13 DreamsCom booths that captured what’s possible at the community-driven Dreams expo

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13 DreamsCom booths that captured what’s possible at the community-driven Dreams expo

Media Molecule and creators take you on a tour of the most impressive player-built creations of the festival.

DreamsCom, our in-game convention for Dreams content creators made a return this year, bigger than ever! It’s an entire expo, made in Dreams, featuring a show floor with over 40 halls and 250+interactive booths from nearly 300 unique creators. There were demos to play, new titles announced and so much more from the amazing Dreams community – and we can’t get enough of the creativity on display.

It’s been a challenge picking a handful of booths to showcase in this blog, but the following 13 booths really captured what’s possible at DreamsCom, so we asked the creators to tell us about their process: 

Made In Dreams Podcast – Hall #47

LucidNebulaGames: The Made in Dreams Podcast is community-based, so it was only fitting to use community assets from the Dreamiverse. I loved searching through assets and placing them all together to create a talk show style booth that represents our show and its community.

Magma-Monsta’s Booth – Hall #40

Magma-Monsta: I kept my booth fairly plain in color to create a strong contrast to the colorful DreamsCom. With the voiceover coming from the animatronic character, I tried to underline the whole concept of the booth. My goal was to question the concept of an expo in a game like Dreams – just for fun. I love games that break the fourth wall. DreamsCom is very special to me, because it shows the power of the Dreams community. It offers every creator the possibility to express their work in a really cool and unique way.

ApesOnFire’s Booth – Hall #8

ApesOnFire: Without the Dreams community, I would have had no booth for DreamsCom. Brought to life with the help of MrCaseyJones and AndymationB, I was able to express my creativity, and encourage new members of the community to stop by my channel and share their creations! My favourite part about participating in DreamsCom21 is the opportunity to discover new creators!

Deadzone: Aberration – Hall #47

NauticalSquatch: I used my booth to promote my upcoming FPS game, Deadzone: Aberration. I wanted it to look like the cover of a pulpy sci-fi novel, and pay homage to the classic horror book series, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”. The best part about participating in Dreamscom as a creator is being given a platform to show what you’ve been working on – then seeing that there are people, including Media Molecule, that care and are excited about the work you’ve put your time and love into.

Deh Plushies – Hall #9

YahDeh: This mini Deh Plushies shop is filled with cute, cuddly plushie toys. It now comes with a café and a selection of books written by fellow Dreamers. Take photos with your favorite Foodimals like pancake shark, candy narwhal, and melon bread turtle.My favorite part of participating in DreamsCom was simply being able to contribute to the show floor and see how the amazing community has come together yet again to showcase the potential of Dreams.

DreamsFest 2021 – Hall #46

beardofcats88: DreamsFest is a music festival event in Dreams so our team thought it would only be appropriate to build a small rock show performance for our booth complete with lights, music and a DJ. My favorite part of DreamsCom21 was all of the interactive booths – oooDorienooo’s 3 mini game booth was mind blowing. I also loved being able to compare DreamsCom21 to last year’s event. It’s clear to see that Dreams is growing stronger all the time, and it’s not going anywhere!

SootyPinions’ Art & Assets – Hall #14

I wanted to make a little green space. I knew there would be so many logic marvels and that’s never been my forte, but a small moment under trees might be nice amongst the excitement, and that’s what I’m good at! Everyone has a signature – mine happens to be leafy! My favourite part of DreamsCom is being able to explore how inventive people are given the same space and limitations.

Porto – Hall #14

Cubixphere: The large display announcing the development of Porto hints at the world of the upcoming game. Each letter was sculpted, using a text gadget as a guide. To the left, stands the main character who stands as an animatronic in the booth. It happily cycles through different animations greeting visitors. Participating in the DreamsCom stream and announcing my new project was incredibly fun and exciting!

Pet Cafe Kiosk – Hall #41

Mezzyartiist: When I thought about making a Pet Cafe booth, I wanted to include some elements that didn’t make it in the final game, like the giraffe and the little hamster, so it was fun finally getting to draw them how they would appear in-game! I definitely enjoyed and embraced the wackiness of the event!

Lou Moves In – Hall #21

Byvsen: The best part of my booth is that you can talk to [my character] Lou. It’s a fun way to give players information about the project, as well as getting to know Lou a bit more! It was quite challenging to squeeze this feature into the booth, but it was worth it. My favorite bit about participating in DreamsCom is to finally get to see what people think about my project so far – it really motivates me to continue working on it!

The Orion Trail – Hall #27

donut_mutt & Ghostfruit64: We presented our booth as a travel agency for our game The Orion Trail’s pervasive mega-corporation, Hyperion Galactic. Retro-futuristic posters, displays, and a grainy broadcast voice promise players a safe journey to the new world, free from the other-worldly threats. Players can get a glimpse of the journey ahead by believing the very opposite of whatever Hyperion has to say. Being involved in DreamsCom is like being invited to the best party in the world for indie game devs!

Topher Thebes & The Enchanted Crystal: Remastered – Hall #6

VerbalCreative: I wanted my booth to be interactive while promoting my latest project. Using assets from Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal: Remastered, I came up with the idea to have a hide and seek game with Topher. This allowed my son to help, as he is the voice of Topher in the booth and in game. Participating in DreamsCom is such an amazing way to showcase your work, but my favorite part is discovering the rest of the community’s amazing talents!

Pig Detective and the Beast of Boffington – Hall #25

Team Pig Detective: Although the Pig Detective booth features a very spooky mini-game by DirtyHarolds, a photo-point lovingly drawn by Andymationb and ReddishBoat in a pineapple costume, it is in fact only a vehicle for the secret password that treated DreamsCom visitors to an exclusive preview of the demo to the upcoming game Pig Detective and the Beast of Boffington.

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