Share of the Week: The Last of Us Part II – One Year Anniversary

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Share of the Week: The Last of Us Part II – One Year Anniversary

Celebrating one year of Ellie’s journey.

This past week marked the one year anniversary of The Last of Us Part II. To celebrate, we asked you to share unforgettable moments alongside Ellie and Abby using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

Photoingame shares Ellie basking in the sun.

Emilli96 shares Abby wearing her emotions on her sleeve.

BiggestInsanity shares a solemn moment at Joel’s house.

AloyUltra shares Abby living in the moment.

gamingbyframe captured Joel bathed in shadow.

ElliotDBrown shares Ellie breaking some glass.

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THEME: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

SUBMIT BY: Wednesday 9 AM PT on June 30

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  • Happy one-year anniversary to one of my favorite games and game devs of all time! Can’t wait for Part III…

  • We want factions and don’t you dare put it on PC

  • Happy 1 year <3

    Seriously one of the best most impressive and long games I've ever played in my life. I was constantly blown away and on the edge of my seat for 30+ hours. It's a shame how much negative press it got from people online who didn't play it, people who didnt like some of the plot points and weird anti lgbt people. Game was a bloody masterpiece and I encourage anybody reading this to give it a shot.

    Im still watching Youtube videos of it very regularly looking up all the easter eggs and cool little continuity things they put in. Like breaking a cup as Ellie and then hours later going back as Abby and seeing the cup still broken or how dialogue changes SOOOO much depending what you do/what you have/what you did/the speed you're doing it. The thing just blows me away constantly a year later. 10/10. Play it.

  • I hope part 3 focuses on Ellie and as a conclusion for the series

  • I wish Uncharted did another, like this, just story. It would be rated: M, wouldn’t it?

    • Srsly? I am glad they made Uncharted how it is as a game (”Thieves End” Is the most “Uncharted” of Uncharted games in my opinion anyway)

  • I don’t know why TLOU2 is on here the only reason it sold good was because of the hype for the first one. The true game of the year was Ghost of Tsushima! That’s what the fans pick but the powers that be didn’t like that and did damage control.

    • TLOU2 was a flawed masterpiece. I true step forward in cinematic gaming. Production values through the roof with genuine new tech on the cutting edge.
      Tsushima is a bit of a drab open world filled with play school icons. The biggest thing it’s got going for it is some of the graphics

    • BiscuitBlocker19

      I know everyone keeps forgetting that

    • Just checked this guys profile. Of course he hasn’t played the game … 🤨

  • Keep wokeness out of video games

  • Pathetic!

  • So true, honestly hated everything about the game by the 18 h mark. Everything after that felt like a chore. And the only thing good about the ending was the last ellie and joel cutscene

  • Most overrated game series

  • Waiting for it to get down to $19.99. It’s $29.99 now on Amazon. Once it’s $20, I’ll get it just to see what kind of woke trash is in it. They don’t deserve anything more than $20 from me for games like that.

  • The people havent gotten over it , after a year. And most of them havent even played the game, thats just hilarious. For me its a masterpiece and you guys can hate all you wont, it wont change anything at all :) Wonder if you will be able to move on one day, I doubt it. So entertaining to watch the whining

    • Bro I’ve platinum this game lol have you

    • @Maaden_Swe Why is somebody always a hater or whiner if (s)he doesn’t like a game (or whatever)? One likes it, the other doesn’t, every opinion counts. Or does your comment/ feedback count more just because you love the game, I don’t think so.
      Every constructive criticism is good, be it positive or negative (yes, I know it’s not always constructive, we’re on the internet). The developer can build on it and do it differently or even better next time.
      Maybe you have to get over the fact that there will always be different opinions, think about that.

    • @barrow40: you know exactly what hes referring to. that hate isnt constructive criticism

    • Guess that’s a no lmao

    • @Maaden_Swe the same reason why you can’t get over why there’s more people who don’t like this game then actually like it. I don’t care what awards it got, next you’ll tell me the elections aren’t rigged 🤦‍♂️ this game is trash and no I haven’t played it, but you can look at a trash can and no matter how shinny it is tell that it’s still trash. It’s a pathetic excuse to please a tiny group of soy boy peggers, with it’s forced agendas and politics. Sony needs to let it go. In reality there’s no reason why any should argue with a clown or your circus, your kind of people don’t understand the difference between privilege and rights. So you loooove it and the rest of us don’t….”get over it”

    • @HollowKage
      You’re the one crying on a photo mode contest one year later pal over a game you haven’t played. If Metacritic had proof of purchase on their site there wouldn’t be 0 scores from losers who created an account on that site a day before the game was released. By the look of you language I can definitely tell you spend your day on the Quratering page or other bottom feeders rotting your brain. Go outside and get some air. And keep insulting the devs that worked on the game, I’m sure you’ll change their minds and they’ll have a straight white protagonist in the next game… oh wait, the exact opposite will happen.

    • Wow, the comments are hilarious, keep going :)

    • I have played the game just not on my main account. A trash game is a trash game the game mechanics were just like the first the story was garbage there was nothing special about the second one. Except killing off the main characters, which isn’t I’m expecting just pathetic attempt to appease a certain crowd of people which don’t even play videos games.

  • Game second half was a slog, this is why i don’t trust most critics. Even days gone ubisofty mediocrity was more entertaining

    • Exactly gaming journalism is dead

    • Abbie’s section seemed to start off with a bit of promise. The trouble is. No one really wants to play as the villain unless you start off as the villain or are revealed as the villain later on as some sort of twist.

      It was interesting to see the villains world fall apart from their followers for a change in a video game, the social dynamics of the fallout of managing to do what they wanted to do, was a different view for the villain. Trouble is, as awesome as the acting was, Abbie wasn’t likable enough to have to player play as her.

    • @unemployedteen19
      Just checked your profile, you haven’t played the game. If you had you would have known that the second part of the game had sone of the best set pieces ever: the sky bridge, the rat king, the sniper segment with Tommy or the battle on the Seraphite island.

  • Days gone was great game

    • 10000% FACTS

    • What’s Days Gone have to do with it? 😍

    • Days gone is a great game it sad that peggers just won’t admit the fact TLOU2 had the most return rate of any game in history. If the second was so good why did they remake the first again but put it on the ps5 instead of the second? Because even Sony can admit that the first was their best and the second was a mistake

    • @duskscar – Worst part is that Sony wants to forget Days Gone but don’t wanna forget this piece of trash,they keep trying to push friggin TLoU 2 and worst of all abbeye down people’s throats.Fits the new Sony perfectly though.The Sony that don’t care about its fans and legacy,the Sony that sends their games to pc fits very well with Sony not wanting to forget a game that sold 4 million only because of a massive false advertising and manipulation of expectation.

    • Sony is a corporation and they go with what makes them money. If Days Gone sold really well and had critical acclaim they would make a sequel. The TLOU remake is for the people who will watch the HBO show and don’t know about this IP yet and will want to play it on the current console and not the old Ps3 version.

  • hey help me check out
    all game error and report🙏👍

  • I did not buy or play it nor I intend to do so even if you give it for free I will not play it


    you know what you did last summer

    This game story is garbge

    00000000000000 from 0000000000000

    Not even enough zeros to show how much garbage this is

    The only reason it sold well is because the first one was good

    I thank all players who told me that this is garbage saved me 60 dollars to buy something that really matter aside from this garbage

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