Season Four of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone lands June 17

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Season Four of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone lands June 17

Experience four new Multiplayer maps, five new weapons, new Outbreak and Warzone content, and more.

Following Russell Adler’s extraction by Frank Woods, things aren’t looking good for Perseus. CIA satellites are interfering with their broadcasts, inhibiting their plan to control over 100 million test subjects in Verdansk. But all is not lost, as Perseus launches its next major attack: de-orbiting and crashing down those satellites, paving the way again for Perseus’s path to sow discord across the world.

Season Four of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone lands June 17

Season Four of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone arrives on PlayStation on June 17. Here are the highlights:

Two new weapons and Jackal lead the Season Four Battle Pass

The Season Four Battle Pass adds two free weapons to the mix: the MG 82 and the C58.

MG 82 (Tier 15) — Tear your enemies to shreds with this rapid-fire, high-capacity LMG.

C58 (Tier 31) — Featuring high-powered rounds and reliable recoil control, this new assault rifle competes with the best.

Purchase the Season Four Battle Pass to gain access to all 100 tiers of content, including Jackal, the metal-masked South African Perseus agent, instantly at Tier 0.

Get more on PlayStation — Exclusive content for Black Ops Cold War

Face the Horde in Collateral and Rush

At Season Four launch, fight the undead under the desert sun as Collateral comes to the two-player Onslaught. 

Later in the season, battle on Rush and fight at pulse-pounding speeds in the Onslaught Accelerated limited-time mode. Complete the Onslaught-specific challenge to unlock a Legendary LMG Weapon Blueprint.

Season Four of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone lands June 17

New points of interest, Red Doors appear, and more in Warzone

Something’s gone wrong in Verdansk, and the first step to finding out what is in those crashed satellites. Interact with Sat-Link impact sites throughout the city for event rewards and powerful items, and step through the mysterious Red Doors if you’re ready to explore Verdansk like never before. 

Survive the new Hijacked Gulag — a 1v1 version of the classic Multiplayer map — to win back your deployment after being eliminated for the first time, and hop on the two-passenger Dirt Bike for wicked hairpin turns and off-road capabilities.

Jump into the new Verdansk Resurgence Mini playlist at Season Four launch, featuring a faster-paced, nail-biting survival experience inspired by Rebirth Island Resurgence. At mid-season, try the new Payload playlist, where players escort or sabotage two vehicle caravans moving through a series of checkpoints in the first-ever objective-based game mode in Warzone.

Tips for Warzone:

1. Though the Sat-Links won’t appear on your Tac Map, keep an eye out for billowing smoke indicating a possible impact site. Interact with them to work toward permanent rewards for the Satellite Intercepts Event, and to secure Killstreaks, vehicles, and Field Upgrades.

2. Red Doors represent a new way to interact with locations across Warzone, allowing Operators to move rapidly across Verdansk. They’re also not on the Tac Map, so be sure to ping one when you see it so your squad knows where to go.

3. The Dirt Bike features unique handling properties like wheel traction, sliding, drifting, and leaning, so don’t hesitate to hop on for all your off-roading needs.

New Multiplayer Maps, Modes, and Scorestreak

Collateral and Collateral Strike (12v12 and 6v6)

Battle near a crashed CIA satellite in the Algerian desert in Collateral and Collateral Strike. Built for Combined Arms and traditional play, this fast-paced map deploys Operators to a North African village adjacent to a large oil drill operation and surrounding dunes.

Amsterdam (2v2 and 3v3)

Fight across the rooftops in Amsterdam, a map based on the opening Black Ops Cold War Campaign mission, “Nowhere to Run.” Compete with random loadouts in Gunfight or craft your own in Face Off.

Hijacked (6v6)

Featured in every Black Ops title since its debut in Black Ops II, Hijacked takes players to the classic superyacht deep in international waters. Fight on all decks and below deck, too, in the close-quarters boiler room…just watch out for explosives coming through the vents from above.

Rush (6v6)

Guns up in the classic speedball arena, a remastered paintball-themed map first seen in Black Ops II. Featuring close-quarters interior fighting with long-range opportunities on the perimeter, Rush offers the chance to excel for playstyles of all types. 

Multi-Team Sat-Link, One in the Chamber, Capture the Flag

Power up the Sat-Link marked on your map in a fight to reach the score limit against nine other squads in the new Multi-Team Sat-Link game mode. Also at launch comes the classic free-for-all party game One in the Chamber, and later in the season, watch for Capture the Flag.

Blast Enemies with the Hand Cannon

Take aim with the devastating Hand Cannon, a new Scorestreak that comes equipped with eight rounds inflicting major damage on any target they hit.

New Zombies Outbreak content and Round-Based Map

Welcome to the Zoo, the latest Outbreak region found deep within the Ural Mountains. Complete new objectives and uncover additional intel that may uncover details on the next big challenge…

Arriving mid-season, the Mauer der Toten map introduces the next chapter in round-based Zombies. Survive the terrors of war-torn East Berlin following a terrible zombie invasion that has overrun the city.

Season Four arrives June 17

Season Four of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone launches on PlayStation on June 17. See you there.

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  • I missed in the patch notes, I hope. Any sign of anti cheat software?

  • Looking forward to the multiplayer maps!

  • Man I honestly want yall to disconnect the cold from war zone and make a new season for modern warfare..

  • How about you quit rehashing olf maps and learn how to create new content. This is my last call of duty. Cant justify paying that kind of money for tired old maps we’ve played for over a decade. It’s lazy and uninspired.

  • Daniel, you need fresh ideas, FAST.

  • The inclusion of Cold War and switching dev teams ruined Warzone.

  • Hello, this doesn’t have to do with Cold War or Call of Duty in any regards but, U have been recently suspended for hate speech but as a loyal customer and long time PSN player, I rarely message players through my account MakyFilms, however someone recently reported me because they’d gotten mad, if this could be reviewed it would greatly help as I have a lot of plans that are going to waste due to someone’s toxic behavior. I can assure you that I do not use vulgar language or offend anyone in any regards, the most I do is stand up for myself, so PlayStation please review the suspension of MakyFilms thank you.

  • I recently got MW(2019) and I really love the campaign clean house is my favorite mission, hope for MW2(2022)

  • I think the last time I played Call of duty was Modern Warfare 2. I don’t even recognise this brand anymore. I mean look at all those logos in the top photo, CALL OF DUTY – BLACK OPS COLD WAR – WARZONE – SEASON 4. thats FOUR different titles. wtf does it mean, I have no idea. is it a tv show now?! season 4!? lol. This brand is not welcoming to new comers at all. Ive seen the trailer for the new Battlefield game, & that has peaked my interest back into this genre of gaming. Lets see if Battlefield will be more accessible to the casual gamer than COD.

  • O666THRASHER666O

    I can’t wait for the next season, just wish I could enjoy it on a PS5 so I’m not just getting wrecked. I’ve owned every console, including VR, on launch day since the PS1, playing Crash and X Games, now It’s 7 months past launch, I feel like a crack head trying to get a fix trying to get a PS5, and I can’t even get an invite to the queue to buy one from PS Direct, eventhough I own 300 +games, and have been a PSN member since 2010ish with the PS3. It’s ashame loyal customers aren’t treated that way, otherwise we’ll, I can go to game stop and get an X Box and still be able to play star field.

  • Hello, what do you think the volume of the update will be?

  • no game “requires” over minimal frames of 30 to 40. 60 is fine. after that you are wasting frames and causing tears and stutter.

  • shaggystroup0420

    Would it be possible to introduce the PlayStation 5 remote and the call of duty mobile

  • Does anyone open supply boxes, cash drops and shoot down helicopters? I am looking for a couple of people to play with!

  • Ever since this came out my game don’t let me connect to online services on multi player I don’t know what’s going on if anyone can help

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