the option of true 4k resolution, on supported devices, and unlocked framerates.

Our PC version includes a wide range of graphical presets and options so you can fine-tune your visual experience based on your setup. From higher resolution shadows and improved screen space reflections to enhancements to the ambient occlusion pipeline with GTAO and SSDO – God of War on the PC can create striking visual quality unique to the platform.

We’re also happy to announce that we will have full integration with NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) available on RTX. You won’t have to sacrifice high graphical settings and output resolutions for high performance in God of War.

In addition to DLSS we will also have NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology available. Reflex delivers a more responsive experience allowing you to react quicker and hit harder combos.

Alongside the graphic and performance improvements, we are also offering 21:9 ultra-widescreen support.

From the heart-pumping clashes in combat to the quiet moments where you can take in the otherworldly beauty of the Norse wilds across the Nine Realms, our panoramic widescreen support will make every moment feel more like a truly theatrical experience.

Our plans for God of War on PC include robust controller support and keyboard mapping customization.

For those of you who would prefer a controller, we will support DualShock 4 and DualSense wireless controllers in addition to a wide range of other gamepads.

For our keyboard and mouse players, you will be able to fully customize the bindings to create a control setup that works best for you.

Finally, the purchase of God of War on PC will also contain the following digital content:

  • Death’s Vow Armor Sets for Kratos and Atreus
  • Exile’s Guardian Shield Skin
  • Buckler of the Forge Shield Skin
  • Shining Elven Soul Shield Skin
  • Dökkenshieldr Shield Skin

That’s all we’ve got for now. We’ll have more details to share over the next few months as we get closer to release on January 14, 2022. 

We appreciate your continued support of God of War and hope that this version of the game will create a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience for returning and new God of War fans alike.

 If you would like to pre-purchase God of War for PC, it is now available on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

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  • Why again do I need a PlayStation console?

    • So you don’t have to wait 4 years to play the best exclusives.

    • Time to sell the consoles and buy pc and download the crack version of every single playstation exclusive then. Here after playstation is not for players.

    • It’s more convenient than pc, at least from what I seen

    • I don’t understand this take at all.

      Playstations strategy of selling their IPs on PC after a few years is brilliant and only strengthens their IPs so they can sell even more consoles and sequels to those great IPs.

      It boosts sales even further and creates even more fans of series that’ll NOT want to wait 3-4 years to play the next game so they pick up a PS5.

      Imagine someone who didn’t play Horizon zero dawn or 2018 god of war gets them on PC and goes “this is so good I want to play sequal as soon as it comes out, guess I gotta get a PS5”

      that is sony’s goal. Timed exclusives are a win for platform. similtanious releases would hurt sony (and they aren’t doing that, MS is because it doesn’t hurt them considering they get their cut either way).

      TL/DR, sony knows what they are doing and it’s good business.

    • Don’t be dumb. Playstation’s plan is clearly to wait YEARS until pushing these titles to PC. Doesn’t negate the existence of the consoles.

    • “Imagine someone who didn’t play Horizon zero dawn or 2018 god of war gets them on PC and goes “this is so good I want to play sequal as soon as it comes out, guess I gotta get a PS5””

      LOL. If that *has* indeed happened, I can safely bet it wasn’t a meaningful number. PC-only gamers are derisive of anything that isn’t PC.

    • @DaddysAccident This is launching in less than 4 years after launch.
      And ironically, can’t wait for the inevitable delay of Ragnarok now because of this waste of time port that won’t do 5% the sales of the game on PS4 after a decade.

      And Days Gone was only 2 years before it came to PC.

      And, they aren’t exclusives if they are coming to PC now are they?

    • Because MANY folks don’t like gaming on a PC? And you have to wait years for ports. Why again do I see these ridiculous comments?

    • You only want to Spend $400

    • If you don’t see a reason to own one then don’t… Who is making you own a PlayStation?

    • @OmniCloud MANY folks?

      There are over a billion PC players. What do you mean? By comparison, there MIGHT be 100 million people who prefer to play exclusively on console, even that number is unlikely.

    • They didn’t even consider a native PS5 version for GoW. They’re just looking to get money from the PC base thanks to these stupid defenders.

    • Sell it and get a gaming PC if this bothers you that much. Just expect to wait some years to play Ragnarok and indifenitely for other games like Spiderman, Ratchet, etc.

    • You don’t. Let’s all move to PC.

    • Pff lol, what else are you gonna do?

      Folks like you keep acting like they’re not gonna buy a PS console anymore each time an exclusive comes to PC.

      We all know you’re not going anywhere.

    • You need the console for dust collection purposes.

      PC is the place to be. We get better VR and Xbox, Playstation, and PC games!
      Not to mention, best handheld portable gaming, coming soon with the Steam Deck.

      Hey, people yelling about how we’re gonna wait years to play PS on PC – we’ve got games to keep us busy over here. HaHaHaHaHaaaaa.

      Hey, Nintendo. Where are you at?

      Ahhhh hAhAhA.

    • Let me know how you Horizon 2 and GOW spoilers next year. You played Returnal, Ratchet, Spiderman yet?😂. You don’t need a playstation if you don’t like their games.

    • Look at Neo here, getting jealous and trying to figure out the best way they know how to defend their toy. 😭

    • I actually pirated this game on my jailbroken PS4 version 7.02.

    • ********””*”””””********
      This is blatant disrespect to the legacy of PlayStation.
      Fix your servers Sony. We can’t download a single PS3 games that we’ve purchased.
      So much for doing a 180 on keeping legacy content.
      Fire Jim Ryan is always trending and popping up here and there in certain places around the world because of moves like this.
      I ain’t buying anymore day 1 games from PlayStation until we have people who respect their legacy.
      Never owned an Xbox, but I’m looking at moving elsewhere, like PC.
      So much for my 3000+ stuff I have on the PS3 store front alone.

    • @DreamKingSandman

      Just because Windows XP PCs still exist, doesn’t mean they have a graphics card that is equal or superior than that of a PS5.
      If we go see what people got on Steam, very little amount of people have 2080 cards or higher, most have 1050 cards that can’t do Ray Tracing.

      With all the paper launches and non existent GPUs to be bought, the PS5 despite having limited sells still have substantially higher install base than PCs of superior power.

      Go Flashgitz somewhere else.

    • Tiger – not everyone does that hardware survey on steam.
      I got my 3080, and when it asked for the survey, I said no way, I just want to test this bits out, now.

    • Cos Playstation exclusive games are on console first for 2-4 years, before PC maybe gets a port.

    • You don’t, lol

    • How about drop your anti-gamer shenanigans kids?


      I have never seen more anti-gamer propaganda go around than on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube and here because of how anti-gamer you all are.

      It’s quite sad that none of you are appreciative that the games Sony has made for PlayStation are coming to PC, which gives more people an option to enjoy the game, torrenting? Yes it happens, it happens on consoles too with jailbreak versions of the consoles, it happens on everywhere, but you are too blind when it happens on your platform, but scream the living hell out when it happens on PC and on your favorite game, right? Damn.

      Anti-gamer / anti-consumer around in the internet, shame.. If you owned PC before consoles, maybe then you’d be more appreciative, and supportive on sony’s decision instead of putting them down for it.

    • @CommandingTiger

      People CAN and WILL lie within those Surveys, why? To make people like you as a laughing stock because how serious you’re taking a damn survey on internet, just like people lie on the internet in general to get access to places they really shouldn’t, can’t be this ignorant about it.

    • @MysticalOS

      You must be delirious if you think PC players are playing old games and then going out to TRY and find a already hard to find ps5 just to play the sequel.

      You clearly do not know PC players, they will beg and beg until Sony releases the sequel too on PC and rinse and repeat for the next game they want. Which they want them all on PC. They think exclusives should all appear on PC. Just check the forums.

  • Pre-Ordered.

    Take my money, Sony, all of it.

  • Can’t wait for mods to delete the kid from the game.

  • You are trash.


    • Calm down, bro.

    • only on playstation tittle and then here uncharted god of war coming pc

    • Yo yo yo. Calm Down Boi. They are only porting PS4 exclusives from 5-3 years ago that most people already played

    • LOL, how they betrayed you?

    • GOW is free with PS plus and PS5. How did they betray you when it’s free for you lol

    • Calm your tits.

      They only getting sloppy seconds that people already completed 10 times and got bored of it.

      They won’t be experiencing any of the newer game releases anytime soon. Wolverine, Spider-Man 2, Ragnarok, HFW

      All they do is have their saliva dripping out of their open mouths for the next 4 years with no guarantee titles would get ported. Sony policies are always shaky

  • Sony giving more attention to PC gamers than PS5 gamers lol

    • True. Sony understands now the xbox is going to kill playstation. So before microsoft does sony itself destroying playstation

    • LOL really? Porting a game and releasing 4 years after original release is what you call preferential treatment? Get real… 🙄

    • Lol, MS is gonna kill sony? There is almost no reason to even on an xbox. MS doing similtanious PC and xbox release is self deprecating because you don’t even need to own the console.

      Sony doing timed exclusive onc console for YEARS before doing PC ensures that Console is superior place to play it first, on top of getting PC users hooked enough on a series to buy a console to play sequels sooner.

      You are confusing good business with bad business. Sony knows what they are doing here.

    • Yo yo yo. Calm Down Boi. They are only porting PS4 exclusives from 5-3 years ago that most people already played

    • “Sony doing timed exclusive onc console for YEARS before doing PC”

      Huh? Sony-published titles hitting PC started with Detroit in 2019, and since then it has picked up speed. Before 2019 it was impossible to even imagine it.

    • @fun_forever007 This whole ordeal is terrible.

      But why say something ridiculous/hilarious like that? What has this got to do with 3rd place, dead last Xbox???

      Yeah, any minute now Xbox is going to kill PlayStation, any minute, hour, day, week, month, year now lol.

    • @stasi. No need to comment. There are maybe thousands freaking out as if their console lost value yet it is still the hottest selling item regardless of pc releases. Million won’t even realize. The pc and console market are so different that it doesn’t make sense to not sell on both. There are plenty of third party games I rather play on ps5 then on my rtx 3080. I use both completely differently. Also every article is the same with the same people going mad.

      A step forward in someone else their enjoyment is feels like a step down of their own. The game is still the same. The sequel will be great regardless of platform.

    • Yeah… Getting a handful of games that are 3 or 4 years old on PC sure means PS doesn’t get attention… WAT

    • haha sure, cause porting a PS4 game (that has alredy been patched for better performance on PS5 for free) is giving more attention that all the exclusives released and upcoming. You’re a joke

    • You are incorrect. When Quantic Dream was bought by that Chinese company, they managed to get their IPs too. That’s why Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls, and Detroit went to PC.

    • No they arn’t

    • Glad someone noticed this, just look at the features they are adding to GoW on PC and notice that the ps5 patch only got a slight resolution boost and 60fps.

  • I played this game on the PS4 and loved it. I’m going to buy it for the PC and love it again. I’m a gamer, not a fanboy.

  • OK . no problem. Encouragement for God of War Ragnarök.

    More communities will have access to this game.

    I really enjoyed the game on My PS4.

    Thank you PlayStation and for your Great game.

    I can’t wait for God of War Ragnarök.😍😍😍😍

    • Then you will be delighted to learn that you will have to wait longer since this time wasting exercise is going to hold up whatever date the game would have originally launched on.
      Look at what happened Horizon Forbidden West.


    • @andrewsqual this time wasting exercise? Cope harder Pony. This is going to sell like hotcakes.

      If your brain was existent, you’d know the PC ports are being handled by separate studios, thus it is not affecting PS deadlines at all.

      Keep crying.

    • @andrewsqual You are such an immature baby who never has any idea what they are talking about. Nothing but conspiracy theories just because you’re mad that more people get to play great games

  • Such a travesty. Don’t have a PS5 and at this rate don’t need one. Everything will come to PC in time. When you consider all the games on PC from Steam, Epic, Microsoft, and NOW Sony, that’s a huge backlog. Just need a PC and Switch.

    • My feelings exactly.

      I JUST got a PS5, don’t have much time to play and I was looking forward to play some PS4/PS5 games NOW…

      But the likes of Days Gone, God of War etc coming for PC, I should just focus on my gaming PC then.

      Shouldn’t have bought a PS5…

    • As long as you don’t mind waiting years after everyone else played a game sure have at it

    • Don’t waste your time with a PS5, it’s useless. Buy a PC and play all the games.

    • PC ports are getting a lot of the good stuff too. 4K, higher frame rates, new content (skins). All for a lower price. PC gamers have “waited” for these ports and they seemed to spend their gaming time with other games. I don’t see the reason why we can’t wait.

    • Somebody should sue them I mean you can still find the “only on PlayStation” label on these games.That’s a lawsuit right there

    • “Just need a PC and Switch.”

      Yeah… about that. Most Switch games run perfectly on PC now, often with upgraded graphics.

    • I regret buying the PS5 too. For many reasons. Save your money; get a 3090, or steam deck. ✓

    • @poorkingz
      True that. My PC is junk yet runs the brand new Metroid Dread almost perfectly with Yuze (which is shockingly a 30fps game despite how frickin’ basic it is for a modern AAA game. The Switch is so feeble).

    • I’m well aware, I’m just referring to the legal way of playing Switch games (as they’re meant to be).

    • @Diegoctba911

      How about you stop dictating what people can play ? Salty much ? cause you can’t play any new games you start telling others what they should do to make you feel better inside ?

      Hear this pretty boy, they will be playing GoW: Ragnarok, Spider-man 2, and Horizon, and Wolverine while you kid will be screeching in your basement.

    • Why can’t you grasp. PS4/PS5 will get new games and PC will get old 2-4 year old PS4 ports.

    • Agreed. I’m not going to buy the PS5 now, since everything will come to PC anyway.

  • Guess I should start focusing on my gaming PC instead of consoles from now on… Shame.

    Before anyone says about time exclusives – I have zero trouble waiting years for a game. I usually don’t have much time to play anyway and my backlog is already massive.

  • At least xbox is upfront with pc release. Playstation makes us play the worst version and than release on PC. Why not release day and date? Let people with pc enjoy day one. Weasels

    • Because back in 2016-2018, the top brass at Sony weren’t into completely screwing over all us PlayStation fans.
      There was NO REASON to waste time on a PC port that won’t even sell 3 million units in 10 years like it did in ONE DAY on PS4.

      And back in 2018, Xbox were bringing their games only to that crappy Windows 10 store where their games failed miserably.
      Their games only started selling semi decent on PC starting with Gears 5 in 2019 when Steam became the normal platform to release on.
      Sony followed suit only 9 months later with Horizon Zero Dawn.

    • @Andrew. You’re here again after the uncharted 4 article. You don’t seem to be a PlayStation fan though because that changed a few ports ago for you. And that doesn’t even matter. Just play the games you want on the platform you want. God Of War remains God Of War. PlayStation studios in general release great games and that won’t change.

  • Extremely disappointing that they’re wasting time and resources for PC instead of The PlayStation players who have supported this company through the good times and the bad 🤔

    • As someone who purchase 5 or 6 games per year on PS (last one was Returnal) I won’t buy a single game or console from sony ever again, I’m really regret why did I buy a PS5.

    • They’ve acquired a porting studio specifically so they don’t have their main teams working on this and wasting their resources. Uncharted PC is also being made by an outside studio.

    • @Orpheus79V Sort of a silly thing to bring up when Santa Monica are the ones talking here, literally telling us how they are wasting time and resources on making this PC port.

      So the original comment stands true.

    • @andrewsqual Your brain is quite the thick one, you have people explaining to you how it works like a toddler, and you still don’t understand

    • The games are what matters. The PC versions are generating a lot of sales. There’s plenty of PC gamers that will not play on consoles, but want to play Sony’s games. The PC version gets the games into those players.

      There’s others that don’t want to play console games, but do so for the exclusives. It’s a dirty means to an end.
      This class of people isn’t generating much if any revenue for Sony. Why? They don’t pay for PS+. They don’t buy extra hardware (controllers, headset, etc). They don’t even buy the games new most of the time. The only thing they might buy new is the console unless a second hand one is available.

      The majority of console gamers don’t see PC gaming as a viable alternative or even consider it a thing they would ever do. The console wars exist among consoles only. So, there’s no benefit to keeping the games out of the PC realm.

      Microsoft figured this out a while ago and it’s been going great for them. Hardware exclusives make no sense. It’s the brand that matters (they renamed Microsoft Game Studios to Xbox Game Studios). Sony’s hopefully following along with the Playstation Studios branding and expansion of that brand’s availability.

    • Lol they have enough resources.

    • Sony not wasting resources, as they just bought supprt studio Nixxies. They have already helped out on various PS4 launch exclusives eg Killzone. And they also PC port specalists.

  • Sony is officially announced that playstation is not unique console anymore. Welldone sony

    • Yo yo yo. Calm Down Boi. They are only porting PS4 exclusives from 5-3 years ago that most people already played

    • @non-cports Spider Man 2, Wolverine, Horizon Forbidden West, God Of War Ragnarok, GT7, 🤨🤨🤨.

    • Yeah

    • it never was! in my opinion, that is.

      you all get so riled up over nothing! it’s all about you know money to the “it’s a old game let them have it” and all those “points” make zero sense too.

      So many games that be on PC only but so many in the comments seek a console port we don’t knock them to dub the “port beggars” but i wonder who does it’s those that have that odd loyalty to Sony and mainly Playstation.

      Gaming is Gaming no matter where or how you do it right?


  • 😂😂😂😂
    Thanks jimmy

    Boys, see you on the other side! 👋

  • This is great, but where is the native PS5 port?

    I’m all for porting over to PC but how can Days Gone, Horizon and now God of War be ported over to PC with benefits yet PS5 doesn’t get a native version.

    • Agreed

    • Technically they’ve all gotten backwards compatibility enhancements, so there probably isn’t much incentive to do that. Though Ghost of Tsushima got a port after an enhancement patch, so idk. The PS5 native version wasn’t much different though honestly.

    • We already got Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding ports and they are pure rip offs. Not a shred of ray tracing, just practically the exact same visual set as PS4 Pro on those “Native ports”.

      Not even a massive PlayStation fan like me will ever be touching them.

    • Playstation players get the inferior version

    • It’s obvious because THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR FANS…this outrage right here is proof of that.The idiots on the helm only care about money.

  • What about a PS5 version? I think more people would be open for PC versions if it came along a PS5 one.

    • would you pay 50$ for a native PS5 version? The game is free with the PS+ Collection, cost 20$ on retail and has a free 4k@60fps patch for PS5. But people still complain about a PC release after 3years! If the game sell 3mil copies only PC this would singlehandedly pay for the Budget of GoW:Ragnarok

  • Screw it, will just use PS5 as a glorified PS4. PC and piracy seems to be the future Sony wants. What happens when the company is run by someone who probably doesn’t even play games nor understand what it is that makes PlayStation successful for their players.

    • Yo yo yo. Calm Down Boi. They are only porting PS4 exclusives from 5-3 years ago that most people already played. PS5 games will stay exclusive to that platform until the PS6 comes out and then maybe they will port PS5 games to PC.

    • What a moron

  • I built a PC 10 months ago and the reason I didn’t buy an Xbox Series X is because I can play all their games on PC.

    • Exactly.

      When you think about it, with a PC you can play every game not available for console, plus console games with improved graphics, plus every Xbox-published game day-one, plus select Playstation games.

      There’s only one console maker out there that will never make you question yourself if you really have to buy (or sell off) their console, and that’s because they’ll never release a game on PC.

    • Good news, you don’t need to buy a PS5 too.

    • Everything is on point here. A lot of other comments don’t fully take into account the entire scope of what PC gaming brings (Steam and they’re great sales, Epic’s free weekly games, GamePass, PS Now). Sony is now adding their games as ports to that world; PlayStation as a console will slowly become irrelevant.

  • That’s cool, I hope we will see an upgrade for a PS5 native app as well following that release.
    But to be honest, I think that with all the effort on porting games lately, it would be better to start focus on older PS3 games that you simply can’t play anywhere else. I know it won’t be simple job but there are a lot of great games in there.

  • I know that most PlayStation fans aren’t happy with this decision but if you think about it I think Sony made a smart decision because after PC players finished the game they will be excited for Ragnarok and maybe they will get a PS5 ( if it starts to get easier) just to play the game.

    • Haha what a simpleton way of thinking.

      There is no need for a PS5 anymore, they will just wait for the inevitable port. Meanwhile, PS5 players will pay a lot of money to play.

    • “Most PlayStation fans?” Don’t let a very tiny group of people on this blog make you think that most PlayStation fans aren’t happy about this. Most fans probably don’t give a crap

    • No, they won’t. PC players are fine with waiting. They will just wait for Ragnarok to come to PC.

    • Nah, i’ll come to PC too and many can wait for the port to the PS5 isn’t in stock a given some say it’s “easy” to find them in stock.

      I and many others don’t know why y’all get so in a tizzy on games being preserved and accessible on the most open platform that is steam you all don’t own the game to all the things the true elitist say to those with loyalty to Sony for some reason.

      Can we stop with the “it’s a smart decision on sony’s part” and that “were funding sony” sony is so rich no one is funding them.

      Why does playing on playstation matter that to you certain type of “gamers” that base you’re whole identity around playing only on Playstation to owning past systems and some even say show you’re “gamer credit” of all things lmao

      Much love though <3

    • LMAO do you also have that sort of naive thinking about life?…

  • Yo yo yo. Calm Down Boi. They are only porting PS4 exclusives from 5-3 years ago that most people already played

  • Am i supposed to be thankful for this?

    “But more people get to play the game”. So when its announced God of War Ragnarok is pushed back to 2023 this time next year, it WON’T be because Sony were forcing Santa Monica to waste time on this??? Will you be thankful then??? Will you really be that happy for Sony that they got a few measly thousand sales on PC, sales that will NEVER get anywhere close to the 3 million it sold DAY ONE on PS4. Will the God of War Ragnarok delay be totally worth it then?

    Another week goes by in 2021 and another Sony stunt that only hurts their brand more than does good. When is it going to stop?

    • Money > everything else for Sony

    • I keep seeing this ridiculous comment. Do you know that Horizon Zero Dawn sold 716,000 copies on launch on PC? Do you know that it has since sold far more than that? Sony put Horizon on PC to test how it would sell on PC before it went further with porting it’s exclusive IP’s. Because it sold so well, they decided to move forward. Saying oh God of War will only sell a few thousand copies is a ridiculous statement. I’m sure God of War will sell very well on PC for Sony. Days Gone also did well on PC. Do some research instead of being all hurt over a company that is here to make money. Not cater to you or I or any of us. Microsoft saw the opportunity with PC gaming and made their move and it is working incredibly well for them. Why shouldn’t Sony get some of that? Many PC players have been clamoring for PlayStation exclusives for years. It was a good move on Sony’s part. Get over it.

  • Santa Monica’s time is still being wasted on this though.

  • Launching on my birthday 😍

  • This is for the (PC) players
    – PlayStation

  • Let me preface this by saying that I am in total support of PlayStation games eventually coming to PC. I think the vitriol coming from people in these comments is quite frankly disgusting.

    That being said, I do have one issue with the way this is happening — these great PS4 games are coming to PC with new bells and whistles in terms of graphics and performance updates, while those on PS5 at most get a patch that unlocks frame rate. The PS5 certainly has the power to support the graphical enhancements that the PC versions are getting, so I have to ask; why are PS5 players getting left behind?

    Surely implementing these enhancements would be simpler to do on the PS4 to PS5 versions than on a PS4 to PC version, and to not offer this parity between versions feels like a slap in the face to all of the early adopters of the PS5, who ultimately end up with a lesser version of the game.

    I know that this won’t get addressed here by anyone working at PlayStation, however I do believe people should be making more noise about this.

    Let me reiterate — I am 100% in favour of games coming to PC, however I feel that PS5 players should also get the same, or similar upgrades to the games as PC players are getting, and not just a simple patch that unlocks the frame rate.

    • Your one of the best in this block post. Everybody is literally overreacting to 3 year old game that almost everyone played it and it comes out on PC. Like I cannot stand the toxic fan base of PlayStation. And you Boi are the best.

    • And also 2022 gets even better with PS5. 2021 was kinda mediocre for PS5 but ooo BOI 2022 is gonna something else.

    • Here’s where you went wrong:

      You do know they intend to sell that PC port, for 50-60 bucks a copy, right?

      What would happen if they did this but for PS5?

      Either they’d have to waste money making what’s essentially a fairly minor free upgrade, or they could sell it to you and you guys would whine that it’s not worth the price and that it’s a ripoff because it’s only a minor upgrade.

    • Don’t worry they’ll make a PS5 native version and then charge an extra 15 dollars for you to play it.

  • It’s about greed.

  • No way I will buy Horizon or any game made by Sony anymore.

    Next February, buy Elden Ring or Dying Light 2 people. Boycott Horizon.

  • Berbat bi karar PlayStation ne önemi kaldı bu PlayStation efsanesinin sonudur 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • SteamDeck is starting to look like the VITA 2 I always wanted!

  • Another exclusive prostituted by Jim Ryan. Even Santa Monica says Sony consoles are trash.

    “Our primary goal when bringing God of War to PC was to highlight the exceptional content the team created and leverage the powerful hardware that the platform offers to create a uniquely breathtaking and high-performance version of the game.
    You’ll be able to enjoy the full potential of our cinematic, no-cut camera as it follows Kratos and Atreus across the realms with the option of true 4k resolution, on supported devices, and unlocked framerates.”

    • You like it better when they lie and tell you there’s a single chance a console could be more powerful than a PC that costs twice the price ?

      Sounds like you’re looking for a cult, not a gaming platform.

    • o_mamoru-sama_o GTFO you noob without platinums.

  • Why they not make Playstation Client on PC where u log in with your account and if have games from PS that are supported on PC they should be free for u so even when someone buy that game from their client and want buy a PS console they already got games bought thought their client and can play it without extra cost.

  • Ex-clusive

  • Hey Playstation, fuc off! You want me to buy a PC? Is this what we’re doing here? DONE!

    • Problem is Sony stopped making PCs years ago.

      They also weirdly closed all their PC studios.

      I guess they got things a little backwards. 😂

  • Good for people who like to wait years to play a game.

    • There are plenty of games out there to play, AAA, AA, indie. What, you think PC gamers were twiddling their thumbs waiting for PS exclusives? Works out in their favour as now they get to play the best version of God of War.

  • As happy as it makes me see these excellent games available to more player to experience, I still think this is a bad move business wise and a marketing strategic misstep. Why do I need a PlayStation console if –eventually– the hook and the allure of the platform is no longer tied to the brand hardware (exclusive software)? Also, it opens up the game towards piracy once it hits the PC market, further reducing the spread of potential clients that had to buy the console and then the game in your ecosystem (PSN) without paying commissions to third party gaming fronts like Epic or Steam. Is there something I’m missing that benefits the company by making this move? How much sales are gained going to PC regardless of piracy? Somebody?

    • It will make them a lot of money in the short term so I guess that’s good for their bottom line.. or something

    • Price sir. It is not cheap to get a decent gaming PC, let alone a high end one. They aren’t hurting anything.

  • Every time a PC version of a PS4 game is released, just release the upgraded version for PS5 free of charge for PS4 users, then you will get a lot of good will.

    • But they don’t care about goodwill. They want you pay 10-15 dollars for a game you already own to get the PS5 upgrade (which usually does not have any features other than 60FPS framerates)

  • Gives me a good reason to play again, and even better is that I’ll be able to play it on the go once the Steam Deck releases.

    To those whining about why it’s coming to PC, who cares? It’s not hurting you. The game is almost 4 years old, get over it.

  • PC Players eating well next year, Uncharted, GOW and maybe new Horizon with True 4K and enhanced Visuals!

  • Hell yeah, that’s great to see. Can’t wait for some boi action!

  • Just finished this game on my PS5, thank you Sony! I’ve preordered the Steam copy. I’ll likely replay it too. Thank you for seeing the PC is generally a different market, I don’t mind waiting, if I know things are coming.

  • I don’t get it.

    Why are you trading control over a billion dollar marketplace (PSN) to sell a few million copies of a game for a few million in profits? The money isn’t in selling games, it’s in owning a marketplace that is exclusive to your device, then selling everyone else’s games and taking a cut. I would be willing to bet that Sony made more profit selling MTX in Genshin, Fortnite and FIFA than they did selling every game they made last gen. You guys are skimming 15-30% off the top of games that are making billions per month. And the only reason to buy your console are those exclusive games and the only way to have your own marketplace is to have a console. Games -> Console -> Marketplace = Profit.

    Even me who has been a long-term PlayStation owner is sitting back and wondering if I should even keep buying things (especially digital) when the message you’re sending is that you might not be in the console business long term. As it is, I am not a day 1 gamer to begin with, so maybe I should just start waiting for things to come to the PC I already own.

    So I guess the question is why are you hedging your bets outside the console space? The big winner here isn’t Sony it’s Steam and Epic Store.

  • Glad I waited. :)

  • God of war was one of the few games that I could only watch gameplays of and never had a chance to play. Thank you so much for bringing it to PC and letting people enjoy this masterpiece :)

  • If they give Marvel’s Spider-Man to PC we riot.

  • *facepalm* Seems like only Playstation and Nintendo fans understand the value of exclusives, meanwhile the pc elitists have taken over the blog trying to convince us otherwise :) This is going to get more Playstation gamers to migrate to PC instead of the other way around. Vote with your wallets my fellow console gamers, let the pc pirates fund them from now, we’ll see where that gets them and this industry.

    • True. Hope people here remember this when the next Horizon is released.

    • The irony of talking about PC elitists when you’re crying about more people being able to play a game.

    • Maybe I’m getting a little too “old” for gaming. It may be fitting then for me to “retire” once the PlayStation brand goes kaput.

    • I see that phrase a lot : “more people being able to play a game”. While you downplay this, there’s more at stake for us. From a pc gamer perspective, sure, you’re not losing anything, only gaining. We’re losing exclusives for that to happen. Not just some games, but the whole concept of exclusivity. PC gamers might not value that (because their last notable exclusive was, what? Half Life?), to us they’re system sellers that make the console worth getting and arguably the most important aspect of our platforms (what would Nintendo be without Mario?).

    • Were the civil ones you’re showing clear as day who the true elitists are.

      Getting all riled up to again you’re own post here is the tell and you are going over board this is a game like any other to the trying to band console games to “make a stand” of some sort were annoyed with you types to many other gamers are too.

      Sony owns and has their hand in so many lanes they need no funding bro to let’s not get into that topic, have a great day! :)

      – A PC gamer.

    • LOL! We’re expressing concern for our platform and console gaming in general, and are angry at choices being made, meanwhile you “civil” pc elitists are giggling over our problems and, true to your fashion, kicking us while we’re down. I think I rest my case. You have a great day, fantasizing about the potentially slow demise of console gaming. I won’t.

  • If these stupid people continue to defend these tragic moves, new games will start coming to PC on day one and there will be zero damn reason to buy PlayStation console. They didn’t even consider a native PS5 version for GoW. They’re just looking to get money from the PC base thanks to these stupid defenders.

    • Yea, right now that’s the argument of those who support this, that the game will only release on PC years later. But for how long? Especially with Gamepass breathing down Sony’s neck…

    • Playstation customers get the inferior version LOL

    • New games that aren’t exclusives, already release day one on pc and consoles. Some developers are already shifting their focus to PC first anyway. Capcom stated they are shifting their focus to PC first. RE Village sold more copies on PC than it did on console. I’m sorry. I still love PlayStation, but PC has better flexibility, way better and for more frequent sales than consoles, and you don’t have to pay to play online.

  • Wow. The people here complaining are acting all immature and entitled. They’re acting like Sony has gone 3rd party for Xbox.

    PC is basically game preservation. It’s the “forever platform” while PS4/PS5/etc will someday be abandoned. Remember how PS3 was abandoned already? And all those PS1/PS2 Classics sold on PS3 are no longer playable?

    Sony should straight up release a PlayStore for PC with cross-buy. All those PS1/PS2 Classics along with PSP/Vita games should be ported for preservation purposes.

    • No. They need to give us backwards compatibility instead of bringing our exclusives to the competition for them to be preserved there.
      They were influenced by Microsoft to charge us for online, why aren’t they influenced by the actual good stuff (good for us gamers, not their pockets)?

    • And Xbox and PC are so intertwined, it might as well be interpreted as Sony going 3rd party for Xbox…

    • PC is the forever platform, so many games where lost to “forgotten” as they not seen a PC version.

      Now, the PS3 was NOT “abandoned” in no way you can you know emulate those titles on older systems then their code is prob lost even to PS3 games sadly prob forever lost as that system was a pain to develop for.

      and why y’all want Sony to make a store we got enough stores and clients no thanks steam is the most fleshed out and go to digital store front EGS is jank enough and scummy too Steam, itch, GOG are the 3 go to for many then EGS to grab freebies i guess.

  • Everybody who say that well than I buy a PC and just wait for these games to come to it.
    A ps4pro was 400 euro and the game was 60. now tell me where do you going to get a 400 euro pc that you can enjoy the game in 4k60, than buying the games for 60 each. It is made so people who didn’t bought the ps4 so they can try their quality games so they might buy the ps5. And yet again the studios can sell the game for a bigger audience so they will have a good revenue what they can put into their new games for ps5. People acting like this is free on Pc, no you need to pay on steam too only difference that the platform what you playing on is more expensive to maintain and upgrade.

    • Atlease u can play the exclusive by dowloading in torrent dont have to pay for the game.

    • Your mistake is believing them when they say that.
      They’re not going anywhere, if they had it in them to spend twice the money to build a PC that might not work if they screw something up, they would’ve done it already a long time ago.

      They are not going anywhere. Just a pathetic cry for attention is all it is.

    • Well if you jailbreak your ps4 is the same.

    • PC is full of pirates

    • @cirrostratus-c1 actually I played this on jailbroken ps4 version 7.02 and played all of sony exclusives on it. piracy in playstation is more than PC. there are PS4 games pirated on the ps4, and multiplatform games and PS2 plus PS1 games and even Retro games are pirated. watch dogs legion is still not pirated on PC but is pirated on ps4, that garbage game called “still alive” too, RDR2 got pirated on ps4 months before pc, so was death stranding. one year pirated before pc.
      I know a lot about ps4 games pirating cause I’ve been doing it since the ps2

    • Yeah i had done that on ps1 to play Colin Mcrae Rally. God it was like 20 year ago.

  • Pre-purchased instantly. Please more games on the PC. The Last of Us Collection. Ghost of Tsushima? The new Ratchet and Clank? These were great on the PS5, but I want to play them at their best on the PC in 21:9.

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