Tales of Arise lands today, tips to begin your journey

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Tales of Arise lands today, tips to begin your journey

Master the JRPG’s combat systems with these battle basics.

Our team is pleased to share the full experience of Tales of Arise with its release today, September 10! If you were wondering how to play Tales of Arise, or what could be helpful to know before you begin, this guide is for you! Our useful tips will show you how to get started with Tales of Arise and progress in the game. 

First, let’s talk about Battle basics. As Tales of Arise is a JRPG, you’ll have to go through lots of fights to survive and pursue your missions. Knowing how to fight and mastering Combat system basics will be key to start your journey in Tales of Arise. 

Combat system basics

Base actions consist of normal attacks and Artes, which have been featured in the gameplay of previous Tales Of games.   In Tales of Arise, we wanted to recreate this combo string and thus revived the Normal Attack mechanics. The enemy won’t simply fall and Normal Attacks are designed to create the perfect breakthrough. 

First, weaken the enemy with Normal Attacks. Then, continue with the Martial and Arcane Artes that will create a smooth combo flow!

Artes and Artes Gauge

To use Artes in Tales of Arise, you have an Artes Gauge. For a stronger emphasis on action in combat gameplay, itis now possible to do Artes continuously using the Artes Gauge resource that recovers automatically during battle. The added balance between Normal Attacks and the option to use continuous Artes makes the flow of battle a lot more exciting.

There are two types of Artes: Martial Artes and Arcane Artes. Keep in mind that Arcane Artes are more powerful and resource-consuming than Martial Artes. The Artes Gauge will recover more slowly when attacking.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to increase the Artes Gauge by acquiring new skills. 

Evasion and Counter Edge

Most characters can only execute a perfect evade, whereas Kisara has the special option toguard. It’s always a good idea to create distance between you and your enemy whenever possible to avoid taking damage. Push [L Stick] and press [L1] to evade an enemy attack.

Another important feature is the Counter Edge. The Counter Edge was created to make the battle combos more enjoyable. With the updates in battle gameplay, we eliminated the guarding requirement that comes before the Counter Edge. After executing a successful evasion and performing a Normal Attack, you can now trigger a Counter Edge, which will make your characters perform a counterattack. 

Boost Attacks and Boost Strikes

Each character in Tales of Arise has their own Boost Attack, which perfectly reflects their individual strengths. Involve allies in your battles to use their own Boost Attacks pressing the corresponding pad direction to damage. 

Boost Strikes are one-hit kill attacks performed in collaboration with other Tales of Arise characters. Boost Strikes will make your battles spectacular whether it’s a low-level enemy or boss fight. When the word “STRIKE” shows up on your screen, make sure to press the pad to trigger a Boost Strike to finish off your attacker! 

Now you have the keys to start your journey in Tales of Arise, which is now available! Get an enhanced Tales of Arise experience on PlayStation 5 with HD next-gen graphics, haptic feedback on the DualSense wireless controller, Game Help support, and faster load times with PlayStation 5’s SSD.

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  • It’s still weird to have load times at all on PS5 considering the absurdly fast SSD….I guess the game just is not optimized enough for the console :/

    • Drive speed is only ever part of load times though. There’s stuff like compression which is more tied to CPU and so on.

    • I realize that and I’m not really complaining. The game is a lot of fun, but it’s still weird to have seemingly longer load times than Tales of Graces F on PS3 xD

  • Loving the changes to the franchise norms. Combat feels amazing and I’m loving it so far. Even the story is a real step up. Not sure how I feel about the Comic/Skit cut scenes though. Might be time for the franchise to move beyond them.

    The game could use some Patches however (PS5 experience):
    * Peculiar pop in of LODs on environment geometry. I’m not sure what is going on here, but it does seem to transition in a weird way. Either due to an ordering issue or a quality issue with the assets themselves. Maybe even something with the shadow rendering that is giving the impression that the level of detail is just bad.

    * Weird frame pacing issues that aren’t completely solved by going to performance mode. Definitely some noticeable frame jutter. I don’t know why a port of a PS4 game to PS5 should be experiencing this problem at all. So some attention is needed here.

    * Loading times…. on PS5….. playing a lot of PS4 and PS5 games lately on my system and it feels like the loading screens are padded in so we can have a chance to see the helper cards. There was a time some idiot thought loading advertisements on these screens and padding out the time for the full ad was a good idea. While not quite the same thing the idea of padding out a load screen is still dumb. Please remove these and cut down on the time between zone loading. I should be going into a building a town to rest for the evening and then faced with a 5 second load screen to a small town. Ghost of Tsushima, Spiderman, Ratchet and Clank, these games do not have this problem, so why does tales of arise. Take a time to optimize out these changes. Thanks to the SSD I’m not far more impatient with load screens and they are not acceptable in PS5 titles. I appreciate the PS5 port with it being smaller in size than the PS4 version, utilizing the Dual Sense, giving us custom dashboard cards with time accurate completion windows, and more, but the load times have to go.

    Other than that, just loving this game. Fast character switching, combos, ability usage, very FF7R in a few areas with a Tales twist. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you. This might be my first Tales game I get a platinum trophy in.

    • Really needs an edit funciton.

      What was trying ot be said:

      Going into an INN in a town, 5 second loading screen, leave the INN to get back to a small town with another 5 second loading screen. Fade to black. I don’t need to see the help card.

  • This game is so much. Loving ever sec.

  • Is it L1 to dodge? For me it was R2.

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