Gran Turismo 7: Pre-order items and 25th Anniversary Edition detailed

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Gran Turismo 7: Pre-order items and 25th Anniversary Edition detailed

The Real Driving Simulator returns March 4, 2022.

  • Includes PS5 Game Disc and Voucher for PS4 Game**
  • In-Game Credits – 1,100,000 CR
  • Toyota GR Yaris with country specific Livery 
  • 30 Manufacturer / Partner Avatars
  • The Music of Gran Turismo Official Soundtrack
  • Toyota Castrol TOM’S Supra
  • Mazda RX-VISION GT3 Concept (Stealth)
  • Porsche 917K Living Legend

Again, this is a limited-edition physical release so be sure to pre-order your 25th Anniversary Edition while supplies last.

25th Anniversary Digital Deluxe Edition PS5, PS4 (PS Store)

For those looking to get a jump start with their car collection, those that purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition through the PS Store before March 4, 2022 would get the Pre-Order items, including:

  • Dual PS4 + PS5 Entitlement
  • In-Game Credits – 1,600,000 CR
  • Toyota GR Yaris with country specific Livery 
  • 30 Manufacturer / Partner Avatars
  • The Music of Gran Turismo Official Soundtrack
  • Toyota Castrol TOM’S Supra
  • Mazda RX-VISION GT3 Concept (Stealth)
  • Porsche 917K Living Legend

The Pre-Order offer ends when the game launches on March 4, 2022, so make sure you don’t wait.   

Lastly, for those looking to upgrade their PS4 Standard Edition of Gran Turismo 7 to the Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Digital Standard Edition, there will be a $10 digital upgrade option at the time of release*. 

We could not be more excited to deliver Gran Turismo 7 to everyone on March 4, 2022. 

Stay tuned as we have lots of more exciting news and information to share with in the coming months.

*To upgrade your Gran Turismo 7 PS4 Standard Edition game on disc to the PS5 Digital Standard Edition, you will need a PS5 console with a disc drive. PS4 game discs can’t be used with the PlayStation®5 Digital Edition.
** Digital version. Redeemable on PlayStation Store. Account for PlayStation™ Network and internet connection required for voucher redemption.

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  • Will Best Buy get the 25th anniversary edition?

    • Same here man. Skipping this game for online only reasons.

      Everybody saying “you have internet anyway” is entirely missing the point. When you buy a single player game it should NOT require internet. When the servers go down you lose the game entirely. This is absolutely awful for game preservation and needs to absolutely be boycotted

      If this sells like hotcakes, next thing you know Uncharted 5 will need internet to play

    • well, its online only for:

      anti-hacker reasons
      and the FIA requiring internet

    • It looks like it per their website.

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  • Sorry but I have to be a “jerk”, you lot can go to hell, this game is internet dependable, I didn’t bought Godfall because of that and I will do the same with this one.
    My advise? You have until 7 march to deal with this or not, more people are angry, there is no reason for this decision, want to generate money in-game? Well think another way to go around that, when you pay my internet bills, electricity and more, then and ONLY then you guys can make something mandatory.

    • i’ve come to terms that all single player games now need to be connected to the internet. I’m fortunate to where my ISP doesn’t have a cap. Also you didn’t miss out on Godfall, it was a dumb game.

    • Its to prevent cheating .

    • @NotRonnieRay Plenty of single player games dont need to be connected to the internet

    • @progamer265446 I know, but if it’s there I just ride the wave. I play NBA2k and only play MyPlayer and that’s been online only for the last few years so that broke me and made me come to terms.

    • Yep, Polyphony needs to be boycotted until they start being gamer-friendly.
      They don’t know how to make a game completely from scratch. They’ve used the same assets SINCE THE FIRST GT. They just don’t get it. Why has it taken them so long to make GT7 when they’re mostly copying/pasting? They’ve been doing this how long? And they still can’t get it right.

    • Lol. Its 2021 not 1999. Chill.
      Also arcade mode etc. doesn’t need internet connection, so you could still play that when you have no internet somehow.

    • Stink – It’s the kids who don’t understand.. like you.

    • Most likely the same type of ‘kids’ who support activision with their pending harassment lawsuit.

    • This is all understandable. But GT5 was also mostly online dependent. The days where GT was like it was from GT2 are over. But at least the games are still consistently good.

    • I second this.

      Until the pathetically ridiculous online only requirement is remixed, I will not be purchasing this game.

    • “I know, but if it’s there I just ride the wave. ”
      Please don’t “ride” the waves, if no one protests we will go into a dark path, this is close to DRM.
      There are other games out there, when we buy something like this we are voting that it’s ok okay, I talk for myself here but, I’m no game junkie, so Poliphony can go to hell with this practice!

    • Just buy the game used so you can still play the game and send a message back to Sony that you aren’t going to support that business model.

    • I don’t know of a single PS4 game I own that needs constant online, or blocks any part of the content due to not being online. Loads of games like the Dark Souls series give you ways to complete the game offline.

      Online only is only done by trashy publishers so they can kill a game you own and make you buy the next one.

  • So if I get the 25th anniversary edition. I have a PS5 so would I be able to give the PS4 voucher to my girlfriend who has a PS4?

    • I would think yes since it does it sound like the PS4 copy is a separate voucher code that could be redeemed on a different PlayStation console/account.

    • It’s most likely just one code voucher that gives you both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game

    • Nevermind. I reread it and see what you’re saying. Cool if we get an extra voucher for the PS4 version

    • You would sacrifice all your other extras that come with this edition, but yea. The extra cars, credits, soundtrack and avatars are probably all attached to the same voucher.

    • Well its a hundred quid for a few crappy digital only trinkets. I sure hope you can do that lol.

      Although this is new Sony. Old Sony definitely would let you. You never know with the clowns at the steering wheel at the moment though.

  • If you buy the 25th digital anniversary edition, can you get it on multiple users on same console

    • I would assume the answer to this is a no; generally when you buy a digital game, it is tied to that PlayStation user account. So if you switch to another account on that same console, a locked icon will appear over the game.

    • Your assumption would be incorrect. I am the only one in my house who has purchased games digitally on PS3, PS4, and PS5, but my entire family can play those games on their accounts on the same console. They can also play every Playstation Plus title I have downloaded even though I am the only one who has a PS+ subscription.

    • @AmazingCass_2019 The account on which the game was purchased needs to be placed as the primary and then all other accounts on the console will have access to that game

  • I’m just happy learned there lesson after the Forbidden West debacle.

    • I’m just happy that Sony learned there lesson after the Forbidden West debacle.

    • Yeah at least here Sony has made it clear from the beginning, whether you agree with a $10 PS4 to PS5 upgrade fee or not. I still think that Sony should just “bite the bullet” and raise the base PS4 price to $70, and of course have it include both PS4 & PS5 copies. That is the entire reason behind this whole upgrade fee fiasco: if Sony gave you a free upgrade on the PS4 version at $60, then you would have no reason to spend more on the $70 PS5 copy. And since Sony really wants all PS5 games to be $70, but still keep all PS4 games at $60, that is how you arrive at this $10 upgrade situation.

  • Awesome. The game looks fantastic. I hope the Dualsense function is just as good.

  • Please add Knack to the game somehow, maybe in liveries.

  • I wish the online always thing was not a requirement. It feels like a choice that was made for the pro-FIA thing, while compromising the basics that people just want to enjoy a simulator without being at the mercy of the occasional ratty connection that can lose progress (which is what happened to me a few days ago in GT Sport). I mean, the FIA thing is cool but if you run the numbers, the % of players who will make it to the competitive leagues of Gran Turismo FIA is less than 0.5% easily. The return to a GT4 menu is a nice thing though.

    I probably won’t get GT7 because of the always online requirement but I wish Polyphony success and luck with their next game.

  • I want this game

  • car list please. I am really looking forward to this, hopefully you guys include all my favourites. Plenty of american muscle cars please.

  • Will the pre-ordered cars be usable at the start for career mode? Would be nice to start career mode with a kickstart.

  • There’s only one question you can ask if you’ve purchase every GT game to date and probably will not be answered again –

    Has the AI been updated for the single player game or is it still chase the rabbit – start 12th and drive past 8-9 car’s that don’t know you’re there and lapping 2 seconds slower than the lead car.

    Also lets be brave and ask a second question about the single player game –

    Are Championship’s coming back to GT7 with the option of qualifying as in the real world or is it just individual races

    Sorry, just thought of a third question which I also found annoying about GT single player races –

    Will the races be more balanced, that would allow any car to win or is it still the case of a certain car allows you to win by 20 secs plus (I’ve forgot that event in GT sport to grind for credits, oval track, the right car could lap the field, any other car you picked would finish 2nd or 3rd)

  • Grabbed the 25th anniversary, can’t wait to play this game. Not very happy about the always online but I can live with it.

  • You really need to get Insomniac Games to help out other studios.

    Sucker Punch, Hideo Kojima and now Polyphony all released/releasing PS5 games and have no clue how to do ray tracing or multiple ray tracing modes.

    What’s next? No ray tracing in the, also held back by PS4, PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West and God of War???

  • When will the deluxe edition be physical in the uk retails?

  • Nice, can’t wait to play GTR

  • I need to know what’s included in the 30 Avatars.
    if the Honda or Mitsubishi logo included. then I HAVE TO PREORDER.

  • Requiring an online connection for a single-player experience is offensive! Gran Turismo has become a sad shell of itself. It’d be a different story if this was a Forza Horizon type experience, but Sony thinks we only deserve one racing game. Driveclub was the last good racing game from the PlayStation side, and before that it was Gran Turismo 4.

    • Agree. DriveClub was in incredible form just before Layden nailed the coffin lid on Evolution.

    • I don’t agree to a required online connection for single player races, but saying “it’s offensive” on a company’s simple decision perfectly showcases the decadence of our society. “Offensive”.. FFS.

    • While I agree GT4 and Driveclub were really good, but I disagree that there were no good Playstation racing games between them. All the PS3 Motorstorm games and PS3 Wipeouts were really good. On the other hand, GT has been going downhill countinuously since the PS2.

    • To karmakalaus: It’s “descendant” to expect people to have a 24/7 ‘high-speed’ internet connection to play a single-player game that’ll require regular large updates. Especially when those servers will eventually be taken offline, likely rendering that game somewhat unplayable. Yes, it is offensive, as someone who wants to play this game, personally knowing people who can’t enjoy this game because they have a bad internet connection, data caps or live rurally where they have no internet. And going from my experiences with GT5 and GT6, it’ll probably be less than 5 years after release before they terminate their server support. There are features of the single-player experience that no longer work on GT6 because of short-sighted decisions.

      To ArunTahlan:
      I was meaning “real car” racing. Motorstorm was great! But again, Sony killed Evolution because they only care about Gran Turismo.

    • I wasn’t arguing on whether is good or bad to have an oblogatory online connection. Many games have it, and it is bad, since you confused my writings. I am arguing on whether it is offensive or not. You cannot let a product have an impact on your feelings. Saying “it offends me” is something a toddler does. If you hit puberty, speak through your actions by not buying this product and saying why, not by showing your feelings to an effin company. It’s a company, it wants money, it’s not your other half ready to dump you.

  • Thank you for adding ps4 versions to the ps5 versión i now feel more comfortable buying the game. I hope you do this again for any future game’s like ragnarok

  • Waiting to see list of cars before i preorder i know they will update it like GT Sport but would love to see on which models we will be able to spend thosse preorder credits..

  • What will happen to the single player campaign when the servers are inevitably shut down? Will people still be able to play the game they legally purchased

    • maybe half the game.
      – this happened to GT6, I can still load it to my PS3 and play the single player experience, however, since the servers are no longer up and running, half the content is unplayable.

    • It becomes a paper weight.

  • I’m severely disappointed that GT7’s single player campaign is online only. I really hope you work something out to patch this out in the future. Zero reason for single player ANYTHING to be online only.

  • “Includes PS5 Game Disc and Voucher for PS4 Game**”

    Best part of this edition. Please do this for Horizon Forbidden West’s Special Editions that just have a code. Give us the PS5 version and give us a code for the PS4 version or give us an option outside the box. Spending over 200 dollars on these special editions and I’m being told I don’t even get a disc is a slap in the face.

  • Cool that it is connected running internet at always. Hoping for an item every month, like an track or car.

  • I was going to get this, then I found out it was online only trash so think I’ll take a hard pass…

  • gt7 will work the Logitech G29 on PS5?

  • Still haven’t gotten a email to get the PS5

  • PreOrdered!!Dont care about connection to the internet,i just want the next big Gran Turismo game,been waiting since GT6,at least Forza 5 will keep me busy until this comes out!!

  • Translation. Pre order it or buy these specific versions, or various on disc content will be locked out. Yeah no thanks. I’ll wait a few months till it’s £20 instead.

  • Why hide gameplay from the car’s external view, is it the same graphics engine? is the car still small and you can’t see the side of the car when cornering?

  • Hmm. Should I get a cross-gen online-only Gran Turismo at a high price or a next-gen only Forza Motorsport for free on Gamepass at no additional cost a few months later?
    I think I know the answer :)

    • Well do you know that Forza comes out 11/5/2021, it’s cross-gen also, and it will never be on the level with Gran Turismo? Not even if it were actually free.

    • With Game Pass you do not own games and MS chooses when they can be left out of your library. If you find this as a dilemma, go play videogames on your phone instead, you don’t deserve better.

    • @killertomato You are referring to Forza Horizon 5, while I was referring to Forza Motorsport 8. FM8 comes out late next year and is next gen only. Forza Motorsport series easily overtook Gran Turismo last gen and it looks likely to be that way.

    • @karmakaluas Ideal way is to play every Forza game for free on launch day and then buy the ultimate edition at 80% discount, when that happens down the line. Thats how I do it. So I do own the games, yes. Also I do like owning my games, but just the ones that deserve to be owned. So yeah keep your mobile gaming to yourself.

    • @ArunTahlan then wait for GT7 to be discounted 80%. Forza Motorsport was never comparable to GT btw. If they do for you, save your money and go play Asphalt or something.

    • @karmakaluas Maybe give Forza Motorsport 7 a try sometime. It already had the features that GT7 is showcasing as something new. I am talking about dynamic time of day, racing in rain, hydroplaning on puddles, etc. Also the sense of speed, customization, car variety is much better in Forza any day. Maybe check the reviews of recent GT and Forza so you’ll notice the vast disparity in their scores. The tracks in previous Forza still look much better than low quality tracks GT7 is planning to launch with. Only things where I would rank GT better is in their higher quality presentation/music, scapes and online(which I don’t play much). I would like GT to be really good, but unfortunately that’s not the case of late.

    • @ArunTahlan I play Forza Motorsport since the third entry. Comparing it to GT is like comparing Need For Speed to Project Cars. Both are good but none is a substitute for the other. Unless you just wanna drive mindlessly.

  • It is pointless to deny yourself this title because you’re upset about the always online aspect. If it is truly going to cause you problems then you won’t be able to play, and thus shouldn’t buy the game anyway.

    If you have a high speed internet connection and are always online anyway, it is silly to boycott this game.

  • I guess I’ll be buying this for my PS4 because God only knows when I’ll find a PS5 to buy

  • As much as I love this series since PS1 days, as much as I’ve been a fan for this game and as much as I’ve been waiting for this game, your online requirement broke my heart, I will not buy nor support this game until you decide to stop this internet madness and give us a pure single player option with no internet nonsense.
    You dare to ask for a 70$ for an online only game and that’s a big no for me.
    What a shame.

    • I feel similar.

    • Exactly. That, and it’ll be very similar to their other games. Will feel like it’s something you’ve played before.

    • Im sorry everyone who cries because always online while they’re still use their internet connection here, but it is a fact that propapli almost every game will be always online, so stop crying unless you really don’t have internet connection

    • Sony games have had their servers shut down in just 18 months before.

      Have fun having a $70/$96 (Europe) pointless piece of plastic in 1-6 years.

      Even though it’s been a “thing” since the PS3 era, barely any modern games need online constantly, just those from trashy publishers.

  • Gran Turismo is online save when the FIA joined to prevent cheating. You can still play Gran Turismo sport offline and I think it will be the same for gt7

  • So, what do we get extra for PS5? Leaving aside the fast loading part which should not be advertised as a feature. Nor the controller’s dual sense force feedback.

  • Why do I only get 1,100,000 CR for the disc version and 1,600,000 CR for the digital version?

  • Forfeit the need for a continuous connetion. You are hurting the franchise.

  • The *free* in game credits when we pre-order. Will this be available for the Primary user only ? or will it be available for the other users under the primary account (family members)
    Does anyone know ?

  • Once again NO Special Edition console from Sony…Meanwhile Microsoft is doing another this year for thier longtime series.

  • Single player online idea is stupid.
    But if you have to implement it give player an option to have separate game modes – 1 which require online and will have access to sport mode etc. and second that will be offline and local save files to play everything except sport mode. Simple. Its something like blizzards open and closed in diablo 2.

  • It sucks cuz everyone who pre-ordered it will be getting these 3 cars. ‘The Real Driving Simulator’ … Meanwhile, there is one TOM’S Supra that exist in this world, if I’m not mistaken. Ok. So, whoever pre-ordered the game, they can flex ( Like me ) the ‘Most expensive car in GT’ and have it on sale on Brighton Auction to get credits? Let’s say there are 350 limited units of NSX Type-R and when they add them into the game, everyone can have it. That sucks. This game must be realistic as possible. At least there is one TOM’S Supra in the game and every player can have a ride trial from whoever owns it.

    • I mean, this game should have the limited car production system. Prius is everywhere and I don’t blame them if they exist in the game.

  • Let me see if I can do this without being a “jerk”.

    1. Delay : Fail
    2. Internet required : Fail
    3. No 120 FPS : Fail
    4. Same boring uninspiring “havent we seen this before” boxart : Fail Launch Day Edition
    5. Same boring uninspiring “havent we seen this before” Limited Edition were paying extra for this?! : Fail,Fail
    6. As much as I love Gran Turismo, how is this supposed to compete or ever win back the crown from Forza? : Fail

    7. I normally buy every Gran Turismo at launch, this time im sitting it out and ill wait for a significant price drop : Win

  • Full PS5 VR (next-gen) support and reveal very soon please. Not purchasing it at any price low, high if no VR support is included.

  • When are Nascars and tracks coming back??

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  • I think Grand Teresmois the best running game franchise of car racing games ever

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