New Horizon Raw Materials merch: Gear Store and comic books

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New Horizon Raw Materials merch: Gear Store and comic books

Includes Clawstrider tees and Tremortusk thermos mug. Plus your first look at the upcoming comic series.

With the launch of our Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer last week, we’d like to celebrate the occasion with some brand new merch on the PlayStation Gear Store as well as new comics via Titan Comics! We started yesterday with the release of the Horizon Forbidden West EP, but we have more in store for you! Get stuck in with Horizon Raw Materials, our very own merch brand aimed at extending the world of Horizon beyond videogames. 

Did you enjoy the latest look at the Clawstriders in our Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer? With our new tees you can display these agile machines in all their glory. 

Clawstrider Black Tee

US – IN STOCK – $22.95

EU – PRE-ORDER £22.50/€25.00

Aloy’s weapons and armor are made from and customized with materials found in the world of Horizon, and feathers are no exception! This gorgeous dark grey tee shows another take on the iconic Spear design.

Feather Tee

US – IN STOCK – $22.95

EU – PRE-ORDER £22.50/€25.00

We’re also adding a new thermos mug to our drinkware line-up, this time featuring the majestic Tremortusk. Will you have what it takes to deal with this mysterious yet awe-inspiring creature? Who knows for now, but you’ll definitely have the mug to show for it!

Tremortusk Navy Mug

US – PRE-ORDER – $27.95

EU – PRE-ORDER – £24.95/€28.00

These three items are an addition to what is already featured on the PlayStation Gear Store; in case you are tempted by some of the other merch but can’t quite make up your mind, we’ve created two bundles that combine some of our personal favorites!

Get ready for the hunt with this adventurous bundle following Talanah’s journey as the Sunhawk of the Hunters Lodge.

Includes: Feather Dark Grey Tee, Watcher Mug, The Sunhawk Graphic Novel

The Sunhawk Bundle

US – PRE-ORDER – $59.95

EU – PRE-ORDER – £54.95/€60.00

This bundle features a trio of machines which truly instill amazement in everyone who encounters them (though we advise to do so from a safe distance)!

Includes Clawstrider Black Tee, Tremortusk Mug, and Tallneck Water Bottle*. 

Majestic Machines Bundle

US – PRE-ORDER – $74.95

EU – PRE-ORDER – £59.95/€69.00

*This image shows the US version of the Tallneck Water Bottle, the water bottle on the European PlayStation Gear Store differs slightly in color and design.

Last but not least, we’ve also been working together with Titan Comics on the second arc of Horizon Zero Dawn comics, this time featuring on fan favorite character Erend. In Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation, the story takes place during the events of the original game, and explores the never-before-told adventures of Aloy and Erend as they hunt for a killer with links to Erend’s past. As the pair fight off a series of deadly machine attacks, Erend reveals the sweeping tale of the liberation of Meridian — as well as more details on the disappearance of his sister, Ersa.

The first issue will release on July 14 2021, and the second issue will hit the stores on August 9 2021; both can be pre-ordered here

As a sneak preview, please enjoy this debut of #2.1’s interior art below:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update on Horizon Raw Materials. Stay tuned during the coming weeks and months for more exciting news on all things Horizon! 
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