Rebooted Saints Row announced for PS5 and PS4, out next year

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Rebooted Saints Row announced for PS5 and PS4, out next year

New setting, new characters, and new tone as you journey to Santo Ileso.

Deep Silver are delighted to announce that Saints Row is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 25, 2022. 

Developed by Deep Silver Volition, Saints Row is a complete reboot and features a brand new setting, brand new characters and a brand new tone, all refreshed for today’s gamer. Saints Row is set in Santo Ileso, a vibrant fictional city in the American Southwest and one of the most varied and diverse city locations ever built for a Saints Row game. 

Rebooted Saints Row announced for PS5 and PS4, out next year

Three friends join you on your incredible journey to become self made. Neenah, the driver and mechanic with Los Panteros, Kevin who is a DJ and a member of The Idols, and Eli who came to Santo Ileso to make his fortune as an entrepreneur. You play as The Boss and get to decide who you want to be, while building your very own criminal empire. 

Along the way you must take on three brutal enemy factions who currently control Santo Ileso: Los Panteros are the muscle and the power, The Idols are motivated by fame and notoriety, and Marshall Defense Technologies are a private military conglomerate. 

Players will be able to enjoy seamless and untethered two-player co-op together, whether they’re playing on the PS4 or PS5.  In terms of PS5 specifics, we’re implementing features for next-generation consoles and can’t wait to divulge details closer to the launch of the game. 

Saints Row will release on PS5 and PS4 on February 25, 2022. 

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  • This looks fun

    • This looks bad. I’m a fan of Volition and Nordic but I just can’t go for this. I thought agents of mayhem was a bit underappreciated and I’d rather see something more akin to that rather than the fortnite reboot of saints row. The visuals look early PS4 as well.

    • @iantylerdurden1 you have terrible taste. No need to publicly announce it, dude.

  • Horrible woke character design lol this looks like watchdogs 4

  • Reboots need to GTFO

    • Exactly. Make something new, and quit making these cash grabs. I sincerely hope they don’t make money from this.

  • #NotMySaintsRow

  • I’m sorry but these new characters have NOTHING on the OGs! Bring back the squad!

    • I agree. The OGs are always going to be something that can’t or shouldn’t be taken away from this game alone. They definitely take the cake on this subject.

  • Yesssssss! Im sure it’s gonna be amazing.

    Sad to see the negative comments but I can’t… This was a bad marketing decision that’s all. I’m really not sure why you would make a fully CG trailer with no gameplay when it comes out so soon. Nobody’s ever been hyped about a CG trailer that they knew contained no gameplay and it’s kind of a red flag, and you do have something to prove after Agents of Mahem. Really need to show gameplay to get the masses excited, I think.

    Still though im sure I’m hyped for a new game and I know I’m gonna sink a ton of time into it. Wonder if there’s gonna be a GTA Online type thing

  • I really like this game.
    I’m very excited.

  • For God’s sake, is this where the money of SR3 remastered went instead of a SR1/SR2 remake?.. I mean the character design and setting says it all…

  • Look amazing. Can’t wait to see more trailers

  • looks like fortnite

  • I am ready to be SELF MADE, SAINTS ROW B******

  • I highly think that the developers of Saints Row should reconsider using or somehow have some sort of interaction with the old characters meeting the new characters to show gamers that it is authentic in its game altogether.

  • It’s a completely new game they need remaster 1 and 2 lnstead saints rows went down hill after 3

  • My honest opinion the characters in the one picture look like emo teens fresh out of year 7

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