Weird West comes to PS4 this fall

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Weird West comes to PS4 this fall

Discover two of the five Journeys you’ll take in this immersive sim RPG.

Hello PlayStation community! We are Raphael Colantonio and Julien Roby, studio directors at WolfEye Studios, and today we’re proud to announce that our debut title as an independent studio, Weird West, is coming to PlayStation 4 this fall. 

The West’s full of tall tales…

Weird West is all about stories; stories of redemption and honor, yarns of strangeness and oddity, and tales of the down-right disgusting. In our game, you’ll play as five different characters in a series of interconnected journeys, all bound together by the hunt for the truth behind the burning mark they’ve all been branded with. In this blog, we’ll be going over two of those five Journeys. 

Weird West comes to PS4 this fall

Thought she could hang up her shootin’ irons for good

First up, we’ll be talking about the Bounty Hunter. Once the most respected name in the West, you’ve hung up your shooting irons and taken to a life on the farm after a deathbed promise to your grandfather. But that calm existence won’t last long. In the dead of night, you wake to a burning mark on your neck and the sounds of screaming outside Your son, dead in the dirt. Your husband gone, and only one thing to do: dig up your long-forgotten past and get your revenge. 

A cowboy drunk on the moon

Now onto something more—esoteric—in nature: the Werewolf journey. You’re a Devotee of the Absolutionist faith. You folk have been shepherds of the West, peaceful. But now a rival faction has started exterminating your kind. Prejudice, seems like. Malice. With your numbers dwindling, and the Absolutionist faith nearly wiped off the face of the West, a divine prophecy has shown you how to protect your people. But not without a cost: an affinity for the moon. A rage you can barely contain. Finally, after a blood-fuelled night defending everything you love from thes wrongdoers, you awaken with a burning mark. Sign of a prophecy. What you choose to do with it is up to you…

You five—you’re tied together

Weird West features five of these unique Journeys. However you play—the way you fight, the conversations you have, the posses you create or destroy—will be individual to you in our immersive sim. Shoot at ammo boxes to create makeshift bombs, throw fire into a tornado to create a free-roaming fire hazard, soak your enemies before using lightning for a little extra zap; these are just a few ways the world will react to your gameplay style and let you create your own story when we release this fall. 

We hope you enjoyed a peek behind the curtain of our debut game. We’re really excited to show you more in the months to come. Thanks, and stay safe! 

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