Blockbuster Games promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Blockbuster Games promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Steep discounts on a variety of big franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, The Sims and more.

The Blockbuster Games promotion comes to PlayStation Store on Wednesday, September 29. For a limited time* you can enjoy steep discounts on a variety of big franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, The Sims and more. 

*Blockbuster Games promotion starts on PlayStation Store at 00.00am (local time) Wednesday September 29 until 23:59pm (local time) Tuesday October 13. 

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  • I’d have expected the list to be longer. But since I did buy a couple of games on last week’s deals, I guess I can’t complain :)

  • Only Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for me this month!!! Cost for only 5EURO

  • I’m surprised Spiderman didn’t make the list. I’m all over TLOU2 if the price is right :).

    • Oh yes , I have also been waiting for a good price on TLoU2, lol we must be one of the few people on earth who have not played this game yet..
      Oh cant wait to see how much Returnal is

    • £22.74
      Not too bad IMO. I paid £25 for the physical version back in March/April, and felt that was a good price for what you get.

  • Shouldn’t this be live now?

    • Yep but of course it’s not.

    • It’s live now when I just looked.
      (1PM GMT)

    • Fun fact it was price changed at 2am UK time Wednesday morning before this list was put up. So you might find things are lower priced before it goes in the deals part. Usa people unfortunately you have to wait for it to appear in store.

    • Oh and if anyone wonders how can you know about sales before they are posted there is many sites that list price changes for stuff on store like ps prices which you can set as your country and see the offers at around 2am the night before the sale

  • Here it is 12:18am and no new deals! Where’s the sales at tho?

  • Hmm, something is on radar but depending on the price will buy it.

    To bad, PSblog team no longer writes down the existing price vs sale as it used to be. Well, changes occur.

  • Never takes long for the Sims content to go back on sale.

  • Please bring back Vita and PS3 sale, at least once a year.

  • So you put games like Metro Exodus gold edition for $12 in the US but way higher for EU?

    So you do a combined blog now for all territories but differentiate what goes on sale at all between the territories?

    So you do a Japan sale finally, and don’t even bother with a blog post showing you really don’t care about these anymore?

    So you finally manage to get Atelier trilogy discounts and they get a paltry 25% off when the previous two sales (Feb 2020 and July 2019) were 50% off?

    So you won’t allow discounting of Vita games, a late 2011 console, since 2019, meaning the PS4, a late 2013 console, will be stopping soon as well, or?

    So you post these blogs under different names all the time and don’t even bother reading comments anymore or even responding as expected for a social media blog with commenting enabled?

  • Currently speaking, unfortunately this is not available in Asia playstation store which can be misleading for Asia servers. I’ve only check the UK playstation store and it is available but not so sure about US or EU playstation store. Not so sire it is not available for Asia playstation store quite disappointed to be honest.

  • For a second there, I thought Blockbuster was back in business and selling video games.

  • Please add red dead redemption 2 on this offer. Please and thank you

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