PlayStation Plus games for August: Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2

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PlayStation Plus games for August: Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2

All available to play starting Tuesday, August 3.

August’s PlayStation Plus lineup challenges you to test your mettle against dangerous demons, the combative undead, aggressive fauna and racket-wielding pros. Enjoy the fantasy warfare of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, teamwork hijinks in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and hit the court in Tennis World Tour 2 on Tuesday, August 3 when the titles join PlayStation Plus.

Let’s take a closer look at all three.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends | PS4, PS5

As announced during  State of Play earlier this month, Hunter’s Arena is coming to PlayStation Plus for both PS4 and PS5. The 30 player PvP & PvE combat-based battle royale* is set in an ancient age in which humanity battles each other as well as a growing legion of demons that have been unleashed upon the world. In this vicious frontier, you’ll face threats on two fronts. Head into high-risk, high-reward dungeons to encounter demonic foes. Dangerous but necessary for your continued survival: you’ll earn powerful items and experience points. Powering yourself up will give you a much-needed edge on the battlefield when you face off against your Hunter brethren.

PlayStation Plus games for August: Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville | PS4

EA’s off-the-wall team shooter returns. Ready your peashooters for the next over-the-top instalment in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise as the tension expands beyond Neighborville into new social and free-roam regions on the outer reaches of gaming’s most contested township. Choose one of 20 fully-customizable character classes, and perfect your play-style as you earn new rewards for each victory on the battlefield. Team up with friends, either on couch co-op or online*, and take on a cavalcade of new challenges, tackling enemy hordes in PvE, going up against others online, or braving all-out mayhem in the new Battle Arena.

Tennis World Tour 2 | PS4

Play as the world’s top players or create your own pro and try to dominate the world rankings. Play for fun or take on Ranked mode to sharpen your skills. In Career mode, manage your season, your staff, your equipment and your sponsors. Alternatively take on friends locally or online* in singles or doubles games. Whatever mode you choose, you’ll experience dynamic, realistic and precise gameplay that puts you in the heart of legendary rallies.

 All three games will be available for PlayStation Plus members to add to their library until Monday, September 6.

Last chance to download July’s PlayStation Plus games

July’s games lineup is making way for August’s new arrivals, so you’ve until Monday, August 2 to add Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, A Plague Tale: Innocence** and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown to your game library.

*Online multiplayer requires PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:
**PS5 version only. Benefit not applicable for A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS4 consoles.

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  • A pretty meh month honestly. That Hunters game barely even has a player base on PC.

    • More junk again. Sony should just go back to f2p days like PS3 and give actual good game like then too.

    • 1. You can’t expect much in terms of “free games”. They’re free. Beggars can’t be choosers is a legitimate thing.

      2. The folks saying “go back to f2p” clearly don’t recall the poor connection quality the servers had back when it was free, otherwise they wouldn’t spout off regarding that.

      3. To reiterate, these are “free” games that people do not have to play nor are they required to download. If you’re paying the subscription fee to get good quality games, you’re poorly advised on the matter.

    • @TTV_Bigdaddysole Don’t think that I agree with you. This month is meh but we’ve had plenty of really good months and get more than what we pay a year for.

    • No part of a paid for service can be “free”. The two things are not compatible. None of these games are “free”.

      The “servers” on PS3 were exactly the same as they were on PS4, as long as you didn’t have crap internet and use the wireless. Games on both consoles are basically all peer to peer, so connection quality isn’t anything to do with PSN, neither does Sony incur fees for it.

      These aren’t “free” games and are never advised as such. The only people saying “free” are the misinformed. Just like the people who think PS+ wasn’t a games only service to begin with with the “free” online added later.

    • You would be paying for the online service regardless of if they released the monthly games and discounts there princess.

      If you’re that hard up for cash that you can’t buy games you want, I would highly recommend trying to get a job.

    • It’s people who live off credit cards and/or don’t work to earn it that don’t question the value of things. So if you actually get a paying job and don’t use your daddy’s credit card, you’ll see the issue too.

      You’re paying the ISP for the internet. No need to pay twice. The minimal, minimal Sony part is paid for the same way PC games have it paid for, with sales.

    • That’s like saying I pay for internet so Netflix shouldn’t be able to charge me for access to their services.

      Which fine, if you’re that cheap, go ahead and pick that route…but do it with some dignity.

    • @Death8u4u They are not free because you are paying for PS+.

    • Nemicon, precisely how much does the PSN+ cost go up each time a game is added to the roster?

      Trust me I get where you’re coming from that you have to pay the service fee to get access to them, but the games are for all intents and purposes “free” with your membership. Even says it in the user agreement that they aren’t required to give you any games, you’re paying purely for access to their network.

    • Remember, coming from PS3, we had free online, the best scenario. Coming from Xbox, they had to pay 60 for online only, we never had it that bad. As such, we might be reluctant, different expectations and all. I never appreciated the influence Microsoft has on the industry and Sony in particular.

    • Mindlessly bending over? You’re talking about $5 a month. A few you and I both already know I pay for “online access”, regardless of your opinion on the matter. The free games and discounts more than makes up for the cost throughout the year.

      Hardly defending them might I add. Simply pointing out flaws in your financial decisions. My “defense” of them has literally been comprised of “They’re going to do what they’re going to do” and nothing beyond that.

    • Death8 is a waste. The kid does the typical insult argument and is completely one-sided in it’s thinking.

      Ps Plus games are not free – the only way to get them is to subscribe to a paid service. Facts are facts – taste ’em.

    • @Death8u4u It is egotistic in the extreme to assume the reason YOU subscribe to Plus is the reason EVERYONE subscribes to Plus.

      I subscribe for the free games. The online storage is a very nice plus, the rare discount on buying a game is okay, but I don’t play much online games, so I don’t really care about that part at all. I’m here for the games. And at $60/year (less if you get it on sale), it’s not a bad deal, if the games are games I want to play.

      But to argue that we shouldn’t have input on the reason some of us are paying money in the first place – that’s just wrong. If Sony doesn’t think that the free games are an important part of Plus, they could just stop releasing free games as part of Plus. They don’t do that – because they don’t agree with you.

    • And that right there ladies and gents, is the perfect example of a hypocrite.

      PS Plus games offered for “free” are constantly added to the roster and never effectively removed. So, care to do the math in regards to how much each one costs if you wish to negate literally everything else your $5 goes towards?

    • “I subscribe for the free games.”

      To what point and purpose would you ineffectively “buy” games you cannot keep? Just for purely scientific purposes mind you.

    • I get you guys. You pay for a service and want something in return. But can I ask, what games do you want from this service? The big gun triple a titles that are a few years old? Most of those have already been put on plus or have such massive discounts it’s more on you if you haven’t picked one up yet. More same day release title? Rocket league, fall guys, resogun. Indie games that maybe wouldn’t get any attention if not for plus?

      I mean this month has three games I don’t currently own. I never played a tennis game and now I will have a chance to.
      Also, why are you still paying 60 a year for plus? Every few years I’m reminded to renew plus. I go online take 2 minutes to find plus on sale for 30-35 a year. I’m spending about $100 for around 108 games. Some of which I already own but still. It’s an incredible deal.

    • MiseryPrincess

      hate to break it to you but you pay for mp/online services. so yes the games are free as a BONUS.

      Don’t want free stuff you can jog right on.

    • Anyone who thinks PS+ games are free needs to sit down and be quiet. That idiotic attitude is why people are so complacent to pay for peer to peer online multiplayer in the first place.

    • I guess it’s not that simple.

      Somebody is paying the license for peer-to-peer software. There are games where one console in a group must act as a server – that server-side code is costly. Some games even have data centers which produce servers based on demand. Somebody also has to publish the game on PS+.

      We don’t know half of it, so I trust them when they say that games are offered at no additional cost.

    • @Death
      Dude, nothing is free neither “free”.
      The same second you don’t renew your sub, those games become unavailable for you to play. I would call it rent with permanent option if you pay regularly ps+ subscription.
      Also, some month are better then others and this one is really bad so people aren’t satisfied with offerings.

    • @Death8 your comments are poorly advised and have no place in reality. Nothing from a company is free. Absolutely nothing. These games aren’t free and they are not even given to us, they are loaned whilst we pay a fee.

    • “Meh” is being generous. This is a trash tier month…

  • Excellent month , thank u. PvZ: Neighborville has 51 trophies and Tennis world tour 2 has 31 trophies. Loved it ^^

  • Wooow. Garbage.

  • WORST PS+ Lineup in YEARS…..

  • Not interested in multiplayer games. Instead of game, I’d rather get promised 100GB cloud for ps4, instead of 14GB cloud caused by 1000 files limit… Lost many saved games from ps4 when ps5 system crashed…

    • This right here.

      John Earwig

    • Amusingly, other game services offer per game saves, for free to all users. So Plus storage isn’t even as good as free services.

      Not even sure why Sony feels they have to charge for a basic gaming feature anyway (I’d rather give 2/3rds of my space to the 2/3rds of users who don’t have Plus).

    • Well, it would be nice if it was for free…. but it is paid and yet they do not deliver what they offered, so it is not just stupid, but it is obvious scam.

    • Sony is too focused on PC ports and sales figures to actually care about their “real” customers and give us what we want. I am still waiting for Horizon 2 release date and GOW:R gameplay.

  • The only game that I do care is the PVZ multiplayer game.

  • None of these interest me even a little. I hope others are super happy about these offerings.

  • Ow and BTW who in the world is asking for a tennis game on plus. Understand the other 2 but a tennis game come on. I rejoined ps+ in may ive missed all good games from earlier this year. After i rejoined all were getting is games that arnt good. Where is UNCHARTED Lost Legacy.

  • Everyone should play Battle for Neighborville! It’s a lot of fun.

    • Agreed. BFN is a lot of fun. I haven’t played the other 2 games so Im anxious to give them a try as well.

  • A sad month…

    • @kush lay off the 420, bud. No need to start going all Don Lemon and ‘othering’ those who haven’t fallen for the covid scamdemic.

  • Oh dear…

  • ooof. Good thing I have Skyward Sword and Blue Fire to play through august. What a troubled month of releases. Tennis, yet another Zombies and Plants game, and generic sounding fantasy hunting game thing that plays online.

  • There’s meant to be around 47M subscribers so taking into account you can get it a bit cheaper say everybody pays £40 for the year that’s nearly 2 billion pounds. How about stop being greedy and use some of your 2 Billion to pay a developer a nice cheque every month to put a decent game on the service that the majority want to play.

    • But but but, they soo need it for “online servers”, you know for the basically zero online games they have, so people can use their own internet to host games. Then for offering less online space than a free Google account (we’ll ignore that other places offer save uploads for free).

      Still weird how Gravity Rush 2 and Driveclub’s servers were shut down with everyone apparently “paying for them”. 😂

    • Sony also employs over 110k people….but hey, why would they bother worrying about their employees when there’s entitled people around the world that want free stuff?

    • It costs Sony 0 of any currency, and it needs 0 employees to enable people to use their own internet to play with others on games hosted on their own consoles. Sony isn’t racking up massive debts because the most popular online games are free to play, and neither are the third party hosts.

      You are perfectly “entitled” to use your own console and internet to connect to someone else’s console, without the use of a server, for free. Anyone who claims otherwise is has no idea about how things actually work.

      Would you pay to breathe while using the console? Probably would.

    • You clearly have literally no comprehension of how a business functions…at all.

      As for your “It costs nothing”. Yeah, try connecting to Google without an internet connection. Try loading up Netflix videos without accessing their servers. Try driving a car without valid plates.

      You pay for services regardless of where you’re at. Pretending otherwise just indicates a severe lack of responsibilities in your life.

    • As you said, every subscriber pays on average £40. That’s roughly 2/3 of a full price game. So the way I see it, if you get 1 decent game that’s worth around £40 a year to you then it’s paid for itself.

      For your £40 you get around 35 games a year of variable quality. Some games are gonna miss. But all it takes is a few good ones to be more than worth the value. For me anyways.

    • You seem like you’re very confused.

      When you play online, you use YOUR internet, to connect to OTHER peoples consoles using THEIR internet. Or there’s a third party server involved. The only extremely minor part Sony has is low end rubbish like account name resolution (which I wont explain as we both know you wont understand, but is a few bytes of data).

      So do you think Sony pays for mine or the other persons internet? Or for the third parties servers? Where exactly is this 2 billion “fee” being incurred?

      When you connect to an online streaming service, you connect to their servers. That’s a completely different circumstance.

      Sure you pay for services. But Sony doesn’t provide any. So I’m glad we’re agreed online should have no fees, you can go back to whittling.

      People who actually have responsibilities, and aren’t just little boys pretending to be serious adults, generally have better sense than to not question things. Not doing so is very irresponsible.

    • Aww, that’s cute. Looks like it has feelings.

      No disrespect intended there buttercup, but the world is not your oyster. Nobody cares. You’re using their product and they’re going to charge you for it. If you have a hard time making ends meet (which it definitively sounds like you do), get a job so you can pay for the games you want. Or ask your parents for a raise in your allowance, whichever is more agreeable with your sensibilities.

      The fact of the matter is they charge you to use their system on the internet. If you disagree with their habits, you’re perfectly welcome to go literally anywhere else. Crying about how you aren’t getting games added to the monthly roster is simply beneath you, honestly. Your $5 a month isn’t some end all be all of the marketplace.

      It’s cute that you feel that amount of money should hold some sort of meaning beyond what value it currently holds, but try and be realistic.

    • It’s kind of weird how people are not only spineless but happy and angrily defensive of their spineless, unquestioning nature.

      The world isn’t your oyster, but you don’t have to be their cow. Have more self respect.

      At what point did I ask for “free games to be added to the roster”? At least read what’s being said if you’re going to try and comprehend it and form some weak argument. Then again at no point did I mention “having no money”. I know in the US it’s a thing, but generally you shouldn’t try and use “being poor” as an insult or as a measure of character or worth. I don’t view you negatively for being poorer than me. It’s only idiots that have no idea how the world actually works that do that.

    • Forgive me, saying you had money troubles was a bit forward. I just have never run into an adult that had a job who complained over losing a whole $5.

      As far as mocking the poor goes, I have never nor would I ever mock the poor. I mock the financially incompetent. Poor people are genuinely in a problematic situation and differ from those who are financially incompetent.

      Someone who is actually poor would not be on a forum complaining about the effectiveness of a given service and what “free stuff” they have access to. Those people are more concerned about finding food and a place to sleep. Now, someone who feels entitled and expects their nickels and dimes to get them the world, those kinds of folks would definitively be on a forum complaining about a service they’re still paying for regardless of their opinion about it. It is amusing you brought the “spine” into what amounts to a keyboard warrior battle yet lack the ability to cut a service you disagree with.

    • Persons opinion.

      Smug one-sided response + insult.

      Smug counter response + insult.

      Smug fanboy counter counter response + insult.

      Smug anti-fanboy counter counter counter response + insult.

      Zero helpful or meaningful discussion, but a good reason to pop some popcorn.

  • Ok

    John Earwig

  • I actually competed in real tennis when I was a kid. Now I can continue on my PS4. :D

  • Not even Tennis World Tour 2 PS5 version.

    Meh Month. Tired of these Multiplayer games.

  • Bad lineups like this make me want to stop subbing to ps+. All 3 of these games could be free to play and it wouldn’t surprise me. Do better

    • agreed, Each month I question more if I should be paying for these services (Plus and Now).. generally feel they are lacking for what they cost. I’ll hold out a bit longer to see if any improvements are made but I don’t see myself staying with them for long, they just aren’t for me in the current state.

    • I been topped paying for Plus and I advise everyone else to stop paying. Sony has been trash since Jim Ryan has taken over and he only cares about porting games to PC instead of giving his real customers what we want.

  • 3 continues months of garbage.

  • Awful games… Planning to cancel PS Plus…

    • Good cancel it. At least you’ll stop whining about it in the comments. Bah bye and good riddance.

    • Do it, it is not worth it.

      @zaltman Some of us actually care about what we get for our money.

    • @zaltman By being a paying customer, he in fact has every right to voice his dissatisfaction with the service provided. If you like it just fine and have full confidence in its quality, why does another’s complaint bother you so much? Your kind’s shillish enabling attitude of Sony’s underwhelming decisions is precisely what welcomes the risk of Xbox taking over and beating Sony into the ground again, and righteously so if they offer the better service. Sony invites that risk every month of pathetic PS+ offerings they try to float by us, and they’ll have to change sooner rather than later because they can’t get away with such a low value proposition forever. We all know this month majorly lacks oomph, I’d like to see anyone defend the merits of the games in question other than a few mild approvals of PvZ Neighborville. Weak. They have a huge library to work with, so this is really pretty much indefensible.

  • I’ve been a member since 2012, I have never subscribed for online play, and most of the games don’t really do it for me any more even when people say they are good. This month though. It’s almost like it was formulated to test my resolve. Feels like someone at Sony is saying, “Go on, cancel. I bet you won’t!” I probably will let it lapse when the time comes to be honest. Nor sure if it’s PS+ months like this or gaming in general that’s pushing me over the edge. The PS4 is on its way out and I can’t even be bothered to check the situation with the PS5 any more. Time to let this unproductive, time consuming hobby fall by the wayside once and for all, perhaps. Thank you for reading my internal monologue, you adorable crowd. 😘

    • I don’t want to lose access to the games that I do like though I’m a subscriber since the PS4 release. I’m in too big and have another 3 years left pre paid ages ago.

  • One of the worst months ever, yet another EA game!! 2 dead games and a soon to be dead game. Nobody wants this trash. Oh and well done on yet again giving no warning about games leaving PS Now…. 8! Games have been found today to be leaving on Monday, PS Now and PS Plus are getting ridiculously bad.

  • I thought July’s games where bad and this months games would be better. This months games are worse come on Sony PVZ and Tennis and why assume that everyone wants to play multilayer.
    If September’s games are like the previous 2 months I really don’t see the point in paying for a service I’m not getting the benefit from.

  • A Sony começou o ano tão bem nos jogos que “deu” na ps plus… mas agora só ta vindo bosta… e ainda aumenta o valor da plus… fala sério.

  • oh what good games

  • Totally agree with you.

  • Downright horrible. And we already knew ahead of time with the ps5 game… As a fervent PS+ hater, so far I liked the PS5 selections, but had a feeling it would start dropping in quality after 6 months, and behold… Back to wishing online was a separate cost and detesting Sony for combining it, and myself for subscribing.

    • Separate cost? You do realize that you’d be paying the PSN+ membership fees to access the network regardless of any PS+ monthly free games right?

      Nobody with any brainpower purchases PS+ for the free games. You’re better off spending your nickels and dimes on a specific game you want to buy instead of this “gambling” thing kids are doing these days with the PS+ monthly games.

    • Not necessarily, it wasn’t the case for PS3. And you do realize that if these fees were separate, they would be lower? It’s not paying for online that bugs me, it’s having to pay for PS+ in order to. Give me a cheaper option for online without the games instead of making PS+ mandatory for online.

  • Well, thats just an awful month, thank you playstation. Now we will have to buy something from the summer promotion.

    • Now?…you talk as if you don’t buy games just wait for them to pop on Plus.

    • Well, of course I would buy some games, but now I have to buy more, because there is nothing added for free, that is worth my time.

  • So glad I got playstation plus for 30 dollars when I did. This line up isn’t great at all. Like even humble bundle is giving away throw away titles. Just make online free or have another option

  • Gimme, gimme games. I swear I see people mad about games like Lost Legacy not showing up on the PS plus list. My goodness people… buy a game if you want it. There are discounts every month. Cancel your subscription if you don’t like the games Sony gives and buy something you like. If a triple A game, heck, any game for that matter is released that I want to play, I preorder it. I buy it day one. I don’t wait for the PS plus lottery two years down the road to maybe make it available. Support your game studios. I currently have a backlog of purchased games that would take me years to get through. Personally, I use PS plus games for the obscure or indie games I may have missed. Get out your wallets instead of riding in your “wah”mbulance of self entitlement.

  • ATTENTION SONY: Where is the promised activation of the second NVME SSD Slot for the PS5 that you stated would be active this summer.

    Oh, and these games blow.

    • Where are God of War and Horizon 2? Where are new game announcements and the next PS5 only games?

    • It’s currently in the beta version of the software update that is coming soon. Have some patience, these updates take time, be we are in the home stretch now. Alternatively, if you can’t wait and want to take the risk you can join the PlayStation OS beta testing program. Regardless, it will be available as soon as the update is ready for public distrobution.

    • *distribution

  • DISASTER agan.

  • Wasn’t Sekiro leaked to come to Ps Plus and Gamepass

  • Absolute pants !! 😭

  • This month is on the same level of the farming simulator/skylines month we had a while back, but at least gives me time to catch up on my backlog.

  • This attitude is so selfish and toxic!

    So what if more people can experiment the awesome PS exclusives on other platform.

    I’d go further and say that Sony should have a PC gaming store selling their own games.

    They don’t make money selling playsations, they make money selling games and subscription.

    This would be a win-win for everyone.

    Gatekeeping games and being a blind fanboy is not a healthy attitude my dude.

  • And here I was thinking that last month was bad:
    -hunter’s arena has mixed reviews on steam, it might be the only one worth picking up.
    -PVZ it’s already in EA play, the development of the game already stopped months ago, so there’ll be nothing else coming until the servers close down… which knowing EA could be tomorrow.
    -Tennis… Sports in general are awfull Plus games, but this one is disliked Even by tennis fans.

    Sony is bleeding subcribers because of these kind of thing, they’re already behind with all the other companies offering better services. Step up your game sony. please.

  • Nice. Looking forward to both the Hunter’s Arena and tennis…two games I never would’ve purchased otherwise. Free is free. If you don’t see something you like, there’s always something new next month. Hang tight and work on your backlog. 🙂

  • Stop with the multiplayer only games .

  • I literally almost bought Tennis World Tour 2 a week ago when the Complete Edition was on sale and held off thinking I had too many things to play already. Incredibly glad that I didn’t.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous, another month of garbage game selection and Sony seems to think that they are giving us the premium choices that everyone will be happy with.

  • Not a great month. Perhaps Plants vs Zombies is something for my daughters.
    I hope ps Now has some beter surprises. When do we get to see the ps now august line up?

  • Yet another plants Vs zombies giveaway.
    We don’t want it.
    A PvP game that is similar to all the free to play games.
    We don’t want it.
    A tennis game for PS4.
    Usually, I don’t do sports Sims, but as it’s Wimbledon, and there’s the Olympics happening, I may just give this a go.

    I still believe that we should have a choice of 5 games, and pick three.

    Also, at the end of the year, check out trophy percentage for all the psn+ games. If we have got less than 15% completion on the games you think we will love, give us a £5 refund for each one. Maybe we’ll get next year’s ps+ for free, and maybe we will enjoy those games.

    Also, a game hitting ps+ that a user has already bought sucks. It discourages buying games near release, and means we get less value than people who buy less games.

    Oh, and make ps5 less antisocial… We miss other people commenting on our recently played games etc.

    Constructive feedback.. please don’t ignore

  • Well,
    I can safely say I didn’t own any of the games this month.

    So… That’s… Something?

  • It kinda competes for the worst month with the July lineup…

    • Super bad month. PS+ games were great at the beginning of this year but I guess we are back to our old ways, huh Sony?
      Sony you are truly killing your fan base. From the “Upgrade your game” behind a pay wall of $9.99 to releaseing unwanted games for you PS+ members, this makes me just wanna leave Sony behind which is horrible. I have been playing PS games since the PS1 Era. But this PS Era now isn’t looking too good for me.

  • This is a pretty poor showing. Been a while since I haven’t been interested in all any of the games. Past few months have been pretty good but this month is weak.

  • Absolutely honking. Games that only fools would likely buy. PS Plus is slipping and not sure how much I can defend PS from the Xboner clowns.

    • PS has slipped period since Jim Ryan took over. PS is just a shinier Xbox with better first party games at this point.

  • I dont think nobody wats to play a tennis game

  • Absolute crap value when tenis pro has no player basis in my country, plants Vs zombies you have already given out once and as already commented hunter arena has no player base worldwide

  • Bruhhhhhh another lame plus month _._ when are the games gonna be good again man, it was exciting when we where told it was cod this month, then quickly that excitement went away when it was bo4 out of every game, bo3 would of been better, or ghost

    • Still waiting on remastered of mw3

    • They already gave BO3 once so you missed it.And how funny for one to call these games lame but reason for excitement is CoD LMAO…y’all jokers never cease to give a good laugh.

      @nightwarrior_75 – Hope you wait forever.There are enough CoD and recycled games as it is,no need for 1 more even though they know stupid people will pay to play the same games with higher resolution.

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