PS4 Tournaments: Open Series expands with three new tournaments

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PS4 Tournaments: Open Series expands with three new tournaments

Compete in new tournaments for Auto Chess, Guilty Gear Strive and Tekken 7 for cash winnings and other special prizes.

Since launching in May 2020, the PlayStation Tournaments Open Series has brought players together from across the globe to compete in and enjoy their favorite competitive games. Players earned respect through hundreds of monthly Open Series Tournaments around the world and found community during hundreds of hours of Open Series broadcasts. We are excited to help even more players elevate their competitive play to the next level as we welcome three new titles to the Open Series in July. 

Three New Open Series Titles Join the Roster

The Open Series catalogue continues to make competitive gaming more accessible to all players through increasingly diverse events. Join free competitions for three brand new Open Series titles every week starting in July through the Competition Center or on your PlayStation 4 console.

Tournaments can be intimidating, so we set incentives to encourage you every step of the way. Play all four Swiss qualifier matches per title for rewards such as exclusive themes and avatars, then outperform other players to win greater prizes like $400 in the Monthly Finals.

Auto Chess

The first strategy game featured in the Open Series, Auto Chess lets you build a unique army to conquer the board as you battle players around the globe. Methodical movement, anticipation, and multiple counters to every tactic make victories in this competitive strategy battler worth bragging about.

In addition to the traditional Open Series prizes, Auto Chess offers unique rewards like in-game cosmetics and currency. Head over to the program page for more information, including the rules and registration.** 

Sign up to make your opening gambit:

Guilty Gear Strive

Experience the newest iteration of this classic 2D, anime fighter. For over 20 years, Guilty Gear continues to redefine smooth, flashy animation. With 15 characters at launch and more on the way, now is the best time to get ahead of the competition. Discover new tech, rivals, and training partners as you fight for a featured spot on the first Monthly Final broadcast on August 1.

Sign up to fight for glory**:

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is still thriving for anyone itching to join one of the longest-running competitive communities. Pick up one of this 3D fighter’s 50+ characters and prove you’re the next king of the iron fist.

Sign up for your chance to become the next champion**:

To play, watch, and learn more about your favorite competitive games, and to see more information on the complete Open Series offerings in your regions, visit

**Access to PS4, game title, and active PS Plus membership required. Must be 16+ and a member of an eligible country. Void where prohibited. See full rules.

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  • No way to participate on PS5?

  • Wait… I have a PS5 copy of Guilty Gear so I can’t participate? That seems like it needs to be fixed.

  • Debating selling my PS5 they are in demand and I’m playing Ratchet and Clank right now you haven’t made any effort with the thing really no announcements for new games the news we get is X,Y and Z may go to PC this is our plans for PC here’s games for PS4 seriously why the hell do I have this thing you are doing a bad job keeping your PLAYSTATION FANS happy what you forget about us because you are too busy jumping all over PC.I really am starting to dislike you been a customer since 1999 but I’m so sick of this behaviour you don’t even read these comments or send out surveys anymore it’s shocking poor effort you should be ashamed how low you sunk the last few years you became just another Xbox.

    • Relax, they will have a PSX event in July where they announce all the big (and smaller) games coming to PS5 in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022.
      Making the announcement right around E3 doesn’t give them the spotlight and media attention as it’s divided amongst all the different press conferences. Doing so in July when gaming news is slow puts them in the spotlight and attracts big attention and genuine hype. Given your profile pic, you’d love to see the new Naughty Dog Factions 2 multiplayer game announced and the reveal trailer for the next God of War, the release date of Horizon: Forbidden West, amongst many others.
      As for PS5 support, they’re working on beta for a big firmware that will add a lot of requested features (maybe even support for the SSD expansion slot), and so many games and other things are making the transition over to PS5 (Tournaments will become PS5 too, Sony didn’t buy EVO Championship to keep eSports stuck on PS4 after all).
      It’s not doom and gloom, you just have to wait and see it all happen and unfold before your eyes.

    • @donfadz13 wow, maybe even ssd expansion support 6 months after we were promised?
      And will they take back what they said about PC ports? Or clarify that no PS5 games will go to PC until PS6 comes out?
      Cause until they do something like that, they are liars and sold PS5 on false pretenses.
      I bought 2 PS5’s and a Switch to have unique experiences and play exclusive games…. that was what I was sold them on. One of those companies kept their unspoken promise to me and respected me as a customer, the other did not.
      PS5 has become the only console I actually feel like I regret purchasing, mainly due to Jim Ryan and Herman Hulsts strategy that undermines their main customers and their main market.

    • Is this some kind of troll post???

    • @RendangSapi2 Why would it be… I am presenting facts and the way I and many others feel. There are countless PlayStation groups on Discord, Youtube, Twitter and elsewhere that are very upset about games going to PC and feel cheated. The leadership are doing their best to tear away all the identity PlayStation has and turn it into something GENERIC.
      I’m pretty sure that Ken Yoshida sold out to Microsoft when he met Satya Nadella.

    • He is right we went out and got their console what are we getting out of it I too will be investing in Switch at least Nintendo don’t put their games second and it’s even more of an insult they expect us to pay £70 for games but not PC?Yeah no you are good Sony better sort your messaging out and fast I have over 6K trophies and buy all my games brand new in launch window you want to keep me better show my why I should stay and FAST.

    • @bryank75

      Last time i check, Sony NEVER promised they never gonna port their games for PC.

      So i found it funny to see you and that guy killah_casp feels upset / cheated and then throwing tantrums just because PC owners can play a couple of first party PS games.

      Like why? You guys are not taken a big loss in your financial just because Sony port their games for PC.

      I just don’t understand or can’t take seriously people like you that see business decision to port games from one plastic box to other plastic box to a point you guys looks like a crazy fanatics. That’s why i see your post sounds like a troll post.

      Just stop. Video games is where you have fun. Why you even feel angry if more people can play PS games on PC?

      Grow up dude 🙄

    • @RendangSapi2 Every generation till now PlayStation has had fully exclusive games, it was always a part of buying a PlayStation…. same as when you buy a Nintendo, the very same. Consoles were built on exclusive IP’s like Mario and Sonic for god sake.
      Yes, PlayStation did make a promise that games were exclusive… they put ‘Only on PlayStation’ on the boxes, announced them as exclusive at big events… so they are indeed liars.
      You are obviously not a PlayStation fan because any real PlayStation fan does not view it as just a plastic box.
      All social media, forums and discussion has been flooded by Xbox astroturfers pushing PlayStation to do the wrong thing…. maybe you’re one of them.

    • @bryank75

      Nintendo have their Mario Pokemon games for mobile. Xbox have all their games on PC and some even ported to Nintendo. PS only had like 2-3 games ported to PC but you already throwing tantrums like kids losing their candies.

      I’m a long time PS fan but i’m not fanatics and close minded like you. And yes it IS a plastic box that can played video games. Why did you got angry that games got ported from one plastic box to another plastic box? Grow up.

    • @RendangSapi2 That is overly reductionist, nobody that buys a PlayStation looks upon it as a ‘plastic gaming box. They look on it as a PlayStation….an identity built up over 25+ years…. by investing in tech, marketing, exclusive games, merchandising etc etc.
      If it was simply a plastic gaming box, then why market it at all? Why bother with branding? Symbols? Why build the identity?
      The problem is you have no idea what PlayStation is, you do not identify or value it…for you it is disposable, you are not a fan, stop pretending to be…. or find out what it means bwfore you claim to be one.

  • Good to see SoulCalibur VI and Guilty Gear Strive are going to be there!

  • Omg @bryank75 seriously nobody cares how about you speak with ya wallet

  • I bought 2 PS5’s and a Switch for new unique experiences and exclusives….. one company delivered and kept their promise of games being fully exclusive, the other one lied and put their games on PC, making me feel like a fool for buying their new hardware.
    Nintendo may cost a lot for ports and things but at least they do not lie to their customers or make their fans feel unwanted and taken advantage of.

    Sony leadership are liars. They have no respect for their customers and are arrogant beyond reason.

    • Ok sell you’re PS5’s then problem solved

    • @merciful-time2 if they do not change their strategy in the next 2 months, I will make a video of me smashing both PS5’s to pieces so nobody can use them again.

    • @bryank75 can I have one of your ps5s I really want to play rift apart

    • I would love to watch you destroy your PS5. Please!!

    • @bryank75

      Give me your PS5. I wanna play Returnal, R&C, Demon’s Souls, FF XVI, Horizon, GoW, etc.

    • @SantaMonicaZero I have 2…. I will smash both of them into bits if the PC port situation is not resolved soon. I will post it all over social media, Neogaf and elsewhere….

    • @bryank75

      Ok where’s the video that you smash your PS5?

      Why wait for two months? Why not just do it now?

  • @merciful-time2 Not until my voice is heard loud and clear.

  • So when will Street Fighter 6 be announced at evo

    • That’s Capcom job, not Sony.

    • Well for SFV Sony did help capcom with making the game with money

    • @ultragamerblog

      That was SF V and back when Capcom had difficulties with their financial. But right now, i don’t see Capcom needs Sony’s money to developed SF VI considering they have good financials where they game sold well (MHW, RE, DMC, etc).

  • I wanna sign for GG Strive but the link keeps showing forbidden / error 😞

  • I wouldn’t play Tekken 7 if you paid me lol. Haven’t touched it since a day after launch. There was do little to do in it. They didn’t even give me a decent Arcade/Story mode for all the other charscters where you go through 10 stages and then get the characters ending.

    Truly awful, worst Tekken game ever and I never touched Soul Calibur VI then because I already knew about the multi season pass scam at that stage anyway.

    Thanks for ruining Tekken Harada. Please keep milking the last fans you have left of 40 quid everytime you release another season.

  • Tekken looks AA to me doesn’t look AAA at all I have a higher standard for games AAA is king

  • This may be a stupid question, but for Guilty Gear tournaments do you HAVE to play on a PS4 or can you play the PS5 version, or on a PS5 using the PS4 version in backwards compatibility?

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