PlayStation Now games for August: Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, Undertale

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PlayStation Now games for August: Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, Undertale

Playable tomorrow, Tuesday August 3.

An eclectic mix of compelling titles await PlayStation Now members this month*. Nier: Automata promises compelling story and blistering RPG action in a far-flung future as combat androids take on a mechanical threat. Sci-fi style Ghostrunner challenges you to master its potent combination of unforgiving but ever thrilling parkour and one-hit-kill mechanics. Meanwhile, Undertale takes a nonviolent approach to traditional dungeon crawling. All are must plays, and all three are available to play from tomorrow, Tuesday, August 3. 

Let’s take a closer look at each in turn.

PlayStation Now games for August: Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, Undertale

Nier: Automata

In this captivating action RPG, invaders from another world attack without warning, unleashing machine lifeforms. To break the deadlock, a new breed of android infantry is sent into the fray: the YoRHa squad. Join androids 2B and 9S in their ferocious battle to reclaim an overrun dystopia and experience mesmerizing, high-speed combat that’s the specialty of development studio PlatinumGames.

Nier: Automata is available until Monday, November 1, 2021.

PlayStation Now games for August: Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, Undertale


Wield a blade and perform amazing parkour feats to battle your way up a megastructure tower city in this intense, fast-paced first-person adventure. Slice your enemies with a monomolecular katana, dodge bullets with your superhuman reflexes, and employ a variety of specialized techniques to prevail. One-hit one-kill mechanics make combat fast and intense. Use your superior mobility (and frequent checkpoints!) to engage in a fearless, never-ending dance with death.

PlayStation Now games for August: Nier: Automata, Ghostrunner, Undertale


In this top-down adventure, control a human who falls underground into the world of monsters. Now you must find your way out… or stay trapped forever! Explore a rich RPG world full of strange and delightful characters where violence isn’t the only answer: every enemy can be defeated nonviolently. Negotiate out of danger using a unique battle system. Dance with a slime…pet a dog…whisper your favorite secret to a knight…or ignore all of that and rain destruction upon your foes. The choices are yours—but are you determined enough to prevail?

*Certain games featured on PlayStation Now may be made available in the library on a limited-time basis only. Games included in the subscription (and their features) are subject to change. PlayStation Now games may not provide the same features or be identical to the original formatted or other versions of the same-titled games.

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  • Gotta start adding PS5 titles, even if its just one a month.

    • Probably won’t start happening until next year, there are not many games that are natively on the ps5….in a year or two when ps5 gets a decent library, only then will they get added to ps now

    • Remember that PS Now games are also available for streaming (RDR2 being the exception). Sony have a hard enough time stocking retailers with PS5s, and in order to offer PS5 games on PS Now, they’d also have to stock their servers with PS5s. So that’s probably not going to be happening very soon

    • They haven’t even scratched the surface on PS4 games. I’d like for them to focus on PS4 and PS3 games mainly. Perhaps in 2 years PS Now will see PS5 titles but for the foreseeable future I don’t think that is their focus with the service.

    • Agreed, why can’t we download the PS5 versions of games like Borderlands 3 or Judgement for example. PS Now needs to add PS5 games yesterday

    • Wait, what the PS5 has already been released??? :)

  • Absolutely terrible. 3 games that’s it!! One of which is 4+ years old.. you are removing about 25 games this month most of which are without warning! Joke of a service.

  • Nice games Nier i cant wait to see on plus , this or next year

  • Terrible

    Where is uncharted 4 spiderman or ghost of sushima

    • Uncharted 4 was free with Plus April 2020 and is part of the Plus Collection. Spiderman was on Now from April to July of 2020. Ghost will be on Now within the next 8 months.

  • Why I find game on Psnow UK Black Knight sword there option Download Demo I send so many times to support no one answer

  • This game ps3 game

    • No they are all PS4 games but i want those games to come on ps plus , i will even wait for five years if need that long hhhh

  • Damn wish I didn’t buy nier a few months ago. Definitely gonna try ghost runner. And started undertake on pc years ago. Excited to play through that as well. Good stuff for me

  • I don’t mean this games If you have UK account go to PS NOW PS3 GAMES go to game Black Knight sword and see This not comes If you have USA account

  • Why couldn’t this be ps plus

  • Great Month.

    Hopefully many have the time to finish both RDR2, and Nier Automata in the limited time.

  • A good month. I found the previous month to be better but this one is also good.

  • I complete the first ending to Nier Automata a small while ago and own it burn looking forward to GhostRunner. Thank you for continuing this great service. I’m playing Tales of Zestiria right now downloaded from PS Now while cycling through multiple games. Always keeping me busy playing great games.

  • NieR looks stunning, I’m a little late, but thanks for adding Spotify to Croatia, wish PS Now would come

  • For some unknown reason, Undertale is currently unavailable for purchase on the PS Store. It has been this way since last week. Any reason why? (I doubt it’s related to its addition to PS Now)

  • I like the new additions coming into PS Now but with such a small amount of games we are going to need an announcement like this every week to account for the games leaving the service. I have yet to adopt the service but look to in 2022. I hope by then the service has transformed into something more appealing.

  • Excellent month, two games I’ve been wanting to try for a long time! I almost bought Ghost Runner, phew

  • “There seems to be hardly any exclusive experiences anymore on PlayStation”

    You’re exaggerating, A LOT

  • Forgive me for giving you though love but,
    games as a service can eat dirt.

    Just give us Backwards Compatibility! Its incredible I still have to connect my ps3 system to play the games in there… not only that, u have sooooo many possibilities in making money out of your legacy by selling the digital copies of all your ecosystem to be playable on the ps5. yes I’m talking about selling PSP, PSVita, PS1, 2,3 on the store to be playable on PS5. make your machine the place to be all the way.

    also add Remote Play PS5/Vita already.

    I love Playstation but you need to do better in gaming and less being woke in the feed of “explore” on ps5

    • They could probably pull off full backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 titles if they wanted to invest the time and money to do that – but why? It’s different hardware, not just another generation of the same basic setup (like the XBox/360/One/Series has been, and the PS4/PS5 is), so they’d have to write emulators, and where is the money in that for Sony?

      As for the PS3, keep dreaming – a PS5 can’t emulate a PS3, it’s just too different and it doesn’t have the horsepower to blast through that difference. Maybe when the PS6 comes out we can have this conversation, but by then I’ll be asking the same thing – where’s the return on investment for spending resources to build a PS3 emulator?

      If you were paying the bills at Sony, why wouldn’t you have the team building a PS3 emulator when they could be working on new content, instead?

  • Please release playstationnow on Brasil!
    Cant wait tô have it there

  • What’s the point in no ps5 titles when a lot of us purchased a ps5 for the ability and capabilities of the system

    Get it together Sony very disappointed

    • Actually most people haven’t gotten a ps5 also there are so many more ps3 ps4 games to add and ps5 exclusives are brand new they would lose money.

    • @dunston64 I don’t see that. Look, they added Avengers to Now, right? Why did they ONLY add the PS4 version – why not the PS5 version for PS5 owners? It would be a better sales tool for us to be playing the upgraded version while it’s available on Now, right?

      It’s decisions like this that have me on the fence regarding PS Now. Most of the time I don’t subscribe to it. Now and then I’ll pick up a month, but not often. When they include a game that already has a PS5 version available, including that version doesn’t seem to have any downsides to me.

      Now, going out and choosing PS5-only titles, I tend to agree with you, that’s probably not a wise decision – unless they really, REALLY want people to subscribe to Now and decide to get serious about promoting it to PS5 owners.

  • nah fr that neir automata might have to be a pickup

  • definitely gonna play

  • Thanks for continuing to support PS Now. I, however, unsubscribed. Not really for me at the moment.

    Please, please, please. Work on better save data syncing for Now and across Consoles with PS Plus!

    I was playing The Pathless on iOS even though I platinumed it on PS4. Although it runs poorly on Apple TV, it was awesome to start there and immediately follow from where I left off on my iPhone. I seriously wish this was standard on Now, and across platforms via PS Plus.

  • PS4 is just reaching its peak alot of remakes are coming

  • Why can we get Undertale?

  • Add PlayStation 1 and more PlayStation 2 games too.

  • Strong titles for PS Now services. I already played and completed Nier Automata, which is must play game. Whoever run the PS Now server need to add PS1 collection and more PS3 titles.

  • When are they going to available for download and play? It’s Tuesday and they’re not available yet

  • What are you talking about? If you HAVE a ps5, you get a ps5 game from ps plus. I have several, even if they are just an upgraded old ps4 game. And several games have the free upgrade to ps5, but storage space on the 5 is GARBAGE.

  • You have lost a sale. I just tried to purchase Nier: Automata but your system won’t allow it since it’s on PS Now. The Game of the Year version is still available for purchase but I am NOT going to pay $40 for something that’s $25 on disc on Amazon.

    I have zero desire to use your streaming service. All I want to do is make a purchase. Why won’t you let me???

  • Combine PS Now with PS Plus.
    Do it.

  • best game for platinum😘thank you Playstation Blog

  • Nice games ;)
    Please add fall guys for september, hope for more action like in pvz bfn that got a boost.

  • Nice games, i’d love to play Nier or Undertale but PS Now is still not available in Poland :(

  • Are we going to get any info on some games for that expensive ps5 i bought or just more crickets?

  • Love these free games!!! This is the best investment!

  • Hi,

    I need someone’s help here. My 10 year old son is in tears because he got a 1 yr PS Now gift card for his birthday and entered the code on his ps 4 and PS accepted it but, since he is under 18, won’t let him use it for PS Now. Sony should not allow children to redeem codes and start subscriptions they know can not be used. I have opened two support chats but they say there is nothing we can do and are out the money. Please, can someone at Sony help me before I take legal action? Thanks,


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