Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18, 2022

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Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18, 2022

The long-awaited sequel gets a release date, pre-orders start soon, and the much-requested 60fps patch for Horizon Zero Dawn is now live!

It’s been a few months since we shared the first Horizon Forbidden West gameplay experience during State of Play, where we showed you a glimpse of where Aloy’s journey will take her next and showcased exciting new elements like swimming, free climbing, expanded melee combat, and more.

At that time, Horizon Forbidden West had just passed a major milestone and we had entered the final stage of development; on track, but a bit uncertain if we’d be able to polish the game to the level of quality we strive for.

It’s no surprise that our teams were hugely impacted by the global pandemic; we have been adjusting to new workflows, protocols, and other challenges, while keeping our teams safe and prioritizing a healthy work/life balance.

Today we are delighted to confirm that our long-awaited sequel is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18, 2022. Pre-orders start on September 2, 2021, so look out for more information on that next week.

While the decision to move the game’s launch to 2022 certainly wasn’t easy, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our fans for their unwavering support; we know how much you’ve been looking forward to reuniting with Aloy and her friends, continuing her story, and exploring a new and more dangerous world. Your passion, fan art, cosplay, virtual photography, and videos have meant the world to all of us.

To that end, we know our community has been asking for an Enhanced Performance Patch for Horizon Zero Dawn played on PlayStation 5. That patch is NOW LIVE, letting PS5 players enjoy a targeted 60 FPS as a free update! If you already have a copy, this will be automatically updated, or for any first timers to Horizon, you can find it via the Horizon Zero Dawn product page or on our social channels.

We will have more information to come in the following months, and look forward to seeing  you soon in the Forbidden West…

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  • Yeah we already knew it was being delayed. Thank you for the 60FPS patch on PS5 finally though.

  • Please Add a collector edition for Horizon Forbidden West

  • Thanks for Horizon Zero Dawn 60FPS!

  • Collectors Edition? Has to be a reason you’re making a big deal about the 2nd.

  • You just lost the GOTY 2021 award!

  • Thanks for the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn that wasted 7 months of Guerilla’s time, from June 2020 to January 2021 (look it up, its true), and no doubt contributed to this brand new game’s delay.

    Thanks for also waiting a whole month to confirm this delay we all already knew about.

    And I’m so happy that the director at Gamescom was able to give us this “exciting news about our upcoming sequel” lol. ????????????????????

    I’m preorderng nothing Sony. I’ve just about had enough off all the TERRIBLE decisions the past year since the top great brass left. I have to ask again, WHAT ARE YOU DOING????? Who is making all these awful decisions time and time again????

    • Why are you upset about a delay on one game you’ll play for a few weeks or month or so and probably never touch again like most of the other 600+ games on your profile? It’s just a game delay, not the end of the world.

    • Almost every blog post you’re complaining. Just enjoy the games that are available. There are a lot thanks to the decision of the current PlayStation leadership. I rather have them have a good work life Balance and play the game 4 months later then a crunsh game.

      Also statistically the quality and quantity of games on ps5 year 1 have been so much more and better than when I compare my first years with ps4 and PS3. That’s all that Matters and Sony did and is doing great. Just check last week charts. Top 1,2 and 3 sales in UK for example were first party games with a relative big margin. People support the current PlayStation eco system like never before. Stop freaking out about these mundane things and again enjoy what is available on whatever system you have.

    • @Virtua_Vince Look at the last time I played Horizon Zero Dawn, since you are stalking me.

      Yeah, maybe don’t comment next time then mate.

      @elazz Its not every blog post. Its only since there are real answers that Sony needs to be giving us the past few months………. such as, “is Horizon Forbidden West delayed”, like we have been asking the past 5 weeks.

      And the first year of PS3 was VASTLY superior. Resistance, Motorstorm, Warhawk (would have beat all the current big online and battle royale stuff today if people opened their eyes and saw what it was), Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction Uncharted…… to name a few and none of these games were lazy ports of older games already released.

      Give me something that Jim Ryan has done that is worth thanking him for over anything Jack Tretton or Shawn Layden has done for Playstation, yeah, that’s what I thought.

    • Look, I don’t mind constructive feedback but the way you write your complaints with many assumptions is just getting annoying that it defeats the purpose of what you want to convey.

      I can argue that Miles Morales, Demon Souls, Returnal and Rift Apart match or exceed the quality of the first party PS3 games. Let alone all the enhancements and third party games that release in far better states than what it used to be at launch for PS3. And if Sony did better with PS5 than with PS4 they have improved over PS4 management.

    • They’ve also gave pc players full configs and bug fixes to make the game run better, yet it took them nearly 8 months for them to make a simple 60 fps patch on ps5. It’s only gonna get worse now that they have a full own studio for making pc ports. If the uc4 pc rumor is true, then that means it will probably take them a year before they make a 60 fps for the ps5, yet pc players get to play it fully maxed out and everything a year early.

    • Forgot to add that they’re most likely gonna charge us an extra $10 for a upgraded patch aswell lol

    • If you think it took every single developer at GG to Port HZD to PC then you are naive. Hundreds of people work at the studio, only a fraction of those people were working on the port. A small, dedicated team handled it. The impact on Forbidden West was minimal. They hired a studio to do these ports from now on.

      This is exciting news. It’s one of the most anticipated games in the next 6 months and a free PS5 patch is great.

      It’s awful to give one of their biggest releases of all-time a couple extra months to ensure it’s polished? Especially when no exact release date was ever even given? Giving developers the time they need to release the quality product we deserve has always been a staple of Sony regardless of the brass. This is status quo.

      If anything, Sony first party has proven to me that pre-ordering is a decision I can make in confidence considering their output this generation. Returnal, Miles, Demon’s Souls (2nd party), R&C have all been worth the price of admission and very good to great games.

      Since Jim Ryan took over they signed Insomniac games, Housemarque, Nixxes, and are rumored to sign Blue Point. 2020 was one of the most successful release schedules in the history of modern day consoles. 2019 and 2020 saw Sony win back-to-back consensus Game of the Year awards. The PS5 has been the fastest selling console of all time, the dual sense is a revelation, and the SSD has already been proven to be a game changer. Even with the delays Sony has supported the new generation console with a multitude of great exclusives ranging from first to third party. And despite all of the propaganda over Sony being done with VR, they continue to support the platform aggressively and of course Jim Ryan’s announcements of the incredible looking psvr 2 proves their commitment.

      I’ve been extremely happy with most of the decisions made over the past couple years and I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with the immaculate game output during that same period.
      From TLOU2 to Ghost of Sushi, FFVII, Returnal, Nioh 2, Death Stranding, Demon’s Souls, Miles M, GG Strive, Hitman VR, and R&C. And that’s just a few. I couldn’t be happier with the platform. The only decision that truly bothered me was the reorganization of Japan Studios, but I at least understand the move and I suspect the money that was saved was redistributed in order to acquire some of these Studios.

      It’s unfortunate that you are salty, but pay less attention to the headlines and more attention to what’s actually in my living room. A console that outperforms its specs, true innovation, and an emphasis on great games year-round. I’ll take that over underperforming specs, few innovations, and a game service. I personally think that Sony has been steamrolling the competition for the past 2 years. I am an extremely happy PSVR, PS4, PS5 owner. Returnal is one of my top 10 favorite games of all time and Ratchet & Clank is the most next gen experience I’ve had. And we got these games back to back. I’m not sure what you are complaining about, but it’s probably time for you to take your talents elsewhere and invest in a new gaming ecosystem.

    • There are many of us who have impulse control, and we do not buy day 1, digital, and $70. Sales are inevitably quick to arrive. Goat head ‘N spend your money.

    • I dont think ANY of your points are valid. All you want to do is complain for no reason. Its a game delay. Name a game that hasnt had at least 1 delay. It happens now. Companies are trying to avoid grinds as they come under scrutiny for it. So quit bitching and grow pair.

    • Wow


      So much for making it out like I am the only one complaining folks.
      350 comments and over 95% are negative and Sony/Jim Ryan still won’t address our BIGGEST issue with the missing disc from the Collector Editions.

      But it must be just me that is getting frustrated with Sony and their tone deaf decisions of late, right lol?

      If you didn’t have any problems the last few months, like with the terrible decisions involving Ghost of Tsushima on PS5, you are the reason why Sony tried to go even further with their greed by not speaking out then.

      THIS is why I have been complaining the last few months on here @elazz. You must not know what I’m talking about though, you and @virtua_vince stayed pretty silent throughout it all. Its clear you only like to talk when only commenting about how someone else says something or speaks out.

  • Now i’ll go finish Horizon 1 starting today lol. I was literally waiting and just told a friend yesterday that I expect an announcement of a 60fps patch with the release date, if not I’ll go finish it at 30. Nice

  • That sucks, no games is interesting this fall for me and february is close to elden ring

    • Have you seen Kena?


      Death Stranding DC?


      Ghost of Tsushima DC/new Legends content?

      Tribes of Midgard?


      Yes, a ton of games were delayed both first and third party, but there are still some interesting exclusive releases that have just popped or are coming this fall. And ofc Returnal, Fracked, R&C, Intergrade, and GG Strive released not too long ago.

    • I didn’t expect Sony to drop anything this year so no surprise here. They have a tendency to drop games Feb-May-ish, though, there are obviously exceptions.

      For me it does appear to be a pretty lackluster finale to the year based off current pre-order & known release dates. Sure there are a few games I’m looking forward to but I definitely expected a little more; not much, though. Regardless, I don’t much care. This just gives me more time to play more older games in between those new drops. Between Switch drops, PS drops and games I want to play I’ll be busy af.

    • Check out New World on PC, launching Sep. 28. I think most people will be playing that.

    • Open beta, Sep. 9 – 12th.

    • i dont replay games. (Death stranding and ghost of tsushima are out). Returnal was very good. Others are not interesting for me except maybe kena.

  • Where is the Horizon Zero Dawn update to 4K (3840×2160) or will it continue in 1440p?

    You wasted time with the PC and now postponed the game

    Jim Ryan Mercenary Liar Traitor

    • Exactly, this was confirmed last January in their PC patch update for HZD on their blog but then they quickly removed the part where they said they are finally going full steam into Horizon Forbidden West development……. pretty much confirming that they weren’t before.

    • Sad but true. The resources spent on PC ports is to the detriment of long-time PlayStation fans… but not to the profits of Sony. But you don’t see Nintendo releasing PC ports.

  • please add a Knack armor skin for Aloy to wear

  • That’s cool, but it’s just better wait for the PC version, since you all are so committed with that platform.

    • I’m not waiting a couple years to play this and I’m not a PC gamer either. If that’s what you want to do, good for you then.

    • Obviously Sony has intentions to continue releasing ports to PC, but don’t exaggerate the situation. We are very far from seeing day and date on major first party games and the mass majority of Horizon fans are not going to wait years to play one of the more anticipated games in PlayStation history. You can have fun sitting on your hands hoping for an announcement over the next couple years while the rest of us enjoy Aloy’s journey to the West on our 60in, 4K/HDRs. Will the PC version even match the 3D audio and DualSense implementation 1:1? Considering those are hardware related/accelerated.

      You remind me of the Bloodborne port beggars or the Demon’s Souls PC/PS4 parrots. How did those turn out? Worth the wait?

      If Sony is as committed to PC as you say, then maybe we all should have just waited to play Returnal and Ratchet & Clank. Maybe Demon’s Souls Remake? Maybe Miles Morales? Perhaps would shouldn’t have played The Last of Us II? Maybe we just shouldn’t buy any games on PlayStation and instead take your advice. Let our PlayStation 5’s collect dust while we sit on our hands begging Sony to release these PC ports that are apparently so imminent. Great advice 👌.

    • Some of us have very busy work and family lives. Why buy games overpriced day 1 on PS5 when we can just wait for the better PC version for a cheaper price later on? And don’t get me started on how large our backlogs are.

    • @
      iamtylerdurden1 That might not be a bad idea actually. MIght make them realise that pc ports hurt their console and game sales on their own platform

    • True. When your PC cost about 3k to build, you’re gonna wanna use it.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 yeah and let’s make sony realize that they’re the ones that’s gonna tarnish their franchises and brand by releasing their games onto PC and potentially lose out on hardware sales.
      Sure the wait is long, but why should I spend $70 now when the game could come out on PC for the complete edition for $50 or even better, you could easily pirate those games since it’s DRM-free. Sony has become complacent these couple of months ever since they’ve announced the PS5. They haven’t realize their damage around the ps3 era and is starting the cycle again. They’ve removed themes on ps5, communities, party chats are isolated now, no folders, you get banned easily for the smallest things, no ps home 2, paid ps5 upgrades, putting exclusives onto pc, increased price in games, and more.
      Sony should’ve stayed strict on their exclusives like Nintendo does so that their name and flagship will be known for the playstation brand. Now that brand will be tarnished now because Sony decided that they wanted to kill their franchises with doing pc ports.

    • I highly doubt this will be on PC any time soon. Honestly it isn’t better to wait.

      You’re not going to get much of a technology improvement over a PS5 in 2 years (assuming it even releases by then). You’re forced into using Steam and going digital. You run the risk of having the game spoiled for you. That isn’t even getting into FOMO for those that is a problem. So hard pass on PC. I say that as someone with a RTX 3090.

    • The so called PlayStation gamers defending PC ports are definitely PC gamers in disguise, I wonder how much Jim Ryan and Hulst are being paid by Valve and MS.

      Funny how they are attacking everyone here when mentioned PC version, defending frickin Jim Ryan and Hulst. If you are happy paying an expensive version, also pay to play multiplayer and meanwhile PC gamers receive a better version after some time, good for you then. And yeah, actually it’s a great advice to wait for the PC version with so many games coming next year.

    • @Kaze

      Do you even have a 3090? It is way more powerful than PS5’s GPU. Look up the stats. I have a 3080 and can tell it’s more powerful.

    • @Diego…and others

      First, Diego doesn’t even have a gaming PC. This is a guy who buys Sony games day 1 all the time. He owns a PS5, he buys many games at launch. Don’t be fooled. For whatever reason he’s jumping on the bandwagon here and acting like we shouldn’t buy Forbidden West because HZD had a port 3.5 years after release. No PC, buys Sony games at launch routinely. 🤔

      I find it hilarious how some of you automatically assume that a PC version is imminent. It’s not. You guys act like this is standard now. How many first party games have been ported to PC? Two? HZD & Days Gone? You sound like fools assuming this game will arrive on PC shortly after PS5. Still waiting on that Demon’s Souls port that everyone knew was coming. It’s been over 9 months since release and not a peep about it.


      Ofc a 3090 is vastly more powerful than the GPU in PS5. It’s arguably the most impressive GPU on the market and it can cost upwards of $2,000. But what percentage of gamers have an RTX 3090? Truth is, Forbidden West will run 4k/60 and include RT in some capacity on PS5. It’ll have 3D audio supported by PS5s Tempest engine, haptics/adaptive triggers, and unusually fast loading and seamless transitions due to the SSD/IO. Built in game guides, share play, and activity cards will also be featured on PS5. Now, what type of improvement can the average PC gamer expect IF Forbidden West were to arrive on PC in the next year or two? That depends largely on your hardware and it also is dependent upon what the developers who are doing this fictional Port decide to focus on. For the average gaming PC, I’m not sure the experience will be all that Superior. Perhaps if DLSS is supported, which it wasn’t on HZD. Perhaps a true native 4K resolution? Wider FOV? Even though PS5 is merely 10.2tf the optimization of a closed system allows it to punch well above weight. The average PC won’t have a dramatic advantage in terms of gaming performance, just a few more options.

      The only ppl who will see a dramatic advantage over the PS5 version would be those with an above average to beastly PC. Perhaps better RT if your card allows it? 120fps? The difference between HZD on PS4 compared to PC will be far greater than Forbidden West PS5-PC. The PS4 was 1.84tf. even Pro was only 4 Teraflops running an old jaguar CPU. The port came only a year ago. The average PC destroyed even the PS4 Pro. Ofc PC would have a stark advantage almost across the board.

      The PS5 is 10.2tf with a respectable Zen 2 CPU, 5.5gb/s raw NVMe SSD, and 16gb of relatively fast memory. For the majority of PC gamers The divide in specs won’t be as dramatic as we’ve seen in the past and a theoretical port wouldn’t gain nearly as much as people would like to believe. In certain areas that deal with proprietary technology you might even expect worse performance. SSD to name one. So for the people claiming you should wait for a fictional PC version, you would first have to have a very impressive PC to even notice a massive difference. Second, the game would now be old and much of it possibly spoiled for you. Third, with the potential price decrease for a PC version it would probably still be more expensive than purchasing it on PS5 at the same time. A 1-3 year old console game is arguably going to be half the price it was at launch, if not cheaper due to sales or the secondary market. By the time HZD released on PC for I think it was $50? The game was $20 brand new with all DLC included on PS4. Subsequently it was given away free to all PlayStation owners.

      I just think it’s silly, especially if you have a brand new PlayStation 5, to wait for some fictional PC version. You would need a powerful PC for it to even be worthwhile, plus, it’s no guarantee that it’s even coming. If you own a PS5 and you love the original, you are a fool to sit on your hands waiting for some non-existent PC port. What’s the point of even owning a PlayStation 5 if you aren’t going to play the flagship games that come out for it? If you aren’t interested in the game I understand, but if you loved Zero Dawn and you are in this odd “wait for PC camp” I think you should just sell your PS5 because what’s the point? It’s a new cutting Edge console and you aren’t going to play the biggest, baddest games, of which you are interested in?

      I have honestly lost faith in humanity.

    • Durd, Isn’t that what I said? Dude was trying to say there was hardly an improvement from “his” imaginary 3090 compared to PS5.
      Do you even read the comments?
      You might be needing a vacation from this blog.

  • Wow, Thank you so much for the 60fps patch!

  • Kinda figured it wasn’t going to release this year when there wasn’t a targeted release window announced during the State of Play for the game a while back.

    Interested to see what the Collectors Edition will come with. I haven’t preordered a game in many years, but if I do it will be for the CE of this game.

  • Kudos to guerilla for basically sticking to their promised timeline amidst all the chaos! I thought this’ll be Sony’s Christmas flagship, but its pretty close.
    Thanks for 60FPS patch too.

  • No one’s surprised

  • That’s an L. No more games for the rest of this year.

    • off the top of my head these games have PlayStation exclusivity later on this year.

      Death Stranding Director’s Cut

      There are more as well. Don’t act like there is nothing. Plus, we already received a multitude of great games this year and since PS5 launch. Certainly dominating the competition in this regard. Unless you only care about games a few months of the year? I personally enjoy games year-round and Returnal, R&C, GG Strive, Demon’s Souls, Miles Morales, Hitman VR, Bugsnax, The Pathless, Sackboy, and even Ghost DC & Tribes have all hit the mark.

    • Big Fat L

    • You are indeed.

    • I already have those games you listed. Not interested in Jett. Director’s Cut is hardly a new game. Kena is interesting but not holding my breath because it keeps getting delayed.

    • Not being funny, Tyler, but have you thought that the games you keep listing are ones the OP isn’t interested in? Hence why they said there is no new games they want for the rest of the year?

  • My wife have been waiting for this moment.Yayy Aloy

  • Horizon Zero Dawn
    RX 5700 XT – RDNA 1 – 9.75 TFLOPs = 4K (3840×2160)

    PS5 – RDNA 2 – 10.2 TFLOPs = 1440p

    Jim Ryan and Hermen Hulst you are a disgrace to our community

    • The game is working through backwards compatible, meaning it doesn’t have access for the entire capabilities of the console.
      Those things are much more complicated than you think they are.

      Even if it has, then by your math the game won’t be 4K native at 60 fps because the 5700`XT doesn’t do that as well. Although, I believe it’s possible myself but require more work than you think.

      The game looks great already, the 60 fps is much more meaningful then bump to resolution for the bragging rights.

      Also, did you really just call them a “disgrace to our community”? Your nitpicking on stuff like that are a disgrace and a waste of time for yourself and unfortunately now for me as well because I wrote this comment.

    • You are a disgrace. If this page had a moderator you would have been kicked months ago. All you do is spam the same trolling rhetoric over and over again.

      The difference between those two versions is on PC it was what $50?

      But on PlayStation the game and update were/are free. That’s the difference. Free. Enjoy your free product.

      And I love the Jim Ryan hate without acknowledging all of the successful practices. People just ignore the fact that he signed Insomniac, Housemarque, and probably Bluepoint. Everybody said Jim Ryan didn’t care about VR. Then, he does nothing but continue to support the platform and announce the incredible looking psvr 2 and new controller. He also launched the fastest selling console of all time and has continued to support the new generation hardware with quality exclusives from the jump. PS5 has continued to outperform its specs, the DualSense is a revelation, and the SSD has already proven people wrong. Nobody is supporting 3D audio as vigorously.

      Jim Ryan and big Herm Just certainly have not been perfect, but they certainly continue to provide a superior product and have made some great decisions regarding the future of the brand. I don’t love every decision, but I am extremely happy with the product over the past couple years and that’s much more important than sensationalist headlines.

    • It’s running in back compat mode. Has no where near the full GPU power.

    • Tyler is a disgrace to the PS community. Most of us are here because of our passion for PS, and all we want is the best for PS. Then, you have Tyler, who seems to accept any and all decisions that the awful Jim makes. We need less PS gamers like him.

  • YESSSSSS I Loved the first game hopefully this will be even better can’t wait to pre order my PS5 copy!!!

  • Looking forward to playing Forbidden West when it’s ready, and replaying Zero Dawn before it with the new 60 fps, thank you for this update.

  • Hi. The Dualshock needs tighter analog sticks, they are currently too loose. The time it takes to go from 1 o’clock to 7 o’clock on either analog is not as responsive as it could be. Thanks for reading.

  • Now let’s get Bloodborne to have a 60fps patch!

  • You’ve guys almost had me there for a second. I thought you was gonna charge us $10 for an upgrade and bundle it with hfw and make it a deluxe

    • But if the game included a free added on multiplayer mode that’s essentially worth $20 and continues to receive free content updates and support, and if the game was microtransaction free, I wouldn’t see as much of an issue if they asked for $10…

      Sucker Punch has earned every bit of that $10 upgrade price and then some. GoT was not only a great and robust product, but the sheer fact that Legends is such a meaty, high quality mode that continues to receive free support with zero micro transactions and no asking price more than makes up for a $10 upgrade price.

      The fact that Legends has a $20 standalone price is all the proof right there. It’s not free to continuously develop for a service based multiplayer mode. Especially when you aren’t making up for development costs through microtransactions. Especially when the entire game is free of any microtransactions. People are way off on this one and I was proud to purchase the director’s cut upgrade and support sucker punches phenomenal continued work. If ghost didn’t have Legends mode and if the game was riddled with microtransactions I would be the first one waiving the Pitchfork.

    • Lmao I’m really excited for Forbidden West but I would quite honestly not buy it until it’s real cheap or used just out of pure spite if they did that again. That was unbelievable

    • I don’t mind having to pay for the PS5 upgrades and Iki Island on that console again.

      It’s the PS4 ‘upgrade’ that confused me, although it’s the price of a small DLC. They didn’t need to have it as an DC if it didn’t upgrade for free on PS5. They could have just released Iki as DLC on PS4 if it was going to be a paid for upgrade to PS5 anyway.

  • Any chance of Aloy’s face being reworked/ improved for the better before release as we clearly weren’t happy with how she looked during the game’s gameplay reveal a few months ago?

    Thanks 😊

  • Just started a new game on PS5 to experience the original in (hopefully) silky smooth 60FPS, and I’ve had multiple cinematic sequences (e.g the training montage from kid to grown up) completely lose all audio. After the cinematic sequences have finished and goes back to normal gameplay, the audio comes back on. Please fix Guerilla as I don’t like one step forwards two steps back!

  • I’m a pc gamer and I will buy this again when it does release for the pc. I’m going to buy it for the PS5 when PlayStation 5’s become more readily available.

  • GYRO support on PS4 and PS5 or NO BUY!

  • Finally 60fps, probably more exited about that than the sequel, which I probably wouldn’t have touched before finishing the first. Tried playing it 30fps on my LG CX and it looked horribly choppy (as most 30fps games do, but this one takes the cake) on both PS4 pro and PS5 performance mode. Looked great on my previous Sony Full HD though. Going to try this as soon as I’ve finished my current game and get working on finishing it.

  • pre orders? lol no i will buy it used you can profit from pc port 🤡

    • Yikes.

      So you aren’t going to support a great developer and a potentially great product for your brand new next-gen console because they ported a three and a half year old game in 2020?

  • Thanks for the HZD PS5 patch! I’ve been asking for it a lot on Twitter! 😂
    This is the attitude that is expected from a company that respects and appreciates its customers!
    Thank very much! ❤

  • Yeah . Thank you

    I can not wait to play .I will definitely buy the game.
    The game is excellent

  • a few questions about the update to Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5, 1. originally it had two modes, resolution at 4k checkerboard and performance at 1368p native with better graphics, this PS5 mode has the better graphics from the performance mode?
    2. there are many reports and videos of the game having massive popin, the whole city of meridian poping in on PS5 now, a common problem with PS4 games in BC on PS5, in the patch note it says that the streaming issues on PS5 were fixed, but clearly, it still has streaming issues, will those be fixed?
    3. Shadow Of The Colossus also has texture streaming issues on PS5 BC, can you guys update that game to be 60fps in the 4k mode and fix the texture streaming issues also?

  • Excellent job for patching 60 FPS Horizon Zero Dawn. I rather have delayed game over rush and buggy game. So excellent choice to choose delay.

  • As long as it looks as good in PS4 as the original did I’m in.

  • you can look it up and find out, exactly what “texture streaming issue” problem it has, it’s exactly what you would imagine those words mean

  • great
    not rush
    tink about safety of you team

    saint row+ horizon same moth

    becoming a problem in the gaming industry ( all ore noting in some months )


    wait ok but
    show use somting more like a new trailer ore some spicy new tigs ;)

    • I’m confused by this statement, Saint’s Row is a Deep Silver game and nothing to do with Sony.
      What does safety have to do with two games releasing at once?

  • can’t wait for this game to come out on pc. if anyone wants a ps5 physical hit me up i’ll sell it for what i paid ($550)

    • Have fun waiting years buddy..

      LOL if you really were selling your PS5 for retail you wouldn’t have to wait very long. There’s a reason why everybody wants one.

      Not impressed with Returnal, Ratchet & Clank, Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima DC, Miles at RT60, Genshin Impact PS5 or the numerous other PS5 editions of games? Not impressed with the DualSense or SSD? Why exactly aren’t you happy with your perfectly functioning PS5?

      Considering you are offering to sell it at retail I would assume it’s fully functioning with no defects. So again, what aren’t you happy with? You seem to be the minority here as the general consensus is that PS5 is a truly great console. Or is this merely just a clever attempt at trolling?

    • Wow, dude. Leave him alone. He’s probably not happy about paying $70, and dealing with a clueless CEO. Not everyone thinks the PS5 is some holy grail. Chill out.

  • Thanks for the HZD PS5 60fps patch

  • The 15 minutes of gameplay that was shown a few months ago absolutely blew my mind. Everybody is crying about cross-gen, yet, the best looking game might end up being cross-gen.

    We’ll see if it can knock Ratchet & Clank off its perch. Some true beauties popping up on PS5.

    I would expect everyone who enjoyed Zero Dawn to go out and buy this day one to support great developers and great IP. I can absolutely guarantee that this game will look stunning on both PS4 and PS5. The Decima engine is one of the most impressive in gaming right now and GG is arguably the most impressive tech house in console gaming today. It really is a battle between Naughty Dog, GG, and Santa Monica right now. Heck, Insomniac is right there as well. Sony has some monsters under its roof. Perhaps R* and DICE are in the conversation also? It should be fun to see what this game can do on PS5 even though it’s cross-gen and not utilizing PS5 to the fullest perhaps.

    It’s funny how the weaker system on paper continues to receive the best looking games. Last generation it was PS4 Pro and 1X and now it’s PS5 versus SX and Sony still has the lookers. Good stuff.

    And the patch is long overdue, but I’ll take it. This is great day for Horizon fans.

  • Everyone at Guerrilla… thank you so much! I had forgotten just how beautiful this game is. Now playing it on PS5 at 60 FPS is incredibly enjoyable!

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  • Hey Sony, me and my Friends are waiting for a PS5 Black Edition color to buy it. Not just us but many many more are waiting for a Black edition.

    Make it happen!

    • Haha. Entitlization.

      In short, no. We will not make a black console for you and your imaginary friends.

  • This game is going to look great for PS4 even Ps5

  • This game will have a very big hit on PlayStation games and everyone waiting for it, please don’t disappoint us, and let it even better and bigger , I believe it took some effort from providers but be reasonable with prices as well, thanks for the game, we will be waiting

    • $70. If you wait a short while – as most people will – it will be on sale. Have some impulse control.

  • Will u guys add froza horizon coz I rlly love that game I think other ppl do so will u guys coz I don’t wanna get a stupid xbox ** pls let me know 😊thanks

  • The heads at PS are almost as useless as the US president. They’re so close.

  • They just can’t seem to be able to make good decisions for PS. It really does feel like their goal is to diminish the value and notoriety of the PS brand.

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  • congrats, you fell for clickbait, there is no “new” PS5, it’s a revision, PS4 had one every year too, 1000, 1100, 1200, slim 2000, 2100, 2200 etc.
    PS5 1100 revision has a better designed heat sink that is more efficient and does its job better
    as for the fan, PS5 has 3 fan suppliers, for JP, NA and EU, two have smaller blades with more of them, one has a few less blades but bigger blades, which is the best one because that’s what you want from a fan, big blades, it’s the quiter one
    you have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re just spreading lies from haters

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