Experience the brutal reality of war in Hell Let Loose

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Experience the brutal reality of war in Hell Let Loose

Learn the strategy of survival and winning the war.

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  • looks fun

  • I was really enjoying the Beta until the toxic players got hold of it, then it was an instant deleted. Such a shame. My search continues for a good online shooter that doesn’t have players that their mouths they have been dredged through the gutters……

    • Insurgency Sandstorm might just be what you are looking for.

    • Insurgency is a good game to try, but even that has those players, it is just not every game. Maybe 1 in 4 game lobbies. Mommy bought those grown kids a mic so they are still learning how to use it and talk to other live people.

  • I hope this game last at least till 2032 .

    • 10 years is a long time to be playing an online multiplayer game. My guess is the servers will close before the year 2032.

  • Fix age verification on mobile lol Jesus

  • Hey PlayStation we want a games like tatkov on ps , please you can do it

  • I hope we will gr gyro aiming soon.

  • Why is ps5 getting all the fan services and all we get is the crap services? I pay for ps plus and I expect decent games not games that you have just dusted off from the closet and put on shelf.

    Honestly this feels like a classic middle finger to us as a consumer, oh btw thanks for the useless Halloween games that aren’t even Halloween related.

    No one even hardly plays MKX or PGA 2021. >:/

    If things don’t change soon I might end up canceling my membership to ps plus.

  • Hi Sony,

    Just curious to about the game hell let loose – Is it coming to ps4 on not?

  • Well then let’s crank out the ps5’s. I’d love to play these next gen games but I can’t even find the hardware anywhere. Unless I let one of these scalpers gouge my eyes out. I may have to move to pc soon….

  • Wauuwww looks great

  • Okey the trailer is a lie,are you ready to walk for 5 min to get into battle, then die after one shot and start over then this is the game for you. want to build something no problem, no wait you need supplies to build and you need a guy how is á supply class to help you. very slow action and just really little action actually so. Playing this game for free and still feel like i have lost money on this game.1 star out of 5.

  • You will have a good time if you have a bunch of friends on coms together. Actually with a setup like that you’ll probably mop the floor with everyone, as people are treating this like it’s a Battlefield game. It’s not.

    “Hell Let Loose is a game that demands teamwork and communication not only to win, but to survive.”

  • Good game, but controls and servers bug out sometimes.

  • Are they going to coming out with the PS4 version

  • In 2021 every game should offer a 60fps option especially in online gaming, on the PS5 the framerate is very inconsistent and to me that is a deal breaker

  • “Brutal reality”… If I said I laughed all the time, would you believe me?

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