Share of the Week: Death Stranding Director’s Cut

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Share of the Week: Death Stranding Director’s Cut

On the many roads with Sam Bridges.

Last week, we asked you to journey through the dangerous peaks and valleys of Death Stranding Director’s Cut using #PSshare #PSBlog. From lush landscapes to Sam’s many modes of transportation, here are this week’s highlights: 

RevolutionAndre shares Sam throwing up a fist in the air triumphantly.

gamingbyframe shares a landscape grown over with grass.

toyo_3po shares Sam raising up his BB.

oolong_cha_cha shares Sam riding his motorcycle towards a rainbowed blue sky.

yokoichi444 shares Sam standing in front of a wall with the BRIDGES logo on it.

Photoingame shares a close up look at one of Sam’s cars.

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THEME: Moonlight
SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on October 1

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  • hy

  • Now there was an epic fail, 6 hour trial version from the moment that you click “download”. On an average UK connection, you’d have a 10-11 Mbps download speed. 70GB would take around 14 hours to download (ending 8 hours after the trial expires). I won’t be buying it. The hour of cut scenes interspersed with stumbling around and falling over didn’t do enough to get me to part with my hard earned cash.

    • Huge Kojima fan and I thought the same initially.
      I didn’t buy the PS4 version until I found it randomly on clearance at a local retail. I gave it a chance and then I got hooked on the game play loop. The deliveries have an addictive quality of “I can sneak in one more before I need to do (insert real world activity)” I plan to buy the PS5 upgrade once I get through some of my backlog, largely created by me pouring so many hours into Death Stranding on PS4!

    • Yeah I don’t typically get into games that are seemingly so slow and exploitation based, and I have my complaints about the story, but the gameplay? Addictive as hell. Ended up doing every single delivery, getting every single star. Built a full highway and elaborate zip line system all over the place. Spent a good 100+ hours on it.

      OP clearly went in looking to hate it and is very pleased with themselves that they “proved themself right”.

    • Would a person with an average UK connection be into gaming or downloading large files? How about besides the average connection, what is YOUR connection speed? Instead of whatifs, you talk about real matters for yourself.

    • Ralstonizer – I had a look to decide if it was something that I wanted to play (I was hugely disappointed recently with Mortal Shell and saw the trial version as an opportunity to decide whether this was a game that I wanted). I didn’t get enough actual gameplay to convince me that it was. That’s my whole point, not whether Death Stranding is a modern masterpiece but that I didn’t get beyond falling over a lot heading up a hillside to a concrete building (crematorium?) with a package (that might have been a corpse?) on my back. If there’s more to it, I may be missing out. Perhaps a 6 hour trial would have enlightened me, maybe I’d have walked away from it after 2. We’ll never know…


  • Also the average connection speed in the UK is 50Mbps. There are low, cheap plans that are 11Mbps but the low end is not what the average sign up for.

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