Battlefield Hazard Zone revealed: full details on the new experience for PS4 and PS5

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Battlefield Hazard Zone revealed: full details on the new experience for PS4 and PS5

This tense, squad-focused survival experience launches as part of Battlefield 2042 next month.

How high are the stakes in the all-new Battlefield Hazard Zone? Let’s just say it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. A tense, squad-focused survival experience, Hazard Zone combines edge-of-your-seat gameplay with the best of the Battlefield sandbox. 

Before we dig into the details, let’s give you a little of the in-game history that will help you understand this new mode. In the year 2040, a worldwide event known as The Blackout took out roughly 70% of satellites in orbit – decimating worldwide communication, navigation, and surveillance. Prior to this mounting tensions caused by rising sea levels, economic collapse, and massive waves of the displaced set the stage, but it was The Blackout that completely destabilized a world already on the brink. 

International distrust inspired both the US and Russia to engineer a surveillance solution: the use of satellites equipped with capsules containing radiation-hardened data drives. These capsules (and the precious intelligence they contain) are dropped into their respectively controlled territories for the Occupying Forces to secure.

Of course information isn’t only prized by the superpowers, many of the Non-Patriated (or No-Pats) are very interested in getting their hands on the data drives as well. Some want them for the price they’ll fetch on the Dark Market, while others are more focused on using it to keep themselves and their friends and families safe. Regardless of their reasons, the No-Pats are very motivated to intercept as many data drives as possible – so much so that they’ve organized and funded Task Forces for this sole purpose. And in Battlefield Hazard Zone you and your squadmates will make up one of these teams. Your job: locate, gather, and extract data drives before a storm overtakes the area. 

Oh, and did we mention you only get one life to do it? Hey, we did warn you the stakes would be high.

So how does this all play out? Well, there are five elements to every match:

Step 1 – Strategize and equip 
Step 2 – Insert on all seven maps from 2042
Step 3 – Retrieve the intel 
Step 4 – Extractions
Step 5 – Pat yourself on the back and claim your rewards

You’ll start with a Mission Area Briefing where you’ll get the info you need to succeed, from regions of the map with a high probability of enemy combatants, data drives, and Uplinks. The latter are powerful items that can turn the tide of battle. Three types of Uplinks will be available at launch: Vehicle, Ranger, and Reinforcement Uplinks. Whether you need to bring back a buddy, gain a quick tactical advantage, or get the heck out of Dodge – Uplinks have got you covered.

You’ll then select the Specialists and loadouts you and your squad will join the fight with. Choose wisely (and strategically) at this stage and you’re likely to do well. So balance your squad and skills carefully before you deploy. 

From this point on you’ve got just one mission – securing those capsules and data drives. Of course you won’t be the only ones doing so. Rival squads will have the same objective and then there are Occupying Forces who will guard the contents of those capsules with their lives.

Ok great, you’ve defeated your enemies and secured the data drives…now what? Let’s just say getting out in one piece – intel in hand – is going to be pretty tricky. Two extraction windows are available per match at randomized locations, but only for a short period of time. To succeed in your extraction, you will have to wisely consider whether you’re going for the first window, or, risk it all and stay until the very end. Locate the LZ then get there as fast (but as safely) as you can. Naturally you won’t be the only ones to show up, so you’ll need to defend the area against rival squads and Occupying Forces long enough to get everyone on the aircraft. If any of your squad don’t make it they’ll get one more shot during final extraction, but remember, if you’re all left behind, you’ll lose everything you’ve gathered!

Congrats, No-Pat, you beat the storm and your opponents and made it out in one piece with plenty of data drives – that means you’re going to rack up both XP and Dark Market Credits. The former’s pretty self-explanatory, and the latter means you get the opportunity to unlock more (and better) equipment options for you and your squad in the next match.

Hazard Zone, All-Out Warfare, and Battlefield Portal will allow you to take on revamped fan-favorite modes, discover new innovative experiences, and witness an unprecedented scale that adds a new dimension to your multiplayer battles. Are you ready to plunge into the chaotic near-future combat of Battlefield 2042? Deploy on launch day, November 19, 2021, or pre-order the Gold or Ultimate Edition now and put boots on the ground starting November 12.

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  • How about utilizing the Dualsense’s next-gen features, there EA?

  • So it’s a cross between The Division’s Dark Zones and COD Warzone. Interesting.

  • Never really into modes with only one life. It encourages campers and when you’re dead you sit there idly… It’s also less interesting to lonewolves because it’s so squad based. I hope there aren’t a bunch of weapons or items locked to this mode so we’re forced to play it.

    • You people who whine online about players being stationary during games need to stop! It is part of the game. Just like snipping. This modern warfare. Not the civil war.

    • You people who whine online about players being stationary during games need to stop! It is part of the game. Just like snipping. This is modern warfare. Not the civil war.

    • Being stationary isn’t necessarily camping. I love defending, holding that line so no one gets past to attack the rest of my team in the back. Snipers will obviously be more stationary. But camping in some random spot that has no strategic value just to have the element of surprise on innocent bypassers is just dirty. I don’t get why people even want to resort to that, it’s boring and you don’t gain any sort of experience from it (other than knowing where to hide). We’re playing shooters, not hide and seek…
      And if by online you mean in-game, don’t worry, I hardly communicate at all :)

    • For example, a player sitting in a corner of a building… What are they doing there? Guarding a mouse? :) 9 times out of 10 I still get the kill and teabag them for humiliation :p

  • Shame the game sucks.

    Such a downgrade and no singleplayer campaign.

    It’s a miss from me.

    • I know. Was really looking forward to playing the crap outta this game, but guess I’ve to find something else, in November.
      It’s the cheaters that ruined it for me. Not that I’ve experienced any myself, but ‘word on the street’. No amount of cross-gen can dilute the cheaters on PC, and it’ll only get worse. It’s why I’ve always liked to play mp games on console. Cross-gen ruins it.

    • @bs4mykneemiss,
      You can turn off cross-gen, option, so you only go against console players, if you so wish.

    • I won’t pay $70 on console, when the exact same game is on PC for $60.

      It’s not the $10, it’s that games shouldn’t cost $70. Inflation isn’t an excuse because they didn’t charge only $60 for their games. Ultimate/deluxe editions, DLC, season pass, sponsorships, advertisements, and other sources of income has made each game ‘worth’ more than $100. If games never had these supplemental charges, I’d happily pay $70.

    • Don’t forget about exclusivity. I’m sure that makes a good chunk of money.

    • @bs4mykneemiss Never seen anyone whine like you, its hilarious.

    • @bs4mykneemiss You really should go and read your own comments from the past week. If you dont see your problem by then, it will be both sad and hilarious

    • Look, Ma. I know you hate seeing me post on here all the time.
      You are what you call others. You are this little lost child that you tell to other people. I know this, because you only use insults in your replies, and you never reply anything with an explanation. You’re fooling nobody.

      And your goal of trying to piss me off, is only backfiring, because I find your weak attempt funny, but also a little depressing, because you are not good at it. Get some years in yuh and try arguing the adult way, little person.

    • Why did you post those replies, ma? What was your goal? Did you think I would say, “You’re right”. Did you think I would reply less? What did you expect or want to happen?

  • Had a good time played they beta. Hoping they’ll make major changes but in terms of gameplay had a blast.

  • The video shows them running to extraction while being fired upon where as in reality you’ll be dead before you even realise your being shot it.
    Apex has it about right, battlefield lets you Die way quick.

  • I hope it doesn’t turn into zombie land afterwards. I am tired of games with zombies in them. I prefer strategically realistic like games. Just a thought! 🙃

  • There are rumors Hazard Zone might change into Battle Royale if it isn’t popular enough… While I prefer traditional TDM etc., I’ll take this Hazard Zone over Battle Royale any day.

  • Any online co-op modes coming to this game in the near future?

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