PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds

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PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds

New lineup arrives September 7.

Hunt, cook and assassinate: take your pick of profession with September’s PlayStation Plus lineup. Play one of sci-fi’s most enduring icons in Predator: Hunting Grounds, whip up culinary chaos in Overcooked: All You Can Eat! or puzzle out inventive takedowns in Hitman 2. 

All three games will be available from Tuesday, September 7 to Monday, October 4.

Let’s take a closer look at each title.  

PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds

Overcooked: All You Can Eat! | PS5*

Overcooked!, Overcooked! 2 and all additional content are blended together and remastered in this delicious definitive edition. Enjoy hundreds of levels of cooperative cooking chaos both local and online**, across increasingly perilous and obscure kitchens. Players can enjoy campaign, survival and practice modes, and new to All You Can Eat – assist mode! The game contains features to allow as many players as possible to join in the food frenzy, with scalable UI, dyslexia friendly text and colour blindness options all available.

PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds | PS4

Hunt or be hunted in this asymmetrical multiplayer** shooter that pits man against Predator. As part of a four-person Fireteam, complete challenging missions before the Predator finds you Or be the Predator and hunt your prey, using deadly alien weaponry – such as the shoulder-mounted Plasma Caster, Combistick and more – to stalk your prey. Learn different classes and styles of play no matter what side you choose.

PlayStation Plus games for September: Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, Hitman 2, Predator: Hunting Grounds

Hitman 2 | PS4

Travel the globe and track your targets across exotic sandbox locations, from sun-drenched streets to dark and dangerous rainforests. Nowhere is safe from the world’s most creative assassin, Agent 47. Prepare to experience the ultimate spy thriller story your mission is to eliminate the elusive Shadow Client and unravel his militia, but when 47 learns his target’s true identity and the truth about his past, it changes everything. Hitman 2 introduces new ways to play, new game modes and new features, including the new Sniper Assassin mode with franchise first co-op play**.

Last chance to download August’s PlayStation Plus games

August’s games lineup is making way for September’s new arrivals, so you’ve until Monday, September 6 to add Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2 to your game library.

*PS5 version only. Benefit not applicable for Overcooked: All You Can Eat! on PS4 consoles.

**Online multiplayer requires PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:

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  • Looks like the leaks were true. I am glad everyone can get to play Overcooked! Super fun, chaotic multiplayer game. Enjoy everyone!

  • Not a bad lineup at all.

    • It’s actually a pretty fun and diverse line-up!

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    • What are you talking about… This is awful

    • Hitman 2 is a titel that they had already given for free once and overcooked 1 got LOTS of bad reactions back when they made it one of the monthly games.
      Terrible line-up

    • @blizzy Uh no Hitman 2 has never been free on PS+. There is a free starter pack for it but that only gets you one level. Overcooked is one of the best received and best selling indie games over the past several years too so not sure what you’re on about.

  • Perhaps something with a story next month?

    • If you want story, watch movies. Let games be games.

    • Noob smh… If it was up to you we’d all still be playing Pong.

    • Noobblast comment doesn’t make sense. Guess thats why he’s a noob.

    • UHHHHHHHHHHHHH There’s a storyline in Overcooked….

    • Stone: If it were up to you we would have endless in game sequences in 100% of games that would bore everyone to death as they would have 0% gameplay.

      Whats worse? A game you can’t play due to stupid endless boring video sequences, or play Quake without story?

    • Since no one here heard about Donkey Kong, Quake or Battlefield i guess you are all Millenium kids?

    • So what if he wants to play a game with story in it? “Let games be games” lmfao how closed minded can you get, NoobBlast?

      Nobody was asking for a game with 100% cut-scenes and 0% gameplay, obviously that’s a trashy game. But a “game” without story doesn’t make it more of a “game”. If I take a look at your profile rn are you saying I wouldn’t find any game with story on it? Because you’d rather watch a movie right?

      Out of curiosity. what are you on about? Who hurt you this bad? Is it TLOU2? 😔 Ifki

    • There’s good games and bad games, regardless of whether it has a story or doesn’t.

    • Noob I guess you never played quake 4 then…

    • Could just pick a series of a show you like and watch an episode between levels.

      If the game play sessions are about 20 seconds long and the show is sad then it’s basically any modern Sony game.

      Wish there was more development of and focus on gameplay from the entire PS4/PS5 generation rather than the focus on cutscenes and soap opera from tired rehashed storylines.

  • Not bad at all.

  • Why ps5 only

  • Surprise: one more vastly disappointing month. Overcooked 1 was already given on Plus for PS4 back in 2019, so many players already have it. Hitman is ok, I guess, but Predator is YET ANOTHER boring asynchronous multiplayer game on the service, joining Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, which are also buggy and laggy. There is no way I’m renewing Plus for next year

    • Good think it’s Overcooked All You Can Eat and not Overcooked 1.

    • Overcooked: All You Can Eat is not just remastered Overcooked 1, but also Overcooked 2 with all the DLC’s. It’s almost 200 levels compared to 30 from the original.

    • Oh Overcooked 1 was free years ago so there is no reason to give people an entirely new game in the franchise with dozens and dozens of levels they never played before.

    • Is overcooked 1 and 2 with all the dlc. Hitman 2 is a great game to give away and predator is a great game for people who like those types of games.

      Now quit your crying.

    • New World on PC open beta, September 9-12

    • Seems like they’re trying to make the combined online costs seem a little more relevant and worthy by providing online games, too bad they always suck.

    • The best thing about asynchronous multiplayer games… is that they can be given as part of the PS+ line-up (1 per month!), so that you never have to outright buy the game full price and instead get to try it out as part of the service. Don’t want it to mess up your trophy log? Make a new account on your system to try it out.

    • It’s asymmetric, not asynchronous.

    • asynchronous multiplayer games like Taiko no Tatsujin or Samurai Shodown (ghost mode) would be great on PS+ though…

  • Thanks, super month

    Hitman 2 has 125 trophies to earn
    Predator hunting grounds has 46 trophies to earn
    Overcooked all you can eat has 43 trophies to earn
    This month we got four games
    Two PS5 Two PS4

  • Yknow what? This is actually not that bad. No interest in Overcooked myself, but Hitman and Predator seem decent at the very least. And even if they end up not being that great, they can’t possibly be any worse than that tennis game from August.

    • If you play couch co op i seriously recommend Overcooked. I wasnt sure either but man its an absolute riot with friends. Total and utter chaos and so much fun

  • That’s a great line up

  • Nice, thanks!

  • Which version of Hitman 2 are we getting? Is it the Standard Edition or Gold

  • lol so a super arcadey indie game, a game that was universally panned (im sure no ones gonna want it even for free) and while Hitman isnt bad I just dont care for it, another -yawn- month

  • Awesome lineup!

  • Another write-off of a month for me, which is about the third or fourth in a row. I will say that Hitman 2 is a first-rate game, but I’ve already played it. Even if it has extra content, adding Overcooked is ridiculous. It was a PS+ game in May 2019.

    • I may get Hitman 2. I have Blood Money and Absolution but the controls are iffy.

    • Overcooked 1 was a PS+ game, this is Overcooked All You Can Eat which includes Overcooked 2 and all DLC for both games. People need to actually read before complaining.

  • Glad i never buying games day one or deals non stop
    Glad i’m poor too , ps plus aint not for rich people
    Every month i got 3 4 games, i never played before
    Thats why never gonna complain at all
    You understand this ps plus is for poor, not the people who bought Hitman 2 day one
    Not even strange why you all dissapoint every month
    Complain will raise, but poor gonna always won the match
    Thats how this works , get used to it
    Ps plus iss for poooorrrr , glad im one;)

  • Cant take hitman2 in ps5 ?

    • You can play it on your PS5 if that’s what you’re asking

    • I believe you can download the free trial for Hitman 3 and essentially import Hitman 2 into the new engine and you basically have a PS5 game.

    • If the Plus version lets you “purchase” the import, you could play the content in Hitman 3 as tyler says, but you may not have that permission since you don’t permanently own Hitman 2.

  • Can we play the Hitman2 levels in Hitman 3 with this Plus version?

    • I would believe so by default unless somebody goes out of their way to block.

      So that means that Sony will if they want to keep their streak of terrible decisions the past few months.

    • Lol, yeah, wouldn’t count on it. Also, isn’t that only the case for the digital version? -_-

  • The only games on the list that interest me are Overcooked and Hitman 2.

  • Ps now games where?
    Another disappointing month i am sure

    • PS Now just gave us Red Dead 2, Nioh 2, God of War, Nier, Tokyo Olympics, and more. Wtf? That was a sick month.

  • Meh… And why the 7th?! Really obsessed with those Tuesdays aren’t you?

  • Overcooked is definitely not for me but the other two are. Tried the Predator: Hunting Grounds beta and thought it would be a perfect PS Plus game. So I held off on buying and here we are. Always enjoyed the Hitman series and actually got the Reboot already through PS Plus awhile back. Good Month IMO while August 2021 was quite possibly the worst ever.

  • At this point I suspect they leak on purpose so we can prepare for disappointment… This is horrible again since I already own Hitman 2. I actually liked a lot of the PS5 offerings so far (except this, last one and worms) so finally got some games out of it but rarely played online, and now that the games are getting worse and I’d contemplate dropping my subscription for that, I need my online for Battlefield 2040 coming in. This is what I hate about PS+. Stop combining online costs with PS+ rental/lease service and give me the choice to pay for what I need instead of a combination of things that only includes one thing I need. This makes me feel like a man who needs to buy a years worth of tampons just to buy or pay for the thing I actually need -_- I want the option to quit PS+ when the games get bad, but still have the option to pay and play online. Tired of being forced to support this service just for the chance of having something as basic as online gaming!! ><

  • This month is seem excellent choice. Can’t wait to download predator.

  • This month is so weak… Overcooked 2 is on Now, so was Hitman 2 for a while last year. Do better guys, geez…


  • Backlog month again.

  • Why did overcooked had to be ps5 only?

  • Just a quick question about the Blog;

    When are you guys going to update the main page, you guys are still linking to PlayStation Now July games as the latest PlayStation Now blog post… What ever happened to the PlayStation Now August blog post? Wasn’t it properly tagged as being a PlayStation Now post?

    I know people on this blog never reply, but hopefully someone reads this and rectifies this.

  • Overcooked gets frantic, not good for the blood pressure.

  • Nice lineup :D

  • Typo…July should say August

  • Not a good line up. Need to have extra options if people own one or more of the games because i own both Hitman and predator so i get left out this month like about the past 6 months

  • Ps plus games are very trash , just look Xbox game pass and look ps plus games , I’m big fan of ps but we can not close our eyes I have very very bad feel

    • PS Now its Playstations version of Gamepass. Not PS Plus.

    • Game Pass was trash for the majority of the year before everyone’s beloved niche flight simulator came. The last big game before that was the abhorrent and low quality Outriders.

      PSNow is the competing service and this month was Red Dead 2, Nioh 2, God of War, Nier, Tokyo Olympics, and more. Get your facts straight.

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m moving to Series X + Gamepass. Also, I got to play some xbox exclusives I missed out this years of playstation… And, just maybe, I get back when TLOU 3 launches.

  • Not bad for September. I’ll add them to my collection.

  • is sony going to give away hitman 2 for play at home

  • Do anyone know is grid from ps4 getting anymore update

  • Hitman 2 is awesome

    • And we download The Hitman 3 trial and essentially import Hitman 2 into the new engine and essentially we have a PS5 game. You’re welcome.

  • Meh skip, guess they’re on a crappy trend for now. It’ll probably pick up during the holiday season hopefully

  • Could we get a confirmation if Hitman 2 (PSPlus version) levels will be importable in Hitman 3 (like all the other version of Hitman 2) or the PSPlus version will not allow import into Hitman 3?

    • It should absolutely allow it which means if you have Hitman 1 from PS Plus, you will now have Hitman 1 and 2 essentially upgraded in the new engine as PS5 games.

    • It is a Square Enix game.

      The company that spent extra effort blocking PS5 upgrades of FFVII and made a special no DLC version of Tomb Raider just for PS+.

      So, it seems kind of likely they’ll do something similar again.

    • @ MiseryPrincess – I agree square sucks but get your facts straight Mrs.Misery.The 1st Hitman of PS4 was a square game…since Hitman 2 the game has been made and published by IO,square has nothing to do with it anymore.

  • Overcook is trashed in boring Hitman is not my cup of tea stealth games always put me to sleep in the Predator game is terrible giving for 9 or 19 in store doesn’t really Inspire us to have a good month

    • Predator has improved dramatically since launch and it’s basically a new game. They continue to update and add free content as well. So it’s a nice game to own because it’s always changing and improving.

    • Oh freaking please, you can’t retrofit a broken design and suddenly make it into something worth playing. Get real.

  • Oh wow, a single player game and one I’m willing to play! Better than last month at least.

  • Meets my low expectations…

  • If it bleeds, we can kill it…

  • I live this line up and can’t wait to play overcooked with my lil brother but why do they always make the lineups so late. They should release them on day 1 of September

    • Yh ik it’s been like that for years but wish it just releases on the first of every month and the games form the months before go away on the first iswell.

  • You suck, Sony.

  • Am i the only one annoyed that i cant type in my birthday versus scrolling a thousand months to see the trailer video. Omg. Qol issue right there.

  • Not a bad month

  • Good month! Thanks!

  • Is predator is a very good game to play

  • Happy to see that my moving to Series X + Gamepass was not wrong.

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