Destruction AllStars July update arrives today

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Destruction AllStars July update arrives today

Introducing new ways to play and updates on Season One.

The team at Lucid has been hard at work on a new patch for Destruction AllStars, available today, which brings various improvements to the game. We wanted to provide some insight into how this patch enhances our gameplay as well as provide an update on the current season.

Over the past few months, we’ve been refining Destruction AllStars’ core game experience based on valuable community feedback. We’re really grateful to everyone who’s been talking to us on Twitter and Discord, highlighting what could be improved or iterated upon. A lot of this aligns with our own observations and has helped guide our recent internal playtests as we try out new things or push the game in new directions. Today’s patch includes loads of fixes and improvements, such as reducing the number of “ghost hits” as well as improving the slam system and on-foot experience.

As a result of focusing on the game’s core experience, we’re extending Season One and adding additional tiers to the AllStar Pass. We’ll return with updates on future Seasons at a later date. We made this decision with our community in the forefront of our minds and a lot of these improvements have already gone live in today’s patch.

“Ghost Hits”

One of the biggest points of feedback was on so-called “ghost hits” during multiplayer games. Players have reported that they sometimes feel as if their vehicle loses health but with no clear cause presented to them on screen. Whilst there are some intentional mechanics that can cause this, such as Shyft’s Hero Vehicle being able to turn invisible, the majority of cases point to situations where other vehicles appear close by, but not coming into contact, or with no other vehicles appearing in view at all. We feel one of the possible causes is latency during a match of Destruction AllStars.

There are a number of factors at play that can affect the latency a player experiences when connected to our servers and playing the game, along with the inherent latency of other players in the game as well. 

We’ve worked on a new set of parameters between the game and the servers which should help keep everyone in sync a bit better than it had previously. From our own playtests, some of our team have described these improvements as night and day in how much they’ve helped reduce the number of “ghost hits” experienced.

More slamming and ramming

Another point of feedback was around the minute-to-minute gameplay of Destruction AllStars. This can include feeling a bit frustrated to have a cooldown on your vehicle’s slam as you’re actively trying to hit your next target. Whilst we want to maintain a skill ceiling in Destruction AllStars, we agree that these moments were occurring a bit too often.

To address this, we’ve drastically lowered the cooldown on vehicle slams for all common vehicle types along with all our Hero Vehicles. By increasing the frequency at which you can slam an opposing player, we feel this change brings a whole new level of destruction and fun to the game, as players are performing spectacular wrecks with increased frequency.

That’s only a snapshot of the improvements we’ve made to Destruction AllStars in today’s patch. You can get hands on with all of these changes, and more, in the live game right now!

New ways to play and more 

Whilst addressing community concerns with some of the core elements of the game is a massive priority for us, we recognise that players are still eager for new ways to play and new cosmetics to earn in Destruction AllStars. As part of extending Season One, we’ve added some new content and updates to the game that we feel players can really sink their teeth into.

Newly added in today’s patch:

  • New high quality skins and cosmetics
  • Online parties for solo game modes
  • A new Quickplay playlist
  • Buffs to AllStars and Hero Vehicles
  • Two Reworked Mayhem maps with smaller arena size (going live in a few weeks)
  • Three new premium AllStar Pass tiers
  • Refreshed shop interface

Whilst we’re proud of all the new additions in the patch today, we’re especially thrilled that we were able to get online parties for solo game modes out to the community in today’s update. This was a highly requested feature by the community that the team has been hard at work on, so we’re excited to see you all partying up and wrecking your friends in solo Mayhem and Carnado.

We also made some changes to two existing maps and will be adding them into the Mayhem playlist in a few weeks time. These maps will be a lot smaller than the maps the community is used to and we find that they really ramp up the carnage! We’ll be listening closely to what the community thinks of these new maps and we might have a few more surprises for the community up our sleeves as well!

We’ve also done a balance pass on our AllStars and their Hero Vehicles with a focus on pulling characters that might have been underperforming up to better compete with some of our most used AllStars. Full details are in the patch notes, but there’s never been a better time to branch out from your favourites and experiment with our AllStars in the arena!

Beyond Season One

We want to say a huge thank you to the community, to each and every one of you! Seeing your continued passion and support for the game is why we do what we do and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on today’s patch!

We feel that all of these changes represent a step forward in the gameplay experience of Destruction AllStars. The team really wanted to hit the nail on the head with our latest patch and deliver truly meaningful changes to our community. We’re thrilled that we were also able to deliver some cool new skins and maps for our community to earn and explore and we can’t wait to share more information on future updates!

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  • Game still needs split screen multiplayer

    • Write a suggestion in the discord!

    • Oh yes, please. That’d be great

    • I think the game was blast at launch, games were instant. But now it takes longer to find a match and maybe it’s because I stopped playing and people got better but I’m having less fun. I loved the game when it came out, maybe because I was waiting so much and now I’m not?

      I still think it’s a quality product. The visuals are beautiful and it runs well. Great dual sense features. Great support. Great modes but I wish you guys would feature modes other than mayhem and the Battle Royale mode.

    • Why not just add Sweet Tooth to the game? Have that be your next character. Advertise it. It would get a lot of attention and it wouldn’t be hard to do.

      Sony wants this game to be successful. Leverage their IP. Add a hovercraft from Wipeout. Why the heck not? You have the power of Sony at your disposal use it.

      Maybe a dirt map? You could have an entire season around it. Add a character that features a motorcycle. These are video games man it’s not realism people just want fun. Screw realism and screw balance nobody ever got points for that.

  • You guys did great! Keep up the good work!

  • PLEASE fix matchmaking. I shouldnt have to wait 10 minutes to find a game. I have yet to even get put into a 3v3 game.

    • That’s not broken matchmaking, that’s an empty playerbase

    • Hi! You might have encountered a bug in matchmaking. Blitz (3v3v3v3) is active on the weekends from Friday Reset (11am est) to Monday Reset (11am est). Also, Quickplay can find you fast matches even at 1 am! Blitz does not have bots yet, though.

      This weekend should be 2XP as well!

  • Keep working at it. From what I played at launch, D.A.S was a set of mechanics in search of a game. Or a game in search of the fun. You missed the mark but it’s easy to see that it would have been hard to find without the community input. I still believe there needs to be projectile weapons in cars, with shields and the like. Still, it’s your vision. Keep at it and I’ll check back in a year. Sooner if you get rid of microtransactions.

  • Great to see you making changes on feedback. I personally am not usually into multiplayer games but really took to this. 50+ hours in and got the platinum.

    Not sure how to join the discord but I would also love to see:

    – Port to PS4 & PC to grow player base
    – Move to free to play
    – Ability to purchase cosmetics at a reasonable price
    – Additional Trophies added
    – A Twisted Metal Season!

    Keep up the great work and if anyone has that Discord link, please let me know.

    • I agree with you.

      This game either needs to go free to play or it needs to hit PS4. And it absolutely can at 1080P and 30 frames. We just need more bodies and more support.

      This is what killed Rigs. A great multiplayer focused game but it had no install base because it was VR exclusive at launch for psvr.

      I 100% agree that they need to leverage Sony IP to get attention. Do a twisted metal themed season. Add skins based on other Sony IP. Do a crossover event with another game.

      Add more vehicle cosmetics. Maybe have some vehicle add-ons that actually have stat bonuses. I know it’s not great for balance but it gives people something to strive for. And I don’t think the cars need weapons but why not have special pickups that once in awhile spawn on the map that can be picked up on foot like guns or other objects like spring shoes or rocket packs. Why not? Maybe giant boxing gloves where you can one hit KO people?

      And more cosmetics and more incentive to play and level up. I really think you guys need to let go of the whole balance being sacred idea and have some stat bonuses in there. Have some items that increase stats very slightly. More cosmetics that aren’t just color swaps. The game is fun but we need something to work for.

    • To add
      Ppl want legendary fenders twhat look cool and are very hard to earn but give you like a plus 1 in ramming bonus or car health. Have tiers. Common, uncommon, rare, legendary. And they can provide extremely minor stat bonuses but just so people feel like they’re getting something. We love that stuff. Special exhausts that emit colored smoke or something even more creative. Legendary headlights that project a patter. Speaking of, why not do a night map where cars use headlights to see? Not completely dark, but darker. It would be fun. You could do an entire season around it and call it lights out or something to that effect.

      Just get creative.

  • Thank god this game went from 70$ to 20$

    • Even at $20 it’s a joke and a waste of resources. How can they still afford to develop updates and maintain servers?

    • This game is not a $20 game.

      This ain’t rocket League at launch or fall guys. This is AAA multiplayer experience with high production value. The sad thing is they can’t afford to update the game and maintain servers. This game is losing money. It’s unfortunate because the game is fun and well made but it just didn’t pop in the mainstream like the other junk food games such as Fall Guys and rocket League.

  • I like that this game has a campaign. It’s a really fun way to learn how to play it before going to MP.

  • What are you on about

  • Encore des points à améliorer mais c est encourageant

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