Arkane’s favorite Deathloop loadouts: create your perfect Colt with these character builds

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Arkane’s favorite Deathloop loadouts: create your perfect Colt with these character builds

Customize your unlocks to play as a sneaky assassin, master hacker, or a destructive tank and more with the developer’s own tried and tested combinations.

Every day is a party on the island of Blackreef – except it’s the same party. Every. Single. Day. Blackreef is a place you can be free – as long as your version of freedom means no chance of ever escaping. Blackreef lets you be yourself – unless “yourself” is someone who would rather not be trapped in a timeloop, destined to do the same thing over and over, day in and day out.

That’s an awful lot of caveats for a guy like Colt, who just wants to break free from this repeating day and get off this frigid, isolated rock. In Deathloop, your sole mission is to put an end to the timeloop keeping you trapped on Blackreef by killing the eight people responsible for its creation. All you have to do is take them all out before the day ends and the cycle resets. Sounds easy enough, right?

Arkane’s favorite Deathloop loadouts: create your perfect Colt with these character builds

Perfect your build

Blackreef has opened its shores to you and the hunt is on. In Deathloop, you can customize your character with a variety of weapons and abilities, as well as special Trinkets to add new features to both your gear and your character. Trinkets are small devices that can provide big boosts. Some amplify your skills and attributes, while others enhance your weapons. Higher quality Trinkets have more powerful effects. All of these can be discovered or unlocked as you progress through the game, either by taking out targets, facing off against Julianna, or exploring the island.

High-tier weapons with purple and gold icons will even come with special perks that will completely change how the gun performs. Plus, the higher the weapon’s quality, the more slots it has for Trinkets, so be sure to load up your favorite weapons with the best of the best.

Arkane’s loadouts

To help you jump into the action, several members of the team at Arkane Lyon are here to offer some of their favorite loadouts. Gear up with some of these suggestions and you might just find the perfect arsenal for your playstyle.

The Shadow

Do you want to silently make your way through the streets of Blackreef, downing enemies without ever being noticed? Try these loadout options, suggested by Animator Victor Syllos:

  • Weapons: PT-6 “Spiker” with Echolocation perk | Sepulchra Breteira with Deep Lungs perk | LIMP-10 or Tribunal with Suppressor perk  
  • Weapon Trinkets: Penetrator | Sure Shot  
  • Abilities: Aether with Ghost and Flicker upgrades | Nexus or Shift  
  • Character Trinkets: Swift Shadow | Juiced Up | Renewable | Plasma Power

Level Designer Sylvain Menguy also suggests the Influence and Protraction upgrades if you’re going down the Nexus route. These upgrades will allow you to hit targets more easily and sustain the link for a longer period of time. “Very efficient at Aleksis’ party,” he adds.

Seconding Syllos’ suggestion to use Aether with Ghost, Narrative Designer Alex Scokel says pairing the Aether with the Shift ability and its Reach upgrade lets you magic your way across the battleground, unseen and untouchable, hopping from one hidden position to another.

The Raging Bull

Syllos’ first suggestion might have made you one with the shadows, but his second combo is much noisier and far more destructive. 

  • Weapons: Dual-wielded LIMP-10 with Vampire perk | Rapier  
  • Abilities: Havoc with Euphoria and Withdrawal upgrades | Shift with Reach upgrade
  • Character Trinkets: Unstoppable Force | Bloodthirsty Brawler | Plasma Power | Spring Heeled

“This is my favorite combo for the in-your-face types,” says Syllos. “This will let you kill enemies just by running into them, and it will heal you at the same time. With the upgraded Havoc Slab you’ll gain power while doing more damage. Throw in the double SMGs and the rifle for good measure, but with Plasma Power and Havoc’s Withdrawal upgrade, you should be in Havoc mode almost all of the time.”

The Chemist

Game Director Dinga Bakaba weighed in with his own corrosive gas-themed loadout. “Under normal circumstances, gas is a hazard in Deathloop, but this build allows you to use gas to not only kill loads of enemies, but also to heal yourself. If the gas is near a metallic surface, you can also shoot at it to create an explosion. Of course, this is also true for your enemies’ shots, so be wary of where and when you’re using the gas to heal yourself.”

  • Weapons: Fourpounder with Toxic Haze perk | Vopat Trencher
  • Abilities: Your choice, though a mobility power like Shift always comes in handy when dealing with explosives
  • Character Trinket: Steel Lungs

The Techie

Bakaba has another favored build, this one decidedly less poisonous. “Decked out with this build, you can hack anything fast and from a long distance, and you can also remotely detonate anything from mines, movable turrets, distraction points and even Scouts’ radios. Link enemies together to maximize the damage done by your traps, and remain invisible while watching everything unfold. Throw in a silenced pistol for quick and quiet headshots when needed and the PT-6 “Spiker” silent nailgun with nails that explode after a few seconds if you want to blow stuff up even when there’s nothing to hack around you.”

  • Weapons: Tribunal with Suppressor perk | PT-6 “Spiker” with Wait for It perk  
  • Abilities: Aether with Ghost and Flicker upgrades | Nexus with Influence and Protraction upgrades
  • Character Trinkets: Master Hacker | Extended Signal | Remote Overload

The Skeet Shooter

“Always wanted to practice skeet shooting, but with Eternalists instead of clay pigeons?” asks Tools Programmer Nicolas Buisson. “Look no further! With this build, you go to any crowded area, link your enemies and make them fly while you pick them out of the air. Take them all out in one stylish swoop. As this build requires a lot of Slab power, Vampire and Juiced Up will help you keep the power flowing.”

  • Weapons: Any shotgun
  • Weapon Trinkets: Lightning Strike | Shock Absorber
  • Abilities: Nexus with Protraction and Influence upgrades | Karnesis with Suspension upgrade
  • Character Trinkets: Vampire | Juiced Up

Deathloop is out now on PlayStation 5. Go break that timeloop.

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  • Congratulations Arkane for another great game, a really talented studio that deserves the praise.

    Can’t wait to see your future titles on PC. The future looks great for Arkane, unlike the sinking ship that is PS5 with Jim Ryan and Hulst at the helm.

    • Idk about that one chief

      Like yeah Jim is pretty inconsistent on his messaging but the first party and second party stuff presented on Thursday was pretty damn sweet. Even got my long-time Xbox playing friend to go for PlayStation (+ Switch and PC) this generation actually

    • Tell your friend that if he has a PC, there is no need for a PS5 and Xbox anymore. Everything available for these platforms are being released on PC as well. Jim Ryan and Hulst turned PlayStation into a casual platform.

    • I’m confused, why be on a PlayStation forum talking to people that clearly think the PS5 is going to do well, and try to say that it’s a “sinking ship”? And there’s nothing wrong with the console going to a more casual platform because that seems to be the direction the console industry is headed. As to having a PC and not needing anything else, that’s a flat out lie, you can’t get most games on the switch on PC and won’t be able to for years, same with a lot of the first party PS games. I own a PC that’s really nice and I don’t see it as a waste of money to own that, a PS5 and a switch. I’m hoping you can enlighten me as to why I’m wrong because then I can save money and space in my small apartment.

    • @zcpett: It’s pretty simple actually, all the games made by Sony sooner or later will be released on PC, making the PS5 an irrelevant platform, similar to Xbox. Exclusives create identity and build a strong fanbase, now thanks to Jim and Hulst, they are giving the middle-finger to all these fans that invested and bought tons of games during all these years, so it can release Sony ex-clusives, a platform full of elitists that hate and mock console gamers.

      Basically, PS gamers are paying an absurd price for merely some months of exclusivity, then PC gamers can buy for cheap. Can’t forget that console gamers also pay to play online. Many PS gamers are starting to see the big picture and leave the platform, unfortunately. Can’t blame them, with this incompetent new direction.

      So if you have a good PC like you’re saying, and don’t mind to wait a few month for Sony games, I really don’t know why you have a PS5? Another fun fact, future Bethesda games will no longer be on PS, like the amazing Arkane games.

      Jim and Hulst mercenaries are the joke of the industry.

    • I see, so if I’ve got this correct you’re saying that Jim and Hulst are ruining the platform by getting games to be exclusive for a short time and then it goes to PC? Is that not how the industry has always worked? Some 3rd party decides that they want a game that’s never going to get a port to PC, to be on PC and they work away at it until they manage to somewhat get it to work. As to the first party games that are eventually designed for PC by the studio that made them, that’s got nothing to do with Sony. That’s a business being a business and trying to make money because maybe projected sales on one platform aren’t enough to fund the next project.
      I will readily admit that for every current exclusive on the PS5 I could wait 5 to 10 years for it to come out on ox and then play it but a good reason to not do that is because I want to play these games while they’re relevant. You didn’t hear about the Horizon Zero Dawn port to PC as much because the people that care have already played it and the port is really only there for those that want to play it but don’t own a PlayStation, and that happened maybe a year ago when the game was 3 years old and irrelevant. On top of that, let’s all just stop playing games because we can just watch some YouTuber play it and not have to worry about buying the console or PC it will come to. That’s not even mentioning the price of a good PC compared to the price of the new consoles. Sure you can get close but then you lose the optimization that the consoles get so you can’t play at as nice of settings.

      I know your reasoning is sound for someone who can’t buy a new console, which is most people right now unfortunately. But there’s nothing wrong wanting to play the games while they’re relevant, spend less on the system itself for a little more on the games and come in way under what you could’ve spent on a PC to play at similar quality. Maybe I’m still not seeing it, am I missing something?

    • But you’re fine with Sony wasting 30 million or so for timed exclusivity on this game?

      And toothers here, bringing games to PC is fine but when you waste a developer’s time like Guerilla, Sony Bend and now Naughty Dog on PC ports of older games, all for a few measly thousand sales when they should be focused on nothing but making brand new, industry changing, new gen games………yeah, it’s a huge glaring shotgun to the face problem.

    • @andrew, you do realize the ROI on Sony’s PC ports are ridiculously high and the actual dev cost and time that goes into them is exceptionally low. The revenue that PC ports bring in let’s Sony find further PS first titles. Given the fact that Sony bought Nixxes to port games you don’t have to worry about the first party studios like Naughty Dog being encumbered by the porting process. Everything thy are doing is good for the platform because it solidifies it as the place that these titles are showcased, with PC as an also run, a later second market to continue to generate revenue off old titles. They are also selective, and not every game makes it to PC, so there are plenty of reasons to own PS consoles. Just look at the sales of the PS5. It’s already a hugely successful console and that’s despite chip shortages.

      I think you need to worry less about the current release strategy and enjoy the platform. I for one have always bought PS consoles because I enjoy playing games there most. Irrespective of exclusives I will always buy my games for PS first because it’s my platform of choice. Lots of other people are like that too. Enjoy the system for what it is, a great platform, rather than continuing to want to hold it up and some measure that you’re better than others because you have exclusives. Everybody just wants to play games, increased access is always good. It’s not hurting PS sales and I don’t think it’s something worth worrying about.

    • I meant fund exclusives, not find*

    • I heard the game stinks.

    • I’m looking over the replies here, and I’m just trying to understand, let me see if I’ve got this. Sony letting their console exclusive titles go to PC is bad, because keeping others from playing a game makes that game better for you somehow (still waiting for someone to explain this one in a way that doesn’t make it sound completely ridiculous – I don’t think it’s possible). Also, Microsoft having console exclusivity on future Bethesda titles is bad, because you won’t be able to play it on your platform choice, which won’t remain your choice for long because of the evil machinations of Jim Ryan and Herman Hulst, those dastardly villains. So, exclusivity should be sacrosanct when you reap the rewards, but condemned when you don’t. Are you Cassandra-calling goofballs even listening to yourselves anymore?

      It obviously needs to be said again: exclusivity is good for the company holding those rights, but inherently bad for the consumer. Every game should be playable on any system that can run it, period. So many commenters here act like people only buy Playstations because they have to, and PS games on PC will somehow destroy the ecosystem. It’s nonsense, and it’s dishonest, because the real issue is some weird, tribal fanboyism wherein you want your toys to exist only in your toy box. SMH.

  • This is a system seller to me, I would buy a Ps5 to play this game

  • Where is the PlayStation Store sales chart post for August? We’re halfway through September.

  • Definitely excited to cop this game on PC after reading the reviews. Never been disappointed in Arkane’s work so Deathloop should be fun. Emenates a real aesthetic that calls back to 60’s or 70’s Hollywood to me

  • Picked mine up today. Pretty sweet so far.

  • The last Bethesda game we get to play on PlayStation.

    • It’s sad but I wish this were wrong, I don’t want Bethesda to become an exclusive.

    • It’s real annoying that Bethesda continue to promote games like Deathloop and Skyrim: Anniversary Edition on PlayStation, knowing that PS5 users won’t be able to play future Bethesda published games. Not even Deathloop 2 if Deathloop becomes a franchise.

    • I’m sure Xbox owners wish they could access games like Marvel’s Spider-Man. This is the nature of exclusives. It sucks unless you can buy multiple systems but exclusives ultimately keep people from playing games.

  • The last Bethesda game we get to play on PlayStation.

  • Enjoying the game but a little disappointed in the roughness and bugs. Constant minor graphical glitches that break immersion, stretched textures in terrain, the long freezes I’ve experienced after visiting your apartment on the two seperate occasions that I’ve been there, pop ups that disappear before you can read them, menu screens that bug out and won’t let you exit them so you have to quit the game, etc. The icon looks a little funky and placeholder on the dashboard too.

    Great work otherwise but still needed a bit more polish before it was released, I’m sure you’ll fix it up but don’t think it’s really fair on the early adopters who stumped up full price. Being a closed platform I find it hard to believe that no one noticed.

    • This is why I always give Arkane games a few months to a year to iron out issues. Dishonored 2 and Prey had issues at launch but by the time I played them they were fantastic.

  • Loving this game so far! Will definitely try out some of these loadouts in my upcoming loops!

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