5 tips for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ new free expansion, Aftershocks

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5 tips for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ new free expansion, Aftershocks

Prepare for what’s to come in the new post-campaign content, out September 23

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners wowed the VR world with its intense physics based combat, terrifying undead hordes, and immersive survival gameplay. Its first major update, The Meatgrinder, brought with it a new gameplay difficulty, the wave-based survival mode The Trial, and hours of replayable walker slaying action. However, for those seeking a way to continue your adventure in the main campaign, the wait is nearly over. Though delayed for some time, the next free update for The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners will be launching on September 23, and with it comes new missions, new threats, and a new mystery to uncover.

As Mark Domowicz, Project Director at Skydance Interactive, describes the update,“I like to think of Aftershocks as a small ‘Thank you’ to the players who’ve supported us since the game released and as we’ve grown.  These are the bonus missions, end-game content designed to surprise, delight, and challenge even our most diehard fans.  And, it’s a small appetizer for bigger things yet to come!”

To get you ready for this ‘Thank you’, we have five tips that will give you an edge in tackling these challenges and increase your chances of finding the remnants of The Reserve. 

1. Expect the unexpected

As all of the missions in Aftershocks take place after you complete the main story, the tasks you take on will be fully geared with well-trained survivors ready for an extra challenge in mind. Old stomping grounds will be revived in unexpected, deadlier ways, and no two missions will play out the same. Newly guarded areas, surprise death squads, hungry walkers and deadly traps will show up where you least expect them, so don’t go into any mission resting on your previous map knowledge. 

2. Watch your step

Speaking of traps, one of the first new things you’ll need to keep an eye out for are the tripwire bombs set up in your path during certain missions. Connected to propane tanks, these lethal setups will blow you to bits if you accidentally cross one. Going in slow and setting off the propane tanks from afar is one method to deal with them, but consider killing two birds with one stone and leading walkers into the traps as well. Just try to get out of the area before the sound attracts more of the undead.

3. Spend your supplies and gear up well

You’ve found your first Reserve Cache, raided it for all its worth, and made it back to your home base successfully, but what are you going to do with all these resources? Our advice is to not be stingy and start crafting as much as you can. You never know what kind of challenge awaits you on the next mission, so it’s best to stock up for any and all possibilities. Melee weapons and arrows for stealthy infiltrations, high powered guns for impromptu shootouts, bombs and noise makers to get the walkers out of your way, and plenty of bandages and medicine when you get caught in a bad spot. If there are any upgrades you’ve still been putting off it’s a good idea to take care of those too. Just make sure you’ve got enough room in your backpack for the next Reserve Cache.

4. The cache may not be all

Each of the missions will have you following clues to uncover a hidden Reserve Cache, but just because you’ve found the chest doesn’t mean you’ve found the real treasure. Both Tower and Reclaimed soldiers are searching for these supplies, and often they will have found them before you arrive, taking the valuable stuff somewhere else on the map. Be sure to read every note you uncover, and follow the clues to find where the real bulk of goodies could have gone. Each cache comes with at least one piece of military memorabilia, if you can find that then you’ve probably come to the end of the trail.  

5. Look out for what’s next

Aftershocks is just a small bite of what we have planned for Saints & Sinners, and is in fact only the first taste of new content planned to come for the game. Explore Aftershocks to its fullest and you may get some more insight into what comes next for both the Tourist and all of post-apocalyptic New Orleans. Just like with the new missions, returning to old locations with a new perspective can reveal more than you think.

Aftershocks comes to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners September 23 on PlayStation VR. 

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