Welcome to the world of Babylon’s Fall

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Welcome to the world of Babylon’s Fall

Enjoy elegant, infinitely customizable combat in an all-new action RPG from Square Enix and PlatinumGames

Greetings, Sentinels! Clem here from the Babylon’s Fall community team. It’s been a while since we showed the game, so I hope you enjoyed the new trailer we just revealed at E3!

If you haven’t seen it yet – we’ve got you covered!

Welcome to the world of Babylon’s Fall

Launching on PS5 and PS4, Babylon’s Fall is an online co-op action RPG set in a high fantasy world that lets you fight powerful enemies and bosses while exploring the mysterious Tower of Babylon.  Create your character, defeat gigantic foes, collect loot, and craft equipment to customize your own build and play style!

The good news: you’ll be able to team up with friends and fight as a party of up to four Sentinels! The even better news: you will do so in absolute style.

That’s right, Babylon’s Fall follows in the steps of the previous PlatinumGames masterpiece NieR: Automata and will let you fight your way through the tower with elegant, frantic, and absolutely devastating non-stop action. Before we dive into some specifics, let’s take a moment to talk about the Gideon Coffin – a key item not only for the story but the gameplay too.

Four Sentinels with Gideon Coffins on their back.

Gideon Coffin

This mysterious device implanted in the back of your character will allow you to use the Gideon Gut, a series of spectral tendrils that burst out of the Gideon Coffin enabling a range of different abilities. Not gonna lie, the best of these powers is certainly the Gideon Arms. While you can normally wield two weapons – one per hand – the Gideon Arms let you equip two more! Yup, you read that correctly: you can wield four weapons at all times! Pretty mad, especially when you can mix and match weapons to your liking.

A sword and a hammer equipped as Gideon Arms.

When the game releases, five types of weapons will be available: swords, hammers, bows, staffs, and shields. These will allow for a great deal of loadout customization, for you to build your ideal Sentinel!

Do you like close combat and heavy weapons? Equip two hammers and two shields! Want to be a balanced fighter with two swords, a bow, and a shield? Go for it. You’re more the careful sorcerer type? Three staffs and a shield, you got it. You really, really, really like bows? Use four bows! Why not – it’s your build after all!

A balanced combination of shield and hammer.

With that in mind you can give yourself totally renewed gameplay experiences simply by trying out different builds! What if… we all equipped four hammers and power through the tower, ha ha… joke… Unless?

Staffs allow for powerful long-range attacks!

Stylish co-op action

Depending on what weapons are mounted on your Gideon Coffin, different combos and actions will be available, which will in turn activate unique skills – and that’s when PlatinumGames’ mastery of fast-paced, stylish action comes into play.

For instance, dodging an enemy’s attack at the last moment will allow you to sneak in your own counterstrike. You can patiently wait to bait the enemy, then evade and counter it like a boss while your friends are getting ready to unleash their attacks as soon as the enemy is knocked out. Or, if you’re more of an acrobatics enthusiast, you can launch the enemy in the air with your sword so that your friend who really likes bows can shower them with deadly arrows like there’s no tomorrow.

That one friend who really, really likes bows.

Developer interview & closed Beta

If you missed the show at E3, it also featured a special Developer Interview that gave an inside look at the teams and their vision behind Babylon’s Fall.

Welcome to the world of Babylon’s Fall

We have plenty more of Babylon’s Fall to show you later this year–sorry to make you wait a little longer! See you soon in the tower, Sentinels!

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  • I don’t like being that one and usually don’t say anything when I don’t like what I see. But how did what was shown 2019 turn into this mess… I really was anticipating this ALOT. And now… I can’t believe this is what it turned into.

    I hope it is better than I expect and people enjoy it because this looks like a downgrade

  • This looks really bad, such a disappointment.

  • I’m sorry, but, whoever thought this new art direction was a good idea is clearly wrong. What a shame because the reveal trailer from a few years ago looked so much better.

    • Probably the same guy who decided when SE finally made an offline DragonQuest X that it should have a chibi deformed look…

  • After the success of nier with its anime artstyle and compex emotional narrative we decided that the best course of action would be making a realistic looking live service hack’n slash multiplayer game.

    • Except this has nothing of realistic looking lol.

      Anyway nice comment,got me laughing cuz that’s exactly what they did.

  • LMAO this looks like absolute trash in all aspects like literally everything I’m perplexed…been a while since I saw a game looking so bland,damn what’s wrong with you square?…another try at co-op loot based game?…geez give up already,how many more flops will it take for you guys to give up?…lol this is too funny,go back to do what you do well and quit trying to copy other games.

    What’s with you companies trying to take a lift on other companie’s success?…LMAO,take note from EA and give up.Square is known for its originality,it’s incredible that you guys are trying so hard to not be yourselves.

    • Sqaure gave up originality a while back and started just copying western trends.

      It’s why FFXV had Skyrim rubbish in it, and why FFXVI combat seems like some bad Witcher 3 clone.

      To be fair Square Enix’s game department hasn’t turned a profit in forever, so them not turning a profit probably wont change much. 😁

  • Co-op live service looter hack n’ slash… yeah, I’m out…

  • I went from being extremely excited about this game to having zero interest! Who wouldn’t want a single player Platinum produced action Rpg made in conjunction with Square Enix? The first teaser of this game looked great, this new one not so much! I have zero interest in a co-op live sevice game. You would think after you destroyed the Avengers by making it a live service you would have learned Square Enix, but I guess not. Congratulations you have completely turned off someone who would have bought the game on day 1.

  • How to kill a game by chasing trends, by SQ-ENIX AND Platinum

  • This has to go down as one of the biggest gaming disappointments of all time for me. I mean, who thought this was a good idea? That first trailer looked great, this one looks.. yikes.

  • e3 2021 = a joke

    on the game = nice
    only wil skip you game ( 100% online = no go)
    al devlopers/ publishers need stoping to force online in every game !
    build a sp game you can play ofline then also option if you want to play online whith friends
    ms = only one whith a decent show

    sony = we give them al the time =wtf !

    if i see mi biggest competion whith a show like them have showt now on e3 = instant deal a suppercut

    sony need 1 : ssd internal expansions ( also a oficial one whith partner seagate ore samsung )- start to sel faceplates – folders

    then 2: on rpg = you looze som big trippel usa / europe rpg
    you answord need to be match more then a ff game
    make a deal whith excl monsterhunter on ps4 /5
    souls games are great ( i only loose intrest in the type )
    dragons dogma 2 excl?
    7 days to die on next gen ps5 excl?
    new dragon age ( try to make a deal )
    a new soul sacrefice on ps5 ?

    i hope squire enix makes 1 day a big world whith option to make you own personage
    great main story in a ff world like a skyrim – falout consept

    only ff a litel bit intresting = 16

  • live service – good luck

  • Love Platinum and Square. This could be a lot better. The gameplay described sounds fun what with the 4 equipped weapons. I’m cautiously curious. Hope the next time we see it that it looks better and maybe has some mechanic explanation. Lately I feel that co-op games aren’t that great. Like greedfall and avengers. Though that might just be live service co-op games.
    Wait GreedFall and Babylon’s Fall…?

  • I like how “builds” is picking different loot drop weapons. That seems really, really deep. Really. 😂

  • Not even going to bother with a live service game.

  • It looks kinda PS3ish and generic. Godfall looked amazing, truly next gen and nobody embraced it. I love PlatinumGames, but this looks beneath their finest craft (Nier).

  • It is a Platinum Games title, so it doesn’t mean it won’t be worth playing, but this does not look good for a PS4 game, let alone a PS5 game.

  • Well, the verdicts are in. Nobody wants this.

    How are you going to respond to this backlash Square Enix or are you just going to ignore it like the Godfall devs did?

    All that extra development time wasted on trying to get this game to work because you wanted stupid online crap in it. It wasn’t worth it…….. just like with The Avengers but you have ruined the rep of an Eastern developer now too.

  • How the heck did that cool looking game we saw back then turn into this?! And a live service at that? *sigh* I will still give BF a try when its out so I can judge for myself but my expections are now lower then ever before tbh.

  • How you ruin a promising concept with strong development pedigree behind it: Chasing trends.

    Live service? Completely changed art style from what made people interested in the first place? The direction here is astoundingly bad, Babylon’s Fall is dead as far as I’m concerned.

  • Looks interesting. The music is glorious! Hopefully it is in the game and isn’t just used in the trailer.

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