Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay reveal

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay reveal

Firaxis sheds more light on features shown in the first Midnight Suns gameplay trailer.

Just a week after we announced Marvel’s Midnight Suns at Gamescom we’re excited to share more details as well as a first look at gameplay. In today’s trailer you get a glimpse at our turn-based tactical combat as well as at a number of other gameplay features that empower you to interact with iconic Marvel characters in ways that you never have before.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay reveal

All of the Marvel characters in Midnight Suns have new looks, but if you’re a Marvel fan I’m sure you recognized most of them right away. One that you won’t be familiar with though is our protagonist, the Hunter, who is an all-new, customizable hero created specifically for this game. Today’s gameplay trailer alludes to the Hunter’s deep backstory, and you can uncover more of it by exploring the grounds of the Abbey, a centuries-old fortress hidden in Salem, Massachusetts that serves as the Midnight Suns’ secret base. 

While spending time at the Abbey between missions you can pay a visit to Tony Stark and Doctor Strange. Between them there’s not much they don’t know about engineering and the supernatural, and with the right resources they can create all manner of upgrades for you and even for the Abbey itself. Forging friendships with members of the Midnight Suns is also an important part of the game. Invite allies to hang out with you and, depending on how they feel about your choice of location or activity as well as your responses during conversations, you can unlock powerful combo abilities and passive bonuses that come into play when you fight alongside them. 

Turn-based tactical battles in Midnight Suns are very different to those in our XCOM games, and not only because you’re controlling a team of superheroes. One of the features that we’re most excited about is the way that we’ve mapped the heroes’ powerful abilities to cards. Being dealt a new hand of these cards every turn forces you to think on your feet, and outside of battles there are opportunities for you to customize each hero’s combat deck. Furthermore, cards can be upgraded and modified to include new effects or create synergies with different heroes. Factor in choosing which heroes you want to take into each mission and the possibilities are endless!

If you were paying close attention to the gameplay trailer you might also have noticed that character positioning and interactive environments have important roles to play during battles. When Wolverine uses his Power Slash attack, its Knockback effect creates an opportunity to cause extra damage to the target provided you’re able to send them careening into something. Better yet, if you cause your target to forcefully collide with another enemy they’ll both take damage! Environments also include items that you can interact with without playing a card – boxes and such can be thrown or pushed depending on their size and, just to give you a fun example, you might occasionally have an opportunity to topple a lamppost so that it lands on multiple enemies.

We can’t wait to share more Midnight Suns details with you in the coming weeks and months ahead of its early 2022 release on both PS4 and PS5.

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  • I like this game but I’ll most likely play it on pc, playing an Xcom game on console is like playing the sims on console

  • I was interested in this game until they revealed it uses a card system. I’m so tired of dealing with cards in games lately.

  • I was super stoked for this game, but the “combat deck” card battling system kills it for me, this is likely gonna be a hard pass…. I don’t think too many people will be thrilled with that system.

  • > One of the features that we’re most excited about is the way that we’ve mapped the heroes’ powerful abilities to cards. Being dealt a new hand of these cards every turn forces you to think on your feet, and outside of battles there are opportunities for you to customize each hero’s combat deck.

    That’s the feature that may actually kill the game for me. Same as other people mentioned in previous comments, I am also not a fan of the system. I seriously wonder who likes these build-your-deck-of-cards systems in video games. I think it highly depends on the implementation, but my interest in this game has decreased 80% when I read that sentence.

  • Not sure why they spelled Midnight Sons wrong or why they felt the need to inject this nobody character as the main protagonist, but it does look like it’ll be a fun time.

    The other comments keep asking, so: I am the one who likes card battles! It’s me! Give me another Metal Gead ACID sequel too!

    • I’m pretty sure I know why they didn’t spell “Sons” like in the comics ;)

      Regarding the card mechanic for battles, I’ll just have to see what the finished product plays like. It’s not an interest killer for me, at this point so I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  • I like strategic and turn based games but the card mechanics look extremely unappealing


  • Marvels Midnight Suns

  • This was a game I was dreaming of to be able to play as, Wolverine, Blade, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and yes I was even excited to play as Captain Marvel….but a card based system ??? you just took the “play as” and flushed it right down the toilet. Now you play as a six year old with an Uno Deck and that sucks. Marvel whoever gave this the go-ahead needs to realize we play on advanced gaming systems to play advanced games not to go technology backwards to play Freakin cards.

  • I don’t love the look of this game. In my opinion they really don’t understand the character of Nico at all. She wouldn’t dress like that, she wouldn’t have piercings like that. She’s goth, not punk.

    And Blade now. Blade would never EVER call himself a vampire. NEVER! I know what separates him is minimal, but to him it’s EVERYTHING. That’s now two characters in this line up where I feel the developers just plain don’t understand the characters at all.

    That makes me super disappointed. They should be able to do better.

    • And to the person above me, yeah the card gameplay doesn’t look super appealing to me either. Just like with Guardians of the Galaxy it looked too arcadey. And Avengers just looked too… too. Every single time with these MCU games… it’s just insane cause I’m such a huge fan, I should be all over these games, and every time it feels like a swing and a miss. Like none of these people know what fans of this franchise actually want.
      Except Spiderman of course. Spiderman was great.

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