Enhanced version of GreedFall comes to PS5 with an expansion June 30

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Enhanced version of GreedFall comes to PS5 with an expansion June 30

Experience an upgraded version of GreedFall or return to Teer Fradee in The De Vespe Conspiracy

Hi everyone, I’m Jehanne Rousseau, CEO and lead writer at Spiders, here to give you some tips if you are jumping into GreedFall for the first time, or if you are returning to Teer Fradee to discover a new area full of intrigues in The De Vespe Conspiracy, our brand new expansion releasing on June 30. For those of you on PS5, we’re also releasing GreedFall and GreedFall: Gold Edition – including base game and new expansion – bringing 4K UHD resolution, enhanced performance, and fast loading. The de Vespe Conspiracy is a full story arc with player choice and an epic conclusion, featuring new characters, enemies, gear, and areas to explore. We can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into this brand new journey.

Without further ado, here are seven key things to know for your journey in GreedFall and its DLC.

Play your way

GreedFall is a freeform RPG experience before anything else. Besides your family name, anything is customizable, including your gender, looks, starting talents, and skills. As you venture deeper into the island and its web of quests and storylines, unlock more than 80 skills to combine to create your playstyle. Choose to specialize in weapons for fighting in close combat, magic that is as lethal as it is varied, or even traps to control the battlefield. Your talents also affect the way you engage with the island, be it through diplomacy, crafting or your ability to find treasure in the wild.

Exploration is (still) key

The Island of Teer Fradee is full of wilderness and different environments to explore. Cities, forests, mountains, and now an ancient volcanic land in the DLC, all provide their share of characters, tribes, quests, creatures and intrigues. Don’t be afraid to embrace your adventurer’s spirit and set out in the wild to find equipment, loot, magic upgrades and all kinds of surprises. 

Three’s a party

As you progress in the story, up to five companions will be allowed to join you on your journey. Only two of them, however, can be in your party at once. Choose wisely as each of them has their own archetypal style, links to specific factions, opinions and as a consequence will impact both combat and diplomacy differently. Experiment and work on developing your relationship with them because who knows, early friendships might blossom into something else entirely. Also, find out more about your companions’ lore in hidden documents scattered around the DLC region.

In the wild, keep your eyes (and ears) open

When out journeying in the various regions of Teer Fradee, learn to recognize the creatures and tribes that can present a threat to your party and plan accordingly. In the De Vespe expansion for example, a previously volcanic area is now home to a fierce species of predators: The Egsregatt. This feline creature is as furtive as it is deadly, capable of pouncing on its victims from a great distance, or even dropping in on them from high reaching trees. Even if no Egsregatt is in sight, don’t assume your party can lower its guard.

New difficulty setting: Discovery

In GreedFall, you can change the difficulty setting at any time, ranging from the hardcore and stat-heavy RPG experience, to the new Discovery mode that allows you to enjoy the adventure without having to develop your character’s skills and equipment. Your character instantly gains increased resistances and damage stats, becoming almost invincible and able to dispatch the majority of enemies with ease. Perfect for those who wish to experience the adventure without constraints.

Be prepared against Aurélia’s Spadassins

In the DLC’s story arc, you will have to deal with a new character’s personal bodyguards: The Spadassins.These fearsome foes have unique abilities that involve smokescreens, magical displacement, and poison. They will never fight fair and will require sharp wits and even sharper combat skills to be defeated. Think twice before engaging them in battle. If you do manage to defeat them, however, you might come across a range of unique new armor and weapons to craft and discover, some of it themed around the Spadassins and the De Vespe family.

Many choices, multiple endings

On Teer Fradee, conflicts between factions are neither unusual nor new, constantly threatening native clans who used to live in harmony, undisturbed. The diplomatic game is affected by faith, economy and even culture. Depending on your talent choices, different actions and quests will have different outcomes, culminating in multiple possible endings to the main game experience, and two very different ones in the DLC.

We hope these few tips will serve new and returning GreedFall players alike. We’re thrilled to welcome you all back into the mysterious world of GreedFall, enhanced for PlayStation 5 with a free upgrade and save migration for existing PS4 owners. The upgraded Gold Edition is also enhanced with improved visuals, resolution, and performance, and includes The De Vespe Conspiracy expansion. For existing GreedFall owners, the expansion is also available as a standalone purchase. See you in Teer Fradee on June 30.

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  • Nice.

    John Earwig

  • Glad this game found success. One of my early quarantine obsessions on Playstation Now. Looking forward to the DLC!

  • This game was a lot better than I was expecting. I really enjoyed the different missions and side quests and how your skills actually effected how you progressed, unlike other games where it’s not as noticable of a difference.

    I will probably jump back into this to see the expansion!

    If you guys do a sequel, I hope you make the areas a little more open. I loved the hidden loot throughout the game.

  • Nice. Got it on PS+, might give it a try with the free upgrade.

    • But is the upgrade free for those of us who got it from PS Plus? We ran into a similar issue with the FF7 Remake PS5 upgrade.

    • They didn’t say it wasn’t so I don’t see why not. There are other games we got on PS plus that gave us a free upgrade like Control. FF7 was a special case because it wasn’t that old.

    • With FFVII Remake they announced that it would not be eligible for upgrade. This one doesn’t say anything so I’m hoping the plus version work. But then again, when you download a game from Now that has a free PS5 upgrade, even if you’re playing on ps5 you can’t get the upgrade. And greedfall is also on now so it’ll be interested to see if at least with Plus there isn’t a restriction.

    • The upgrade is free and it also includes a PS4 to PS5 save migration for existing players:

      > We’re thrilled to welcome you all back into the mysterious world of GreedFall, enhanced for PlayStation 5 with a free upgrade and save migration for existing PS4 owners.

    • Those of us that got the game for free from PlayStation Plus are not eligible for the free PS5 upgrade. They confirmed this on Twitter.

    • What a horrible look. Is this the new trend now? They should reconsider this move.

    • More annoyingly is if you play it on game pass you get the upgrade but not on the ps plus version

    • No, ps+ doesnt get the upgrade and DLC. Everyone has to pay for the DLC, its like 7$. Also, the free version doesnt get the visual upgrade everyone else gets.

      YOU DIDNT PAY FOR ANYTHING SO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO WHINE OR COMPLAIN. They gave you the base game for free, grow up and stop whining.

    • NO ONE GIVES FREE UPDATES FOR FREE PS+ GAMES! You people are so ridiculous, you get GAMES FOR FREE THEN YOU STILL WHINE ABOUT IT? wtf is wrong with you people?

  • Great idea. Thank you for making this type of rpg.

  • Thank you, Spiders, for doing things the right way:

    1. enhanced for PlayStation 5 with a free upgrade
    2. save migration for existing PS4 owners

    Much appreciated!

  • Man was this game boring, they tried really hard to emulate peak bioware but failed hard

  • Ah snap! I didn’t buy it during the last sale because I didn’t want to have to double dip on the PS5 version… but now it’s announced as a free upgrade… doh!

  • If you got GreedFall for free from PlayStation Plus your copy will NOT be eligible for the free PS5 upgrade. This was confirmed on their Twitter account.

    • How lame.

    • Dang shame. Oh well. I’ll just fool around with the PS4 version then.

    • Greed comes before the fall…

    • Silly thing is, no one got it for free on PS+. PS+ users have to pay every single month to pay this game now even.

      I’m not sure why companies think it’s worthwhile screwing people over with full price for PS5 patches is a great idea. It’s not like many people are going to pay out $120 (in Europe) for FFVII on PS5 or whatever this will cost just because they can’t get some graphics tweak and some minor content? Especially when they waited years to get the game in the first place.

  • I will be playing tonight!

  • Relaying what brn-dn has been saying. If you got GreedFall for free from PlayStation Plus your copy will NOT be eligible for the free PS5 upgrade. This was confirmed on developers Twitter account. Same as FFVII Remake. They release the base game on PS+ then basically try to sell you the upgraded PS5 version. Didn’t buy it when it released and not interested now. I was interested in playing since I’m excited about games getting PS5 upgrades and playing games I’ve missed upon release but if it’s not going to apply like Control team did it, it’s an unfortunate skip for me.

  • Can buy for £10.00 used of a certain shop.

  • I will definitely take a second look at this game thanks to discovery mode. I never really got a feel for the combat but i really enjoyed the story and world building with seemingly impactful rpg elements. I think accessibility options like this are a great idea.

  • It’s a shame that those who pay PS+ are not getting the ”real” version of the games, and then are not elegible to fet a free update. The version we are getting IS the game, thats why I cannot buy it from the store because it is already in my collection.. but now its not the ”same game” when I should get a free update that everyonelse is getting. This is a scam at many levels

    • Not to mention that a lot of us who get a ps5 is waiting to play some ps4 from their collection (PS+ including) until they have an improvement patch in ps5…

  • I was planning on buying the DLC, but since the PS5 upgrade is not free for all of those who got it from PS+ I’ve suddenly lost any interest I once had. Too bad.

  • Unreliable bad!! MS Game pass offers the upgrade! Guess I wait and play on series X then

  • For everyone concerned that some PSPlus games aren’t getting a free PS5 upgrade:
    The PS5 upgrade versions of these games are seperate entities in their own right. If they allowed PSPlus versions to upgrade, then those PS5 upgrade versions would still be on the users account EVEN IF THAT USER STOPPED SUBSCRIBING TO PSPLUS. This isn’t something Sony wishes to happen.
    Yes, it would be easy to add a PSPlus version of the PS5 upgrade to the PSPlus offering, but there’s no way – with the current system – to *only* make it available to people who *already* have just the PSPlus PS4 version – rather, it would be like any other PSPlus offering, available to all subscribers to add to their account for as long as the offer is available.
    So if you have permanent independent access to the PS4 original – ie, you bought it – then you can have a similiar, permanent access to the PS5 upgrade.
    Personally, I’d like it to change somehow – I don’t intened to buy the PS5 version of FFVII just for some minor tweaks – but with the system as it is currently, that’s unlikely unless they make specific edge-case workarounds as I presume they did for Control. Or maybe you’ll still have access to Control on your PS5 even if your Plus subscription drops, I honestly don’t know.

  • Look $ony, a FREE upgrade!!!

  • As a PS Plus subcriber, I already own a PS Plus version of Greedfall. But PS store denies me buying the Gold version! What the heck?! Why in the world cannot I buy the Gold version to enjoy the upgrades made for PS5? Instead, I’m limited to Standard edition and a separate purchase of the add-on. PS Store is also not specifying whether the Greedfall version is for PS4 or PS5 so players have to buy it blindly and whether improvements will be there or not. Sony, you know this is a violation of the EU laws as EU consumers must be informed about the content properly before buying.

    I don’t get it. This is ridiculous. With all this hassle and inconveniences thrown at players I’m beginning to regret that I didn’t buy Xbox Series X instead. I’m feeling like you’re throwing your players trust out of the window.

  • Love the fact you guys are allowing us PS4 user to transfer – hopefully soon – both our game and saves to PS5. This is the way players want to be treated, and I hope your sales reflect our appreciation.

  • I’m having an issue with dlc downloading for ps5 version. Anyone has the same issue like me ?

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