Imagine the future with Dreams and Mercedes-Benz

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Imagine the future with Dreams and Mercedes-Benz

Media Molecule, the Dreams community, and Mercedes-Benz present a playable vision of the future - and we want to see yours next.

The wonderful thing about the future is that it hasn’t happened yet – and so, theoretically, anything is possible with enough effort, imagination, and collaboration. That’s the thinking behind Mercedes-Benz’s latest initiative, which is designed to create a conversation around one idea: “Let’s imagine futures together”.

Imagine the future with Dreams and Mercedes-Benz

If there’s one thing we love to do here at Media Molecule, it’s to imagine. So when we heard about the project – which began in 2019 at Mercedes and SXSW’s me Convention, a lifestyle festival and ‘future lab’ at which experts and convention goers drafted, sketched and modelled their sustainable and community-minded visions of the future – we knew we wanted to be part of the dialogue.

We knew the perfect tool for it, too: Dreams, of course! Imagination and collaboration are at the heart of our creative platform, and we figured that – with the help of our fantastic coMmunity – we could build our own interactive concept for a better future, and broaden the project’s reach to game fans all over the world.

“As a forward-thinking brand we always encourage collaboration and creativity. With Media Molecule we found an excellent collaboration partner to take our engagement within the gaming community to the next level. Dreams offers the perfect space for gaming enthusiasts to design desirable visions of the future” says Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG. “This collaboration stands for a new way of exploring and creating favourable futures for next generations from all over the world.”

“Dreams and Mercedes” is the result, a gorgeous, narrative-based 2D platformer that presents one possible future: a world in which AI takes care of all the work, and humans are free to nurture their connection to creativity, the natural world, and to one another. Based on a concept from AI expert Alexandre Cadain and with input from the wider team at Mercedes-Benz, it was brought to life through the direction and talent of Dreams community creator Scott Vanderburgh (known in-game as [the_burgervan), plus support from developers here at Mm.

“The best collaborations are those that result in something new, unexpected, and exciting,” says Siobhan Reddy, our studio director here at Media Molecule. “Mercedes-Benz has been an inspiring partner for our first Mm Co-Labs Project. Throughout development, the Mercedes team has encouraged us to let our minds wander and imagine the future. We have enjoyed seeing our Dreams Specialist, Scott Vanderburgh, bring a completely different style of game to Dreams. Thank you to Mercedes for being our first partner on an Mm Co-Lab Project – we hope this is the first of many.”

You’ll be able to play Dreams and Mercedes very soon: it’ll be released in Dreams under the title “Dreams and Mercedes-Benz” on July 8, 2021. We hope it inspires you to imagine your own vision of the future… especially as we’ll be further collaborating with Mercedes-Benz to launch a game jam around the theme of ‘Imagined Futures’, which will run in-game as a Community Jam from July 13 to July 28, 2021! We can’t wait to see what you’ll make.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the social media hashtag #letsimaginefuturestogether, too, so feel free to post it alongside your ideas, thoughts and finished jam creations around this theme. We’re looking forward to it! (Is that a “future” pun? Well, we’re taking credit for it, anyway.)

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  • This game really needs to have a massive relaunch on ps5, have its creation tools go free to play, release on PC, and/or allow creators to export/sell their creations.

    I feel like if the user base was bigger it would be a bit more fun to create but….
    It’s not even Media Molecule’s fault. The game was treated so horribly by Sony. I had to drive to 3 EB Games stores to find a copy and there were no ads anywhere – not even once.

    The game’s amazing I just really want a comeback for it. It needs *something*

    • Dreams is so much tied to the PS ecosystem (dualshock controls, VR, custom rendering engine, …) I think it won’t be released anytime soon on PC. But a relaunch on PS5, I’m pretty sure I’ve already heard of it.

    • First of all, stop driving to stores. Collecting discs isn’t doing anything for you. Go digital.

      Secondly, I agree with everything you said.

  • There are tons of them! Just search for wrpg or shooter for PS4. Sure they are not exclusive but who cares if you already own the console ?

    That said… what’s the relationship with dream and mm ???

  • I just want to add that the marketing campaign that did exist was horrendous.
    The ads just showed one example of a game that was created – but never really said what the game was. Any casual viewer would just say “Oh so you play as a monster and destroy buildings. Cool I guess”

    Not to mention launching without VR support was incredibly strange

    Wish you guys the best MediaMolecule <3 Sorry Sony did you dirty like this. Your game is a technical masterpiece and it still has so so so much potential.

    Please re-launch it on ps5. Make the thermometer possible to make PS5 exclusive worlds. Give us a new physical edition. PSVR2 support. An ad campaign that isn't crap. Launch on PC too with cross play content – you'll do way better there. You have so much content in the game to show off now too. ❤

  • Dreams should be the new PlayStation Home.

    A base version included in every PS4 + PS5, consisting of a customisable home area and the ability to play free creations.

    Additionally, online social areas and the full creation tools of Dreams always included with a PS+ and/or PSNow subscription.

    Allow vetted creations to be sold. With the industry standard 15-30% cut for Media Molecule.

  • I said it before, Dreams needs to go browser/cloud PC and integrated deeply with sony´s assets. There are endless possibilities with music!!, movies, interactive entertainment all the way. Massive opportunities. I understand that small growth maybe important for creativity or team building. However if i were in charge I would invest so much more into that MM team. Common i didnt even smoke weed and see those endless possibilities!

  • Japan Studios isn’t gone they became Team Asobi

  • Hoping to see MM reaching out more to the Dreams community on ways to improve. Im fairly new, but absolutely love Dreams’ potential.
    – first would be marketing, most people have no clue what Dreams is
    – second would be a focus on attracting people to Play the creations, and not just appealing to the creative types. As we’ve seen, if noone plays the games, creators become disillusioned and jump ship.
    – redesign of the home page, especially the Dream Surfing side, with a focus on discoverability and making it easier for players to find what they are looking for. More tabs, more games on screen, more descriptions, more filters and personalization

    A few things i hear often that i disagree with though;
    – bringing Dreams to PC. I believe this would basically be the death of Dreams on PS
    – allowing exporting and selling. this would make Dreams a good developmental tool, but again just detrimental to the Dreams community. Everything of any value would be moved behind a paywall, in which case why would anyone use Dreams to play anything

    • i disagree with the part “bringing dreams to pc will be the death to dreams on PS” Gaming is still more comfortable on PS sitting on the couch with a controller, big TV, much more immersive than PC” Thats also why ppl still prefare consoles. However creating productively might be better on PC with mouse and keyboard. So PC can be used for creation and PS for comsumption. There is still plenty of room for creation on PS left. And most importantly dreams would be perfect as some kind of youtube alternative. Just imaging going to within your browser and clicking through some creations. Playing some stuff when you want to take a break from work and so one, just like some kind of interactive youtube. What about not just watching a music video but interacting with it? The only question should be when will that be possible?

    • well, what i wanted to say, i believe in dreams console and pc would interact and complete each other really well. So its a question of time of the day, time to consume, time and mode to create (creativity or production) and so on. Switching between both would work out, it just depends on what you want to do and what setting.

  • This is the ONLY PlayStation exclusive that I would’ve liked to see go to PC.

  • I have noticed you have something negative to say on every blog post. You are either just looking for attention, or playstation just isnt for you. Move on Then bryan.

  • This agme really needed bigger advertising. It would be nice to have some new big update (PS5 version, new official MM campaigs as a expantion) or anything that could be used as a excuse to start a new marketing campaign focusing on what is new and how much content is already there.
    Dreams is a great tool for small creators and even just as a player you you will find a lot of fun in there. But unless you already know about the game and activelly search for the news, there is almost no way to find out about it.

  • i´m sorry for spamming but i really feel music should also be target goal. Just take a look at the possibilities of synthesis. Sony has the artists, the assets and there are so much unexplored possibilities/creative opportunities in synthesizing music, videogames not only for combing gaming and music (see popularity of beat saber) but also for e.g. story telling in music videos, music and learning in general or new multiplayer music experiences (like singstar was a decade ago). gogogoo :)

  • I own Dreams and now and than go back to it to do stuff with music but the rest just doesn’t grab me. Not the making of a game or assets nor to play them as most of them aren’t great. It doesn’t mean Dreams isn’t amazing, it is, but also is Unreal and that is free and your content can result in a commercial product. So putting game in Dreams, in the end, is a fun waist of time better put in Unreal if you are serious in making games.
    The same goes for animation movies that I would take to Blender.

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