Dreams: DreamsCom21 starts today

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Dreams: DreamsCom21 starts today

Find out what to expect over the four day in-game festival.

You can’t throw an entirely-made-in-Dreams convention one year and not do it the next, can you? With DreamsCom ’21 opening its virtual doors today, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect over the next four days from the Dreams coMmunity and us here at Media Molecule!

DreamsCom ’21

The DreamsCom show floor

Of course, everything you see at DreamsCom has been made with the Dreams tools, from the opening Media Molecule hall to the incredible coMmunity-created booths that populate over 40 halls throughout the show. This year, we really went for it when it came to the presentation of the show, and our amazing team of Molecules have really exceeded any and all expectations (as they always do, the talented bunch that they are). If you thought last year’s show was amazing, just wait until you step out of the DreamsCom monorail. Yes, really.

DreamsCom ’21

The livestreams

Last year we kicked the festivities off with an hour-long showcase of some upcoming coMmunity creations, as well as announcing our VR update for Dreams. This year will look slightly different, but is still full of exciting announcements from our coMmunity – as well as sneak peeks at some upcoming games from us at Mm.

Kicking off DreamsCom ‘21 on July 27, we’ll be live on Twitch at 9am PST / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST with some of that previously-mentioned Mm sneak-peekage, as well as a preview of what’s to come throughout DreamsCom, leading up to the moment the doors open to the DreamsCom show floor in-game! From then on, tune in at 9am PST – 11am PST / 5pm BST – 7pm BST / 6pm CEST – 8pm CEST each day for coMmunity interviews, trailers, demos and everything in between.

And hey, if you’re a Dreams streamer checking out the show floor on your channel, let us know! We’d love to pop by your stream and check out your reaction!

DreamsCom ’21

The Impsider coverage

This year, we revealed The Impsider – Dreams’ first and official publication! As well as hosting all our streams, it’ll be covering #DreamsCom21 in full force – daily news roundups, a virtual DreamsCom magazine featuring tonnes of articles and fun activities, and even a handful of recipes to keep you fed while you explore the show. It’ll be the one-stop destination for anyone and everyone attending DreamsCom, as well as those who may miss a day or two!

Download The Impsider’s free DreamsCom companion magazine here.

We’ve got one great week ahead of us, don’t we? As always, you can get involved on social media with the hashtags #DreamsCom21 and #MadeInDreams! If you’re visiting the show, make sure to let us know on Twitter, and share your favourite booths and demos with us! 

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