PlayStation Store: September 2021’s top downloads

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PlayStation Store: September 2021’s top downloads

NBA 2K22, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Deathloop top September's PS5 charts

Greetings! The numbers are in and we’ve got some piping-hot charts for ya.

NBA 2K22 was the big winner last month, topping the PS5 US, PS4 US, and PS4 EU lists (and earning the runner-up spot for PS5 EU). Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Deathloop round out the top three for PS5, with big debuts from other newcomers like Diablo II: Resurrected and Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.

Peep the full charts below, then mosey over to the comments to let us know which games you think are going to make a splash this month.

PS5 Games

1NBA 2K22Kena: Bridge of Spirits
3Kena: Bridge of SpiritsDiablo II: Resurrected
4Diablo II: ResurrectedDEATHLOOP
5Madden NFL 22Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT
7Tales of AriseTales of Arise
8Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
10Life is Strange: True ColorsF1 2021
11Assassin’s Creed ValhallaLife is Strange: True Colors
13Marvel’s AvengersIt Takes Two
15Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
16Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarMarvel’s Avengers
17STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen OrderMetro Exodus
18HITMAN 3No Man’s Sky
19Demon’s SoulsSTAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order
20Aliens: Fireteam EliteWatch Dogs: Legion

*Naming of products may differ between regions
*Upgrades not included

PS4 Games

1NBA 2K22NBA 2K22
2Madden NFL 22Grand Theft Auto V
3Diablo II: ResurrectedMinecraft
4Grand Theft Auto VRed Dead Redemption 2
5MinecraftDiablo II: Resurrected
6Red Dead Redemption 2Need for Speed Heat
7Need for Speed HeatFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
8Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarThe Forest
9Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesGran Turismo Sport
10Insurgency: SandstormeFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE
12God of WarThe Crew 2
13Tales of AriseF1 2021
14THE FORESTCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
15TOM CLANCY’S RAINBOW SIX SIEGEAssassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection
16Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year EditionKena: Bridge of Spirits
17Dead by DaylightAssassin’s Creed Valhalla
18Assassin’s Creed ValhallaAssassin’s Creed Origins
19Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete EditionHorizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
20Sonic Colors: UltimateInsurgency: Sandstorm

*Naming of products may differ between regions

PS VR Games

1Beat SaberBeat Saber
2Job SimulatorJob Simulator
3Swordsman VRRick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality
4Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR SeriesSwordsman VR
5Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-alityVader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series
6Creed Rise to GloryCreed: Rise to Glory
7SUPERHOT VRThe Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
9The Walking Dead: Saints & SinnersCave Digger
10Surgeon Simulator: Experience RealityGORN

Free-to-Play (PS5 + PS4)

1FortniteeFootball 2022
3Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact
4Call of Duty: WarzoneRocket League
5Apex LegendsCall of Duty: Warzone
6Rocket LeagueMega Zombie
7Destiny 2eFootball PES 2021 LITE
8Super Animal RoyaleSplitgate
9eFootball 2022Super Animal Royale
10Rec RoomApex Legends

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  • Can’t believe Jedi Fallen Order made the list… It’s a horrible game, if you remove the Star Wars Nostalgia from the experience barely a 6/10 game

    • Its probably on the list because the PS5 version is FREE if you have the standard one, even though the game is nearly 2 years old and all.

      I know, even EA are beating Sony on that front lol.

    • It isn’t even that high on the list. I didn’t even notice it at first. It is a little scary how much a video game can hurt your feelings so bad that you bleed tears everytime you see it.

    • @andrewsqual Uh no it isn’t as it specifically says in the post that free upgrades aren’t counted. These charts on based on new purchases.

    • And I cant believe how people still dont get that their opinion doesnt reflect everyones. Obviously people like the game, Im one of them. And second, you havent even played it, thats also hilarious, everyone who got opinions of games they havent started.

  • Can’t believe Jedi Fallen Order made the list… It’s a horrible game, if you remove the Star Wars Nostalgia from the experience. Barely a 6/10 game

  • You guys should make ps3 games free sinces your removing credit card and visa cause you guys got ps4 and 5 making you more money so plz consider making ps3 games on the ps store free

    • It would take a Firmware update for PS3 to update the store to use new laws/rules, related to security, needed with Credit Card transactions. And that just isn’t going to happen.

      You’re looking for something that isn’t there.

    • I am buying mine from Amazon, You can’t run multiplayer on PS4? Single player and the arcade library is huge these days, PS3 is ideal!

  • It would make me happy cause i need my game maos

  • Maps

  • Ouch on that Deathloop misfire. Hope all that wasted money on pointless timed exclusivity was worth it Jim and Hermen. You could have used that money for something better…………. like getting Horizon Forbidden West out this side of December. You lost millions on that, millions that would have been from casual EXTRA holiday purchases looking for a great game with a new PS5 console.

    But no, if it can’t make an early to late Nov release, lets not release it in December, lets not release it in January regardless of being ready, February it is then because…… reasons.

    Keep making us proud.

  • Strange with VR, popular stuff doesn’t seem in there. My headset fell to pieces. Oh well, my next buy is after the new yr, might pick it up then. Depending on cost!

    • It’s really a shame. There are been tons of great new PSVR games over the past couple months and none of them have made the top 10. It’s always the same games in those charts.

  • I almost bought Pantsu Hunter again because the store let’s me put it the basket even though I already have it in my library. The same for Winter’s Daydream. Does anybody have the same problem?

    • Yeah I have this problem with quite a few games. So much so that now when I see a game on sale I have to double check sometimes if I already own it even if the store is showing that I don’t.

  • I can definitely see Fortnite being number one for mostly played online gaming. I play it more than others.

  • Sobcribe to basic the YouTube Chanel

  • Why is NBA22K represented by some girl no one has ever heard of and not Luka, Lebron, KD, Kerry and players people actually buy the game for. Absolutely absurd. I didn’t even know what I was seeing at first because it said 2K was the top game and there were no basketball players represented until I saw some hilarious person had put a junior league player on the cover. What a joke. Don’t insult fans or NBA players like that.

    • What are you yapping about? There are several covers for that game, you talk of one gamestop exclusive. How can you care so much about one cover? Do you realize how pathetic you look writing crap like that?

    • @Maiden_Simp

      No reason to be insulting because your feelings got hurt. On this webpage they have images which are not from the game covers but are just a collection of characters from the game. If you slow down you can see I am not commenting on the game covers. On this webpage from NBA22K they used a player who is not in the NBA. It’s like putting the wrong images with the game. It’s intentionally misleading and silly.

  • I thought Genshin Impact was a niche game, but its 3rd on list of most downloaded F2P. I only started playing it recently due to the Horizon Zero Dawn cross-promotion, but that was enough to get me hooked and enjoying it. Have aleady spent 30+ hours and have never felt compelled to spend any money. I know there will eventually be progression walls if you want to get / build characters / weapons, but there is so much genuine free content to enjoy and the free expansions add more genuine free content to keep that going.

  • After the last ps5 update I notice a buzzing noise coming from the area of the power supply unit. Only really gets bad when playing back 4 blood. Not impressed

  • just copped hitman 3 today

  • sony , when will you finally start selling PS5 consoles? its been a year since “release” and no PS5 to be found anywhere in shops

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