State of Play kicks off today at 2pm PT, 11pm CEST

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State of Play kicks off today at 2pm PT, 11pm CEST

Deathloop, indies, and more await in today’s 30-minute broadcast.

Settle in for gameplay deep dives, new trailers, and more when today’s State of Play begins at 2pm Pacific Time / 5pm Eastern / 11pm CEST. You can watch live here, or directly on our Twitch or YouTube pages.

State of Play kicks off today at 2pm PT, 11pm CEST

Today’s show includes indies, updates from third parties, and a lengthy gameplay segment from Deathloop, Bethesda’s time-twisting FPS arriving September 14 for PS5. Today’s showcase will not include updates on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, or the next generation of PlayStation VR.

Hope you enjoy the show – see you at 2pm Pacific!

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  • Updates on the next God of War? I am counting on a teaser at least (ofc with visuals from the new GoW game, not line this “2021” ~20-sec video that tells nothing :/

    • It says quite clearly above that there will be nothing of GoW, or Forbidden West shown in this SoP!

    • Quote:

      Today’s showcase will not include updates on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, or the next generation of PlayStation VR.

  • Where did the other 150 odd posts go?! 🤔

    • This is a new article today. The article you are thinking of was from two days ago. There are still >150 comments there.

  • This is the lowest of low expectations I have ever had for a Playstation event. Atleast I am prepared for the show. Hope we get some updates about little devil inside, Stray and Kena in the indies section and maybe Hogwarts Legacy, GTA V enhanced edition or something good in third party titles.

    • earth_inheritor

      How can you possibly have the lowest of low expectations when none of us have a single clue about whats going to be shown?

    • GTA 5 ????….Jesus Christ.How can you even talk about low expectations if that’s what you hope to see.

  • And, when are we going to have news about the stability of the supply chain & production of the PS5 for Europe? Thousands of costumers are still waiting to get one, and Its funny that people are already looking for an xbox, expecting to have a new console because they are tired to see new games but no news or communications about this fundamental issue. New games, no console :/

    • Exactly. We aren’t getting PS%’s here in North America either. What we get are “supply drops” of a few consoles that are usually bought by scalpers. I would love for them to concentrate on getting PS5 levels up and open communication about the forecast of PS5 availability heading into the holiday season 2021.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      They have been giving news and they’re putting out more PS5s than they did PS4s last gen. The problem is that chips are almost impossible to get and the demand is astronomically high. Sony is more heartbroken over this than you, trust me. If supply wasn’t an issue they would have set records so far out of reach that they would never be broken.

      They’ve already sold more ps5s than PS4s in the same time span yet less than half of the people who actually want one can get one. And Microsoft is benefiting from this enormously. PS5 is still handily out selling Xbox series but if supply wasn’t an issue you would see them out selling Xbox by more than double.

      How do you think Sony feels knowing that tens of millions of people want a PlayStation 5 and cannot find one? And the demand will not be finite. Just as we saw with PlayStation VR and the supply struggles when it launched. The demand was very high and you really couldn’t find a set for 6 months, but once supply actually came around demand died down.

      Sony is leaving so much money on the table it’s not even funny. And not just that, but the supply constrain is literally shaping the industry and keeping Sony from a more dominant position and market share as well as boosting Xbox in the process.

      It probably makes Jim Ryan sick at night. Nobody wants higher PlayStation 5 production then Jim Ryan so trust me they are working as hard as they possibly can.

  • Give me news on Stray,forspoken, ff16,kena,LDI, or GWT and I will be happy

    • earth_inheritor

      Why do we need more on Kena? We already have gameplay and a launch date. The rest i agree with. I really want to know more about Stray. Getting more info on Beyond Good and Evil would be amazing..but at this point im a little worried about that one.

  • NinjaRemoteplay

    Updates on deathloops and More

  • I would love an updated forecast on the projected availability of the PS5 for the remainder of 2021. We aren’t getting any answers from SONY on this matter. You want fans to be excited about your product and developers want excitement about their upcoming titles. It’s hard to be excited since the majority of PS4 owners who want to upgrade to the PS5 can’t find a unit to save their lives, unless they’re willing to pay for a bundle of games they don’t want, or paying a scalper. I understand there is a chip shortage. What I don’t understand is communicating where things stand at Sony moving forward.

  • As this blog now also covers the EU could you put the time in BST/GMT aswell.

  • Umm abandoned? Sony/blue box game studios ya wanna update us or what

  • Damn talk about a mess of management that Sony is currently,send your games over to pc and promote games from the competition…the heads of Sony and PS from the past must be laughing at this pathetic sight,I am beyond disapppointed even though I expect the worst from you guys nowadays.You showed Deathloop a million times already doesn’t matter if it’s a good game…wake the F up it’s not a bethesda game anymore it’s a game from your damn competition and yes I understand that it doesn’t sell outside PS and it’s good to shove that in their faces but just stop Sony,you’re the only ones who don’t see how deplorable you are currently.Don’t even bother with a state of play if it’s to get your customers excited for nothing,well hope the small games deliver.

    • iamtylerdurden1


      I am beyond disappointed that Sony has people like you on their system.

      Yeah, I’m sure the previous heads of Sony are laughing at the fact that PS5 is the best selling console launch ever and that PlayStation is breaking sales and revenue records…

      And the fact that they continue to consistently deliver industry-leading exclusives at a time when every other publisher is making excuses.

      I’m sure they are laughing at the fact that PlayStation 5 has been a gargantuan success. From the revelation that is dual sense to the obscenely fast SSD. People like you trash Jim Ryan yet in the two years that he’s been in charge Sony has signed several major Studios including Insomniac and Housemarque. 2020 was a historic year and 2021 has been amazing. PSVR 2 was announced and we just got back to back next-gen bangers rated in the high 80s. What more do you want?

      And not every state of play is going to be an E3 mic drop show. They clearly explained that this state of play was strictly going to be about Deathloop and Indies. They made the Deathloop deal well before Microsoft purchased Bethesda. PlayStation has a year of console exclusivity. Should they just waste that money and pretend the game doesn’t exist?

      It truly saddens me that PlayStation ever had fans like you. Sad sheep that fall victim to propaganda. And not everything is perfect, there will be more games that end up going to PC but considering how few have gone already, people like you really are overblowing it.

      I’m not in love with every move this regime has made, but I also don’t hate every move either. And more importantly we continue to get the best product on console. I’d rather have a fantastic product in real time than a PR machine but no real results like Microsoft. If you are unhappy buy yourself a $500 subwoofer so you can play old Xbox One games and bad third parties on Game Pass. It’s funny how people care more about hype and PR than actual results.

  • No E3, again, and now an unnecessary focus on Deathloop? How about some info regarding the upcoming PS5 Beta FW testing? How about something about Dolby Vision support for 4K Blu-rays?

    • iamtylerdurden1

      They clearly stated there would be no information on first party games like Horizon…

      Are people that blind or just stubborn? The information you seek will come in due time.

  • What about Europe time

  • Dear Folks at Sony,

    I just stopped watching your State of Play without finishing it. I am not quite sure how to describe what I’m feeling, but I’m not happy with what you are doing in terms of this gen and the PS5. I really cannot point to one or two things in particular; I’m just disappointed. What I can say is this: I was fortunate enough to get a PS5 shortly after launch, and I purchased several games during that launch period (which I’ve since finished). Having said that, I purchased an Xbox Series X a month or so after that (my first Microsoft console), along with Game Pass Ultimate. I now spend most of my time playing the Xbox Series X. This State of Play did absolutely nothing for me in terms of generating excitement. I’m not sure what you can actually do with my feedback, but I thought it best to comment about how I feel in the event you actually monitor feedback on these forums.

  • Moss Book II looks great. Looking forward to it!

  • Abandoned game what a weird sus situation that is

  • 🥱👎

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