Sniper Isabelle comes to Predator: Hunting Grounds in new DLC

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Sniper Isabelle comes to Predator: Hunting Grounds in new DLC

The fan-favorite Predators character joins the game today, alongside the new Headquarters map.

The jungle is heating up this summer with new Predator: Hunting Grounds updates coming your way! The hottest new arrival is one we know fans have been patiently awaiting… She is finally joining Dutch in the “Choppa”… Alice Braga has lent her voice to bring Isabelle to the game’s world. This new update will not only showcase our ninth DLC since launching last year, but it will also unleash a new playground – the Headquarters Map. That’s right – nine DLC’s and six maps later, IllFonic keeps thinking of ways to challenge players in the jungle.

Our paid DLC pack for this summer re-introduces a fan favorite to the Predator: Hunting Grounds world, and it’s available today. Help us in welcoming 2010’s Predators character Isabelle to the game. A sniper in an elite defense force, Isabelle was selected by the Predator menace as worthy prey to be hunted on an off-world game preserve. One of two survivors in a group of eight specialized killers, she managed to escape and returned to Earth. After joining the OWLF, it was determined that “Izzy” had more confirmed Predator kills than any other human…aside from Dutch.

Now you, too, can harness her immense power as one of the fiercest competitors in the jungle. She not only carries specializations that are tailored to her like sniper, rushdown, scavenger [and more], but she is a real glass cannon. Izzy is a heavy hitter but watch your health; she pairs best with a medic teammate. QA says if you feel like your team is incomplete, she is that missing piece to a well-rounded crew.

Izzy would be lost without her sniper rifle, and lucky for you, she never leaves home without it.  This DLC will get you early access to the NRV-E, AKA the Ultimate Sniper Rifle, is the exact thing you need to pick off Predators and enemies alike (it will be unlockable to all via gameplay by August 2021). What makes this tech so substantial is its Pred Shells that explode on contact. With this rifle, the sharper and steadier you are, the more damage you will do. The further you are from your target, the more destruction you will cause. Think splash damage effect with exploding rounds. They will never see it or you coming.

What fun is a new character without a new playground? This month’s free update is one our team has been working hard to bring you, another map: Headquarters! That’s right; you now have six maps to play through. This is the most complex, spacious, and difficult map yet, and that statement is coming from our QA team!.

Deep in the jungle, atop a large waterfall, the Stargazer fleet built their headquarters, a strong military base to facilitate their proxy wars while trying to draw the Predator to Earth. HQ comprises multiple bases, facility structures, and cabanas that sit atop the most challenging terrains the game has showcased yet.

The Headquarters, at first, will feel like a multi-floor labyrinth, with lots of turns forcing players into close-quarters combat. Anyone up for an elevator battle royale? With so many hiding spots and nowhere to perch, HQ really is a Predator death trap for most, but there may be one that can survive. A highly skilled Trapper Predator could be stealthy enough to beat the fire team. But most that have played this new map make mincemeat out of the enemy.

If the Headquarters is the “burial grounds” for our Yautja friend, then the Cabanas are where the Fireteam could meet their demise. It’s a predkour paradise. With 12 different missions for the Fireteam to conquer; they will often traverse the area. This map also showcases new missions unavailable to other maps. Fireteams will be faced with an all drone mission, these act as mobile alarm systems that will alert your enemies if they spot you. Take them out before they see you, or a constant stream of Stargazer guerillas will be coming after you. Or try your hand at the Maiden’s Treasure; this mission will send teams on the ultimate treasure hunt to unveil unexplainable Predator technology. These missions and others will be the key to unlocking bonus XP.

As I said, what makes this map incredibly challenging isn’t just the missions or problematic fighting areas; it’s the terrain. This map showcases the most water-to-land ratio in the game yet. This means if you can lure the Predator to the water, you’ll have your chance to short out the Predator – since water will wreak havoc on its electrical systems; however, you are a sitting duck by water as the jungle is all around you. Remember that you will be met by sheer cliffs and a rocky climb back up to HQ if you play in the water. The trek isn’t the most difficult part. Watch the cliffs, as they are a prime hiding spot for the guerillas who are ready to snipe you down.

The team is really proud of this map, and it has become a favorite of ours. We hope you all like it as much as we do. Also, we did hear the community ask for more background lore. Now you can uncover new insights on Stargazer and Keyes with Series 2 of the OWLF tapes! Lastly, new trophies, loot, masks, and fresh faces are hitting the jungle soon. Keep your eyes out on our social media for more information on our updates and patch notes.

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