Live today: Watch PlayStation Showcase 2021 at 1pm Pacific

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Live today: Watch PlayStation Showcase 2021 at 1pm Pacific

Tune in to see what’s next for PlayStation 5.

You’ve been awfully patient, and we thank you for that. And now we’re looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on.

Tune in next Thursday, September 9 at 1:00pm Pacific Time / 9:00pm BST / 10:00pm CEST for a look into the future of PS5. The Showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes and include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond. And stick around after the presentation to get more updates from some of the studio teams featured in the Showcase.

One thing to note: PlayStation’s next generation of VR won’t make an appearance this time. But there will still be plenty of great PS5 games from developers large and small. We hope you can join us!

You can watch live on YouTube and Twitch. See you next Thursday!

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  • “PlayStation’s next generation of VR won’t make an appearance this time” – ouch, but thanks for letting us know

  • Knack 3 baby!

  • DEFINITELY expecting the Bluepoint acquisition to be announced here. Maybe coupled with either a new game or remake from them as well

    • Hopefully. There needs to be one announcement of a new game to get me excited. A sequel that we all expected would not be enough.

  • FF7 Remake Part 2! LETS F-ING GO!

  • As usual my body is ready. Can’t wait.

  • Tune in to see what’s next for PlayStation 5.
    And hopefully not simultaneously PS4. It would be so many levels of silly to release a game on PS4/PS5, OVER A YEAR, after the release of PS5 only Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Case and point, Bloodborne never came to PS3 16 months after PS4 came out…. and nobody cared.
    Try to keep some sort of sense going forward PlayStation and no more PC ports that hurts developer’s time management, that are trying to bring us brand new games…. that then get delayed because of said PC port please.

    • 1. Pretty sure they’re still making cross-gen games because of the current logistical problems the PS5 manufacturing is facing, so i think they will heavily focus on PS5 exclusives once those problems got sorted out

      2. Who said PC ports hurt developer’s time management? Developers can work on multiple projects at once, and even if my point is wrong, Sony bought Nixxes, a studio well known for porting Square Enix games to PC, to make ports of their exclusives to PC.

  • Can’t wait for next Thursday

  • More PC ports incoming then? Because that’s what you can expect with this new direction only: PC ports and anti-consumer practices.

    • PC doesn’t compete against consoles, they’re still making games exclusively for PS5 / 4 at launch. Plus PC ports actually bring tons of new players to their fanbases since not everyone wants to buy a console just for one exclusive.

    • Sure PC fanboy whatever you say. Every platform should have exclusives, it’s really dumb to devalue your system by releasing games to another platform. If they don’t want to buy a console “because one exclusive”, that’s their problem. Tons of PC exclusives will never reach PS, so why the hell Sony should release games for that platform? Jim Ryan and Hermen Hulst are sinking PlayStation.

  • I would be more impressed if they would just release the Damn firmware that opens the memory expansion slot, it’s been a year already.


  • Let us play our entire digital playstation library on ps5.

  • New handheld? Yessssssss!!!

    • Yes please!

    • But Sony said “no one wants handhelds”.

      You can see clear evidence for this by that the Switch has never sold a single console ever.

      Not even one Switch sold. Ever. Especially not the handheld only version.

      Sony needs to make more headsets. Headsets sell billions.

      It’s not like the heavily advertised most popular headset ever sold 1/10th of the completely ignored by Sony PlayStation “no first party games” Vita or anything silly like that.

      Everyone on earth bought at least 15 PS VRs each and both full games.

      So it makes obvious sense to make another headset. Then more tech demos.

  • I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe this will be worth my time. The State of Play format is awful IMO, and not once has what’s been shown impressed me.

    I wish you all the best, but this just isn’t the PlayStation I fell in love with.

  • Im looking foward to this.

  • Finally, I started to think that we weren’nt going to have a summer showcase. Better late than ever I guess, lets just hope the wait was worth it. *God of War Ragnorok Trailer*? *wink wink* or
    PC Playstation companion app where we can connect with our playsation friends talk when logged in and show game status and earn trophies.

  • Keep your expectations low people, nothing jaw dropping will come out of this.

  • I can’t wait for gameplay God of war

  • Sid, I see you said no next gen VR talk, but you didn’t say no next gen Dreamcast talk.



    • They also didn’t specify it wouldn’t be 39 minutes of someone playing a digeridoo while key SIE personnel wrestle in jelly.

      So that’s what I’m expecting (along with the obvious Dreamcast 2 stuff).

  • Super Excited to see what’s next for Ps5… Hoping for some great new co-op announcements

  • Any news on when the PS5 will be available. I’ve monitored several sites but no luck. I’ve even gone so far to have it in the cart and paid for it and it was emptied from my cart. I need it for a huge PS fan.

  • Yesss . Finally 😍😍😭

    Ragnarök is coming …

  • When is the PS5 console coming out?

  • Let’s gooo! Finally after almost a year.

  • All I was waiting for was the God Of War sequel. I’m waiting since last year and still no update… please show us God Of War 🥲

  • Really looking forward to this ( shame no PSVR2 news something I want day one)

    Please also release the PS5 firmware update in testing ,

    New Ips or existing ones I am thrilled to see what you guys have in store


  • I will be there. Thank you for the invitation.

  • Can’t wait.

  • Hope to see NFS 2022🙌🏽

  • Better be pretty good since you’ve pushed all your big games back into 2022. Do you even have any big exclusives for the holiday season anymore?

  • *patiently waiting to be able to (have the right/opportunity/chance) buy PS5 console in Indonesia (with the montlhy raffle based on the frequent purchase from each of the local authorized reseller)…

    But it’s okay, I still have a lot backlog of games that I still need to play/finish anyway :)
    Looking forward to the update event.

  • Hey Guys how are you? I need to see the new God of War on this event. Pls Sony and PlayStation we need this!!!!! Kratos need to appear on this year and the Blades of Chaos fight with Thor god of the Thunder!!!! That Ragnarok Begins…

  • Oh that’s cool when is the time in middleast

  • I better hope to see a ghost of tsushima 2 announcement


  • Could you please please please bring wham network back to pluto tv it’s one of favorite channels, but if you can’t that’s okay

  • Wish it was longer than 40 minutes but still very hyped

  • Hoping for an update on 1440p support. If it’s NEVER coming, just tell us and it’s cool.

  • I hope this showcase brings some cool new PS Studios game reveals. I’m never interested in the rest of the already announced PlayStation games

  • ✨☁️Mal sehen was auf uns zu kommen wird… 😄

  • I hope God of War Collection and God of War PSP Collection remastered on PS5

  • Can’t wait

  • Ipv6 please!!!j

  • Hello , Good time
    Please, if the new ( GOD OF WAR ) is not going to be displayed in the showcase
    Report this way to the fans before the date of ( September 9 ) and announce on your page that there is no news of ( GOD OF WAR )
    Do not mislead us in the dark
    Because neither ( Santa Monica Studio ) and you yourself mentioned the ( GOD OF WAR ) news release and trailer.
    Please clarify this for us as soon as possible
    If there’s a news or trailer coming up on September 9 Day, officially let fans know on your pages …. Thank You.

  • I would love a brand new Jax and Faster or Sly Cooper. How about collections of older games that we can’t play on PS4 or PS5?

  • GTA5 expanded and enhanced
    Don’t expect GTA6
    Maybe a GTA trilogy announcement for 2022(GTA 3 VICE CITY SAN ANDREAS) BEAUTIFUL PS2 TITLES I WILL NEVER FORGET🙂.

  • The problems concerning your egregious pricing strategy for Horizon Forbidden West and its – perhaps, seemingly purposefully – non-transparent marketing communicated at console launch is so numerous, ridiculous and obvious, that I am not even going to detail them. Instead, I have told PlayStation friends and family to avoid this title at launch, and will not be gifting the product to anyone.

  • How being able to buy one and not paying a thousand dollars for it!!!

  • cool i want to wach it

  • God of War is all I want. Please Sony Santa Monica 🥺

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