Dying Light 2 Stay Human: how parkour and creative combat fuel the action

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human: how parkour and creative combat fuel the action

Discover how the two core mechanics intertwine to shape your experience in the open world.

How do you stay alive in a world that devolved into Modern Dark Ages? You need your skills, your weapons and your wits. Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s parkour and creative combat mechanics let you combine the three to outsmart and outpower your foes.

Let’s start with parkour. It’s the basis of your survival in The City. Here, a stark raving mad Infected can lurk behind every corner, and the streets are full of hostile goons. You need to be quick on your feet to surprise or outrun them. Being able to jump between roofs, swing on monkey bars, or even grapple-hook to an elevated position is a life-saver. Literally! Besides, if you want to find any supplies, your best chance is to check all the places that are hard to reach.

And yes, you do get a grapple hook! As well as a paraglider and a bunch of other useful tools. These will change the way you move around and open up a whole lot of new tactics. This is especially important since The City is a sprawling, rich, vertically layered environment. It’s full of alternate routes to explore.

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, parkouring is what they call ‘easy to learn, hard to master’. It always feels engaging, fluid and natural. To ensure this, we have created thousands of animations and countless environmental elements to interact with. As a result, parkour is like a yin to creative combat’s yang. And speaking of combat…

The way you approach enemies will depend on the faction you side with, the weapons you prefer, the threat you face, and your current location. The variety of possibilities at any given time lets you truly find your own style of playing. However, you won’t be the dominating power on the battlefield. The enemies pose a serious threat, and they have their own quirks or tactics. The Infected are mostly simple brutes, dangerous in packs, but the humans are even worse. They rarely wander alone. depending on group tactics instead.

How your enemies behave also differs depending on the weapons they carry. We made sure the arsenal fits into the concept of Modern Dark Ages, with focus on makeshift and modified items. A single glance is enough to tell if your enemy wields something made out of spare parts, found in a museum, or looted from a wrecked military vehicle. But you can fight back! Especially if you take the time to upgrade your weapon. You can mod it to add durability or a special effect such as fire, poison or freezing.

Living to see another day sure is a challenge in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. But you’re a survivor. Stay frosty and you’ll do just fine. Find out for yourself when the game launches, on December 7!

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  • Looks like the game is shaping up to be a worthy sequel.

    How about a patch for the original game to enable 60fps on PS5?

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    i pre orderd ultimate edition psn
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  • We’re gonna need a lengthy demo.

    We’ve heard reports that working for Techland is somewhat a disaster. The founder had his wife hired as an interior designer; now, all-of-a-sudden, she’s head of HR. And Marchevka just keeps putting up the typical excuses that no one believes, like, Oh, no, that’s not the way we do things. Yah, obviously it is.

  • Very excited to play this game. Hope I can get a PS5 in time to enjoy it in all it’s glory.

  • From as much as I’ve seen of this game, and I’ve been watching it for some time now, it looks like it’s gonna be amazing and a good predecessor to the first one. Protagonist is bad-@ss, enemies are wicked, and story and gameplay is immersive. Definitely want to get it for the PS5 though.

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