Lost Judgment pre-order and post-launch details revealed

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Lost Judgment pre-order and post-launch details revealed

Here's what you'll get for pre-ordering the standard, Digital Deluxe, or Digital Ultimate edition of the crime thriller follow-up.

Hi everyone! Sega is excited to reveal all the details of the additional content found in the Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate Editions of Lost Judgment, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s upcoming action noir thriller launching September 24!

Quick-Start Support Pack

First up we have the Quick-Start Support Pack. This useful kit comes with all pre-orders and will be available at launch so you can hit the ground running. Inside you’ll find handy health items to assist you in battle while you practice using the new Snake style, as well as some impressive Extract recipes that you can use to create temporary combat buffs. The included Wayfarer’s Lucky Cat not only looks great on display in Yagami’s office, but it’ll also pad your wallet with extra yen the farther you travel in-game. 

Detective Essentials Pack

Pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Editions to also receive the Detective Essentials Pack at launch. Fans of the new detective dog pal will be able to “adopt” an additional three colours of shiba inu to choose from: white, black, and rust. 

Retro gaming fans will also be pleased to see four additional Master System games to play. Adding Global Defense, Alien Syndrome, Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa, and Sagaia brings the total up to twelve classic SEGA titles to reminisce over!

This pack even includes the futuristic Hover Drive hoverboard to get around town accompanied by a new outdoor skate park. Just make sure you save your most impressive moves for later as you might want to take one of the three new additional characters on a date that come with the Detective Essentials Pack! 

In the combat department, Yagami will be able to craft six new Extracts that grant temporary boosts with extraordinary abilities such as telekinesis! Additionally, Shin Amon becomes a new opponent in The Gauntlet challenge mode. Test your might!  

School Stories Expansion Pack

Coming October 26 for those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Edition, the School Stories Expansion Pack enriches your school club experience. Spar with Yagami’s associates—Kaito, Sugiura and Higashi—in the boxing ring, and take a new bike gang motorcycle (including new parts), for a spin on the new race course.

Strut your stuff with a fresh new dance costume, as well as learning some new moves to take your dance team to the top! If you’ve still got some energy left after all that, head over to the Robotics Club where a new Yagami-bot awaits your command.

As if that wasn’t enough, take your newfound boxing talent from the ring to the streets with a fourth fighting style that joins Yagami’s base martial arts styles – Boxing! 

The Kaito Files Story Expansion

This is a big one! In spring of 2022, those who pre-order the Digital Ultimate Edition can play as Kaito in an independent story expansion, The Kaito Files. There’s approximately 10 hours of new story content with his own signature, full-power fighting style.

Lost Judgment launches worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 24, and if you pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Editions, you can launch into action three days early on PlayStation Early Access starting September 21.

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  • “This is a big one! In spring of 2022, those who pre-order the Digital Ultimate Edition can play as Kaito in an independent story expansion, The Kaito Files.”


  • Early access for digital only again? :(

    Any option for the extra content for physical owners?

  • Cancelled my pre-order. This is way too much DLC.
    I understand cosmetic/cheat items but a whole fighting style? Multiple girlfriends?
    I’m just gonna pick up a used copy in November which still won’t offset the cost of the DLC but will hopefully bring it closer to a reasonable price.

  • Will there be a complete edition in Summer 2022 with all this content on disc?

    I can’t justify buying a game piecemeal like this. It just disjoints the experience and forces reliance on the internet, which I’m not a fan of doing. To give you an idea, I own FF15, I have not played any of the episodes or the patched fixes that supposedly fixed the game, because I had beat the game 2 months after release. By time each of the episodes released, I not only had lost interest in the game, but I had moved onto other games. Hard to separate myself from Nier Automata to go back and play an older Square Enix game. To add insult to injury, the content in question might have given me a more favorable opinion of FF15 had it shipped with the game in the first place. So there is no incentive for me to go back and play the base game with new content as I have already formed my opinions of the game. I love FF, there are a few entries I’ve rebought and played repeatedly. I don’t see myself doing that with FF15.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue and will likely reflect that sentiment to fellow gamers and influence their decision. So take that into account. The age of rampant DLC is coming to an end.

    • Fortnite, Destiny, APEX and others are selling $15 skins and people are gobbling them up. The age of rampant DLC is alive and well.

      I’ll take this stuff, especially a Kaito expansion, over that. It’s not like RGG games don’t give you their money’s worth.

    • Absolutely agree with you, KazeEternal.

      My take-away from the blog is those who don’t preorder and wait until the Spring will enjoy the full game experience and surely pay less for it. At least Tales of Arise, landing shortly before Lost Judgment and with many ridiculous editions to choose from, has everything from the start for gamers to enjoy.

      If you play Lost Judgment at launch, are you going to want to play it again to enjoy the DLC sprinkles you paid for a month later?

      Between now and Spring, the Digital Ultimate Edition is surely going to be discounted.

      I am happy to wait until Spring to get the full Lost Judgment experience at one time while likely paying
      significantly less than those who pre-ordered.

  • Misleading title, playstation blog. None of this is about preordering standard edition

  • When I visit the preorder page in the PlayStation store, it says “Playable on PS5 only” and all of the preorder choices are PS5. Is it not possible to get a digital preorder of this game for PS4?

    • Standard issue when it nets you both versions either way. You can Google the PS4 versions sometimes to get it to that store spot for you or do it on the PlayStation 4 instead. Similar issue happened for my wife as she is still using the Pro.

  • The whole push for digital is loud and clear, buy fiscal and you don’t get the full experience.
    I wait for a deep, deep sale of a complete edition whenever that becomes available if I still care to play it.

  • I’m really excited for this game, but I’m going to wait for it until I have a PS5 to play it on (whenever that will be).
    I’m torn whether to import it from Japan, like I’ve done for all the other Yakuza games on PS4. I think I really need the option to have Japanese subtitles, it just makes it more immersive to experience the game in the original language.
    The games coming out at the same time around the world takes away that special feeling I got importing Yakuza 6 early.

  • Canceled my preorder

  • Ugh, you are terrible Sega. Can’t wait to see you give this away for nothing on other platforms just like you did with Yakuza to the competitor that laughed you out of the room when you proposed it. Ah well, my Sega boycott continues (not that anyone cares, just felt like getting it out).

  • I cannot support them after asking for a full price for the ps5 edition of the first judgment, even for us who allready bought the ps4 edition when it was released back then. sorry but a big no from me. i will consider it after a big sale.

    • Yeah I sold my ps4 copy and got the ps5 version but it could have easily just been a free 60fps patch lol there was literally nothing else different

  • Never played a Yakuza game before. Picked up Judgment on sale during a gaming drought and was surprised at how enjoyable it was! Definitely looking forward to this and revisiting the gang!

  • So basically you raised the price of the game and made it so we have to jump through hoops to play it.

    I preordered it and I’ll get it day 1 because I love this series so much but this is incredibly lame and if it was literally anything else id be boycotting. Screw you Sega

    • Just wanted to add:

      A 10 hour DLC game coming out later is TOTALLY okay and amazing and hopefully leads to a third game ❤

      Hiding massive amounts of content behind paywalls on day 1 is the trash tactic I’m not happy with.

    • it seems like you have never played a yakuza game. they have ALL had day one dlc. this is nothing new.

  • idk why lost judgment U.S version doesn’t have asian language substitle…? (korean,China)

    other country side has asian substitle… but why only u.s. version doesn’t have…?

    so sad..

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