The Last of Us Day 2021: A Community Celebration

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The Last of Us Day 2021: A Community Celebration

We’re excited to share new digital content, exclusives, merch, and a special Photo Mode event.

Hi, everyone! It’s been over a year since we released The Last of Us Part II, a major chapter in the growing The Last of Us universe. It’s that same world that we’ve been privileged to celebrate with the incredibly passionate and ever-growing fanbase for eight years! When we planned this year’s event, we aimed to make this day super engaging so we can celebrate the diverse and talented The Last of Us community on a global scale.

We’re very fortunate to have a great relationship with our community and The Last of Us Day is one of our favorite days to share and engage in back-and-forth dialogue with our fans. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, use the hashtag #TLOUDay to spread the cheer and good vibes. Share your art, cosplay, creations, Photo Mode shots, or even special memories of your experiences with The Last of Us universe. We’re looking forward to having you all join in on celebrating The Last of Us Day – we’ll be active on social all day! 

To cap off the day, please check back at at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST for a The Last of Us Day wrap up note to you — the amazing fans.

Let’s chat about what we got cooking!

The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities Now Streaming and Limited Edition Vinyl by Mondo 

Attention audiophiles and collectors: time to warm up your record players! Working in close collaboration with our friends at Mondo, we’re excited to finally announce pre-orders for The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities vinyl.

This limited edition vinyl features stunning, exclusive artwork by Dani Pendergast, and a special message by The Last of Us Part II’s Director, Neil Druckmann.

This special release has been a huge fan request, and we’re excited to present this EP featuring tracks sung by Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and Troy Baker (Joel) and guitar by Chris Rondinella.

Pre-orders open today, September 26, at 10AM PST exclusively on Mondo’s website.

For those of you that might want to take Joel’s rendition of “Wayfaring Stranger” and Ellie’s serenade of “Take On Me” with you wherever you go, we’ll also be releasing Covers and Rarities online – and it will be available globally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and all major global streaming outlets today at 9 PM PST.

The Last of Us Part II Joel Statue by Dark Horse

In partnership with Dark Horse Direct, we’re proud to present a new, limited edition 14.25” Joel statue from The Last of Us Part II. This limited-edition statue is crafted in stunning detail, and he comes fully equipped, wielding his gun and guitar. This statue is available for pre-order until October 29 at 5PM PST via Dark Horse’s website and will ship May – July 2022.

PlayStation Gear Store  – We Got That Exclusive Merch!

The goods! We have some stunning brand-new merch going up on the PlayStation Gear Store. 

New offerings include a waxed canvas backpack for here, there and everywhere, and an awesome Stormtech Waterfall Insulated Rain Jacket with a laser engraved patch that’s perfect for the changing seasons.

We’re also excited to announce exclusive merchandise to live out your best troubadour experiences – such as new Taylor straps and picks. By popular fan demand, we’re also pleased to offer The Last of Us Part II GS Mini and 314ce guitars, which is exclusively available on the PlayStation EU* Gear Store site.

Joining the PlayStation Gear Store lineup is Insert Coin’s meticulously crafted W.L.F Bomber jacket so you can channel Abby.

On top of all this, we’re pleased that pre-existing The Last of Us merchandise will see a 20% off discount through September 30 on the PlayStation Gear Store** and The Last of Us Remastered, The Last of Us: Left Behind and DLC will see a 50% reduction on PlayStation Store through September 27. 

* Ships to Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.
** Discount cannot be combined with any other ongoing offer/promotion/discount.

The Triumphant Return of Photo Mode

We absolutely loved seeing everybody’s creativity run wild with last year’s Photo Mode contest. There were so many incredible submissions (and several very sweet messages!). We wished that we could share even more with the community, so, this year, we’re expanding the Photo Mode event! 

Starting today until October 29, we’re kicking off a month of community captures, with different themes each week as we make our way through October. Post your Photo Mode shots to Twitter with the hashtag #TLOUPhotoMode and tag @Naughty_Dog to enter.

Not only will we re-tweet several of our selects daily, but we’ll also keep an ongoing scrapbook of those Photo Mode shots on the Naughty Dog blog, reminding us to always endure and survive – together.

Whether you are ready to flex your Photo Mode skills or want to check out some amazing talent, join us on Twitter.

By tagging your screenshots with #TLOUPhotoMode and tagging @Naughty_Dog  by October 28, 2021, you give SIE and @Naughty_Dog permission to share your content on SIE and Naughty Dog websites and social media channels. Posts must not contain personal information or content that is defamatory, harmful, offensive or otherwise violates the rights or interests of SIE or third parties.

First and foremost, this day is for celebrating you, the incredible community! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get all the latest updates and activities! On behalf of the studio, thank you for celebrating The Last of Us with us year-round — and especially today. 

Happy The Last of Us Day! ✌️

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  • Aw c’mon!
    Its high time for the announcement of Factions 2!

  • We want DLC, Factions or TLOU1 remake, Or a new game, SOMETHING! an announcement of some sort!

  • Please TLOU2 DLC where Joel and Ellie wake up and realize it was all a dream.

  • Man, what a let down.

  • News no one cares about. How Sad.

  • Naughty Dog could really take some advice from Insomniac Games. Working on one IP that most people don’t care about anymore isn’t enough.

  • Naughty Dog could really take some advice from Insomniac Games. Working on one IP that most people don’t care about anymore isn’t enough. The Last of Us show and all this merch, a remake, and another sequel is a bit much. Putting all your eggs in one basket.

  • Naughty Dog could really take some advice from Insomniac Games. Working on one IP that most people don’t care about anymore isn’t enough. The Last of Us show and all this merch, a remake, and another sequel is a bit much. Putting all your eggs in one basket put them at the bottom of PlayStation’s Devs.

  • No PS4 theme? Dang..

  • This is the second year in a row that Naughty Dog is pulling this. The bulk of players don’t care for merch. We want Factions 2 news. Anything. Screenshot, information on game modes, etc. Theres a serious drought of multiplayer Sony games, and quality multiplayer games in general. We get to choose from Warzone, Fortnite, and Call of duty; all cross platform, Skill based match making nonsense that are all so shallow in depth.

    During the PS3 era, we had Warhawk, Metal Gear Online, Resistance FOM, KILLZONE, MAG, Uncharted, and Socom. This generation we have no exclusive multiplayers.

    I pray that Guerilla Games secret project is in fact a SOCOM game, because clearly, Naughty Dog will continue to let us down. This is coming from a huge Uncharted and TLOU fan, who got several platinum trophies and grinded the multiplayers for years across multiple releases.

  • well maybe they are not ready to show it, or perhaps Sony plans it to be the headliner of their next big event? I’d love to see it too but the entitlement on display is just baffling.

  • While it’s nice to see this, I have to ask why the blog doesn’t even have images of the products. Very odd.

    This blog needs new people running it as it’s clearly not working. Actually the entire social/digital marketing around PlayStation (outside of PlayStation Studios) it’s pretty boring/basic.

    Anyway, hopefully we see Factions soon!

  • I love TLOU games Part 1 & 2 it’s one of my absolute favorite series. I look forward to whatever Naughty Dog has in store for us in the future whether it’s factions 2, the rumored TLOU Part 1 Remake, The HBO show, surprise story DLC for TLOU2, maybe one day a Part 3, any of those things would be amazing. When you’re lost in the darkness look for the light endure & survive.

  • Covers and Rarities announcement made my day. Thanks!

  • For the love of god please give us factions.

  • Remember when we used to get themes and avatars?

    Heck, remember when themes and avatars were a thing?

    I miss all the little things that the PS5 is missing.

  • Naughty Dog! Try a new IP, this gen.
    A realistic ColdWar FPS RPG for PS5.

  • Yeah ….another disappointment from a former great company.

  • Another year with no Factions 2, can you guys skip a year of Outbreak day? It’s okay to skip a year lol

  • That’s good and all, but still now news on Faction?

  • Aaaaahhhhhh, al fin! Ya era hora de que pusieran las canciones en streaming, agradecido con el de arriba.

    • Y para los que esperaban algo del multijugador ni a palos lo iban a anunciar hoy, eso es algo que mostrarian en un playstation showcase o algo por el estilo. Dejen de preguntar por ello.

  • Pfffffff.Ok naughty dog we got it……
    2023 factions
    2025 new IP and at
    2030 TLOU Part III

  • It’s been a year and 3 months. Announce your next new gen project already and stop pittering away time with silly lazy PS4 Pro conversion remaster ports.

    Sucker Punch did it. Kojima Productions did it. And now you’re doing it with the utterly POINTLESS Uncharted remaster gimmick.
    All the games need, like Ghost of Tsushima proved even after the release of the actual native PS5 version, are a 60fps patch for the PS4 BC versions.

    If you aren’t going to add anything significant like better LOD, textures, more dense pedestrians or detail AND ray tracing modes, like Insomniac Games did with their remaster, then please, please do NOT bother.

    I don’t even want these lazy PS5 ports for free because I imply don’t want you wasting time and money on this. But paying anything for them? Get out of here 🤣🤣🤣

    Phew, weekly rant over. Please do continue to disappoint me Sony and your studios except Insomniac Games.

    • You can get a Series S for 250.
      You can then play gears of war 1 2 3 4 5 and tactics. Also all of the Halo games and…..erm….

  • What a disappointment. ND has become a shell of its former self, pathetic.

  • The only thing I was hoping for was a PS5 upgrade to Part 2. This game looks like it was made for Haptics and Adaptive Triggers.

  • The last of us day – We’re not even close to April fool’s day – stop it.

  • Still no updates on Factions? :-(

  • It’s a bit of a let down.
    I’d like to know what ND is working on and I’m sure some people (not me) are excited for whatever multiplayer thing is in the works…

  • We should get a ‘Last Of Us Part II’ PS5 upgrade, it pushed the PS4 and made it look amazing, but I wanna see what the PS5 could do to it, especially how it would look with Ray Tracing

  • People know that a actual new IP usually takes around 5 years of development and that if everything goes well. And considering Last of Us part 2 too the whole ps4 cycle to come out, ya guys need to have some patients. That said I liked your post, I actually own a smothering of the hoodies from the merch shop. So always a fan of subtle fandom merch.

  • Disappointed there is no golfing gear

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