Fracked gameplay tips for saving the world

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Fracked gameplay tips for saving the world

Prepare for the action-packed PS VR adventure, out August 20.

We’ve been thrilled by the incredibly positive feedback from the free public demo of Fracked which launched last month. On August 20 people can finally jump into the full Fracked experience (or from today, August 17, if you’ve pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition). So, grab your PlayStation Move controllers and get ready to take on this fast-paced action adventure, only on PlayStation VR.

Fracked launches on August 20 as both a Standard Edition ($29.99 / €24.99 / £19.99) and a Deluxe Edition ($34.99 / €29.99 / £24.99). The Deluxe Edition provides players with exclusive digital rewards such as an artbook, soundtrack, and the unique Earth Defender equipment skins for you to enjoy!

Fracked gameplay tips for saving the world

Tips to becoming the Action Hero

Fracked provides the ultimate power fantasy of stepping into the shoes of the action hero. It’s inspired by classic action cinema, made possible by video games, and enhanced by the power of VR. Take on the legions of interdimensional foes known as The Fracked, with total freedom of movement, one-to-one cover-based combat, and an arsenal of interactive and powerful weapons.

To celebrate launch week, let’s get into three key tips that’ll really help you kick crystalline butt this summer.

1. Use the environment to your advantage

Just like any great action movie, you’re outnumbered and outgunned. You’re the first line of defence. Become the action hero. Save the planet. With a varied assortment of weapons, you’ll outsmart and outmanoeuvre the enemy. Using the environment to your advantage will be key to your success.

We’ve implemented an immersive grabbable cover mechanic, which totally grounds the player in the world. If it’s grabbable, it’s cover. On their own, The Fracked can be tackled easily. But once they descend in number, you’ll need to use cover tactically to avoid the onslaught and press your advantage. Run from cover-to-cover, get the best angles on your opponents, and feel like the unstoppable hero of the story that you are. Just don’t get cocky.

You’ll also have total freedom of movement at your disposal, with zip-lines allowing you to drop down on enemy positions. When the Fracked begin to swarm, you’re going to be thankful for these methods of escape and redirection that allow you to wrestle back control of the situation.

2. Knowing when to use fight or flight

This fast-paced shooter has total freedom of movement. With a diverse range of traversal methods, coupled with intuitive one-to-one movement, you’ll be immersed into an action hero’s world that allows for speed, pace, and roleplay.

Fracked is not on rails. It provides you with the functionality that you’d expect in a traditional first person shooter, including the ability to strafe and walk backwards, all done with intuitive controls that ensure that you have choice and options when the bullets start flying.

Get amongst The Fracked, use your wits and your 360 degree movement to check all of your angles and chase them down. When the action heats up, look for cover, zip-lines, climbing points, and any other way out! Regroup, and get back in there.

On the ski slopes, the action doesn’t stop, it just gets faster. Naturally tilt your head left or right to control your direction of movement. Use the variety of different routes down the mountainside to avoid or take on enemy pursuers and guard towers! The head-based tracking of movement is a simple but elegant solution when your hands are occupied during a firefight.

3. When to use your arsenal

In Fracked, you have a diverse range of firearms to help you combat any scenario, from our core interactive weapons to the limited-use special weapons. The grenade launcher that can stagger and bring down the hulking brute known as The Blaster. Once he’s down, shoot away at his weak spot. The revolver is powerful enough to shoot through walls, perfect to use behind cover, and can keep the explosive Screamers at bay with one shot. You’ll have to be reactive to every given situation, combing the environment for that perfect addition to your arsenal. Be resourceful with what you have or search for what you need to succeed.

Fracked’s striking game design choices ensure that fun is the priority. From an active reload system that doesn’t compromise on the game’s fast pace, to pulse-pumping on-ski shoot-outs as you outrun pursuing snowmobiles. Players will be treated to exciting combat scenarios worthy of the silver screen.

Get ready to save the planet

You embody the protagonist. An unshakeable reluctant hero. Calm and collected under pressure, he finds himself thrust into a fight for his life. Coupled with his ever-present sidekick, Rosalez, you must work together to overcome the explosive and otherworldly happenings in this remote mountain facility.

From heart-in-your-mouth shootouts to nail-biting set pieces, the pace and stakes remain high throughout your time with Fracked. Whether you’re desperately climbing around a broken funicular carriage as it teeters across a chasm or clutching to the landing gear of a helicopter as you’re peppered with incoming fire, Fracked will take you on a journey with an impressive degree of scope, all done to a powerful, punchy, and eclectic soundtrack that remixes everything from 90s rock, house, and 50s orchestral pieces.

Fracked launches on August 20 for those that haven’t pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition. We can’t wait for you to experience the action adventure of Fracked for yourself! Let us know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below and please be sure to check out the Fracked Demo for yourself on the PlayStation Store.

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