Tribes of Midgard: Viking-tastic beasts and how to fight them

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Tribes of Midgard: Viking-tastic beasts and how to fight them

A guide to help you survive and thrive in Midgard

Welcome to the brightest Ragnarök you’ve ever seen! Tomorrow, we launch Tribes of Midgard, and while many of you are already in the game chasing down our big boss, Fenrir, we thought it’d be helpful to give some quick tips and tricks, as well as break down some of the enemies you’ll encounter along your journey. 

Many mighty creatures stand between you and stopping Ragnarök, but first here are some tips & tricks for survival in general!

Survival Tips

  • First up, let’s get you some clothes, Einherjar! While some Vikings did indeed fight in their underpants (it’s true, look it up!), it’s probably not going to be the best way to take down the Jötnar, Fenrir and all the other creatures in our game. To get started, you’ll want to immediately grab some Flint and Branches – this will get you an axe to chop wood and a pickaxe to mine stone. After you’ve picked up a few resources, go make some clothes! 
  • Midgard is a well-trodden world, with numerous beaten paths that mark the journeys of past Vikings. If you stay on the path, you’ll move much faster. This is key for both the early game and for when you need to venture forth to find an approaching Jötunn. Apparently, the Jötnar prefer paths, too, so you can almost always find them by sticking to these existing roadways. 
  • Every enemy in Tribes of Midgard has their own special set of attacks and skills. We won’t bore you with all of them, because there are a lot. But, and this is especially helpful for the early game, all these special attacks will knock down trees, break stones and leave resources just hanging out on the ground, ready for you to grab. It’s kind of like how you can Viking-kick down a tree, but more “beastly.”
  • As you explore Midgard, you’ll see notifications pop up that tell you about all the new biomes and environments you’re entering. If you see red text, it’s probably best to stop! This indicator is telling you that your Einherjar is probably not strong enough to defeat the enemies you’ll encounter here (I mean, sure it’s possible…but it’s gonna take a while!) You can also always check your Power Level in the inventory window, and mix and match gear to make sure you’re putting your strongest foot forward. 
  • Your village is populated by several useful crafters. These folks aren’t just great when you need a new axe; they’ll assist you in fending off the nightly Helthing invasion. Level them up by depositing the Souls you’ve collected and you’ll not only have access to better gear, but they’ll be stronger fighters when it’s time to beat back the darkness.

With the basics under your belt, it is time to bring on the baddies! While we can’t explain every enemy you’ll face in Tribes of Midgard, we wanted to break down some of them that you should approach with caution.


The Varúlfur

Roaming the edges of the Bright Forest, Varúlfur are wolf-like warriors who got a little too into their wild side. Once Vikings like you and me (at least when we’re playing the game), they drank elixirs made from forbidden plants found in meadows. Seriously, who leaves that stuff lying around for someone to make elixirs out of?

  • If you hear their howl, be on guard and ready to duck and roll out of harm’s way. Varúlfur can leap great distances and put their claws through you faster than you can say “Odin.” Aside from their sharp claws, be sure to evade when they prepare to leap at you to avoid their attack – or it’s gonna leave a mark!
  • To take out these ferocious furballs, we’d recommend being well armored and keeping your distance. Striking these pups down will earn you Werewolf Fangs and Fur, a key basic Ingredient that can be refined into Yarn (or make great rugs). Best keep this for Ásta, a colorful character looking for warm socks before the Fimbulwinter approaches! Complete this Quest for a reward (and a good deed). 


Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?! You’d better not mind reptiles if you enter the Land of Pools, because the Linnorm, a fabled half-snake, half-dragon will *ahem* scale you half to death if you’re unprepared. Not only have they mastered the power of thunder, but they can spit electrified saliva at you from afar and paralyze you if you aren’t careful. Snakes. They’re gross and dangerous.

  • Watch out for more than just lightning and spit – Linnorms are notorious for tail whip attacks. To keep them at bay, roll backwards when they prepare their tail whip, and launch some Spells in between. Remember that their tail whip can not only hurt you, but also your enemies… Use this to your advantage!
  • If you can keep yourself grounded and clean, you can collect a Linnorm Spike from your victory. These come in handy for crafting all kinds of Thunder Equipment, including the Rare Nornir Armor Set. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a medium Health Potion for a nice cleanse after the Linnorm’s shock to your system.


Next up, a blue beast. Even if it’s nominally a Tröll, this isn’t some cute and cuddly creature that lives in a mushroom house. The Land of Pools’ Blue Tröll will not be pleased when you enter their territory, and they’ll bash you with their favorite club in hand. These big fellas are pretty slow, but they can still strike you from a distance if you underestimate them.

  • Blue Trölls may seem like awkward, lumbering creatures. Even so, their massive club will make any Einherjar see stars. Bring Dark Weapons (as they are weak against it) and the self exploding on death Rune: Last Laugh (as you are weak against them!)
  • Contrary to their lack of agility, these creatures drop Speed Elixir after you fell them, as well as Large Bones, Mana Elixir, and even an Ancient Core. 

Unfrozen Shield-Maiden

She’s as cold as ice, but the poor Unfrozen Shield-Maiden just wants to get home and cozy up with a warm blanket. After being caught in a terrible winter in the Glacier Peaks, her skin turned blue, her hair turned white, and her heart turned wicked.

  • These frigid warriors travel in groups, and the Unfrozen Shield-Maiden will crack you like an icicle if you lack the right armor. Her mighty spear throws will knock down your HP quickly, but if you bring a sturdy shield to block them, you’ll be on fire in this fight.
  • Icing these foes can give you Spun Yarn, perfect for crafting the Feral Armor Set…or for knitting a sweater. You might also get an Unfrozen Talisman.


Sirelings are one of the many enemies the goddess Hel will send to your Village to snuff out the Seed of Yggdrasil, but they don’t mind taking their sweet time approaching. This “noble” class of Helthings pack a punch and have mastered all kinds of dark magic.

  • As you beat back the smaller Helthings that approach the Seed with more speed, Sirelings will pull you in from afar, no matter if you were ready for it or not! Once close, you’ll pay with more than just the Souls on your person once they unleash their devastating Basin Drain attack. 
  • If you have a larger party, we recommend dividing and conquering: while a few stay close to the Seed to thwart any mad dashes by quicker Helthings, other Einherjar can start attacking Sirelings as they emerge from the darkness below and chip away at their HP before they breach the Village walls.
  • When you defeat a Sireling, look out for its crown. These Helthing Crowns can be used for crafting high end gear, including the Legendary Dark Bow, Élivágar.

The Big Bad Wolf: Fenrir!

If you can conquer these monsters, you might think you are ready for a tougher challenge. Good news! Tribes of Midgard’s first Saga Boss, Fenrir, can give you plenty to go up against. The son of Loki and Angrboða, Fenrir is a massive, vicious wolf that had to be chained up to prevent it from going on a wild rampage. Don’t ask us how a god and a Jötunn produced a wolf – we’re game developers, not biologists.

  • Fenrir was supposed to be restrained with the unbreakable chains of Gleipnir for all time, but you wouldn’t be fighting him if he was sitting pretty on his leash. As soon as you venture through his Lair and enter his domain, don’t expect this wolf to wait for you to get yourself oriented. Fenrir takes no time to charge at any intruders and will make you (and your ears!) scream in terror as boulders start falling on your head. We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but try not to get hit by boulders.
  • We don’t want to spoil too much of the big boss battle, but here’s a tip: bring along your best gear. And health potions. Ok, maybe bring lots of health potions. Trust me, you’ll need them.

Tribes of Midgard lands on PS4 and PS5 tomorrow. Put a stop to Fenrir before Fimbulwinter arrives – we believe in you, brave Einherjar!

Valhalla can wait!

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