Planet of the Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store

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Planet of the Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store

Resident Evil 3, UFC4, Jump Force Deluxe Edition and many more are discounted for a limited time.

The Planet of the Discounts promotion returns to PlayStation Store today, Wednesday July 7. With it comes a spectacular range of titles discounted for a limited time*. That includes Resident Evil 3, UFC4, Jump Force Deluxe Edition and many more. 

*The Planet of the Discounts promotion starts midnight, Wednesday July 7 and ends 11.59pm (local time) on Wednesday July 21. 

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  • Crap sale. Stop making it so indie devs can only discount their games when they are invited to a sale. This is why I have dozens of games on my wishlist that have never had a discount. Let them discount their games whenever they want to

  • How dare you call this planet of the discounts? Learn a little from steam, every game was on crazy discounts!
    My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined.

  • I mean, seriously, how many times are we going to see the same games discounted while hidden gems remain hidden because you don’t feel they’re worth putting in a sale? I have over 70 things on my wishlist, a majority of which have never seen a sale and some have been sitting there for over half a decade. If I want a Triple-A game, I buy it on disc. It’s the lesser-known games that aren’t on disc, or DLC, that I want to buy digitally but you never let them be discounted. :(

  • I was always wondering why from the <4000 titles there are always the same titles in the sales.
    And than I found out they have to pay Playstation a lot of money to be featured, you need to know the right person or you have to be invited. It's disheartening and greedy as there are games I'd love to buy (Eastshade for instance) that will never be featured and with that title there are thousands that never get a spotlight….

    • Here is a crazy idea…just buy it. Sale/no sale. Just buy it if it has never been on sale and play it.

  • Nice.

    John Earwig

  • Zack,

    Sony has a a problem with sales: it’s always the same games discounted time and again. I’ve lost count of how many sales The Witcher has been in, but there are a ton of indies I’ve been meaning to play that are NEVER featured on ANY sale, and because of that, I never buy them. And before anyone says “if you want to play them, buy them at full price!”, I have an enormous backlog and a lot of games on my wishlist, so I only buy THOSE wishlisted games when they’re on sale.
    It’s hard to for me to buy an indie game I fancy, when there’s a AA or AAA game I also want on sale for a fifth of the price. I continue to buy games and spending money but my indies wishlist continues to be the same size… It’s unfair to indie devs. Give them more leeway, give them more visibility, give them more insight, give them more sales, and in turn, I’ll buy more games and everyone will be happy.

    And you know something else? Sony will never know what I want because I don’t use the wishlist feature. They’re in the dark about the amount of games I want to see discounted. The wishlist feature is useless if I’m supposed to check it out. It’s not a to-do list: make it proactive. Don’t want to flood people’s inboxes or risk being sent to the junk box? Use the console messaging system that’s already there! I’d love to get a PS App notification on my phone that I carry all day long, and on my console when I turn it on, that a game I want is on sale. Do that and I’ll put in the work to write down EVERY GAME I want. Then, that analytics data will prove extremely valuable to gauge people’s interests and trends. Don’t stop there! Let publishers know how many people have their games on wishlist and they’ll gain new understanding and perspective.

    I can’t believe I have to plead to a billion-dollar company that they have to stop leaving money on the table, and not just their money: blocking indies from making money will come to bite them sooner rather than later.

  • Atelier trilogies please. Vita games please.

  • Set up a US account. Buy PSN cards on Amazon. But the US games, download and play those games on your Australian account. Win.

  • *Buy

  • Ratchet and Clank rift apart is €80, which is US$95, and I see people complaining about US$70.
    Its not triple, but its still a decent price difference.

  • Can we get some parity between regions pricing? Outrageous that the same game on EU store is €9.99 (~$12) and is $4.99 on the US storefront (Yakuza 0, and there are plenty others as well)
    I know I can set up a US account (I do have a US account as well) but there’s no reason they couldn’t (and they probably should) sort out their pricing.

  • Sigh! As others have already commented,for the few games having a deeper discount eg:Baldurs Gate,there’s a lot of the same AAA & smaller select Indies getting rotated in & out of sale every 2-4 months,whilst others have gone years,seldom,or never had discounts. Easy to dismiss some indies when they never get their turn/ability to participate in sales & gain the same sort of visibility as others do!
    Though not Indie,store issues seem to extend regionally too-Scott Pilgrim vs The World getting a discount on the U.S. PSN,but not the EU/AU PSN? (Not that we’ll get any explanation why).
    Was only able to finally purchase most of the Shantae series by WayForward,& Abylight’s Cursed Castilla/Super Hydorah,in June’s Indie sale after being absent from any sales since mid 2018 or so,so heaven knows what hoops needed jumping through! Picked up River City Girls in Feb.,only because I was unsure it would see another discount also being a WayForward title! Like other indies had hinted/responded on twitter,WayForward had said the lack of sales on playstation were out of their hands,& it’s now public knowledge why. Other gems like Blazing Chrome,(great Contra style shooter),Timespinner,Chasm,Mummy Demastered,Castle Crashers Remastered have had sales few & far between too compared to others here,& certainly compared to sales on other platforms.
    Still waiting on sales for:
    Xeno Crisis (Released October 2019,no sale to date)
    Ghost 1.0 (Only sale Oct. 2019 released mid 2019)
    Shantae Risky’s Revenge (Last sale December 2017)
    Zombie Driver HD Immortal Edition (Released Aug.2020,no psn sale to date)
    Battle Princess Madelyn (Released Dec.2018 U.S./Oct.2019 EU/AU,no sale to date)
    Likewise hopefully won’t be an age seeing newer titles like Wonder Boy IV Asha in Monsterworld get their chance at a sale too!

    Likewise even seen delays on new releases like Zombies Ate My Neighbours/Ghoul Patrol compilation which released everywhere else bar PSN,seemingly still stuck in certification! Also still no word if/when the likes of Katana Zero/Carrion will ever get PS4/5 releases from publisher Devolver Digital, even though previously exclusive Fall Guys is soon going multi-platform. Hopefully the likes of Shuhei Yoshida & Greg Rice etc.,can turn things around but they need better resourcing with more support staff!

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