Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – Iki Island

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Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – Iki Island

We take in the sights of Iki Island.

Last week, invited you to explore the sights of Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut using #PSshare #PSBlog. From flowering vistas and harrowing mountain peaks, here are this week’s highlights from the new region: 

We wouldn’t mind sharing a day on these beachy shores, shared by CDAsebastien203.

The sun frames a younger Jin in this red-strained shot by calisarah1998.

Jin stands beneath a beautiful blooming tree, shared by photomodeoftsu1.

An enemy is thrown through the air in this stormy shot by justinphotomode.

record_photo shares one of the Iki Island monkeys.

Jin climbs to a mountain peak, shared by posts_ghost.

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THEME: Ghost of Tsushima: Legends
SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on September 8

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  • Hey Sony, fix the problem with PS Plus locking delisted games even with an active membership. Games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider (standard edition) are no longer in the store and got locked for many active members. Support can’t help us.

  • I already had so much fun playing the game on launch on my PS4. However, i was wowed to play Director’s Cut PS5 edition! DualSense’s haptic feedbacks and adaptive triggers are the most innovative, cool thing that i could ask for.

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