Gran Turismo 7 arrives on PS5 and PS4 March 4

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Gran Turismo 7 arrives on PS5 and PS4 March 4

Delivering the best with the return of classic cars, iconic tracks, and fan-favourite  modes like GT Simulation. 

I still clearly remember the inexplicable eagerness and excitement of that day when we introduced the first Gran Turismo game to the world for the first time on the original PS1 console. 

With that same inexplicable sense of excitement, I’m happy to report that Gran Turismo 7 will be available on March 4, 2022, simultaneously on both the PS5 and the PS4 consoles.  

Gran Turismo 7 arrives on PS5 and PS4 March 4

The cultural environment surrounding cars has changed greatly in the past 25 years. Those of us who were born in the rich car culture of the times created the first Gran Turismo game, so it may be difficult for the current generation of automotive purists to be in the same type of cultural environment as ourselves back then. 

The objective for GT7 in current culture today, is to design a game to convey everything from the last 150 years of car and racing culture, whether you are a lifelong fan or discovering cars for the first time. 

GT7 is both the culmination of the series which answers the expectations of GT fans throughout the years, and at the same time it is a title that marks a beginning of a difficult mission to contain the full breadth of car culture from the past into a single video game.  

Best of Gran Turismo Experiences  

The name “Gran Turismo” means “Grand Touring” in Italian. Back to the 17th Century, people would go on long trips across the European continent, learning and growing at their travel destinations. The name is derived from these journeys.  

In the same spirit, the GT Campaign mode is also a place where individual players will take their own unique journeys and gain life learning experiences.   

We’re aware that long-time fans of the Gran Turismo series strongly desired the return of the GT Campaign mode*, and now, having seen the trailer, hopefully everyone will be able to get a feel for the atmosphere of the newly designed Campaign mode. Returning to the very roots of the GT Campaign mode experience, players will be starting from the GT World Map. 

Livery Editor  

Since the introduction of the Livery Editor* in GT Sport, we’ve seen millions of complex and creative designs. We were amazed with the quality of the liveries made by our fans in the Livery Editor, and their sheer quantity. Knowing this to be an important feature for our fans, our main goal for the Livery Editor in GT7 was to improve the user interface and improve utility and accessibility.  


When you own a car that you love, it’s only natural to want to take photos of it in different locations around the world in trying to capture that perfect shot. Scapes* allows you to have complete control of photorealistic shots using HDR technology (when you have a HDR capable display), expert level effects, and even panning shots. You will be able to photograph your car freely in photo spots across 43 countries and over 2,500 locations, and every moment captured can be shared with others that has same love and passion as you. 

Legendary Circuits  

In addition to the return of the GT Campaign mode, our historic circuits like Trial Mountain* and High-Speed Ring* will be making a comeback. You may have noticed in the trailer that these tracks are higher in detail to match the PS5 console’s power of expression, with additional work done to parts of the layout. Bringing back these circuits with a level of detail and richness that matches the PS5 consoles’ power of expression was a new challenge for the team. 

Car Collection  

The first step in truly connecting with car culture is to learn and remember the shapes and names of the cars. This is where love and passion in cars begin – FF, FR, 911, 356, transmission… interest in typical terms like these appearing in car culture only comes from first knowing and recognizing the shapes and names of the cars. Because of this, GT7 is clearly designed as a “Car Collecting Game”, even more so than the GT series of the past. 

The main feature of the GT Café* in the game is to navigate the player’s adventures in the world of GT, presenting a specific collection of cars that have a cultural meaning from the past, present, and future. Players will progress and complete missions in the GT Café by acquiring prize cars from various races within the world, as well as from the Brand Central and the Used Car Dealership.


One of the greatest rewards in owning a car is to modify and customize it to suit your personal taste, and the smallest of changes will have different effects on the behavior of the vehicle. In GT7, players can once again start with a stock vehicle and build their car up gradually to fit their preference, through adjustments made on engine performance, suspension, transmission gearing, brakes, tires, etc. 

GT Auto* also makes a comeback with wheel changes, wide body modifications, addition of roll cages as well as other aerodynamic parts. And not to mention engine oil changes and car wash. 

Time/Weather Change Simulations 

The time/weather change simulation brought to life in GT7 is unique to Polyphony Digital, who researched the complexities of nature and tailored it into a video game. Referencing a massive amount of meteorological observation data, we have recreated spatial / time of day conditions for particle size distribution and concentration distribution of aerosol particles in the atmosphere on a global environmental scale, in a procedure that is unique to the Gran Turismo series. 

The validity of the simulation was checked using Scapes HDR images, for which we have accumulated data for several thousand spots all around the world. As a result, we have succeeded in expressing real and complex skyscapes and changes in light for different times of day and weather. 

We could not be more excited to deliver Gran Turismo 7 to everyone on March 4, 2022.  

Stay tuned as we have lots of more exciting news and information to share with in the coming weeks.  

* These features require internet connection. 

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  • March 4th cannot come soon enough. Y’all see the reflexión off the sun on the surface of the car on GT7. The driving simulator in the past has been excellent, this time around it will be beyond.

  • Looks like still no damage huh? if that’s the case, this is essentially GT5 , 2021 edition.

  • Finally, a date! Why was this date not shown in the trailer itself though?

  • The PS4 Gran Turismo game we were all asking for………………….. in 2016. A bit late there Sony. I guess Gran Turismo Sport sales, the worst in the franchise history, just didn’t cut it. GT5 sold more on a console that had a smaller install base. But hey, that’s what happens when you refuse to listen your fans. You need to stop biting that hand.

    • Why you spreading wrong informations? Sports doesn’t have the worst sales in the franchise. It’s on the same level like the other entries. The worst sales by far has GT6.

      I’m asking for GT7 right now.

    • As of 2 years ago, GT sport sold 8 million copies.
      That’s pretty darn good.

      Sold better than GT6.

    • Because everyone had moved on to PS4 when GT6 came out. Only the hardcore fans like me were left to support it. NOBODY on my PS Friends played it even though just about everyone did with GT5.

      GT Sport was a first GT game released over half way through the life of the PS4 console and sold nowhere close to GT5 on PS3 with a smaller install base.

      And those GT6 numbers prove enormously how much people don’t care about the previous gen……….. and it was only 2 weeks after PS4 came out.
      Had they bothered to port over GT6 to PS4 by mid 2014, it would have sold gang busters. And since there was no GT7 coming anytime soon, why DIDN’T they just do that?

      GT7, instead of Sport, would have easily sold 15 million had they bothered to make us that game. Instead they went with a crappy online focused mess with 13 tracks.

  • Hoping he won’t be pushed back this time !!

    • If so, they can release it at the same time as the PC port. Which will also (most likely) come because of their infinite greed. LOL

  • So does that mean we can have dynamic weather in a race? Hope so.

  • C est nul pour l instant sony doit envoyer avant tout la mise a jour pour installer un ssd parce qu’il n’y a pas de place dans le ssd pour acheter et installer des jeux

  • i want confirmation on real time change of time and weather!!
    It was not possible out of performance issues on PS4 in GT Sport. I want to know if we still not get dynamic time of day in PS5 Version because of cross Gen support!!
    The wording used here sounds already awfully like presets like we have in GT Sport!

  • and it better be 30fps on PS4 or no serious sacrifices were made to make the slightest use of PS5s capabilitys! If PS4 Version is also 60FPS then it is clear that GT 7 on PS5 is noting more than a High Res version of PS4s GT7.
    GT 7 being held back to such an extent would not only be a shame for the game and franchise but also a hard slap in the face of PS5 Users and the whole Playstation community. We made you what you are to today!
    Every Game to be relseased could generate more money if also shipping for PS4. I call it here:
    We will in 2025 still have cross gen releases.
    At first we thought backwarts compatibly would be good for us – in the end it is only good for moneythirsty suit wearing managers who dont have any gaming intrest or any clue how technology can make things look better.
    I would give BC up right here right now if i could have Games that define this Generation and not games that look like upresed versions of PS4 Games..
    The Hell with you Guys !!

    • 2023 is the cut off year of crossgen

    • PS5 version will likely be higher resolution. Why would they not shoot for 60FPS on both consoles? Also, we don’t know what features will be on PS5 that won’t be on PS4. But I don’t see how 4K/60 on PS5 vs 1080p/60 on PS4 is a negative.

    • @lutch_sam007 Funny that, 2015 was the “cut off year of crossgen” for PS4. Nobody was on the streets rioting for Bloodborne, The Order 1886, or Until Dawn (originally a PS3 game lol) for PS3.

      2022 should have been the cutoff for PS4 games.

  • I am purchasing this, the virtual reality seemed the essential with GT sport, is this needed with seven?

  • Will it be compatible with VR glasses and with some steering wheels?

    • As it’s a PS5/PS4 title it’s a bit unlikely it would work with the old PS4 headset, as that would mean the PS5 version had less features.

      The new one probably wont be out by that point so it’s unlikely with that either. So the only way it will is some possible patch later.

  • If it is mostly online focused with always online DRM… Buying it used.

    • Nope, there single player campaign

    • I think what Polyphony is setting out to do is have GT-Sport be the online/e-sports title while GTx will be the single-player focused title. Kind of how MS has Forza as the sim and Horizon as the arcade-style titles.

    • Yes it looks like campaign is locked behind online requirement.

    • Nord – WRONG. PhonyPoly has never made an arcade-style racing game.

    • Oh, My B.

      No, Phony just screwed up with the mostly-online GT6. They thought they knew their fanbase. They should never think they know their fanbase. Don’t know why they’re so afraid to ask what we’d like GT7 to look like.

  • Glad to hear campaign is back proper, now some VR news….

  • Awesome, really hoping for VR compatibility.

  • If GT7 turns out to not support VR then no buy

  • It still looks very much like Gran Turismo and that is fine. It’s more shiny and a few things of Sport are thrown in and expended on. But, after so many decades, wouldn’t it be nice if we would see a damage model? That a car crash actually, realistically, finally, looked like one…

    • It’s racing sim, go and play WRC if you want damage model

    • What kind of logic is that? Shouldn’t it have an excellent damage model precisely because it’s a racing sim?
      Unfortunately, it doesn’t play that way, you can drive into the guardrail at 300 km/ h and then drive on as if nothing had happened. That’s really not sim like, it’s like playing an arcade racing game.

  • Yessss!! Spa is confirmed!!!

    (in case y’all are wondering why this is a big deal, Certain console racing sims released in the past year or so [looking at you, Project CARS 3] didn’t have Spa as part of their track list, so this is a big deal)

    Also, is there going to be a closed and/or open beta for GT7 like there was for GT Sport for both PS4 and PS5? It would b greatly appreciated by us GT fans if there was one.

  • Conexión a internet para poder jugar el modo historia?, Es decir, será otro juego como servicio igual que fue el Sport y por lo cual solo lo compre cuando estaba casi regalado. Claramente es para desmotivar comprar en disco, de verdad me enfurece este tipo de políticas de Sony

  • The only PS5 game I’m really hyped for atm.

  • Finally! 💙 I’ve been waiting so much since 2015!

  • Hype. That is simple the best of the entire showcase. Can’t wait.

  • I’m so hyped. Cannot wait to play real Gran Turismo again.

  • I’m sick of the excuses behind this.

    ‘Oh, Covid has had such an impact on our development.’

    No, you took a PS5 exclusive, and butchered and downgraded to cater to inferior last generation hardware.

  • PLZ Polyphony i need custom wheel rotation setting in gt7 in game menu.
    i have hated gt sport cos wheel rotation reset back to stock every race.
    plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • C est super , mais moi je ne vois pas le mode écurie qu’on pouvait recruter des pilotes.

  • Looking forward to a PS5 native Gran Turismo! But Sony why would you release TWO AAA exclusives within two weeks of each other? Horizon Feb 18 and two weeks later GT on Mar 4? Doesn’t seem like a good business decision. Only so much $$$ to go around not to mention I have no space left on my internal SSD to load either one. I would think GT releasing in April or May would be just fine. Not to mention GTA5 PS5 version now set for March and even though it is a free upgrade that is a lot of great titles all jammed together. Perhaps there are other surprises for later in the year but kind of perplexing at the moment.

  • Every feature requires internet! Why do things like the campaign require internet? This is ‘games-as-a-service’ nonsense. How many times in a row are you going to pull this? No interest, pass.

    • 100% with you on this, imagine in years to come when they close the servers down? No game. Imagine if we could never play GT4 again because it’s campaign required internet connection? That would be absolutely tragic. This goes beyond the primary issue of a connection and much more into the concern of preservation of games. I’m genuinely upset to see this a little bit.

    • Sony keeps pulling Xbox One levels of stupid this console generation. I mean a few days ago they tried to get PS4 owners to buy Horizon TWICE or buy some expensive version.

    • Due to the online drm, its only worth a purchase once it drops to a low disposable purchase price. I’ll get it for campaign mode 2 to 3 years after launch.

  • I absolutely love what I see but…wait…hang on, that * asterisk next to everything.

    All of these features require a constant online internet connection?! GT Campaign, GT Livery editor, GT Café, GT Auto, Scapes and High Speed Ring and Trial mountain? What.

    I’m genuinely shocked. Why on earth do any of them require constant internet connection? It’s less of a concern about connection quality but what happens in years from now when you shut the servers down? No game.

    Imagine if we couldn’t ever reply GT4 because the GT Campaign required you to be connected to the internet. That would be absolutely tragic. Please reconsider this Sony, on another note I don’t want to spend hours tuning and doing my livery designs online to realise none of it ever saved because you decided to do server maintenance!

    I’m surprised more people are not thinking about the future implications of this decision.

    • Don’t know what to say. All that reminds me of a 2006 movie. Idiocracy.

      I really wanted a new GT. I really love GTs, and ’till now I play GT3, GT4, GT5 and GT6. Sad to see PlayStation ‘s direction.

  • So… to play the game I need internet always on?

    PlayStation is becoming Xbox…

    I was hyped for this game. But I’m out this way.

    • sony is not becoming xbox, gran turismo is the exception because the game is nothing without being conected to other players , caimpain mode will not require ps plus

    • sony is not becoming xbox, gran turismo is the exception because the game is nothing without being conected to other players , campain mode will not require ps plus , but i think the game should restrict functionalitys if needed to be played offline but the majority of time the most people are online, u still can download all gt5 and gt6 updates with extras cars today, i think we at the point that servers will not going to shut down anytime soon

    • Rikka you do realize Gran Turismo wasn’t heavily about that until Gran Turismo and even then it was optional.
      GT5 and 6 never need you to go online to save or access the game you paid for.
      Sport is somewhat an exception but that is it because it was “built” with online in mind.
      This is the single player aspect.

      This is heavy DRM and only harms the users. Nothing good comes from this.

  • Why does this game require internet when it’s so single player focused? If you’re going to pull this online DRM again like in GT Sport I’ll buy it used or not at all.

  • I’ll wait for a PC version that can hopefully be modded to not requite an internet connection for practically everything, but looks great otherwise!

    • Pc version huh? Lol Never will happen!

    • 5 years ago I’d think so too, but with stuff like Uncharted coming to PC, I wouldn’t be so sure about that anymore. Especially not when Kazunori Yamauchi has previously expressed interest in possibly bringing the series to PC.

      Regardless, even if it never gets ported to PC officially, there’s always emulation to pick up the slack.

    • Until a few years ago, everyone would have thought that, but then Jimmy and Hermen took over, and now it’s no longer so certain (Horizon, Days Gone, Uncharted4, …). Why shouldn’t they do that?In the end, it’s all about the money and not about stupid video games.

  • I hope handling and force feedback will improve a lot. Handling is not bad but could be better and more precise ( assetto corsa is my favorite). Force feedback is very poor…

  • ALWAYS ONLINE?! Are you serious ? No THANKS! I’m not going to support this thing. I can’t believe i need to be always connected , always updated , just to play a single player game.

  • the ps4 version will have dynamic weather and the 3d gt town?
    if not, it will be a big mistake!!!

  • The used car dealership looks so amazing!

  • Internet Connection for Single Player Campaign ? My connection is very very bad, if i cant play for the connection, Good Bye GT.

  • I feel like this game will be amazing. I love the idea of enjoying 150 years of car culture from the comfort of my home.
    The Gran Turismo style and polish is above and beyond any other car game out there.

    But there is something lacking on the marketing front.

    Where is the GT5 energy? The trailers are nowhere near the days of “SOUL ON DISPLAY”.

    Why is there such an emphasis on the Scapes? Why can’t you just make circuits that look as good as the scapes? It feels like the trackside graphics are HEAVILY subpar. The cars look beautiful, but the trackside detail just isn’t there. Is it because this game has to run on PS4? That’s a shame because Gran Turismo games only come around once every 7 years or so, so how long do we have to wait before Gran Turismo can have visuals as impactful as Driveclub? (the cars in Gran Turismo are second to none, but you get my point).

  • Online required for single player. This went from a day one to a not buy.

  • I SERIOUSLY hope the the SINGLE PLAYER FOCUSED campaign doesn’t need an online connection. If so, this will go from a Day 1 to a no buy. I just wanted an offline experience akin to the old school GT games. Keep things like online races separate. Until then I will continue to play GT6.

  • Why the heck we need to be online to play the single player?! Just make GT Sport as online GT, and GT7 as offline single player GT, I don’t want DRM on my single player game!

  • Have to agree with the above – day one to no buy in an instant from reading the online connection for single player – Sony making consistently bad decisions this gen, a lot of good will is being lost from PS4 gen…sadly xbox seems to be getting all the good press at the moment…

  • Need to be connected to online to play single player?
    Guess I’m slipping this too like I did Sport.

    I like keeping and playing my games even after servers are shut down, thanks though.
    Stop doing this.

  • ‘Always online’… until the servers are inevitably shutdown – which seems to happening a lot sooner nowadays – at which point it becomes ‘never playable’.
    A flagship title with an expiration date and a deathclock which starts ticking the day it’s released. Bravo Sony, you’ve lost me this gen, this is the icing on the increasingly poor cake.

    For the players? Yeah, sure.

  • The amount of detail in this game is amazing!!

  • Best GT game in my opinion is GT2 this is going to remind me of it, roll on next year 🎉

  • Online mandatory for campaign /solo mode /single playe …. well i will pass i don’t need to play your game in this way i will boycott it

  • Wow.
    Why do we need online DRM for the single player game.

    Sounds like the Xbox one and Need for Speed had these and they had backlash but no one is bringing this to light and then justifying them by saying sport had this.

    You do realize GT6 or anything below had a “Requirement” and it was only optional.
    Now with this you can’t even play the game without a connection.

    This is so dissatisfying.

  • I won’t buy the game with a single player option where a internet connection is required, you guys are out of your mind!
    The community is going to throw rock from all directions at you because of this.

  • ” Trial Mountain* ”
    Everytime I read this I get more and more confused, a track also have the obligation to have internet? A track?!
    You guys are a joke!

  • I am really disappointment. I don’t understand why always online is needed in the single player mode? I know that there will be massive long term support for this title as it always was but come on. It should be an option and not something I am forced to. I am waiting for GT7 for years but now, I am sad to say that, deffinetly I am not buing on day one

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