Hit the ground running in Insurgency: Sandstorm with 10 hard-earned tips

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Hit the ground running in Insurgency: Sandstorm with 10 hard-earned tips

In this hardcore FPS, teamwork, and strategy are essential for every firefight.

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  • Pre-ordered, downloaded and installed. Can’t wait to be in a game tonight. I have never played this game, so it is all new, but all of the videos i have watched and youtube comments, have made me very hopeful

  • Will there by gyro aiming on PS5?

  • Is there a trophy guide

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  • An additional tip for the communication part. Communication are like tracers in insurgency, it can be a double edged sword. Comms in this game are team and proximity based. That means if you’re close enough to the enemy you can hear them talk. But they can also hear you. Having played this since it’s launch on PC I knew this and used it to my advantage to set up ambushes on the enemy. I was doing it so much I was being accused of cheating.

  • Can I play Insurgency: Sandstorm with one friend against AI? Is there a story mode? We don’t care for the PVP aspect and want to know if we need 2 other friends, or can we get AI team-mates? All the info we find is very vague regarding this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • after update 1.04 on playstation 5 this game is UNPLAYABLE, increase resolution guys!!!!

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