PlayStation Indies promotion returns to PlayStation Store

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PlayStation Indies promotion returns to PlayStation Store

Discover something different with a huge selection of fascinating titles now discounted for a limited time.

Start planning your gaming weekend early with the PlayStation Indies promotion, which returns to PlayStation Store and is live right now! With it comes an even bigger selection of fascinating titles to explore, and all discounted for a limited time*. 

That includes the compelling detective RPG Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, intense roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods, unique sci-fi adventure Outer Wilds and monster-hunting multiplayer action in Hunt: Showdown. 

*PlayStation Indies promotion starts June 4 at 00:01 PST/BST, 03:01 EDT/EST and ends June 18 at 23.59 PST/BST, 02:59 EDT/EST (next day)

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  • Speaking of indies, why is Promesa glitched on the Store? Would love to buy it. I can see it, but when selected you get an error message. Seen this from a few users online as well.

    • It doesn’t even show up in a store search. It was most likely released prematurely, which I’ve seen happen a few months times in the past.

    • iamtylerdurden1

      Best sale in PSN history.

      If u like indies, 90% of the good ones are here. Darkest Dungeon 9.99 Ancestors Edition is ridiculous. Buy it. Tesla vs Lovecraft for $2?

      Disco Elysium is on sale. Rain World at 4.99? Earth Night $5? Star Renegades, CrossCode, Othercide, Morta, Owlboy, u name it. This is it. Stock up on indies. Bloodstained, The Messenger, Wildfire, The Pathless, Night in the Woods, Void Bastards, Huntdown, Gris, Below, Neon Abyss. My wish list lit up like a Christmas 🎄.

  • I was sure hoping Vane would have made it into this sale.

  • Vasara Collection PS4 90% off, Super Beat Xonic PS4 85% off, and Musynx PS4 85% off.

    Yet they all have Vita version which are full price. The games are not cross buy either.

    Please allow Vita & PS3 game sales or at least allow Publishers to discount without it being Permanent.

  • I’ll probably pick up The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare for $0.99!

  • Let publishers put their Vita games on sale. It has been around 2 years now.

  • For anyone with PSVR and PS-Plus, Racket Fury : Table Tennis VR is showing up as free.

  • oppositesleeper

    Perfect excuse to finally pick up Observer System Redux!

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Haven’t these been in sale since last week? I already bought several games from the list on Friday such as Omega Strike which was so darn addictive I platinummed it within 2 days. :P

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Oh never mind. Just checked the date for this article and it says the 4th. No idea how I haven’t seen the lastest blog posts til today even though I also looked on Sunday.

      Did notice that Wishlist is a thing again on PS Store so thanks for that!

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