Become the fearsome Cleopatra with this month’s new additions to Predator: Hunting Grounds

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Become the fearsome Cleopatra with this month’s new additions to Predator: Hunting Grounds

Fireteam bots, lore tapes, weapons, and more arrive today.

Previously, we shared our roadmap and the time has come to share details for August. We are excited to bring both a Paid DLC and a Free Update to the community this month. Cleopatra joins the powerful Yautja race for this month’s Paid DLC character, bringing with her a passion of collecting trophies from only the most worthy. In this month’s Free Update, Isabelle’s tapes can now be unlocked and friendly Fireteam Bots join the battle in the jungle.

While encounters with Predator females have been rare, Predators of Cleopatra’s prowess are rarer still. As the only Predator to defeat Dutch in combat, she’s also the only Predator known to spare an armed opponent. Was it mercy or a threat? Perhaps it was just professional courtesy from one hunter to another. Do you have what it takes to step into this powerful Yautja’s shoes or will you be worthy of going toe-to-toe with her in the jungle? Cleopatra brings with her a special skin for the smart disc. By purchasing this DLC you will get early access to this new weapon skin variant.

This month’s Free Update brings the NRV-E (Unlock at Level 100) to all players. In addition, we are expanding the lore of the universe again with additional tapes. Have you wondered what Isabelle has been up to, where she has been, or how she got back to earth? There are now four level unlocked tapes featuring Isabelle telling her story (Unlocks at 1, 10, 20, 40). The community has been asking and we have been hard at work on it, we are so excited to bring friendly Fireteam Bots to the jungle. These Fireteam Bot members will fight alongside you in the jungle. They’ll also play a support role throwing ammo and health packs when you’re low; They’ll revive you if you’re downed; and if you are killed you can take over an Bot with your loadout. Now you never have to enter the jungle alone!

We have heard the requests for more Yautja and modes, and while we can’t share any details yet – be sure to keep an eye on our social media handles and forums! We have more in store in the months ahead and we cannot wait to share more information with you.

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