Deviation Games signs with PlayStation to develop a new original IP

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Deviation Games signs with PlayStation to develop a new original IP

A note from the development team on building something new.

It’s been a wild and crazy roller coaster ride this last year, building a new studio and hiring a ton of great talent amid the pandemonium of the COVID-19 lockdown. What an incredible journey so far and finally the day that marks the beginning of our next chapter has arrived! Today we are thrilled to announce a landmark deal for Deviation Games, working with Sony Interactive Entertainment to develop a brand-new original IP.

When my partner Jason Blundell and I first met decades ago, we often dreamt about having our own studio, making games our way with our own team of like-minded developers, and building a community where lasting friendships are created. That dream has become a reality today. We feel so fortunate to have this incredible opportunity – one for Jason and I to build something completely new from the ground up, to fearlessly innovate and forge an incredible community and legacy.

We call ourselves Deviators. And as Jason describes it, “Another way of saying Deviator is Renaissance mindset. Deviators are not only passionate about their own discipline, but they love others too. We believe that is what is unique and special about our studio, the culture, the team, and this project.  From experience, young determined studios need rock solid support to thrive. That’s why it means so much that PlayStation is partnering with us on our first game. As you all know–having enjoyed the amazing PlayStation Studios portfolio–they know what it takes to make great games. To have a partner like that behind us makes the road ahead simply breathtaking.”

I know what you’re thinking as you read this. What kind of game are we making? How long have we already been working on it? Is it story based? Multiplayer? Co-op? Or all of the above and more? When is it coming out? While I can confirm development is already underway, it’s really early for us to be going into specific details. We’re drawing on what we’ve learned over our collective decades making games, but we’re also out to make something fresh and brimming with innovation like you’ve never experienced before. We’re not afraid to say that our ambitions are super high: we’re setting out to make a huge, content-rich game with a focus on a lot of action and a lot of energy, but let’s leave it at that for now and hopefully it won’t be long before we can share more.

As for today, I’m here to say: keep an eye on us–we’ve brought on amazing talent from around the world, we’re over 100 Deviators and growing fast, and we have an incredible partner behind us in SIE.

 To our fans, particularly those who’ve followed some of our team members’ past work over the years: thank you for all your support, particularly now as we venture into creating something for ourselves. Follow our studio channels for all the latest and stay tuned. We might be quiet for a little while but next time we can talk specifically about what we’re working on; we’re confident it will raise a few eyebrows! 

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  • Good to see more and more PS Studios. I’m interested to see what the game is. Keep them coming.

    • Keep in mind sony didn’t buy them they only partnering with them. There not like that other company that just likes to chuck their money around.

    • Exactly. It’s like how Sony partnered with Quantic Dream before QD was bought out by a Chinese company. They managed to snag the IPs too, leading to Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human to appear off the PlayStation brand.

    • All these “partner announcements” should have been announced years ago so that they actually had some games to offer on the PS5 Lauchday. I mean this thing has been on the market for more or less (it is hardly available anywhere anyway) then eight months and there is only one PS5 game that pushes the technology a bit more than the rest of the few “PS5” games (which are just slightly improved PS4 games).
      But better an announcement of something than nothing at all.

    • I know Sony didn’t buy them, that doesn’t matter, they are still part of PS Studios and they have Sony’s full backing. It means they have all they need to do their best work. That’s all that matters.

    • @barrow40

      Do u even own a PS5?

      Miles Morales was a launch game and it has ray tracing at 60fps, 1 second loading, c’mon. Demon’s Souls is gorgeous and respawns are instant.

      Returnal is as next gen as there is. I’m assuming R&C is the title u claim is a little next gen. Yeah, little bit…

      I’m not sure what ppl expect, but Sony is THE ONLY ONE PUSHING NEXTGEN RIGHT NOW. Returnal and R&C back to back.

      Demon’s Souls Remake – 92
      Returnal – 86
      R&C – 89

      All three are next gen exclusives with ridiculous reviews and impressive visuals. They all utilize the DualSense well. All have absurd load times.

      And oh btw, Destruction All-Stars and Godfall are next gen exclusives. Spiderman Remastered as well. Call it cross gen, idc, Forbidden West is silly impressive. Sony is delivering. Get out of here. Go on Gamepass.

    • @iamtylerdurden1
      Spiderman Remastered, Miles Morales (another Spiderman game for the sake of variety), Demon’s Souls, well, if you like to play/ buy warmed-up titles over and over again, then these titles are made exactly for you (ok, they load faster, look a bit better, but basically these are the same games we already have on PS4).
      And we don’t even need to talk about Destruction All-Stars and Godfall, because the only thing these two insubstantial games can do is look good. In the end there are 2 titles left, Returnal and the just released R&C (released eight months after the PS5 launch).

      „I’m not sure what ppl expect, …“

      Well, maybe a few new games to launch a new console (not warmed up remaster, remake stuff).

    • @barrow40 And its even better to have, like you say, some next gen only games then NO GAMES after 7 months and none anytime soon.

    • @barrow you are absolutely right. R&C is the only next gen game. The other games are superficially held back from last gen.

      Though I think we are being overly critical due to the SSD. Most gens the games are just better looking and doing more faster. It will take a bit for the SSD to get used creatively.

      It brings me comfort knowing that somewhere Naughty Dog is brainstorming haha.

    • This thread is entertaining

  • Sony making big stealth moves, helping all devs everywhere get back to work!

    I wish SIE the best success!!

  • Respawn Entertainment’s massive success has me excited for Deviation Games!

  • Sony is making a lot of announcements of studios that are collaborating with Playstation, but it seems like we’re going to be waiting years to play any of these games. I would love for them to make some collaborations with some more Japanese studios.

  • This is going to be 1 tiny step for DeviatonGames and one huge leap for up and coming devs! Lets give it a huge clap for DeviatonGames!

  • Playstation fanboy here. Aim to make something awesome and go first-party! Rooting for you.

  • Good stuff, I hope we get a great game out of this that doesn’t just play it safe. PS5 is in great shape, they shouldn’t hold back in investig in more and more games.

  • Horrible marketing.
    Advertise the Game with Trailer, gameplay and release date maximum 6 months.

    • Nobody is marketing a game.

      Sony is announcing they are investing in future games exturnal and ofcourse internally

      And for this studio, it gets people taking and makes share holders interested.

      The game trailer will come. Enjoy rachet for now.

    • Exactly.

      “Hey, we’re working on a game.”

      |[]|”Ok, who isn’t”


      “It’s too early to share ANY information.”

      |[]| “I call BS”

  • I don’t know, whenever I’ve heard “Playstation Studios” since the end of the PS3 i’ve pretty much always known exactly what to expect.

    Games centered around bland uninspired characters, generic gameplay (third person action adventures either in corridors or not) and lots of mopey sadness because sad apparently means “mature” and “thoughtful”.

    So hopefully more of these new studios can move past the mundanity and lack of inspiration of the SIE fossils who spent the whole PS4 generation reskinning TLoU and bring something more unexpected and fun.

    • You should try Spider Man, Sackboy, Little Big Planet, Astrobot, Wipeout, Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Super Stardust Ultra, Patapon, LoccoRocco, Tearaway, Dreams, Concrete Genie, Bound, Gravity Rush, Flow/Flower/Journey, Entwined, The Unfinished Swan, No Man’s Sky, Jak and Daxter… Those might be more to your liking if you’re not into blockbuster action adventures. There’s no sadness in these. I’d say emotions are great to take you on a journey through a game, just because parts are sad, doesn’t mean there are no happy and satisfying moments, if anything they are hightened by the “down” moments, storytelling works like that.

    • @Misery princess & Tew-SP-BR

      You two are the worst trolls on PSBlog. It’s pathetic, honestly. And your knowledge, or lack there of, is embarrassing.

      First, this is a studio partnership announcement. The game announcement will come. If you don’t enjoy these studio announcements then blame Microsoft for leading E3s with things of this nature. In years past we would’ve never known about this until the game was announced, but it’s a new day and PS5 had a stacked present and future.

      Misery-GIRL. Every blog post you trash Sony with half-hearted nonsense. It’s little league. I have no respect for your gaming acumen as you come across as a day one troll. But let’s dig in so I can expose you.

      Every PS Studios game is a TLOU reskin? How about Dreams? Returnal? Tsushima is a TLOU reskin? Open world Samurai in Feudal Japan, dedicated co op mode, ok…

      Let’s look at last gen up to now. Let’s see the diversity in Sony published games. Let’s see all of the games that don’t resemble TLOU or aren’t linear, close third person action games in the mold of Uncharted/TLOU.

      Tearaway Unfolded
      Gravity Rush 2
      Nex Machina (not SIE pub’d)
      Death Stranding
      Iron Man
      Astro Bot
      Astro’s Playroom
      R&C 2016
      Rift Apart
      The Last Guardian
      Shadow/Colossus Remake
      Wipeout Omega
      DC Bikes
      DC VR
      GT Sport
      The Persistence
      Until Dawn
      Rush of Blood
      Destruction All-Stars
      Medievil Remake
      Knack 2 (yep, good game)
      Hidden Agenda
      That’s You
      Knowledge is Power
      Everybody’s Gone/Rapture

      That’s off the top of my head and I easily could’ve included Tsushima, Second Son, etc as they are open world or sandbox type. There are so many more that Sony didn’t publish but helped make or had some form of exclusivity with. Edith Finch, etc.

      The Uncharted, TLOU, Days Gone make up such a small percentage. You look like a fool Misery-GIRL.

    • @lukalumenus

      I’m talking about Sony produced, Sony published (first party studios), things like Santa Monica or Guerilla or Naughty Dog, not third parties. Most of those aren’t made by Sony, so if anything having to go beyond the last generation and things Sony studios make shows more of a problem.

      Problem with all these Sony movie games is that they’ve gotten really lazy hoping the movie carries the thing. Remove the movie, or don’t care about it and you’re left with a shell of stale PS3 era gameplay and limited enemy variety. Sony first party studios need to stop trying the same thing, or at least try the same thing better. It’s boring for anyone who cares about game play.


      Seriously Nioh? Sony didn’t have anything to do with Nioh at all yet you’re giving them credit? You might as well list games made by Atari in 1986 as “evidence” as well. Then you talk about “lack of knowledge”. Should have put Halo and Mario on the list too.

      As usual you don’t seem to understand what a Sony game is. First party means they MADE the game not just PUBLISHED. With that in mind you don’t seem to understand what a “troll” is (nice up to date term there). Someone saying things you disagree with is just something that happens, calling people names wont make them stop. Or did you really think I asking studios to do better and more varied gameplay was done purely to cause offense and anger people? Right. Maybe the person hurling names and insults should modify his own behavior. It doesn’t make “Sony fans” look good.

      Naughty Dog didn’t spend the whole generation reskinning TLoU? Or Santa “1 whole sequel” Monica? Really? You think so?

    • @iamtylerdurden1 Don’t waste your time replying to that misery lol. Always talking garbage and incorrect opinion nonsense.

    • So care to point out what was “garbage” or “incorrect” or do anything that adds anything to the conversation?

      Guessed not.

      Oh by the way, clueless fans who get personally offended by any kind of “criticism” don’t make a company better. Just more greedy, lazy and complacent. So if you feel like trying thinking, think about that maybe.

  • theterminator337

    Wow, I’m impressed to see Jason Blundell have his own company and be free. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Deviation Games. I’m also glad that ur working with Sony.

  • Calling it now, it’s gonna be a new FPS shooter for Sony.

    • I’d say you are correct since Guerilla doesn’t seem to care about releasing a Killzone nor Insomniac to release a Resistance game anytime soon.

      It’s about time Sony got serious again about anything other than a 3rd person adventure game (something with more than little to moderate gameplay variations punch/shoot/swing) since that’s all they release.

      Hopefully this is a FPS, the new GT coming and Sony does get Konami to release a horror game (you all know what I’m talking about) will bring massively more variety of gameplay finally back to PlayStation games. Sure package simulator and FF7Remake were a decent start but they need more with the closing of Japan Studio.

    • Check my post above, but a quick reminder. Dreams, LBP3, Tearaway, Returnal, Astro Bot, Detroit, Until Dawn, Last Guardian, RESOGUN, Rapture. C’mon. A new Final Fantasy game developed by Team Ninja is on the way. Forspoken. FF14, FFXVI. They are in deep with Square Enix, Kojima, potentially Konami, Capcom at times, Sega/Atlus, From Soft, Team Ninja, etc. Smh..

    • Sony Sony is “so deep with Square” can we get them to release Bravely Default on a PS console? Also as they’re “deep with Capcom” can we get either of the last two Monster Hunter games released too? “Forspoken” isn’t a FF game.

      What is with you and listing PC games as “Sony” games? List first party titles only. Otherwise it just makes no sense.

  • if it’s going to be another glorified demo disk like ratchet & clank keep it in the oven for a few more years.

  • Very excited about more passionate people working on taking us on a journey :)
    The best of luck to the new company!

  • We wish you, Blundell, and everyone you work with in the future the best!

  • Please make something new or innovative instead of the same third person cinematic story driven narrative format that Sony does with their IP’s!

  • Congratulations Deviators! Simply cannot wait to see what you will bring to the gaming community. Wishing you guys every success.

  • All the very best for your collab with the PlayStation brand and beyond, guys ! Looking forward to trying out what you guys will offer few years down the line ! 🙂🙂🙂
    -best wishes from India 🇮🇳

  • I wanna see a 1-4 player story co-op horror game.

  • So many partnerships. This is great news. Unfortunately Sony doesn’t have the funds to acquire all of these studios, like that company that gets 20 billion dollar handouts from the incredibly inept United States Government. No wonder they have unlimited funds, must be nice..

    Regardless, Sony is stacking PS5 now and into the future. The only publisher who is delivering next gen quality and quantity. The entire PlayStation ecosystem is loaded. From 2018 to now, it’s been obscene. Other publishers post ads game services going on three years, Sony continually posting ads for new games. Everyone needs to recognize this and stop falling victim to the propaganda. Just look at their jacket. Games, games, games. Full exclusive, console exclusive, VR, timed. We livin right now on PlayStation. Facts.

  • Well they have to keep delivering and make these deals I mean I now see myself getting that “other” comsole as well in the near future for any new titles related to Doom, Wolfenstein, Starfield or Fallout. Would have preferred to play these on a PS5 but it is what it is.

  • I’m very happy with the partnerships, in my opinion it’s better than buying full studios I will support them, because they working for us. And I want all this studios Haven, Firewalk, and Deviation games have success on playstation. Good luck and you have all my support. And who complaining stop it the best line up we had so far in this gen

  • That’s good PlayStation is doing alot of partnering to bring it back to the PS3 days

  • Oh well, this looks like my kind of news I just hope its not another kill zone not a fan of kill zone Xbox has the crossfire X thing going on so maybe a game like Overwatch ?

  • Will Sony buy blue box game studios lol silent hill is it real ?

  • I’m not into business and acquisitions, but cloud gaming is a good thing. It will not replace consoles, it’s a way to bring more computing power to consoles. What is nearly impossible to render locally, it’s possible to render remotely.

    Microsoft is not the only one with cloud infrastructure, there are also IBM, Oracle, Google, Amazon, etc. There are options. I don’t know in which datacenters PS+ and PS Now operate, it might as well be Sony’s own infrastructure.

    Cloud gaming is also a way to bring console quality games to mobile devices. Today, every person has a mobile phone, imagine some of them subscribing to PS Now to play PlayStation games.

    Partnerships like this one are always a good thing for gamers, even when cloud gaming is also an option.

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