(For Southeast Asia) The Newest Version of AUTO CHESS Lands September 23

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(For Southeast Asia) The Newest Version of AUTO CHESS  Lands September 23

New Season 14 theme: Warfire Season, with a new chess piece, new mode Big Winner and PS teaming function available!

Auto Chess is going to bring you a fresh gaming experience with a whole bunch of new content in the upcoming version. The brand new version comes packed with a formidable new chess piece from a mysterious race, a fire-new Big Winner mode, as well as the war-themed Season 14. Plus, PS teaming function will be available soon and you can enjoy the game together with your friends! Now, let’s take an in-depth look at those new features.

Introducing Dominator, an all-new chess piece from an ancient race: the Greater

Dominiel, known as Dominator, was the prince of the Greater race in prehistoric times and also the only known survivor of his race in the Era of Rune.

As glory was the core of his racial character in prehistory, Dominiel sees himself superior to others. To accomplish his goal, he would make an articulated plan and then carefully lay it out. He loves controlling others and looking down on all other creatures. This calculating schemer is insidious and sly, but he has never lost his compassion.

His powerful abilities and race effects make him an ace up on your sleeve and can help you outsmart your competitors!

An Exciting New Feature: PS Teaming Function

Amazing as the new version already is, the much-requested PS teaming function will make the game even better. Soon, PlayStation players can team up with not only in-game friends of PS4, PS5, PC and mobile but their PSN friends, fighting together for the final victory, which brings great joy of cooperation. Try it out for a truly cooperative experience and enjoy the endless fun together!

Brand New Mode: Big Winner

Big Winner offers players the most innovative gameplay. Got tons of candies but nowhere to use? Now you can exchange them for medals! As the only currency and the entry ticket in this mode, Big Winner Medals can be used to refresh the piece store during the game. All the medals used in this mode will be put into the prize pool, and only the top three players can share them. In Big Winner, it requires your boldness and strategies to top the list. Dare you take up the challenge and win the largest share of prize?

S14 Chess Pass Starts September 27

Get ready for venturing into the exciting Warfire Season. Following the release of the new version, the brand new Season 14 and Chess Pass will launch on September 27.

Open Oath Magic Box for a chance to get legendary Oath Knight, as well as other desirable rewards like Sword 2077, Fighter Wolf, and Rhythm Musician! Reaching Rook Rank will earn you the unique chess player W. Plus, you can get loads of exquisite items like chat emojis, chess piece/player fragments, and more, by leveling up.

Capture exclusive items in Senior Pass:

Chess player Ironclad Claymore, teacher of Avenge Knight, available when you reach Level 30; legendary chessboard Skyfall Bridge · Calamity, a feather in your cap, available once you achieve Level 80.

More wonderful content waiting for you to explore in the new version on September 23!

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