Sign Up for the First PS5 System Software Beta Program

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Sign Up for the First PS5 System Software Beta Program

Help us test new console features before the next major system update later this year.

Since the launch of PS5, our teams have been working to continuously enhance your experience on the console. Later this year, we’re rolling out another major system update packed with new features, and we want your help testing them out!

Starting today, you can register for an opportunity to join the first-ever PS5 system software beta program at: Registration is open to players over the age of 18 in the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany and France. By signing up, you could be among the first to put new features to the test and provide essential feedback that will help guide their development.

If you’re selected to be part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS5 console with an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account. You will also be added to the potential participant pool for future PS5 system software betas automatically without having to register again. After the beta begins, you can restore your system software to the latest official release version before the beta program ends. 

Our last major PS5 system update in April introduced new features like USB extended storage, cross-generation Share Play, an improved Game Base and other UI enhancements and social features. We’ll share more in the coming weeks about what you can expect in the beta for our next update.

Whether you’re a new or returning PlayStation beta tester, we thank you for your support. Your feedback helps us make the console experience better for our whole community.

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  • Link is not working!

  • Signed up. First time doing it.

  • How? Still cannot get the system. Overpriced or out of stock.
    This situation is insane.

  • How? I still can’t get one. Overpriced or out of stock. Insane situation.

  • I thought we were already beta testing system software. ;)

  • Use Amazon instead of Walmart. Use an autofiller. Sign up for push notifications on Twitter. The only thing PlayStation is guilty of is making a console so good it sells out like supreme.

    • Or they could put some (before anyone complains – I said “some”, not “all”) consoles to be available directly in the shops without the option to buy it online. Bots can’t go and buy PS5 that way.

    • Or they scalped there own product, to do exactly what is happening… business is business…everyone knows they wanted to charge crazy for them but couldn’t cause they wanted to outplay xbox….just a thought

    • That or buy from Sony. I bought one yesterday and it should be here tomorrow.

  • I would really love to participate in this, but sadly it seems Norway are left out.

  • Little tip for everybody trying to sign up:
    Link doesnt work if you block cookies and trackers. I had to open Edge to sign up.

    Little tip for everybody complaining about stock:
    We get it lol. There’s a worldwide chip shortage affecting every phone, console, car. etc etc – every electronic company in the entire world right now. They’re doing their best but probably safe to expect stock shortage for another year or two.

    • Well answer this question. If we’re gonna blame the chip shortage why is no one talking about cars, phones and all the other devices you listed being bought by bots/scalpers as fast as they appear and no one can get them?

      Seems like the only ppl having that issue are Playstation, Xbox and RTX/GTX graphics cards sooooo are those the only 3 devices that need that chip?

    • @DuoMaxwell007

      There are millions of cars sitting in lots waiting for silicon production to be ready for them. Samsung just announced they may skip their line of Galaxy/Note phones for this year because it just isnt possible.

      Bots, scalpers, silicon production, bitcoin mining, the drought in taiwan (where the one company in the world that produces these chips for all electronics resides), increased production from people working from home, the pandemic in general, more devices requiring parts, etc. all play a part for all companies.

      It is affecting everybody lol. If you have the time, i recommend watching this. It’s really interesting and explains it all :)

    • @DuoMaxwell00

      Because buying up those items you listed aren’t low risk and more importantly, they are more expensive.

      How many scalpers do you think could afford to buy up a bunch of cars?! Even if they could, the number of people that not only could but would be willing to pay extra is quite small.

      And in case you haven’t looked beyond your own world of wants, used car prices HAVE gone up. In fact, used cars like Teslas are being sold for near new prices, if not more.

      In regards to phones, there are a lot of different brands (more selection). This makes it difficult for scalpers to create larger shortages. That and last year’s models do the same as this year’s models. They can call the same numbers, text the same numbers, play the same mobile games, surf the same sites, use the same apps.

    • @RGS ok so cars are more expensive and you have a lot more options for phones so that explains why those are widely availible. True. Ill give you tha one. Now explain development then? I dont see Chevy having to delay the relase of this years Camaro or Corvette becase thier arent enough chips to manufacture any. I dont see Samsung or Apple not being able to release their newest phones because of lack of chips.

      So yeah even though scalpers and bot scan BUY them all up due to their price and the low likihood of bein able to resale the,, the shortage should at LEAST prevnt them from being MAD to begin with, yet that doesnt seem to be slowing down, however Sony and Microsoft seem to be having huge problems making enough PS5s and Xboxes (and Im sure it costs WAY more money and is WAY harder to make a car than it is a video game console), so explain that then.

    • I’d ask 2 different questions instead. 1 why not stop shipping and make a que like they did prior to launch the was based on how llong peopl had been users or require beta tests. 2. why not require it to be ordered by phone verbally instead. 3. when were are dealing with chip shortages why don’t we have the option to stream similar to playstation now to take advantage of the new graphics on a high end system using something like amazon aws until the production bottle neck is eliminated. it will be time for new hardware by the time this is in inventory. we were already supposed to get olympics in 8 or 16 k a year ago…

    • @DuoMaxwell007

      Like Axecution mentioned, Samsung might be skipping the Note Series this year.

      It’s ironic that you mentioned Chevy and their Corvette. Not too long ago, Chevy cancelled all Corvette orders placed after March 26. They claim it’s not due to chip shortages but shortages of other items.

      One car manufacturer switched from digital speedometers to analog speedometer due to chip shortages.

      As for Consoles, I read that the PS5 has sold more than the PS4 in the same amount of time. To me that says they’ve made a good amount of PS5. Unfortunately, due to there being a lot more gamers now than in 2013/2014, plus the scummy scalpers, the PS5 is still difficult to purchase.

  • Looking forward to trying out some new features, hoping vrr is part of this system update!

  • I have singed up before for PS4 betas, bit with the ps5 being so scarce, I’ll skip for now incase the rare event it bricks. Good luck to all, I’m hoping for really cool new features for you to test!

  • Link not working

  • The trophy section has been glitched for me for months. Sometimes it tells me to compare trophies with friends and when I do that none of us supposedly have any trophies making it impossible to view trophies. Has anyone else run into this issue? I don’t know where I’m supposed to report it since the forums are dead.

  • Please add 1440p support. No reason to not have it at this point.

    • Agreed. One potential option could be to render as if it is a 4K display and then downsample the output to 1440p.

      It is for more than just computer monitors. My TV can do 1440p at 120 Hz. But when a game that supports 120 Hz starts, it drops it all the way down to 1080p because the PS5 doesn’t support 1440p.

    • +1, will wait for the update before buying a PS5 again. 1080p looks grainy/pixelated, 4K 60Hz monitors all have a bad response time (Only 144,165,240 hz screens perform well on 60hz, I know what I’m talking about) and I won’t spend 1000€ on a 4K 144hz just because of this. 1440p solves my selection problem. But there are other great reasons – 1440p 120hz instead of 1080p, both possible with hdmi 2.1; Another reason: Thousands of PC players can enjoy the PS5 with their 1440p screen without looking horrible.

    • hdmi 2.0*

    • +1

  • Hopefully some important at Playstation reads this particular blog posts. BRING BACK ACTIVITY FEED ASAP!!! The current UI feels like a ghost town. Replace the Explore tab if you have to, to bring it back.

    • I’ve been saying this for a while now too. Liking, commenting and posting stuff needs to come back. It’s actually one of the many reasons why I’ve stayed with my PS4 and haven’t purchased a PS5. I’ve thought they got rid of it because well…some peoples children, that’s mildly putting it.

    • they ether need to bring back the activity page or let us use the extra servers to rebuild ps home and dump the liability theory for it.. require an id verification to set it up on the account..

    • Yes add me to the list of people who want that on PS5 ASAP.I don’t have one but the activity feed was a major positive upgrade that PS4 has brought to friend interaction.It’s actually beyond comprehension that the PS5 was launched without it.

  • Totally would if I was able to find a system 😂

  • Can i not be added to the beta, i didn’t read the warning saying that if it messes up my 700 dollar device that you guys wouldn’t be responsible, please don’t give me this beta 🙏

  • Hopefully they return features they took away…🤦‍♂️

  • Let’s see I get in. Wonder what’s in store for us?

  • We need:
    1. 2K/QHD “1440p”
    2. Themes or change the wallpapers or dynamic
    3. Browser
    4. Folders
    5. Change region
    6. Battery Percentage
    7. More than 9 apps in home page (like PS4)
    8. Ability to upload screenshot to PlayStation app (HQ)

    Also we are waiting for VRR & SSD

    • Totally agree, but the list is bigger than that, your just scratching the surface.

    • VRR & SSD should’ve been your top priority SMH

    • You’re*

    • There is a Browser how about you look before tell everyone lies. They add region changing in the last major update if you read the patch notes on the ps5.

    • sounds like your still dealing with open alpha interface for the ps2 before the ps3 launch for all intents and purposes due to the shortage of units and thus liability. they figure if you don’t like it you will resell it i guess

    • Very good list. I almost forgot about couple of them. I am waiting on them too

    • 1.not even common for pc users
      2.maybe in a few years
      3.has one, or use a pc/phone
      5.make another account have a indicator
      8.just send your screenshot to the user/group they can use the app

  • please please please give us 1440p + more 120hz support

  • I think I might sign up in the hopes that this will fix my system… I’m tired of seeing “Unknown: Updated” or “Unknown: Installed” every time a game updates or downloads… how does the PS5 not know what it is updating or downloading? Also… for a system that loads games so fast… why does it take over a minute to “see” what’s on the internal storage when you want to transfer games to external storage? Oddly “seeing” the external storage is FASTER than “seeing” the internal storage. :| Downloads from PSN also take AGES when nothing else on my network is this slow… Maybe my PS5 was a dud?

    • If it’s anything like the PS3 or PS4 then make sure you’re connected to the network via a cable. Wi Fi always seems to be considerably slower (also close any open games).

    • Also, keep in mind that WiFi connection speeds drop with distance. So, if you must use WiFi, make sure your PlayStation is close to your router. I get max download speed on PSN via the LAN cable.

  • So, you’re not compensating beta players, especially when there’s a chance that their PS5 could potentially be bricked.
    I don’t work for free, but apparently there are plenty of ‘kids’ who do.

  • Hopefully you people are working on ACTUAL, USEFUL FEATURES like Xbox’s Quick Resume and not useless “features” like Switcher. Aslo, the PS5 has been out for 7 months, it’s time to release the SSD expansion firmware.

    • I dunno why everyone’s wants SSD expansion. Sooo you can buy a 1tb drive that costs $800 that you’re gonna have filled up before 2022? I needed a whole 8tb to hold all my ps4 games and since the ps5 game files are just as big as ps4 (despite what everyone says the ssd speed and compression could do to file size). Id probably need an 8tb on ps5 too. Which for SSD would probably cost as much as a car for that size and thats ASSUMING one of that size and the proper speed is EVER made

    • @DuoMaxwell007 You’ll know why when you’re old enough, in the meantime go take a nap.

    • 8 tb hardly scratches the surface with these file sizes if they every get enough coders to write enough software. I had to upgrade my internet the last time I played much because I was about to hit the monthly data limit for the isp…

    • PS5 has certain advantages that XB does not. Share Play, built in game guides, etc. Different strokes. Personally, I don’t need to have two games on at once, not sure why this is even an issue in anything other than Returnal?

      You boast about quick resume, a feature that was broken at launch and still only works on certain games, but I’ll be playing Ratchet & Clank. No need for quick resume. If anything, give us something realistic, activity page or themes.

      Overall I’m loving the PS5. It’s just small UI features that are lacking. DualSense is unbelievable, the card system is nice, and the load times are insane. Truly satisfied with the game selection as well.

      If you need 8TB of storage that’s on you. 8TB of SSD huh? Good luck with that. Clowns. And the compression has been vastly underappreciated. File sizes are smaller on PS5 than on XB yet it gets no attention. This is saving out storage. R&C is the best looking game on console and merely 30gb. Even the large Sony PS5 games aren’t more than the 50gb neighborhood. Compression is saving us and it’s only just begun. The PS5 truly is a wonder. Ppl take it for granted. These load times, the compression, 3D audio, DualSense, SSD. Sony is outclassing Microsoft in these areas.

  • Would love to see:

    – a better Part Chat system like it was on PS$ before 8.0
    – themes
    – folders
    – Activity Feed

    And so much more honestly, the PS5’s UI does look sleek but so poorly designed in terms of UX.

  • Can you guys bring back communities and make parties public again instead of having to be forced into a group to be in a party?

    • can we get back the option from ps home where we could create a lobby to launch the game once the que was full like in warhawk

  • Also add Supersampling mode.

    • Super Sampling mode is Actually already there it is automaticly Activated Within the System Software It aint a Feature you can turn on or off anymore

  • I’m just hoping this beta update doesn’t do anything bad to the PS5 console

  • Someone tell Sony/Playstation to fix the 5Ghz wifi lag spike issues with PS5.

    On 5Ghz wifi (even when the console is within line of sight) games will have spikes of lag/packet loss.

  • Will more Countries be added to who will be Eligible? I live in The Netherlands and i have been a PS4 System Software Beta Tester for Years and Years, It is really weird why I cant Sign up for it now with the PS5.

  • Lol, then WAIT, nothing that you talking about launches even in the next 4 months.

    So 1 year after series s/x launched is a time to buy one? And 17 mates have moved already with pretty much nothing to move for right now and especially the past 7 months.

    Yeah, troll alert to the max. If you want a PC then get a PC but don’t pretend like anyone needs an Xbox console.

  • I know, right? It’s been almost a year, what a joke.

  • I want to join this but I am in Mexico. :'(

  • Adding Spain? :(

  • Link isn’t working.

  • Need M2.

  • I am in SA can I join ..? :'(

  • Make the 4K RGB HDR bandwidth lower so that people who have older 4K TVs can use RGB in HDR and not the ugly YUV422 HDR where the black level is distorted

  • Hey Playstation

    Please read my comment seriously 

    You need to understand how important it is to add 1440p resolution.

    Its really the perfect resolution for those who want to try something new not 1080 and at the same time 120hz with hdmi 2.0 

    Because just an example:

    I have a 1440p monitor. I play FPS games, which requires 120hz to play good, and at the same time i like to play story games such as assassin creed and spider man but its not even worth it to buy when im only going to play those games on 1080 resolution. 

    The hardware is ready, it just requires a software update. 

    Xbox supports it why not Playstation too?☹

    Please Playstation 


    A 15 years Playstation user 💙 (Yaser)

  • Can I just get a hold of a playstation first or is that still just a pipe dream?

  • Why is this not available in Ireland?
    Only English speaking country in The EU!

    With the amount of PS5s out there you’d think it would be available?

    • Totally agree! Was a tester on the PS4 for years and can’t on the PS5 because of location, makes no sense.

  • I’ll do anything to help as the experience thus far has been sub par.

    I’m a little worried for Sony’s future.

  • If I sign up for the beta, can I get the audio issues fixed when recording gameplay of PSVR games on PS5?

  • I agree about Evolution Studios. The game was so good.
    And besides, why didn’t they put a heavily discounted DriveClub Offline Edition in the PS Store for those who wanted to try it out regardless of server closure?

  • I want 8k and new vr

  • I dunno why everyone’s wants SSD expansion. Sooo you can buy a 1tb drive that costs $800 that you’re gonna have filled up before 2022? I needed a whole 8tb to hold all my ps4 games and since the ps5 game files are just as big as ps4 (despite what everyone says the ssd speed and compression could do to file size). Id probably need an 8tb on ps5 too. Which for SSD would probably cost as much as a car for that size and thats ASSUMING one of that size and the proper speed is EVER made

    • I’ve been wondering how, or if Sony would be able to make a 4 or 6TB SSD in a cost-effective way. The price of the console + the extra SSD storage, so how many people will be willing to pay around $100 per TB? We shall see what Sony has in store for us.

    • Your math is a little off. I bought a 2tb drive that cost me $400 with a heatsink (SN850) on sale and that will work just fine for a while to install/play my PS5 games off of. My PS4 games can continue to use an external drive no issues.

    • 100 per TB would be 800 for 8tb. That would be CHEAP for an ssd considering 4tb ones I’ve seen cost $1000. Id happily pay 800 for 8tb

      As for the other poster the 8tb would be just for ps5 games. I have my ps4 games on an external already. I had a 2tb on my ps4, then had to upgrade to 4tb then filled THAT up before finally getting a 8tb and then space wasn’t an issue. Id rather avoid having to re-download and transfer all my games across hard drives twice when I can get an 8tb and have all the space I’ll need til ps6

    • You don’t need a super-fast SSD for PS4 games – they will benefit from a cheap external SSD (testing by Digital Foundry showed super-fast SSD in an external enclosure provided no performance boost at all – even a slight performance hit). I got a 2TB external SSD for around $190 – watch for sales.

      Heck, get a cheap 8G external HD without SSD for your PS4 games – the load times won’t decrease, but they’ll still play better than on a PS4 Pro. Did that for a while, too – it worked fine.

      It’s the internal storage for PS5 games that’s going to be the killer feature/cost. And Sony did us a favor – mostly – by sticking to an industry standard, so there’s no proprietary garbage that won’t drop in price EVER. We will have to compete with PC Gamers for that supply, but that’s always the case somehow. The difference might be in things like heat sinks for the SSD – the PS5 doesn’t really seem ready to accommodate a heat sink. We’ll have to see how that works out.

  • I love the ps5, but the display of throphies I dislike, Vertically is a mess, Give us atleast the chance to toggle display to Horisontally and vertically.
    Also where did the throphy progress go?, I thought it was meant to show on the ps5, But seems not :(

    • Trophy progression is for PS5 games only, and it’s up to developers to implement this feature.

    • You want options?…how silly,Sony hates to give options they like to force down their stupid software choices upon us and ignore feedback you know…like a dictator.

  • Would love to sign up, but cant find a system that is not out of stock or being sold by worthless scalpers.

    When will this system actually be available to the public?

  • Blame the scalpers for PS5 shortage

  • Let people order a PlayStation 5 and ship them so we can stop competing against these bots.

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