OlliOlliWorld: New Burntrock biome revealed, 120fps confirmed for PS5

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OlliOlliWorld: New Burntrock biome revealed, 120fps confirmed for PS5

First look at the new locale, plus what else to expect for the sequel out later this year.

OlliOlli has been a hit with players ever since it launched on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita way back in 2014. We followed it up in 2015 with the release of OlliOlli2 on PS4 and PS Vita. And now, in 2021, we’re bringing a much anticipated wholly new take with OlliOlli World to PS4 and PS5.

We want to really bring you, the players, into OlliOlli World. We’ve kept the super-smooth gameplay and gnarly tricks from previous games – but we’ve also included a whole bunch of awesome new stuff for you to explore. We’ve got a colourful and zany cast of NPCs for you to meet and hundreds of customization items to unlock as you beat high scores, complete challenges, and progress through the game across multiple routes that allow you to truly carve your own path through each of our lovingly designed levels and unique biomes.

A biome full of perilous hills to skate down.

On PS5, you’ll be able to appreciate all the epic and super wacky level details in stunning 4K. And when you’re absolutely crushing a level, chaining trick after trick at the highest possible speed down the biggest possible hill? No stress, because you’ll be doing it at 120 FPS (4K and 120fps with compatible devices).

Welcome to Burntrock

Burntrock is a new biome we wanted to reveal today and just one of five distinct biomes that make up Radlandia. It’s a desertscape full of camping cactus-folk, giant ancient fossils, and the legendary Burntrock Fest. Take a closer look at the locale below:

Cruise or crumble.

Well placed landings are key in Burnt Rock.

Even though it’s a desert, it’s not barren but brimming with character, and that was something that felt really important to us when we were developing our game – we want it to be a living, breathing world for players to explore. The levels in Burntrock are designed to teach you new techniques, like grabs, whilst simultaneously providing you a chance to polish up the skills you’ve developed through the game so far. And that means… well, it means you’re going to slam!

But the work that the art and design teams have put into Burntrock, makes that its own kind of reward – when you slam, you get a moment to breathe and enjoy the desertscape around you and pick up on all the details that you miss if you just skate on by. So, keep your eyes peeled – there are rumours of aliens in the area, and you never know what you might see…

Smash and grab your way to Gnarvana.

Chasing highscores, trying side quests and character customisation

Whether you’re new to OlliOlli World or you’re an old hand wanting to see what’s new, here’s your guide to what to expect when the game launches later this year:

  1. Combos are your best friend when it comes to hitting those high scores. You’ll want to do as many tricks, one after the other, as you can. Mixing up the tricks you use can also help boost your scores into the stratosphere!
  2. Manuals can be used to chain tricks together for some seriously impressive scores. Just watch out, because too many manuals in a row is a surefire recipe for a slam…
  3. Alternate routes are a new addition in OlliOlli World, and whether you’re chasing a high score, or a high-five from an NPC you pass along the way, it’s well worth your time to double back and try taking a new path through a familiar level.
  4. Side quests are bonus levels that won’t hold you back from progressing through the game – but we definitely recommend trying to beat them all the same. Not only can you unlock cool new items for your character, you’ll also be building skills that are bound to come in handy in later levels.
  5. Character customization is another new feature, and it’s one of my favourites. You’ll get a bunch of gnarly threads from the start, but as you progress through the game, beat levels, and succeed in challenges, you’ll find even more choices start to unlock. So, it’s well worth popping back to customization every now and then to update your look with some of the sweet new loot you’ve secured on your travels!

Customize your skateboard in OlliOlli World.

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