Say cheese! Announcing Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ Photo Mode

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Say cheese! Announcing Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ Photo Mode

Ember Lab shares details on the previously unannounced Photo Mode feature.

Looking forward to Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ PlayStation launch on September 21, we are very excited to announce a special feature we’ve been keeping under wraps for quite awhile: Photo Mode!

You can activate photo mode all along your adventure and capture epic and adorable photos of your journey! Characters (including all the Rot!) will freeze by default once you enter photo mode, but you can “resume action” to bring them back to life. As you move the camera, they will keep their attention on you; following and engaging with the camera as you set up your perfect shot.

Our favorite part is the CHEESE button! Once you’ve set up your photo angle, you’ll have the option to have the characters in the photo say “CHEESE!” and strike a pose. Many characters have multiple poses, so don’t miss getting a great variety of fun shots in the same location! It’s also a fun way to get to know the characters better.

Developing photo mode and the Cheese function were exciting animation opportunities for us! Not only does this function introduce another entertaining element for players, it also allowed us to showcase character personalities as we developed each unique pose. 

Throughout development, so much of our focus went into the dynamic story moments, epic action and battle animations, and beautifully crafted cut-scenes, but we also wanted to focus on the characters at rest. Who are they on their off time? Are they a little more shy, or are they a total ham? We hope that getting the chance to check in with every character in the more peaceful, interim moments helps you fall in love with the characters of Kena’s world, just like we have.

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  • Thank you for making a retail copy. Can’t wait to pick it up in November

  • Another game that will take up GBs because I must take photos! Love me some PS5 and Kena👌🏽

    • Although in today’s gaming industry hiding a game usually means it’s awful, I still have hopes that you did it just so you can make everyone’s experience spoiler free. At least, announcing photo mode literally hours before release is a good sign.
      This was the only game that grabbed my attention at last year’s big PS5 announcement and this made me buy a PS5. Please don’t disappoint.

  • That is one cool photo mode.

  • I pre-ordered and I have faith!

  • Just a few more hours😍

  • Found a game breaking bug with the Taro Mask on PS4 Pro, once equipped it cannot be removed and halts all progression. Needs a fix asap!

  • Heard some good review about this game

  • I’m close to finish this game now, must say I really love it,
    I encounter a few bugs in the game that stuck my progress, for example picking an item that needed to progress in something but I couldn’t move it, but sometime I just needed to die so I will respawn and then it was ok and I needed to do this action again.
    other then that I can say that the game look much better then the cut-scenes, I think they need to re-render all the cutscenes, they feel laggy a bit and not smooth as the game.
    also a side note, it’s really annoying that they added this trophy to finish the game in the hardest difficulty since the normal one already challenging and it will prevent people to achieve the platinum which is rare to see this difficulty trophies in recent exclusive sony games.

    but if you put all that a side it’s a great game, colorful and vibrant and I really recommend you to get it ;)

  • best indie game in a very long time

    like 100% ( you do beter job then lots of aaa + games devlopers /publishers who are out of touch what gamers want )
    if you make a other game you are whorth mi time + mi mony

    no always online – no micotransactions + correct price !

    if i can give you cudos ore a raise = you get a lot from miself ( keep up good work )

  • I enjoy my time a lot with Kena.
    I bought it reluctantly as I consider digital worthless (and still do) but I wanted to support Ember Lab and they did a magnificent job creating a joyful game that is wonderful to look at and a joy to play.
    Next time day one physical release (not from an obscure company resulting in a huge upcharge for shipping and customs).

  • Nice looking game and looks pretty fun also I think I will have to buy it soon .

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