Stranded Deep: co-op online update available tomorrow

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Stranded Deep: co-op online update available tomorrow

Beam Team Games announces the largest update yet for its survival sim.

We’re super excited to announce the newest update for Stranded Deep going live tomorrow – which includes co-op online.

Stranded Deep: co-op online update available tomorrow

While players have enjoyed playing solo, the community has been asking for a Co-op Multiplayer mode since the game’s launch. It’s something we have wanted to deliver for the community and have been working hard with our partners for over a year.  We’re very happy to announce the arrival of this feature which is available tomorrow, September 28! This is a free update for existing players and part of the game for new players getting stranded for the first time.

You’ll experience crazy encounters against sharks, giant squid, and other sea creatures. Defend against attacks on land from wild boar, snakes, and other native threats. Hunger, thirst, and exposure will work against you as you brave the elements. It won’t (and shouldn’t) be easy… but if you survive through it all, you can escape – now with a friend!

This has been a crazy journey for us here at Beam Team – just a small team from Brisbane, Australia creating our first game. Our community has already grown beyond anything we ever expected, and to know we have so many players that enjoy what we’ve created is what it’s all about for us. Getting the opportunity to self-publish on PlayStation has been a dream for us which still doesn’t seem real.

A huge thank you for your support; we really hope you enjoy the new co-op multiplayer update as much as we enjoyed working on it. 

Stay Alive!


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  • How many players could play together in the multiplayer?

  • When will stranded deep be 60fps for PS5? Could we expect that from this update?

  • Will be an offline (local) coop in the future? Like pc

  • Can we achieve all the trophies in co op ?

  • It’s finally happening. GG Beam Team

  • It’s a shame the issues with the game crashing out haven’t been fixed, in fact they are worse with the update with the game crashing at the island loading screen.

  • And crossplateform ? ( playstation and pc ? ) thanks

  • Is cross-gen play supported between PS4 & 5? 🤞🏻

  • Is the new co op cross between xbox and ps4??

  • Since the update alot of stuff is messed up. Targeting items, resources, and other objects don’t work. Sunstroke even occours while I wait in a closed container. I don’t farm or use gas yet but I’d hate to see how that works. At dawn I had full stats, by 1300 hours I was almost dead. Please fix these issues

    • Totally we have same problems. After 10 days @ island. Something happened and we cannot interact anything(even if we reload the game) there is a lot of bugs :( wish it could be fixed

  • Co-Op as an option is always a good addition.

  • I hope there is trophies too, if not plisss updatee.

  • does it needs PS Plus subscription to play it with your friends??

    • All non free to play games need a PS+ subscription for online, other than those that have monthly fees of their own.

      So it’s unlikely.

  • Wish this was up too 4 players

  • I absolutely love this game and play it a lot in my free time. Definitely excited to try out the multiplayer survival mode.

  • While the update is cool and will definitely be fun to try out, it’s made other aspect of the game worse. The sound tracking is super weird now, like I can hear a steak cooking from across the island. The lag is unreal as well as load ins for new island are horribly choppy. And I don’t know if this was due to the update but an island appeared randomly with no trees, no grass, no anything just white sand

  • online update cool works for awhile then stops pointing out tree shark rocks so i’m stuck swinging at air 119 days lost now 6 days if something does not give truth i would of paid 60 80 bucks thinking free always something be prompt commented stranded deep site bug best I could do I love this game please fix it

  • Every time someone joins my world, they end up breaking a bone amongst loading in…

    Also, people will join my world, destroy what I’ve worked hard to build, then leave the game as if they did nothing. Can we get some preventative measures for these problems?

    • When you are making a world make it private and you have to save the game you have to build a tent or bed and that’s where u save from 😁😁😁😁😁

  • I’m playing the new online and it like going great one sec then the next I can’t open crate can’t drink my water cans pick up anything can’t cut down trees all options disappear it’s really messed up cause we wanna play it so bad fix it plz

  • Why didn’t the developers make it more than two players 4 player would have been perfect upon survival in stranded deep???

  • Could the developers make it 4 players???

  • All the time at the 6 day i just can’t interact with any object of the game! Pls fix.

  • The game is busted.. At solo campaign they stack and is no way possible to cut trees or to pick up things..

  • Random map solo no online is unplayable. After 36 days they don’t let me cut trees or pick up or loot the boxes I find. Also no way to extract stones or other materials… Sucks.

  • my game stranded deep is not working correctly after coaching swim to an island shelter don’t light up water palms crates don’t light up end game sit there watch my a.i. die slow death no hope I have comments every where still no response to remedy the situation serious this waited long time game like this working fine t’ill the change from ps4 to ps5 after the update bought it cash $20 later

  • By far best survival game since 7 days to die…… Now with that said it’s super depressing that after 5 days the game lags and you are no longer allowed to interact with items witch makes the game super sad. I hope the makers can fix it asap or sadly I’m going to have to delete and wait for the next big survival game. Don’t want to do that again stranded deep is an amazing,fun, difficult game just wish they would hurry up and fix it.

  • I soooo love this game! My husband and I play with game together all the time. I’d put my gamer tv with the regular tv and we would play together but not on the same island obvi. But this new update we can share and island and I looooove that. It’s been fun. We have encountered a glitch tho. After playing for awhile we can’t pick anything up eat sleep save nothing. I hope it gets an update soon to fix that. If you can please let me know. I know it takes time for that kind of thing. Thanks for creating an awesome game!

  • Stranded deep ps4 October 7. Update did nothing for interactions bug. Sadly game is still completely broken

  • I was so upset to come across this interaction bug.. Not he Best game out there but very Enjoyable when working (besides the combat). Now I’m reading all across the Net that this is a bug YOU guys never could or tried fixing before release?? Still rooting for yall, for now…

  • This is starting to get ridiculous they made an update and it did absolutely nothing to fix the bug issues get your team together stop taking weekends off sit down and fix the issue it seems like everyone wants to play this game but no one’s willing to fix the issues going on

  • Now all I need is a friend who games 😞
    Hard being OG gamer…almost 4 decades, all my friends put their “toys” away long ago. I never shall.
    Great job!
    Love the game, even when I’m a lil lonely 😉

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